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FAQ/Walkthrough by WWalker

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/11/00

Sonic The Hedgehog CD
for Sega Genesis
Tips, Walkthrough
Version 1.0, 12/11/00

William Walker
email J-D-Walker@worldnet.att.net

This document Copyright 2000 William Walker. Reproduction and
distribution without permission is okay, as long as (1) I am
given credit for my work, and (2) it's not done for commercial


Abbreviations: Invincibility = I, Super ring = SP, and conveyor
belt = CB Lamppost = Lmp 


Did you know that the most popular games for Sega Genesis were
the Sonic the Hedgehog series? In this FAQ I'll cover Sonic 2,
the second and one of the best games in the series. I'll include
walkthroughs for some of the tougher levels, plus a level select
if you can't seem to beat a level. That last part is important;
this file includes a controller code that lets you start at any
level you want. That can be very important if you're stuck. Look
for it at the end of the file. Well, what are you waiting for?
Let's get started!

Welcome to Sonic!

This section is repeated in several of my Sonic tips. If you've
already read it, skip it to get to the tips for this game.

Ivo Robotnik, the demented scientist, has plans for a giant sky
station called the Death Egg (aka Star Wars) with which he plans
to conquer the world. So he's captured all the animals on
Floating Island, the magical island that floats in the sky due to
the power of the chaos emeralds, giant gems with amazing powers.
Anyway Robotnik's has put them in prison eggs and plans to turn
them into robots. Some of the animals have already met this
horrible fate and will never stop trying to defeat you. In Sonic
1, we won't see the Death Egg yet, as Robotnik's robot army works
to build it at his current lair, the scrap brain. Robotnik also
knows how to build traps, obstacles and many other things to
prevent anyone from stopping him. The only thing that can stop
him is our hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic's best ally is his
sneakers that enable him to outrun any trap, and his spiky skin
that will give him the upper hand against most of the slew of
robots he's going to face. The animals are on his side, and it's
guaranteed that he'll be able to find some stuff on the island
that'll help him out.

But even Sonic may need protection sometimes. That's where he'll
need gold rings. Sonic usually can't die as long as he has a
ring, and rings are plentiful, appearing everywhere, often in
groups. Unfortunately there are some things that kill Sonic even
if he has rings. One of these would be running out of time. Sonic
always has only ten minutes to complete a level.

In Sonic 2, despite being foiled once, Robotnik has completed his
Death Egg ship and can take over the world if he gets his hands
on the priceless chaos emeralds. To stop him Sonic will need to
destroy the death egg. He also wants to get all the emeralds.
Even though you don't need them to win the game, if you collect
them all you can become an all new Super Sonic, who's invincible
and is also super fast! You can collect the emeralds in Sonic 1
too, but you can't become Super Sonic. Also Sonic 2 has a new
character named Tails, who is a two-tailed fox who can fly using
his tails as a helicopter. Tails is Sonic's sidekick and you can
even play as Tails if you wish. To battle back, Robotnik has
created a Sonic robot called Robo-Sonic, and he's going to put up
a hard fight. Besides many more new zones Sonic 2 also has a
competition mode in which Sonic can compete against Tails in
three of the zones. Sonic 2 promises loads of fun.

In Sonic 3, Dr. Robotnik's Death Egg was apparently destroyed.
But what really happened was that it crash landed on floating
island. The only way Robotnik can repair it is to get the seven
chaos emeralds. The emeralds are faithfully guarded by Knuckles
the Echidna. But Dr. Robotnik tricks him into thinking that
Robotnik is a good guy. So Knuckles hides the emeralds away and
prepares to give them to Robotnik while Sonic and Tails try to
destroy the Death Egg ship again. You can become Super Sonic,
play as Tails, and do everything in the old game, plus there are
now three kinds of shields instead of one, a new bonus stage, and
six new zones that are all about 50% bigger than Sonic 2. There
is also a save feature, found only in this game. This game also
has a tipbook out for it. There's also a new competition mode.

The last Genesis platform game in the series is Sonic & Knuckles.
It is almost identical to Sonic 3, because they were originally
one game, but made into two games in order to get them out on
time. In this one Knuckles is a good guy, and you can play as him
if you want! If you do, you can use Knuckles's special moves,
which are gliding, wall climbing and wall bashing. Tails,
however, is not present in this game. If you play as Knuckles
your mission is to destroy the new Robo-Sonic, who tried to drop
a bomb on you. Knuckles can get to power-ups that Sonic can't or
has a difficult time getting to, and can also use new routes
through levels. Since he can't jump as high as Sonic, sometimes
he has to take a route that Sonic can't. This happens in both
acts of Lava Reef zone. These other routes are often harder then
the route Sonic would take and will require perfect use of
Knuckles's special moves. Knuckles's game ends when he beats
Robo-Sonic in Sky Sanctuary zone. This means his game is shorter
than Sonic's.

If you play as Sonic you must destroy Robotnik once and for all.
Robotnik has found the existence of a giant emerald called the
master emerald. It is hidden somewhere in a hidden palace,
guarded by Knuckles. If Robotnik gets his hands on this emerald,
his Death Egg will be able to conquer the world and floating
island will be destroyed! Robotnik plans to follow Knuckles to
the place where this giant gem is hidden. As Sonic, you must not
let that happen! Despite having a longer game, Sonic will
probably have an easier time of it. The final zone takes place
inside the Death Egg, and you can bet there's some pretty tough
characters around there. Sonic will have an easier time getting
the emeralds because when Knuckles plays, he goes on a different
route then Sonic and can't get to some of the giant gold rings.
If you get all the emeralds you'll not only have the ability to
become Super Sonic, but also can play a final zone with you as
Super Sonic. If you succeed, you'll destroy Robotnik for good!
(Well, until he comes back on Dreamcast). Also S & K has two new
bonus stages, but that's only the half of it. S & K has an even
more astounding feature. On the top of any S & K cartridge is an
top that can be opened. When it's open, you can put any other
Genesis cartridge into it! This is called the lock-on feature.

If you put Sonic 1 into S & K, you'll get a screen with the
characters all saying 'No Way.' Hold down Buttons A, B, and C,
and press start and it'll say special stage. Now you can play
through stage after stage after stage, trying to collect chaos
emeralds. I hear that there are over 32,000 of them! Astounding,
huh? And you can lose the stage unlimited times, and it doesn't
matter. If you collect all the rings in a stage you'll warp ahead
ten stages. If you collect the emerald you can move on to the
next stage. You can play until you get bored, or until your game
gets shut down because you never paid your electric bill. Great,
huh? Well, the next thing will make you jump out of your skin!

If you lock-on with Sonic 2, you'll play all of Sonic 2 - as
Knuckles! There will be no Tails or competition mode, but you can
use Knuckles' special moves in the levels of Sonic 2!
Unfortunately you cannot win the game, as Knuckles' low jump
prevents him from beating the boss in Metropolis zone.

If you lock on with Sonic 3, you can do the following:

-- Play the zones of Sonic 3 and S & K one after another, as
Sonic, Tails, Sonic and Tails or even Knuckles
-- Use Tails in the zones of S & K
-- Use Knuckles in the levels of Sonic 3, with new levels,
routes, and bosses galore
-- Collect 14 emeralds
-- Become Hyper Sonic or Hyper Knuckles, who is always surrounded
by stars, glows white, and can jet forward as if he had a flame
shield. Hyper Knuckles isn't as glamorous, but when he moves he
becomes a blur. Both also have all the powers of Super Sonic or
-- Have fun, fun, and more fun

I'm done now, right? WRONG! I've done all the Genesis Sonic
games, but there's one more I like: Sonic CD.

Sonic CD takes place between Sonic 1 and 2. There is no Tails,
Knuckles or Death Egg, just Sonic, Robotnik, and a new and
improved Robo-Sonic. In this one Sonic's girlfriend, Amy, has
been abducted by Robotnik in an attempt to lure Sonic into a
trap. Sonic, of course, says that no trap can beat him and goes
off to rescue Amy. This game is basically the same as Sonic 1
with one major difference: time travel. Your goal is to go to the
past and find and destroy the animal cage for that level to
create a good future. Also you collect time stones instead of
emeralds and if you get all the time stones, you get an automatic
good future in each level. If you get all the time stones plus
good futures in every level you get a bonus ending. Another
change from Sonic 1 is that there's a save feature. 

Well that's all the games. It's now time to go through the
individual zones and tell you what to do. This is a very long
FAQ, but very detailed. I hope this FAQ helps you master Sonic
CD, the only computer version of one of the best sets of games in
the world. Good luck! 

