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Multiplayer FAQ by UnknownMercenary

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/12/05

Soldier of Fortune - Multiplayer FAQ
Author: UnknownMercenary

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Game Types
3.0 Weapons
4.0 Game Items
5.0 Player Strategies
6.0 Map Strategies
7.0 Legal

1.0 Introduction
Soldier of Fortune's multiplayer aspect is quite different from its single 
player campaign. While single player rewarded taking cover and silent kills, 
multiplayer is more along the lines of Quake, with a semi-realistic twist.

To get started with Soldier of Fortune multiplayer the first thing to do is to 
configure your multiplayer settings. Going to the multiplayer tab in the menu 
[the tab with 2 figures standing next to each other] and you will be brought 
up to the first screen.

Make up an online alias [any will do] and pick a team skin and player skin. 
Team skins only apply in team deathmatch games [more on that later]. Player 
skins apply to all game types. You should pick a skin appropriate to the map. 
For instance, if you are playing a Siberia map -- these tend to take place in 
snowy places -- then you should pick a camouflaged skin that matches. You 
wouldn't want to pick a winter-coat skin in an Iraq themed map -- the white 
would stick out amongst the beige-brown background.

Next configure your game settings. Pick your Capture the Flag/Conquer the 
Bunker team [this only applies to these two game types; other types use skins 
as a basis for teams] and whether or not you want to have spectator mode. I'd 
advise you to turn off Weapon Switching; it's quite an annoyance to switch to 
a new gun during a heat firefight when you don't actually want to.

2.0 Game Types
Soldier of Fortune sports seven basic game types. Four of these are deathmatch 
or deathmatch variants, followed with standard Capture the Flag, 
Assassination, and a new mode called Conquer the Bunker.

2.1 Deathmatch
Deathmatch is the most basic game type. Players spawn in an area and fight to 
the death. Weapons and items are usually found lying around on the map and 
must be procured. When your health runs out you die and then you respawn. 
Players will spawn with full health, a Black Panther pistol with ammo and six 
knives. The match ends with the frag limit is hit or time runs out.

2.2 Realistic Deathmatch
Realistic deathmatch is the same as regular deathmatch, but with a twist - 
it's tailored much more like a tactical simulation such as Rainbow Six. 
Besides pistols, players can only carry one weapon. Want to have that SMG, but 
don't want to toss that shotgun of yours? Too bad, only one weapon allowed. 
One shot or two shots will usually kill as well, making armor even more 
valuable than before. Realistic deathmatch also sports a fatigue meter where 
the Personal Audio Detection Device [PADD] was in single player. Run or jump 
too much and you'll start to get tired quickly.

2.3 Team Deathmatch
The most basic deathmatch variant. Exactly like regular deathmatch, except 
with teams. Teams apply to player skins. The teams are: none [these players 
are all still grouped into a team], the December Brigade, the Order, Ministry 
of Sin, Capture Inc, Red Guard and Meatwagon. The match ends with the frag 
limit is hit or time runs out.

2.4 Arsenal
Another deathmatch variant. You spawn with all the game's weapons and you must 
kill an opponent with each of them. The first one to do so wins the match.

2.5 Capture the Flag
This game type uses the red/blue teams instead of skin teams. The maps are 
split into two bases and there is a flag placed in each. Grab the opposite 
team's flag and bring it home for a 15 point bonus. You must also defend your 
flag and prevent the opposite team from capturing it. If your flag is gone you 
cannot capture the enemy's flag. Usually the maps are symmetrical, but 
sometimes not. Capture the Flag requires a lot of teamwork. While for lots of 
veterans its possible to run in and grab the flag and run back unscathed, it's 
usually a good idea to bring some backup in case things go wrong.

2.6 Assassination
It could be called a deathmatch variant but it really isn't. You don't gun for 
everyone but a single target. At the beginning of the match you'll be told who 
to kill [your target]. You must kill that person to obtain points. Meanwhile, 
you'll also be hunted by someone who will be trying to take you out. You can 
only kill those two people. If you kill anyone else you'll lose points.

