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Gamepad is reccomended.....


The legendary Sonic CD, the classic that made the failing Sega CD up to regular popularity, with it's amazing graphics, sound effects and CD-quality music, now coming onto your PC. This game is, so far on my list, #2 on my favorite Sonic games. Time to review the game.

Story: 10/10

The game introduces a brand new character, under the name Amy Rose(accidentally called Princess Sally in the US). Sonic goes walking around the area and meets up with 8-year old Amy Rose, who has a crush on Sonic. He asks her where she's going. She tells him she's going to go to a location called Never Lake, where a planet comes out once a year for a month, bearing 7 Time Stones. Doctor Ivo Robotnick (a.k.a. Eggman), however, has a mischievous scheme to take over and completely ruin the Little Planet using the Time Stones. Sonic finds out and rushes to get Robotnick/Eggman to stop the Little Planet from being taken over and ruined. On his way, with Amy following him every step of the way, a robot resembling Sonic, named Metal Sonic, kidnaps Amy and takes her away (and yes, Amy knows it's not Sonic). Sonic starts to destroy the robots, collecting Time Stones as he goes along on this journey to free the Little Planet. It is now time for you to take control of Sonic and save the Little Planet!

Gameplay: 8/10

Sonic CD is a traditional 2D platformer. All elements from the previous Sonic games (except bottomless pits until the final level) are present. Basic gameplay is the same as the previous Sonic games. You take control of Sonic, destroying robots and collecting rings, starting out with 3 chances. Similar to the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, there 3 acts: 2 being regular gameplay and one being a boss act. If you come in contact with a robot/spike/boss/hazard, you lose all your rings and have to pick them up before they disappear to recollect them, or get new rings in the level. If you get hit without any rings, you lose a life. If all your lives are depleted, it's quite obvious what's going to happen (Game Over). Differences include some Time Travel and robot generators. Robot generators are the things that generate robots and are only found in the past in Acts 1 and 2. If you destroy the one in your present act, you rid the area of robots. Keyboard control is a teeny bit clunky during gameplay on the PC version, so I suggest you get a gamepad.

Time Stones are like Chaos emeralds in the previous games in the series: You must complete a Special Stage to obtain one. To enter one, you must be in Act 1 or 2 of any level. At the end of the Act, jump into a portal shaped like a ring. The American one needs you to collect 50 rings. Special Stages are present to collect Time Stones. You run around the area, destroying UFOs. There are springs and fans to bounce you around in some stages. If you touch the water, you lose time. If time runs out, you do not get the Time Stone in the stage. Destroy all the UFOs and you get the Time Stone in the stage.

Time Travel is, so far, exclusive to Sonic CD. There are 3 times you can go to: Past, Future and Present. You start out in the present. To go to a different time, touch a sign bearing Past or Future and run at a fast speed. If you run fast enough, you'll see huge white sparkles trailing you and when you're about to travel, you'll see the logo in the corner flickering. If you slow down while it's flickering, you lose the ability to travel to that certain time until you find another sign. If you maintain the fast speed while the logo is flickering, you get transported to a different time, depending whether the sign you touch was bearing Past or Future. You will end up in the exact same point where you were when you transported only in a different time. There are 2 different futures: Good and Bad. Bad futures are when you don't destroy the robot generators in the Past or don't collect the Time Stone in the Act. Good future is obtained by destroying all the generators .

There are 2 endings: Bad and Good. Bad ending is when you just rush to the level without getting the Time Stone or destroying all the robot generators. Good is obtained by getting all of the 7 Time Stones and destroying all the generators.

Graphics: 10/10

This game features colorful 2D graphics, using Mode 7 on the first level when going up ramps and in the Special Stage. It also features sprite rotation and scaling that creates a pseudo-3D effect. This creates a fantastic 2D game with lots and lots of 3D effects that creates the game. There are FMVs that are rich in detail.

Sound: 10/10

Sound is nearly the same as the previous Sonic games. The jump sounds are slightly modified. There are also some voices in the game, for example, when you get a life, Sonic shouts "YES!" out loud.

Music: 7/10

There were 2 different soundtracks for the American and the Japanese/European soundtrack in the original Sega (Mega) CD version. However, in the PC version, all versions use the American soundtrack.

The soundtrack is generally 80's pop and scat theme. The main theme is called "Sonic Boom", sung by Pastiche (Sandy Cressman, Jenny Meltzer and Becky West), and the soundtrack is composed by Spencer Nielsen. The audio uses Red Book media, meaning you can play it on your CD player. If you want a different music, put in a different music CD (or order some music up and make one) and launch the game. You can also put the CD into your CD player and it will play all the tracks in the game. The game has lots of music to listen to.

Play Time: 10/10

The game is very engrossing. If you don't want to get a good ending and just finish the game with the regular ending, then it will take you about 35 minutes per level. If you are going to get a good ending, it will probably take you about 1-2 hours per level. The game has lots of fair gameplay left even after you beat the game. You can beat your old scores and your old times.


There are minor differences from the Sega (Mega) CD version. Differences from the Sega (Mega) CD version include the ability to change soundtracks anytime by putting in a different Music CD. Also, you can restart from your last checkpoint without needing to kill yourself using a special command from a menu bar. The FMVs are also slightly modified. The FMVs now are in higher quality with more colors and a higher framerate. A few differences in the video itself have been made in the intro.

Overall: 10/10

Final recommendation: Rent or Buy?

The PC version I believe isn't being produced anymore, so buy it from a game store in the used section, if any. You can also get it on Sonic Gems Collection and the Sega (Mega) CD. Now go out and buy the game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Sonic CD (US, 08/26/96)

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