Basics of gameplay

1. Upper left corner & controls
2. Power-ups
3. Stuff new to Sonic 2
4. 2 player mode


*If you've already played Sonic 1 you can skip this part. 

I know it's a silly name, but this stuff is very important, so
listen up. To control Sonic, press the arrow keys to move and the
spacebar to jump. There's one more move you should know: the
Super Spin Attack. To do that simply press down while you're
running. This makes you roll into a ball as you run and can bust
through enemies and a few walls. 

In the upper left corner it tells you how your score, how much
time you've used up and how many rings you have. You only have
ten minutes to complete each level. If you go over that time you

You score 100 points for each robot you smash, 1,000 points for
each of Robotnik's ships that you blow up and 100 points for each
ring you hold at the end of a level. There are more ways to get
points too. In Collision Chaos, you score 10 points for each
bumper you hit. After enough hits, a bumper no longer gives
points. You also score a time bonus for each act you complete in
a certain amount of time. You'll score:

Time used  Points
<30sec     50,000
<45sec     10,000
<1min      5,000
<1min30sec 4,000
<2min      3,000
<3min      2,000
<4min      1,000
<5min       500

   As for rings, each ring you pick up stays with you until you
get hit. If you get hit while you have rings, you lose all of
them, but some will fly into the air and you can re-grab them if
you're quick. Having a lot of rings has other advantages, too.
We'll get to them soon. 
   In the lower left corner is your lives. To gain a life:
-- Smash a 1-Up monitor
-- Collect 100 rings
-- Collect 200 rings

Do NOT do the following things which cause you to lose a life:
-- Get hit with zero rings
-- Fall off the screen 
-- Run out of time
-- Get into a position where you are squished
-- Drown (spend 20 seconds underwater without getting an air

All of those things except for the first kill you even if you are
invincible, and will kill even if you have rings! It's a
dangerous world, but remember that you'll almost never run out of
time, you can only drown in Tidal Tempest, and you can only fall
off the screen in one place in the last round.

If you lose all your lives, it's game over, unless you have a
continue. If you do, press a button before the countdown reaches
zero to begin the level you were last in with three lives. To get
a continue, get 50,000 points.


*If you've already played Sonic 1 you can skip this part.

Bust open monitors to get stuff that will help you defeat
Robotnik and will give you advantages in the levels. The power-
ups are: 

-- Super ring (ten rings)
-- 1-Up (a new life)
-- Speed shoes (super speed)
-- Invincibility (30 seconds, can still be killed by drowning,
getting squished, etc)
-- Shield (the next time you get hit, you lose the shield instead
of rings)

The icon on the monitor tells which power-up it is. A ring
indicates a super ring, Sonic's face is a bonus life, a sneaker
means speed shoes, stars indicate invincibility, and a shield is
indicated by a white and blue thing I can't describe. You'll
recognize it easily.


Time travel

This is the major way that Sonic CD is different from Sonic 1. To
travel through time, find a past or future lmp and touch it. The
time warp appears next to your lives. Now go really fast for a
while, and stars appear behind Sonic. Keep this up for a while
and the time warp symbol starts flashing. Be careful; if you slow
down while it's flashing the time warp will disappear and you'll
have to find another lmp. Once it's flashing keep going for a few
more seconds and you'll travel through time one time period back
or forward in time. Note: if you see rings or power-ups inside
walls you cannot get them in that time period. In at least one of
the time periods (past, present and future) they will be
available. You start each stage in the present, except for the
third stage which you play in the future. Each time period looks
different and has different music. That means that there are
three versions of each level, and the game is in effect three
times as big as Sonic 3! Of course, you'll never explore most of
the areas in the different time periods. Giving a complete
walkthrough for each period would be absolutely impossible, but I
will tell you how to beat each stage in the best way.

Good futures

In this game the goal is to get a good future in each stage. To
get a good future, first you must go to the past. That means you
should always avoid future lmp s. Once in the past you must find
and destroy a gray cage with electric bars. Some people say that
you must also destroy a device creating a hologram of Robo-Sonic
in each level as well as the cage to get a good future. It's
really pathetic how little people research the games they're
doing guides for these days. This is absolutely not true and that
device is useless to smash. If you get a good future in both
stages of a round then the third stage looks bright and colorful.
If you've collected all the time stones at the start of a stage
you'll get an automatic good future in that stage. If you get a
good future in a stage all the enemies in that stage are
instantly killed.

Time stones

Another new thing here is that Robotnik is after is the time
stones instead of emeralds. He needs them to go back in time to
when Mobius was first created and take it over, using their
awesome power. To get one of the seven time stones you have to
win a special stage. To get to a special stage, complete a stage
with 50 rings or more and jump into the giant ring above the exit
marker, the same way you do it in Sonic 1. The special stage
itself, is very different. You'll be running around paths trying
to smash UFOs. Controlling Sonic is the same as in the game -
arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump. In the special stage
Sonic is on an island with paths all over it. He's always moving
forward. Here are the objects.

Water - watch out! If you touch water you lose ten seconds on
the clock!
Chopper blocks - are on the floor and make you skid and lose
Fans - touch them to go up in the air for a while. Good for
bouncing over things and smashing UFOs.
Springs - use them to bounce high over things
Bumpers - at the edge of a path. Jump over them.
Dash zones - touch to jet forward in the direction of the
UFO - jump and hit it when you're about to go under it. It will
explode and you'll get a prize.
SP - four of the UFOs have these in them. You'll get rings. If
you hit them in a certain order you might get more rings.
Speed shoes - inside two of the UFOs. They make you run like
the wind!
Blue UFO - when you have only twenty seconds left, it appears,
always in the same place. Hit it to get a clock.
Clock - worth twenty extra seconds
Timer - at the top of the screen. Don't run out of time or the
stage ends.
Time stone - if you destroy all the UFOs (blue ones don't
count) before time runs out you get a time stone. At the end of
the stage you get 100 points per ring, and if you got a time
stone you'll also get a time bonus.

New moves

To perform a spin dash attack, duck and then press spacebar and
Sonic spins in place. Hold these buttons down to increase power
and release down to blast forward. To perform a super peel out,
do the same thing as the spin dash attack except press up instead
of down. You'll shoot of, but won't be spinning. You can go
faster though. 

The save feature

One neat new feature of this game is the ability to save. At the
title screen, press right twice to go to the save screen. To load
a game, click select and then go to the game you want to go to.
Press enter, and exit the save screen. Go to continue and you'll
start at the beginning of the round you saved in. 


Bosses in Sonic CD are very tough. Good luck. Here they are, in
order. The number is the difficulty level, from one to ten.

Palmtree Panic: 2
Collision Chaos: 8
Tidal Tempest: 4
Quartz Quadrant: 7
Wacky Workbench: 8
Stardust Speedway: 10
Metallic Madness:9

Time attack

You can also play a stage via time attack. Go to time attack and
choose the stage you want to play. The three fastest times appear
below the stage. There will be no past or future lmp s. 


If you lose a time warp that you need, you can restart the stage
without having to kill yourself. Just press alt and F2 and you'll
find yourself at the beginning of the stage with one less life.
Press F3 to pause the game.


Sonic's home planet is divided up into seven rounds. They are:

Palmtree Panic: A place of platforms, thick vegetation and other
places that promise plenty of action for a beginner player. Very
Collision Chaos: Robotnik's sabotaged this crazy carnival. A very
fast zone with springs, bumpers and flippers that turn it into a
partial pinball machine. Loads of fun.
Tidal Tempest: This sunken city is full of danger and adventure.
Most of it's underwater, so you'll need to gulp down air bubbles
to keep from drowning.
Quartz Quadrant: Robotnik has invaded a mining colony in his
search for the time stones. Sonic can run down conveyor belts and
do other neat things in this colorful, easy and fun place.
Wacky Workbench: Be prepared for some serious voltage here.
Electric fields, ice vents and floors that shoot you up are all
things you'll have to contend with in this rather tough round.
Stardust Speedway: The fastest place in any video game. This zone
is easy to get lost in, as Sonic becomes a blur of blue as he
races down chutes, tunnels and tubes. Whoa!
Metallic Madness: You're now inside Robotnik's secret fortress,
and will have to deal with blocks that crush you, razor wheels
and other mechanical monstrosities, including a shrinking beam.


