Review by CChan

Reviewed: 01/22/00 | Updated: 01/22/00

A very interesting game of Sonic

This game is really interesting with the new characters, Mecha Sonic and Amy introduced here. Let's see...

Graphics - 8
The graphics are not quite detailed and a bit blurry in full screen mode. If you want good and clear graphics, it's better to take the original mode.

Musics - 8
Wow! The musics are simply lovely! I like the first level's background music, reminds me of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis.

Gameplay - 9
This interesing game is really fun and you have a variety of levels for you to play! Also, there are bonus levels and you need to collect all the Time Stones to see the real ending. Collecting them are really difficult as espeacially the stage, Stardust Speedway. Also, there are something in the game called Past, Present and Future. Destroying a Mecha Sonic video and a robot machine in the Past will make a Good Future.

Controls - 10
There are many moves here, Spin Dash, Spin Attack and many more. These moves can help you along the way while destroying evil robots. Destroying them will reveal flowers!

Replayability - 8
There are lots of codes and secrets here but even when you found all of them, this game may be a bore to you.

Overall - 8
This game is a very interesting game of Sonic. New moves to perform and new enemies to defeat. This game should be added to their collection of CD for every Sonic fans!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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