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Reviewed: 03/15/02 | Updated: 03/15/02

Not too bad

My brother, when we were little, used to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 all the time. I loved the little guy, watching him fly past enemies and zooming through loops, and the music in the background always matched the level I was playing in. It was perfect, especially with Tails in there to help out. Sonic CD, while improving on a few earlier Sonic games, does have some downfalls.

Gameplay: Dell Dimension L866R, with a Pentium 3 866 Mhz processor. I have a Radeon 3D accelerator graphics card, and 319 MB of RAM. So, my computer can run the game perfectly. I saw no slowdown, so I guess that changes things from what other people think of the game. It was just like any other Sonic game, except for the new up+jump attack where Sonic speeds up-I liked that. But, one of the biggest problems I found from the start, is that Tails isn't in the game! Why not? He's Sonic's sidekick! That was quite a disappointment.

Graphics: The fact that you can only play in 256 colors is kinda weak, especially when you have a nice computer that can probably do better. However, the intro movie and endings are worth it, and they give a nice addition to playing. Sonic could've looked better, but hey, we're only the picky customers.

Sound/Music: This is where the game really me, anyway. Those songs are the best I've ever heard in a Sonic game. The music for every level is perfect, I've never heard anything like it. Robotnic's song is the best music I've ever heard for a Sonic game, and it adds to fighting him, since most of the time you're not in a friendly environment to begin with when he shows up. The music for invincibility and the Super Shoe also rock, they make you feel like you really are playing as an enhanced character. One bad thing is that when you get an extra life, some little Japanese guy says ''Yes!'' instead of playing a cool tune. That was kinda dumb.

Controls: Why do I bother putting a paragraph for controls?....Good question. They're the same as any Sonic game-you jump, run, crouch, look up, and roll. The up+jump is a nice addition to get speed, though.

Overall: I think that this game really is worth getting. Even if it's just for the music, (You can put the CD into a CD player, and it will play all of the songs in the game!) you still get enough for your money. (Probably since I spent $10 for the game!) It's not that bad, as the other people might say, but I've always been a Sonic fan, so that might change my opinion a little. Check it out sometime.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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