Stage 1

Go right, jumping to get the rings. All the badniks are shaped
like bugs here. Jump and hit the mosquitoes before they drop down
on you. When you come to a weird gray object, run up to it and
you'll run up a ramp, collecting some rings. press no buttons and
you'll land near a lmp. The lmp saves your position if you die.
Go right to a patch of weak floor. If you fall it's very
difficult to get back up again. Jump over it as it collapses. On
the other side, jump and bop the badnik on the ground, and grab a
shield and a SP. Bounce up on the spring, but hold left as you go
up, so as not to go into the chute just yet. Hit the past lmp ,
but don't touch the future lmp. Go into the chute and you'll time

You're in the past now. You'll land near a spring pointing left.
Grab the SP and knock out two ground bugs. Jump to the higher
ledge and go right to a spring. Bounce on it and go up to some
small platforms. Jump up to the platform above, grab the four
rings, and walk into the small opening. You'll go through a
terrific ride behind the level and come out in the lower right.
To the left is that hologram device. Go right, knock out the
ground bug and try not to touch the spring. If you do, try to go
back down to the lower path. There's a bridge ahead with gaps. Do
a super peel out move to cross. Jump to the weak ground and drop
down when it collapses. Go left to grab the I (but don't touch
the future lmp !) on the lower path, and then go right and bounce
up on the spring.

Go right, and don't touch the spring to the left. Drop down and
go through the loop with a super peel out. Stop quickly and jump
over the spring, and hit the one on the right. You'll go right
and hit a spring on the floor. Time to exercise your jumping
skills. Bounce up to the ledge on the left, ignoring for now the
SP on the right. Jump from ledge to ledge, collecting rings. At
the top you'll find cage 1#. Jump and hit it but watch out for
the badnik that shoots fireballs at you. Now that you have a good
future, jump right back to the ground, and go right to the goal.

Stage 2

Go right, and drop down to a past lmp. Now you do not want to
activate the time warp, so go slow until you reach the spot where
you go to the past. Go right, and jump over two springs. If you
hit them, try to regain control. After the second one go right,
but don't hit the spring above that causes you to go up to a
ledge patrolled by a fireball bug. Instead go right along the
bottom, to a loop. Don't do a super peel out, as this activates
the time warp. Instead, just run through, and if you're lucky you
won't lose the time warp. Knock out the fireball bug by hitting
it from below, and jump up to a lmp. 
Drop back down and go right through two pools of water and under
a waterfall. When you come to a wall, set up a spin dash. You'll
activate the time warp but will hit the spring a deactivate it
before it starts flashing as you smash the wall. Bounce up on two
springs, on the second one you'll go outside. Go right on the
higher ledge, and jump to beat the mosquitoes. When you find a
loop, do a super peel out and you'll go through a loop and down a
chute. You'll time warp. 

Now that you're in the past fall back to earth, and go right to a
gap in the floor. Drop down and press down to spin. You'll hit a
spring and go flying up. The moment you hit the spring, hold left
and you should reach the top of the loop to the left. If you
miss, try again. Once you get there bag the 1-UP - your first so
far. Drop down and use the same spring, but this time bounce to
the high ledge at the right. There's a spring there, hidden, that
bounces you away. Bounce to an even higher ledge by spinning, and
this ledge has cage 2#.

Drop back down, and go right. Cross the gap via the platform and
get the shield. Jump over the future lmp and drop down, and then
go right. You'll find the hologram device. Ignore it and continue
right, drop down, and bounce up on the spring. Go right, drop
down and bounce up, hugging the wall to go down the chute. When
you come out you'll hit some springs. When you regain control,
jump over the spring and go right to the goal.

Stage 3

If you got a good future in both previous stages this stage is
much like the previous ones, and if not it is dark and bleak. All
stage 3s are the same. In this one there are precisely 100 rings,
and you should go for them all to get a bonus life. Jump up and
bounce on the spring, going up to the top. Go right, and drop
down to the middle area. Go left, but don't touch the springs, to
a SP, I, and speed shoes. Grab them, race out of this area and go
right to a cliff. Make a big leap right, to a platform that you
can only reach with speed shoes. This is your only chance, so do
it right. On it is a SP and a 1-UP. Grab the goodies and drop
down. Go back left grabbing all the rings on the bottom. Then go
right, through a loop to the boss.

Robotnik is easy here, but he's tough everywhere else. He's
really tough in the next round. Here he lowers down on the right
side, and then stomps toward you in a way similar to that of the
final boss in Sonic 2. If you try to hit him the shields will
bounce you off. Wait on the left side until he moves back to the
right, and starts stomping up and down. He'll retract his
shields. Carefully jump and hit him twice where he's sitting. You
have to do this before he puts his shields back out. Each hit
knocks out a shield. After two hits jump and hit him one more
time as he comes toward you to defeat him. Run through the loop,
go down the chute and smash the flower egg to beat the round.
Excellent work!


Stage 1

Go right, grabbing the shield hidden above you. You'll find Amy,
the cute little pink hedgehog who happens to be Sonic's fiancee.
Go right until you find a tunnel blocked by spikes. Wait a second
or two and Robo-Sonic crashes through the spikes and grabs Amy.
You won't see either of them again until the end of Stardust
Speedway. Go down the chute and you'll shoot up next to a future
lmp. Don't touch it and fall back down to a platform. Jump right
to some springs. Whether or not you get the speed shoes doesn't
matter, what does matter is that when you shoot up you don't hit
the spring which knocks you into the future lmp. Jump the spring
and use the bumper to bounce up to the platform above. 

Go right, jumping over two gaps (if you fall in the second one
it's tough to get out) and watch out for the bugs above. The
sparkles they drop don't hurt you. After the second gap go down
the chute and you'll shoot into the air. Land on the platform and
go right (if you fall, use the yellow spring below and spin to
reach the red spring) along the platform to a giant hill. Use the
spring that appears when you go up to it to shoot up. Don't spin
to avoid going too high and hit the red spring on the ledge you
should land on. Hold right to bounce over the gap. Drop down a
steep hill and down a chute. You'll go up near a future lmp.
Don't touch it and fall back down. Go right on the low path.
There's some spiked platforms above. Just jump over the springs
to avoid bouncing up to them. Knock out two bugs and touch the
future lmp because you have to. Go right, and ignore the SP
above. There's a chute ahead. Don't go down it, because if you do
you'll time warp to the future and have to restart the stage by
going back to the title screen and starting the file again! After
this chute bounce up on a spring, knocking out the bugs first, to
a past lmp. Drop down and now go down the chute to time warp. 

You're in the past now. Go right and bounce up on the same spring
as before. Where the past lmp was there's a hole in the floor
with two rings in it. Drop down and you'll hit a spring and shoot
back up. Hold left and you'll land on the other side of a big
hill. Use the handy-dandy spring that appears out of the floor to
shoot up, hold left, and you'll land on or near cage 3#.

Go back to the hole in the floor and this time ignore it and go
right down a chute. You'll hit a spring. Jump quickly to avoid
going back up the chute, and jump over the spring and go right.
Some spikes appear behind you. Go through a corridor while
running under the spiked ball chains. WARNING: IF YOU DIDN'T GET
chute, hit the spring and use the handy-dandy flipper to shoot
right (shoot at the end of the flipper by pressing spacebar). I
can't give a walkthrough for the rest of the stage, as you can
land in several spots, but it shouldn't be too hard - you've
already gotten the good future, and it's basically a field of
bumpers and platforms with a row of springs at the bottom. Good
luck. The goal is at the far right.

Stage 2

Go right, and go down the first chute (with rings in it). You'll
come out in an area with a lot of weird balls. Each time you hit
one, it disappears. You shouldn't have too much trouble. Use the
springs on the bottom to smash them up. Exit on the right side
and go down a chute. Go right at the end of the chute to a past
lmp. Ignore the ladybugs to the right and bounce up on the spring
to a round area. On each end is a spring. Use them to bounce back
and forth until you time warp. 

Once in the past, you'll exit this place via a hole that appears
in the right corner. Don't touch the future lmp to the right and
go right on the ledge, jumping over the springs that shoot you
into the lmp. Hit the spring on the other side and go right, past
a SP, to cage 4#.

After the cage drop down to a U-shaped bowl in the ground. Do a
super peel out to the right to reach the ledge on the right (the
middle one). Go right to a hill. Use the spring to bounce up, and
hold right to land on the other side of the future lmp. Go right,
bouncing up on two more springs, and go right along the very top.
Jump over three gaps, and go down the chute to another ball
field. Make your way down to the bottom by busting the balls. At
the bottom go right, but don't touch the future lmp. Watch out
for the spiked ball chain and go until a spring appears behind
you. Shoot right. I have to terminate my walkthrough again, as
the rest of the stage consists of a row of springs, flippers and
platforms. Just slog through as best you can. The goal is a the
far right. 

Stage 3

Just go right down the chute, and at the bottom go right, past
some bumpers, to a silver platform. Jump and smash it, and hit
the spring to go to the boss.

This boss is tough. You'll have to use the flippers to spring up
and knock out the balls. At the bottom are some spikes. Luckily,
they appear and disappear and if you fall you can always go back
up. There aren't 100 rings here, but there is a 1-UP in the upper
right corner that's tough to get. If you fall between the top
flippers you must run up into the small chutes on either side of
the bottom flippers, hit the springs, and hold toward the center
to reach the middle flippers. Each shot up should knock out a
ball. The bombs that Robotnik drops don't hurt you, but they do
slow you down. Once you've knocked out enough balls you can reach
Robotnik. Luckily there's not much that can hurt you, so the only
major danger is running out of time, as this boss takes forever
to reach. Luckily you have ten minutes. Good luck. You'll need
perfect timing of the flipper launches to reach him. Good luck -
believe me, you'll need it. Once you finally do reach the shaft
Robotnik is in at the top of the pinball maze, jump and hit him
three times. His ship smashes the ceiling and explodes, and you
can run right and bash another flower egg. Great job!


Stage 1

Do a super peel out right and you'll go down a slope into the
water. Hold right as you do this so as not to land in the tube.
When you go into the water if you go down the tube on the left,
you not only have to spend most of the stage underwater and are
on your own, but cannot get the good future. IOW, DON'T GO DOWN
THAT TUBE! Instead go right and climb up out of the water. Once
on dry land, hit the SP and prepare for a tough part. You must
jump on the switch on the rotating platform. This causes a gate
to open, allowing you to ride by. Once on the other side, drop
down into the water, watching out for the spikes. Go right and
bounce up on a spring that takes you out of the water. 

On the ledge go right to meet a fly badnik that is easily
disposed of. To the left is a future lmp which is to be ignored.
There's a hole in the floor here, on the third block. It leads to
a goodie room with two SPs and an I. Go right to a lmp. Drop down
into the water, and go left to a past lmp. Bounce back up on the
springs and go right. If you fall through any of the gaps you'll
be on your own. Be careful. Also go slowly to avoid activating
the time warp too early, and also avoid the pillars which fall on
you. Jump a gap, and go right knocking out flies. You'll come to
a gap with a weak floor above it. Jumping across is out thanks to
some spikes above, and a super peel out is also out because that
activates the time warp. Just get a running start and run like
mad across. 

Hit the lmp , At the next gap you must jump across, and if you
fall you'll go all the way to the bottom. If this happens just go
right along the bottom, hurrying under pillars, to a tube. Ride
it to the time warp place. If you make it drop down the last gap,
go right and down to the same tube. Ride it and you'll see a
version of the gray cage as you go by, but you can't destroy it
yet. Once out of the tube go right to two springs. Just bounce
between them and spin to go to the past. 

Now that you're in the past, regain control and go left to find
cage 5# on a small island. Wow, that was easy! After the cage go
right, and use an invisible spring to reach the ledge on the
right. Go right, jump over the future lmp , and jump the gap.
Drop down, and go right over another gap to the goal. If you fall
down the gap it's a little tougher - you must climb up some
blocks and use a spring to get back to dry land. 

Stage 2

When you start a wall pushes you right and down a waterfall. (You
can't get the SP that appears behind the wall). Drop down the
waterfall's left side, hugging the left wall. You'll land on a
platform. Jump right and go right. If you fall the waterfall
repeats itself for more tries. There's a swinging spiked ball
here, so run by when it is away. There's some blue fireballs that
don't hurt you - they just push you right, into an area of moving
blocks. There's a past lmp in the upper right corner - ignore it
and drop down, being careful not to let the blocks crush you.
There's some springs at the bottom. Hug the left or right wall
and you won't hit one. Then make your way right, underwater. 

After this area you'll drop down. Drop straight down to a
platform. There are three ways to go: down/left, down/right, and
right on the ledge. You must take the latter path if you want a
good future. Jump to this ledge, hit the lmp , and bounce up on
the springs to the right without touching the future lmp. Once on
dry land, go left to a wall. Hit the switch and the wall moves,
revealing a secret room (jump into the wall) with two SPs. Then
go back right, until you find some blue fireballs. Bounce up on
the spring to an area with two springs. Jump into the right wall
to find a past lmp , and bounce back and forth between the
springs to go to the past.
You'll fly left. Regain control and go left to where that secret
room was. Instead you'll find a 1-UP, just sitting there! Bag it
and go back to where the fireballs were, you'll find a future lmp
between two springs. Don't touch it and go right, dropping down
to the bottom, collecting a SP on the way. Now that you're in the
water, the hologram device is to the left. Grab the SP to the
left of it. Then go right, until you hit a hidden spring in the
floor. You must bounce straight up to avoid hitting the blocks.
If you run low on air go back left to the air pocket on the
floor, and wait for and air bubble to appear. After you make it
past the blocks, climb up and out of the water, collecting two
SPs on the way. Once on the top (careful of the fly) go right,
jumping over two gaps. After the second gap do a spin dash right,
and you'll hit cage 6#.

After this just go right, until you find some weak floor. Super
peel out across, and jump over the ledge after the crusher block
goes up. The key here is just remembering that it's there. Be
careful - you don't want to have to start all over now. After
this go right to the goal. 

Stage 3

Go right to a ledge. Before you drop down, make a big leap right
into the right wall. If you're lucky you'll go through and find a
1-UP. Now drop down, and go left to some springs. There are two
openings in the wall on the left, one with a shield and the other
with three SPs. After you get this stuff go right to the boss.

In the first part of this boss you'll have to chase Robotnik down
a tunnel. When you get close enough, hit him. After you hit him
four times he speeds up and leads you underwater. Once you're
underwater go left to grab a SP (there are also some SPs you can
bag during the chase, along with an I) and go right to the main
battle. Robotnik surrounds his ship with bubbles and goes across
the screen, dropping four energy balls at an angle. Avoid them.
Then he'll do it again and again. As he does this, jump and hit
the bubbles to make them disappear. Each bubble you hit
replenishes your air, so you probably won't drown. Just keep
hitting him and avoid the energy balls. After you've knocked out
enough bubbles to hit him, hit his ship once to beat it. The
water lowers, and you can bust another flower egg. Great job!


Stage 1

This is my favorite zone. It's quite easy and the music is pretty
good. At the start, you'll find your way blocked by a future lmp.
Don't touch the spring behind you that makes you hit it and jump
up to the platform above when it's low enough. Then jump to
another platform above it, and go right along the ledge. This is
a bit tricky - jump over the caterpillar (can only be killed by
hitting him in the head) and then hold right to get across the
weak floor. If you fall you must drop to the bottom, and do your
super peel out left to get up the big hill and back to the start,
but you'll hit the future lmp. It's also tough to get across this
gap when you get back to it - you must make a big leap.

On the other side is a shield and a CB. By hitting the arrow you
change the belt's color and direction. These belts just move you
gently. On the other side of the belt you'll find a vertical
belt. This is tricky - if you have touched the future lmp it's
very dangerous. Jump over the thing (if you go down hit the arrow
and ride back up) and go right. Ride the CB until it moves you
into the past lmp on the very edge. Quickly run left to avoid
falling and hit the arrow so the vertical belt is going up. Then
jump in and you'll go up. Just don't press anything and you'll
time warp by going up and down the belt multiple times. 

In the past you'll find yourself bouncing up and down on a
spring. Go right, hurry under the falling spikes, and you'll find
a cliff. Drop down to a SP on the bottom. Go right up some steps
(the last one has a spring) and drop down. Go right along the
bottom CB until you find a snail with spikes on his back. Do a
spin dash and you'll shoot right through him and a nasty
scorpion. You'll find yourself in a giant chamber. 

Cage 7# is at the top center of this place. Reaching it is tricky
- go right and hit the spring to bounce up/left, to another
spring. Bounce up/right, then off one of the yellow springs on
the moving blocks to reach a CB in the upper right corner. Now
jump a giant leap up to the block where the cage is. If you miss,
just try again and again. Once you've got the good future drop
down to the bottom, and jump over the spring. Go right on the CB,
and you'll find four blocks going up and down for no reason. In
the middle of this place is another free 1-UP, just sitting
there! Go right after grabbing it to a spring. Bounce up to a
future lmp. Hit it (no choice) and drop down, ignoring the moving
brown circles. Go right on a CB, and use the spring to get to the
top of the small hill. Continue right, past another CB, and jump
over the spring. Grab the SP and hit the spring below it to reach
a ledge. Go right, drop down, and ignore all the springs and the
future lmp. Inside the next giant chamber just go right along the
bottom, jump the spring, and go right to the goal. 

Stage 2

Getting the good future here is tricky. Go right and drop down
the tiny gap. Then go left and drop down again to the bottom. Go
right, avoiding the spikes on the left, and hit the future lmp
(no choice). Soon you find a small conveyor platform swinging
back and forth. Ignore it, also ignore the second one, snag the
SP via a spin dash, and bounce up on the spring. Knock out the
caterpillar with a spin attack (a spin dash activates he time
warp) and go right to a past lmp , which replaces the future lmp.
Go right, knock out the jumping bug with a jump of your own and
spin through the scorpion. 

Jump the spring (tricky) and then jump over another spring
(critical to save your time warp, trust me) and go right, but
don't touch the speed shoes to avoid activating the time warp
prematurely (if you do, wait until they run out of power) and
knock out two scorpions being careful of their energy balls. Jump
over yet another spring (if you hit it, don't go down either of
those paths to the right - very important) and continue right,
hurrying under the falling rocks. It helps to have the CB moving
right, and spin to bust the caterpillar. Continue right, over
several small indentations in the floor, to a lmp. 

Continue right, over another CB, and you see a tube in the
ceiling. Go right, spin through the snail, jumping the spikes and
ignore that ledge above with a future lmp and a caterpillar. Head
right, jumping over the spring (not as critical as the others)
and knock out two scorpions with jumps and another snail with a
spin attack (spin dashing activates the time warp). Go right,
inside, and hurry under the rocks. Hit the arrow so that the
conveyor tube above is going up, and jump in to time warp. Before
you time warp, you'll go through the present version of the gray
cage. Once in the past you'll land near a shield. Bag it, and use
the spring to bounce up and left to cage 8# to finally get your
good future. 

After this jump back to the spring, and bounce up to a CB in the
upper right corner of this chamber. Go right, and drop down to
avoid having to hit the future lmp. Drop down all the way to the
bottom, and go right on the CB to a future lmp and yet another
free 1-UP! Grab this and go right (whether or not you hit the
future lmp doesn't matter) to the goal. 

Stage 3

You should probably skip going for 100 rings here, as early in
the stage there's a weak floor with four rings on it. If you
don't get them before it collapses you can't get them at all.
Getting the 1-UP, however, is as easy as hitting the spring
behind you to spin up the hill collecting six rings in the
process, bouncing up on the yellow spring you land on, and grab
the SP. Then use the moving block with the spring on it to reach
a ledge in the upper right corner with your prize. You only have
one chance to do this, so do it right. Then drop down and go
right along the bottom along a CB. Just keep going right along
the bottom and ignore the spring until you get to the boss.
(Using the spring you can go up to the top where there are some
goodies, i.e a shield at the left and I at the right, with an SP
next to each of these)

Robotnik is tough, but compared to the evils coming up, he's a
cinch. Hit him once and the machine he's in lowers to the CB
(don't hit him from below unless you want to die) and the CB
you're fighting on starts moving. The entrance to the arena is
blocked by spikes. Hold right to stay at the front of the CB,
which is moving at double speed back away from Robotnik. Just
hold right until he tries to drop a bomb on you. Let yourself
slip back and make a small jump to avoid hitting the spikes. Be
sure not to do this until the bomb is released. When it hits the
CB it explodes into four smaller bombs. These are easy to avoid,
just stay on the left side but be careful not to get impaled.
Make small jumps until the small bombs fall off the screen, and
jump up the belt and prepare for the next bomb. You can't hit
Robotnik, but after about six bombs his machine explodes in a
magnificent explosion, and you can bust another flower egg. 


Stage 1

This round is the hardest yet. Also getting the good future in
stage 1 is so hard you shouldn't try for it unless you have a lot
of experience. You may have to restart the stage a few times. Go
right and drop down, then jump over the spring and go right to a
flashing floor. This floor shoots you way up, and you can cross
it via platforms that go up and down and left and right. Instead
of crossing via these platforms, just bounce up and land on the
right side, where there's a giant wall. About   of the way up is
a ledge with a SP. Grab it and then drop off the right side and
you should land on a purple platform going up and down. From here
jump to another purple platform directly below the SP. There's
some bees that shoot fireballs here, so be careful. 

Now you must get under the ice vent. This is hard - the vent is
only off for a few seconds, if you do get iced you lose your
rings and have to try again, and doing a super peel out through
is out because you'll hit the past lmp , and lose it immediately.
Wait until it's off, then either drop down to the flashing floor
and hold right to bounce by, or if the platform you're on is low
enough, just jump by with the help of another platform that moves
under the vent. The vent flashes four times before going off.
Luckily there aren't too many of those vents. In the next area
hit the past lmp on the flashing floor. Then go back under the
vent, by bouncing up and down until you land on one of the moving
platforms, and jump by when the vent is off (don't super peel

Then bounce up to the ledge in the upper right corner via the
flashing floor. Don't land on it as there's a future lmp there.
Instead drop onto the tiny ledge just below the main one. Then go
right through a small tunnel, which lets you go under he future
lmp and some bouncing grasshoppers. Avoiding this lmp is
critical. At the end of this tunnel bounce up back to the main
ledge on a spring. The next obstacle are two crushing blocks that
rise out of the floor. The best strategy in this nasty part is to
jump over the first one when it goes down, and then stay in the
space between them until the second goes down, then jump over it
and run right into the tube to time warp. (Do not super peel out
into the tube, for a reason too complicated to explain - just
trust me).

This next part is very important: as you time warp, and when you
get to the past, hold left the whole time. When you land,
continue holding left and you'll bounce up on the floor and go
through a future lmp. You won't touch it though, as there's a
glitch in the game that means you're flashing for a second just
after you time warp, and you won't activate the lmp. There is no
way to get a good future if you have a future time warp, so if
you do, you must deactivate it. I'll tell you how in a moment. 

After this go left, and ignore the moving platforms that don't
get you anywhere. You think you must go by the ice vent again?
Not so, dude. In the upper left corner of this place is a hole in
the wall. If you fall and do not have a future time warp then
don't touch the speed shoes, and if you do wait them out. If you
do have this time warp, drop down to the bottom left corner,
where there's a hill. At the bottom of the hill is a small spot
before the flashing floor starts, and on it are speed shoes.
Stand on the small clear spot between the hill and flashing
floor, and super peel out up the hill, and fall back down and
land on the small clear spot. This will stop you just before the
time warp works, so it is deactivated. If you slide down the hill
or land on the flashing floor, you will time warp to the present
and have to restart. This is very risky, all the more reason to
avoid touching the lmp in the first place. 

Go through the hole in the upper left corner and you'll find an
area where you must climb up via the moving platforms. It isn't
too hard. At the top go right, and jump over the future lmp (this
is one of those few places where one false jump can cost you a
good future, and if you do hit the future lmp you must restart,
and then get back to this place (you'll restart in the past, and
won't have to time warp again)) and go right to where the tube
you time warped in was before. There's a small chute there
instead, and when you go through you'll go to another area. In
this area there's some wires going around. These are dangerous,
for some of them light up every so often. When they're lit up
they're dangerous to you, and it's a good thing that there's a
bug in the game that means while the time warp is active they
can't hurt you. When they turn green they're about to light up.
On the ledge on the right which is what you'll land on go right. 

In the next place is a SP above the entrance which is difficult
to get and not worth going for. You must exit through the top
right way. Drop down to the flashing floor to shoot up, and land
on one of the ledges. There are wires here, so if they light up
find a safe spot. On the right side is a moving platform with the
light on the bottom of it flashing. This means that the platform
is spinning and you'll spin with it. If you spin too much you may
fall off, which is a bad idea considering that there's an
electric field below it that hurts you. After riding it up,
making small jumps to avoid spinning too much, and go right from
it to an ice vent. This is easy - just drop down by it when it's
off. Below it is a ladybug that pops out of the ceiling and tries
to ambush you. Hit it from below to avoid the spikes on each side
and take the upper right path here instead of going down by
another vent. 

Go down the chute and go right to an electric field. Jump up to
the pole above and Sonic automatically grabs it. Press right to
move Sonic right, and then press spacebar to make him release the
pole on the other side of the electric field below it. Go right
to another place with wires. Use the thing at the left to reach
the right ledge. To use it, jump on the higher side and the lower
side rises. Then, jump onto it, and do it quickly for it sinks
after a few seconds. Go right, crossing another electric field
via a pole, and then drop down the left side of the gap. Use the
spring to bounce back up, and land on the ledge on the right, and
go right to another crusher block. This is weird - when it's
down, jump onto it, and then quickly jump off before it goes up
and crushes you. Instead of jumping you'll go down a tube (if you
have a future time warp you'll time warp) and you'll get your
reward for all that hard work: you'll find a secret room, only
reachable in this way, with a 1-UP and cage 9#. Exit the room to
the left by hitting the button to open the gate. My walkthrough
ends here, as in the rest of the stage you must go to the far
right, over the flashing floor by jumping across platforms, green
and orange. The main reason why I end here is because this stage
is so darned long it's using up too much space. Good luck. There
are a few strings of four blocks that move slowly in the air, and
can be used like platforms. Watch out for wiring and don't get
stuck on the ledges above. The goal is at the far right - whew!

Stage 2

This stage, in direct contrast with the first, is easy to get a
good future in. Jump into the scooter and you'll shoot right, and
find yourself free-falling. Press and hold left - yes you'll miss
some rings, but you won't hit the future lmp which is near where
you land if you press no buttons. You also might hit a bee or
grasshopper, which is okay as you don't have many rings. But you
should knock out the badniks ASAP. When you hit the flashing
floor, bounce back left. You'll find a wall so high you can't
bounce back up to where the scooter was. Yep - cage 10# is at the
top. To get there is tricky. There's a small hole in the bottom
of the wall, but directly holding left as you fall fails, as
you'll be going so fast you won't get through before you bounce
back up. Instead, fall away from the wall about the length of a
few blocks in Tidal Tempest. Keep doing this until you land on
the moving platform. It's frustrating, but you can always try
again. Once on the moving platform, jump left into the bottom of
the wall. 

Run through to an area with a horde of moving platforms. This is
a bit tricky - there's an electric field at the bottom, some of
the platforms make you spin, and there's a spike ball chain at
the top. Get to the left side and use the spring to get up to the
higher platforms, and stand on the left side of the last one to
avoid the chain, and jump onto the spring. Then hit another
spring to go up a chute. Hold left as you do so to avoid falling
and having to start again. When you leave this chute hold left,
and you'll find the present version of the cage plus a past lmp.
Hit the lmp , being careful not to fall, and jump up to the ledge
above, where there's a track that the scooter goes down. Go right
but go slow so as not to ride the scooter again and have to start
over, but when you see the scooter stop, turn right, and do a
super peel out and spin for extra speed. You'll run down the
track and fall down until you time warp. (Don't do a super peel
out off the ledge with the past lmp , or you'll hit the floor
first and lose the time warp). Once in the past, some of the
flashing floors are higher than others. Bounce on the higher
ones, and you can reach the platform with cage 10#.

Now that you have a good future, drop back to the floor, and go
right. There's two passages, each with a future lmp. Hit them, as
later you'll go back to the present. Go right, and go up by
jumping on the moving platforms (there's an electric field below)
and hit the spring in the upper left corner. Soon you'll find
yourself spinning around a purple wheel. Press no buttons and
you'll time warp to the present. 

In the present press spacebar to jump off the wheel and go down,
being careful of the spike ball chain. Go right, knock out he
ladybug in the ceiling and the grasshopper, go down, and then
right to a lmp. Drop down, and I will end my walkthrough for a
while, as in the next part you must cross to the far right, over
a flashing floor. Try not to touch the past lmp on the bottom, as
if you time warp you're on your own. This is a hard part, with
plenty of badniks, wires and vents. Just slog through. Oh, and
there are also some poles. If you touch one of these orange
poles, you'll be stuck on and have to jump off. The trick is,
press spacebar on the left side so you'll jump of on the right.
It's quite tricky. I will resume my walkthrough when, if you take
the low path you'll come to the end of the flashing floor.
There's a string of blocks that move up and down, trying to crush
you. Do a super peel out by when they're blocking the other
tunnel. Hit the lmp , and then slip down by them again. Go right,
and move next to the huge pistons to make them move down. When
you find two interlocked wheels, jump in and you'll be doing
figure eights. Jump off at the top right corner, jump to the
flashing floor, shoot up, and go right on the top to the goal. 

Stage 3

Go right, and use the flashing floor to go right. At the right
you find a wall. On the bottom ledge, jump and curl your jump
around so that you get to the tiny compartment below it, with a
shield. There's an electric field here if you don't have a good
future, so don't go for it in that case. Then bounce up and go
left. Jump into the left wall at the top to find three SPs. Then
go right, dropping down the gap and getting an I and some rings.
Then go back up, having gotten the six rings at the start, the
rings in the first area of moving platforms, the three SPs in the
upper left corner, and the rings near the I. Go right to another
area, this time with the moving platforms making you spin. Get
all the rings here, and then down but don't go right yet. Instead
get onto the second to last moving platform (the last goes
horizontally) and jump into a tiny hole in the middle of the
hill, and go left to a 1-UP and an SP. In fact, I found this
secret on the very day I made these tips. Anyway, go back out and
right to the last area. Get the SP on a ledge on the left side,
plus the ten rings at the top for 109 rings. In fact, you can
afford to miss some of these rings and still get the bonus life.
Anyway, then go out the bottom right corner by holding right
against the right wall and go into the boss arena.

To complete the round you must beat the toughest boss yet. Hit
him as he comes down but avoid the flames on the bottom of his
ship. He'll smash through the ceiling and drop some rocks on you.
These rocks don't hurt you, but the four big blocks that fall do,
so stay on the far right. Then jump onto one of the blocks to
avoid the electric field that appears. The floor lights up and
the blocks spring up. Unfortunately the one you're on is weighed
down by you and doesn't go high enough to allow you to reach the
platform. So you've got to jump to another block as they go up,
and then quickly to the platform above. 

You can jump through it and don't have to go through the hole in
the center. However jumping between blocks only a little wider
than Sonic himself as they shoot up and are at different heights
is one of the toughest things in the game. If you miss and fall,
you'll be hurt and have to try again, which is why having that
shield is so handy. Once on the platform hit Robotnik but don't
fall in the hole or you'll probably die. You've then got to jump
up the blocks again, but now you must be extremely careful not to
fall in the hole. After you finally get up after losing a few
lives Robotnik drops some spikes on you. Stay in the corner to
avoid them, jump on a block, but this time don't jump to another
block, as if you do the other block crushes you against the
ceiling! Instead, stay on the block you're on and it won't go
high enough to crush you. Hit Robotnik, who's in the top center
(use one of the middle blocks) and he doesn't explode but smoke
comes out of his ship, you can't control Sonic, and the screen
turns white. You'll find yourself on top of the wrecked ship,
which is plugging the hole in the floor. Run right through the
door that opens to smash the final flower egg!


Stage 1

This round is rather hard. The badniks are pretty tough and the
boss is... well, let's just put that off for a while, OK? Anyway
when you start go right to a gap. From now on the good futures
are really tough, so if you fall or anything like that, you're on
your own. This round is huge, and it's tough to get around. Drop
down the gap. There's three rings below it. Go down until you see
a spring to the left. Be careful of the spiked ball, and hit it.
Hold left to stop quickly, and there should be a big hill at your
left, and a future lmp at your right. Face left and super peel
out up the hill (you should have no time warps) and when you go
through the small space between the blocks and the wall, you'll
automatically spin and then should land on top of one of the
blocks. Then jump to the spring at the right, and bounce up/right
to a past lmp. Hit it and drop down, and if you're lucky you
won't lose your time warp. When you hit the floor stop
immediately (if you lose the time warp, restart and try again)
and then do another super peel out right, but don't land on one
of the block sets. Instead, just press no buttons and you'll fall
back down and time warp. 

When you time warp hold left to stop and super peel out up the
wall, land on a block, and hit the spring. Bounce up/right and go
right where the past lmp was before. Go right into the chute.
This is tricky - hold left to slow down, and you'll hit a gray
thing I call a booster. When you hit it you'll shoot right, and
should still be holding left. There's a strange place where you
must go up a curve and shoot up, but don't do that. Instead, jump
from this track to another track that is above the booster but
below the curve. Once you're on the different track, go right and
down, hitting the booster but holding left to slow down quickly.
Go right, along a track that cris-crosses with another track, and
don't jump to avoid switching tracks. If you do, jump ack to the
old track and at the right end of this track, drop down to a bowl
shaped area. You should be in the past and have no time warp.
There's a booster here. By hitting the yellow shutters you can
open the path to the right, but what you want to do is hit the
booster, and you'll shoot up to a higher platform. You see, when
you hit the booster you'll shoot up, off the track to a higher
track. Then, hit the shutter and get back down onto the track
below. Then get into small hole in the wall, just up/right of the
booster. Inside this alcove in the wall is cage 11#. This may
take a few tries, just keep bouncing around until you get in

>From the cage drop down to the low path, and go through a loop.
Go right, and super peel out up the hill to an I. Grab it and go
right, hit the yellow shutter to deactivate the spring and allow
you to pass through the wall. Go right, don't hit any shutters,
until you two diagonal springs. Use the left one to reach the
ledge on the right, hit the booster and shoot through a tunnel.
You'll stop near a place with two spiked balls coming out of the
ceiling. Jump and hit the first spring, which is invisible but is
a bump in the ground. Go up through a small chute to an upper
track, and go right along this track to a place with a spiked
ball going back and forth. Jump over it, drop down, and go right
to the goal. 

Stage 2

To start, run into the tunnel below you. You'll go down and
should find an area in the bottom. There's a chute to the left,
which is to be ignored for now. Instead, jump onto the platform
above the chute, and bounce up on the spring. Land on the
platform on the left with a shield. Grab it and use the spring
below it to reach the platform with the past lmp. Drop back down
and go into the chute, and bounce between the two springs to time
warp. Once in the past, press and hold left to get out of the
chute. Then, bounce on the spring, and land on the platform to
the left with the shield. Get it, and when the spiked ball isn't
there, leap into the hole in the wall next to the spring, and
smash cage 12# (there's a lot of enemies there, so just hit the
cage and they die). 

Exit this room on the right, and spin down the track. Slow down
quickly and drop down the first gap you see. At the bottom, go
through a loop, jump the spiked ball and hit the spring. Continue
right, jump another spiked ball, and hit the shutter so that
they're behind the vines. Then go right, and you won't fall onto
the spring. Jump over two spiked balls that go up and down, and
go through a loop. Then go through another loop, and run under
the spiked ball when it's up. Hit the spring, and you'll go into
an inside area. Slow down fast, and jump over the diagonal
spring, then jump into the lower path and hit the booster. Land
on the upper platform and drop down on the right side, on the
other side of the diagonal spring. Super peel out up the hill,
and go right until you go into a chute. This is the spring maze.
Hold right until you hit the fourth spring. Then release right
and you'll go through a tunnel with many smaller tunnels on the
side. Eventually you hit another spring that sends you back. When
you hit the fourth spring again, hold right and you'll take the
first right tunnel and exit the spring maze. (Don't hold it too
early or you'll go back to the first spring). Then go right, jump
over the spring and go right to the goal.

Stage 3

Just go right, picking up four SPs (one of which is behind you)
to the boss. There aren't 100 rings here, and the 1-UP and power
sneaker that start above you are very hard to get. go right to a
small incline down. Turn back left, and super peel out up, and as
you race up the small incline jump and you'll jump extra high,
and bag the 1-UP and the speed shoes. These are very important. 

The boss, along with the lava submarine in S & K, the giant robot
at the end of Sonic 2, and the water chase in Sonic 1, is one of
the toughest of Sonic history. In fact, it's one of the toughest
period, among any games. Anyway, you'll find Robo-Sonic, a robot
that looks like Sonic. Anyway, stay on the far right, as
Robotnik's ship above fires a death laser on you. Stand on the
far right and it misses. Note the word ''death?'' Yep, you got it
- hitting that laser or Robotnik's ship kills instantly. Once he
flies away the door opens, and the music changes back to the old
Stardust Speedway music.

For the rest of the boss you must escape Robotnik. You'll be
going down a long track, with spikes at regular intervals to slow
you down. The track is craggy and has ramps, pits and other
obstacles. Robo-Sonic will follow you, and he doesn't hurt you
(yet). When he powers up you must be ahead of him, as he'll then
turn yellow and charge at you. In this state he hurts you. Jump
over him. If you're not behind him he turns red, and becomes
dangerous but doesn't speed ahead. You need him to speed ahead to
put space between him and Robotnik, who is following both of you
with his death laser raking the track. The farther you go the
faster he gets. You must stay ahead of him, and avoid the hills,
pits, ramps and spikes. When Robo-Sonic hits spikes they

Why is he so tough? Well, if Robo-Sonic hits you you'll be hurt
and knocked back, and unless you recover fast Robotnik will get
you. If you get stuck at a hill or bump into spikes, it could be
your last. You must keep a steady movement forward, looking ahead
and using lightning reflexes to jump over obstacles. There's a
noise before Robo-Sonic powers up, so you'll be ready. Even
worse, you know that Robotnik is following you and it makes you
nervous, scared and tense, which makes you more likely to be
killed. It is ghastly. And that, friends, is why I gave this boss
a much deserved 10 difficulty rating. To beat him, you just have
to outrun him long enough. Eventually you find two spikes next to
each other. Run by Robo-Sonic and into the doorway first. If
Robo-Sonic gets there first it closes, and Robotnik kills you,
and you don't want to die after getting all the way across that
awful track. So, run into the doorway and Robo-Sonic smashes into
the closed door and dies, and Robotnik flies off. Congratulations
- you have just defeated one of the toughest bosses in any
platform game. There's no flower egg, instead jump and hit the
thing holding Amy, and she'll be freed. 


Stage 1

Okay, we're almost done. Just get through this round. Go right to
find a gap with a gray thing above it. When the gray thing is
horizontal, jump on it and cross the gap. If you fall, it's tough
to get back up. Beating the saw badnik is tough - you'd best
ignore it and hit the spring. Grab the shield on the ledge.
There's a gap to the right. This is very, very tricky. If you
fall down the gap your time warp is screwed and you've got to
restart. Jump the gap, which is tricky and must be done, and go
right. Just jump and hold right and you should make it. The
tricky part isn't over, bounce on the yellow spring and land in
between the two red springs that bounce you back left. Should you
hit one, press no buttons, pray you don't land in the gap and go
back to the springs, jumping the gap again. Hey, this isn't the
last round for nothing. Once you get by the three springs by
bouncing between them, go right to a past lmp. Hit it and jump
behind the saw badnik, and use a spin attack to knock him out
from behind. Then, go right, to a spike thing on wheels. Instead
of dealing with it, get directly below the ledge it's on, where
there's a right angle. Face left, and super peel out and you'll
hit the last of the springs. You'll fly left, and probably time
warp before you hit the ground (press no buttons) 

In the past you'll land on or near a free 1-UP, in the past
equivalent of the first gap with the gray bridge. Bag this free
prize and go right, and drop down the gap you wanted to avoid
before. Drop down the right side to avoid the future lmp. You'll
find a ditch with spikes at the bottom. These look impossible to
cross but are really easy - just do a super peel out. Drop down,
cross another ditch, and go right until you find a spike thing
that goes back and forth. Only one set of spikes, the top or
bottom ones, are active at any given time. Run by when the top
ones are active, and you may get hit. If you do don't worry,
you'll get hit a million times in this round. What you should
worry about are the two badniks to the right that bounce you back
and forth if they catch you, and to escape you must make a leap
just when they release you. Anyway, just do a spin attack to
knock out the first one, and jump over the second one and whack
him on the head. Or, ignore it and move on. 

The next obstacle are two razor wheels that move up and down. The
problem is, you can't run under them because there's a future lmp
there. You have a choice to make: either go under them and hit
the future lmp, or deliberately hit one, and while you're
flashing jump over the lmp. The latter course is probably better,
as you'll get hit many more times before the round is done. After
them you find a gap. Jump over it, and if your fall bounce back
up on the spring. Go right to a catapult over spikes. Jump on it
and quickly jump off, as the spiked ball which is catapulted up
comes back down. Go right to another gap. Jump over it, and if
you fall spring back up. 

Then you find a crusher block. To get under it, step on the tiny
platform on the left side to make it collapse. Then, super peel
out under the block and go right to another one. Super peel out
under it too, but if you're unlucky you'll hit the spike thing
when the lower spikes are active and be hit. Even worse, you
could be knocked back under the block and be crushed (but you can
re-grab the 1-UP at the beginning). Then drop down, ignoring the
spring on wheels, and then time it so you don't hit the other
one, which knocks you into spikes. Drop straight down on the
edge, as at the bottom of this place are some spikes. If you drop
hugging the left wall you'll land on a SP. Go right, jumping over
the spikes and probably getting hit at least once, and grab
another SP. Prepare for a really tricky part. Three tiny
platforms appear, and you must jump up them before they
disappear. The key here is to jump onto the first one the instant
it appears, and then press jump very quickly so you can reach the
next one, and if they disappear just try again. On the top go
left to a spring that bounces you up to a SP and cage 13#. 

Now you must go back down, retracing your steps and climbing up
the ledge via platforms that appear and disappear, similar to how
you reach the cage. It's easier, though. When you bounce up you
will hit the spikes and be hit, but who cares? Bounce up on the
moving red spring and go right to a platform CB. This one has
platforms that move right and then go back right spinning so you
can't ride them. Just jump from platform to platform, and you
should make it to the left side (the smashed cage is to the
right). Then jump up the platforms up the small shaft. They spin
every few seconds, so hurry. At the top bounce on the moving
spring and land on the ledge on the left with another moving
spring. Bounce up through one of the holes in the ceiling, and go
right after landing on one of the platforms up there. When you
find some disappearing platforms drop down, and slip under the
razor wheel when it rises. Do the same with another razor wheel,
and slip by the crusher block, and go right to the goal. 

Stage 2

To start, you have to deal with two crusher blocks. Jump over the
first one when it goes down, and then get on the spring between
them, and bounce up and down until they go down again, and then
land on the right one and jump to the ledge above. Bounce on the
spring into a giant area with spinning wheels. Jump onto one to
spin around it. Then jump off when you want to. Watch out for the
future lmp at the left and then go right, and there's some
springs on the floor. Jump on the one on the edge, and bounce up
and land on top of one of the blocks above a wheel. From these
blocks jump up onto the wheel above it, and you'll go around it
and spin, and go faster and faster. This is tricky - before you
go too fast jump while on the top of the wheel, and if you're
lucky you'll jump between the two blocks and land on the right
one. If you miss, just bounce back up and try again, but don't
exit the area on the right side - that blows your good future. At
the very top, go right to a past lmp. Then jump back onto the
last wheel, and press and hold down to spin. Don't jump off, just
keep spinning around until you time warp.

In the past you'll shoot up near a future lmp. Avoid it and hold
right, so you land on the platform where the past lmp was. If you
fall, bounce back up on the spring to this wheel and try again,
being careful of the future lmp. Go right on this high platform,
and drop down to a bomb droid. He'll explode when you come near
him and shoot seven fireballs at you. Be careful of them (you'll
probably get hit) and go right, hit the switch to open the
barrier, and leap in the tube. When you get to a junction, press
left and you'll go through another tube, and then when you come
out, go right and drop down, but hold right as you fall, and
super peel out off the edge. This way you won't touch the future
lamppost, or even worse fall down the gap, which blows your good
future! Instead go right, jumping over the crusher block
collecting three SPs, and then use the crusher block to reach a
spring in the shaft above. This spring bounces you to the top of
the shaft, where you find a SP and cage 14#.

The next thing is one of the most annoying in Sonic CD. This
whole area is a gigantic dead end, and the only way out is to
restart and lose a life - but isn't a good future worth it? I'm
so sorry about this. In fact, there is no way to complete this
stage in the past! There's only one way out: time warping back to
the present. This is easy - back at the start, go up through the
field of blocks by getting onto the bottom one and jumping up.
Then go up on the wheels the same as before, but at the top
instead of going right, hit the future lamppost on the left
block, drop back to the wheel, spin and hold down until you time
warp (don't jump off). If you blow it restart and try again. 

Once back in the present, drop down to the bottom, and go left,
jumping over the springs. At the far right a metal gate opens. Go
through and go in the tube. Go right at the junction, and go
right through another gate. Bounce up on the spring, and hold
right to go over the future lamppost. Go right, bounce up on the
moving spring (don't bounce into the spikes) and go right on the
platform above. There's a really nasty crusher block, slip under
it when it rises and hit the lmp (whew)! Then jump over another
crusher block, and escape the bomb droid by jumping into the tube
quickly. At the junction go right, and once out of the tube go
right to some CBs. Hit the spring on the right, and go left on
the upper left ledge. Jump over the future lamppost and hit the
spring. Bounce up and right, hit another spring, and go right.
Ignore the giant crusher blocks (they can't hurt you) and hit the

Drop down and go left, drop down again and go right, and just
continue going down avoiding spikes until you hit a lmp. Go
right, ignoring the future lamppost, and you find a weird machine
I call a dumbbell. Jump on the left side and it moves right, then
jump to the other side, and just keep jumping onto the left side
to avoid the badniks below until you reach a ledge that you need
the dumbbell to reach. Only jump once the dumbbell has stopped
moving. On this ledge is a bomb droid, set him off and then stay
hugging the right wall still on the dumbbell to avoid the
fireballs. Then go right, and hit the red laser to shrink

Tiny Sonic is the same as ordinary Sonic, except that he can fit
through smaller spaces. Go right, and down the chute. Then use
the spring to get one of the blocks, and go right after getting
past them. Bounce up on two springs, the latter of which is
moving. Then bounce on another spring, and hold right so as not
to hit the spring above that bounces you back down. Then bounce
on two more springs, and go left watching out for ceiling spikes.
Drop down, and go right slipping under a crusher block. Then go
down the conveyor belts, and slipping by the crusher block when
it moves down. Then go down and don't go into the gate at the
right, or you'll have to do some stuff over again. Instead go
left, through a tunnel, and watch out for the bomb droid. Go
right, grab the speed shoes, and after the bomb droid has
exploded go back left, through a gate and hit the blue laser to
become regular Sonic again, hit the lmp, and go down the tube.
Then go right, bounce up on the spring, and go through a gate.
Now pieces of ceiling fall slowly and try to crush you. It's easy
- just slip into the hole in each piece and avoid their spikes.
Once enough pieces have fallen, climb up and out of this pit.
THE WHOLE LEVEL AGAIN! Instead go right to the goal. 

Stage 3

This stage is evil. The good thing is, if you die (which you
will) you can just keep re-grabbing the 1-UP. Okay, go right to a
moving spring. Bounce straight up on it to avoid hitting the
other springs that knock you down, and on the high path go left
to the 1-UP, surrounded by spikes. You'll get hit getting it, but
it's worth it for a 1-UP. Then go right, jumping the gap, and
then drop down the weak floor, hugging the left wall for a SP.
Then go right, jumping the gap and slipping under the razor
wheels. In the next area, you'll find bumpers that move, plenty
of flipping platforms, and a spring or two at the sides. The
thing is, if you fall you die - this is the one spot in the game
where a fall is fatal. The best strategy is to hit the spring
just below the ledge in the upper left corner where you are,
landing on and making your way across the platforms and jumping
before they flip, and jumping to the ledge where a giant crusher
block is going up and down. Jump there, and if the block is down
you're not out of luck. Jump to the ledge and hold right to push
against the block, and you'll stay there and won't fall, even
though you aren't standing on anything! This is easier said than
done and you should be prepared to die a few times. Thank heavens
for that 1-UP. When the crusher block rises run under it and grab
the shield. Your way is blocked by a spiked pillar that moves.
Wait until it moves back left, then run into the spinning column
to go behind the shutters. Run right, wait until the spiked
column moves left, and then slip behind it via the spinning
column. Then go right through a gate to a dark area with a
lightning bug. He'll appear, shoot a laser down, and then move.
You can only hit him while he's firing. When he's low hit him on
the side. Dispose of two more this way, and go right and stand in
front of the silver column and prepare for the final battle. 

The silver column parts, revealing Robotnik in a blade ship. This
is a very hard boss - if you still have the shield you're in
luck. Wait until he lowers down (you can't hit him until he does
so) and then hit one of his blades. You'll be hurt and lose your
shield/rings. While you're flashing hit the center of his ship
and he loses a blade. Do this again and retain some rings
(critical). After losing two blades he stays at the top, and his
blades turn into rods. Ignore him, and then his blades disappear,
only to fall on you. Slip away if you see one coming down on you,
and stand in the direct center. When his ship lowers, jump and
hit it between the blades and if you're lucky you'll hit him
without loss to yourself. When his last blade disappears it'll be
fired at you from the side. Stay in the center so it hits in the
center, and then run to the other side. Robotnik now lowers his
ship on one side (run to the other side) and bounces toward you
on his last blade. When he comes down, jump and whack the core of
his ship one time to destroy him. The entire room explodes, Amy
comes walking in, and you have completed Sonic CD!

Congratulations! You just destroyed Robotnik! Now you can watch
an ending with Sonic running an jumping like a maniac, and then
if you got all the time stones and all good futures you'll get a
new option at the title screen, play music. You can play all the
music from the game, or can play again in a new file.

The level of ending depends on good futures and time stones.
Ending lives and score do not matter. If you didn't get good
futures in every stage, you'll see a moon of Mobius on a giant
chain, and the words try again appear. If you got good futures in
every single stage, you'll get a little extra. If you got all
good futures and all the time stones, a new option appears at the
title screen. It lets you play all the music from the game.


Time for me to go now, but if you liked Sonic CD try other Sonic
titles, and above all, good luck!

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