2.7 Conquer the Bunker
Conquer the Bunker plays similarly to Unreal Tournament's Domination game 
type. Littered throughout the map are capture points [landmarked by large 
flags] and you'll have to capture these. You can simply capture a point by 
touching the flag. Once you do you'll start to gain points every few seconds. 
The more flags captured the faster the points come in. You can take over an 
enemy capture point as well.

2.8 Server Options
- Friendly Fire - the option of whether or not you can hurt your teammates. 
I'd recommend turning this option off if you're running a server. It's quite 
annoying and lets lamers foster. Most servers have it off.
- Heavy Weapons - allows weapons like the rocket launcher. Most servers have 
them turned off. I don't see why; they're quite fun. Any decently skilled 
player can counter heavy weapons.
- No Falling Damage - basically you can fall down 12 stories and not die or 
take any damage. Kind of stupid.
- Infinite Ammo - no reloading and all guns keep shooting non-stop. A stupid 
option Raven never should've put in. Most servers run this. Ugh.

3.0 Weapons
Pigsticker Combat Knife
Special Function: throw knives
Clip: N/A
Ammo: knives [6 total]
Accuracy: variable
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 8 out of 10
A very nice starting weapon. The slashing attack is quick, and a slice to the 
crotch, neck or head kills instantly. You can throw knives too, except your 
last one. Throwing knives can kill very quickly but their accuracy is horrible 
-- where the reticule points won't always be where the knife lands so throwing 
takes some practice. The knife can do damage through armor as well. Sometimes 
it's wise to equip the knife instead of using the Panther.

Black Panther 9mm Pistol
Special Function: none
Clip: 18 rounds
Ammo: 9mm
Accuracy: 8.5 out of 10
Damage: 8 out of 10
Overall: 9 out of 10
Quieter than most of the Soldier of Fortune arsenal, but not the quietest. The 
Panther shoots very fast, and has decent accuracy. The shots tend to spread 
out at long range, so avoid distant firefights. It also has a very quick 

Silver Talon .44 Pistol
Special Function: none
Clip: 9 rounds
Ammo: .44 Magnum
Accuracy: 9.5 out of 10
Damage: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8 out of 10
While it is much more powerful than the Panther, the Talon is louder and has 
half the clip size. It's also an incredibly accurate pistol, so long range 
duels are possible with this gun. The Talon does an incredible amount of 
damage and pierces armor well, unlike the Panther's weak 9mm round. However, 
it's slow rate of fire means most weapons will overpower it in close combat.

B-42 Berserker Shotgun
Special Function: none
Clip: 8 rounds
Ammo: 00 shotgun shells
Accuracy: 4 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9 out of 10
The Berserker shotgun is definitely the most popular Soldier of Fortune 
weapon. It can kill any opponent without armor if you point the beast in his 
or her general direction. Over long distances, the shotgun still does damage, 
though considerably less. With its quick firing rate and sheer power, the 
Berserker dominates close quarters combat. One thing to notice is that no 
matter what the shell's spread pattern always seems to stay the same. Against 
armor the Berserker is less effective. With half-armor, it takes 2 shots to 
chew through it [though the head is still unprotected]. With full armor, 
switch to a better weapon. Can have a very long reload time if you're not 

Raptor SMG
Special Function: none
Clip: 40 rounds
Ammo: 5.56mm
Accuracy: 7.5 out of 10
Damage: 8 out of 10
Overall: 7.5 out of 10
The Raptor is the middle ground of guns. It has average accuracy, does average 
damage and is overall an incredibly average gun. The Raptor's firing rate may 
guarantee a lot of close quarters kills if you can catch Berserker users by 
surprise. It pierces armor, but not as much as other guns that use 5.56mm 
ammo. The Raptor is good for most situations.

Bulldog T-31 Silenced SMG
Special Function: none
Clip: 32 rounds
Ammo: 9mm
Accuracy: 6 out of 10
Damage: 8 out of 10
Overall: 8.5 out of 10
The Bulldog has horrid accuracy -- it's shots fly all over the place -- but it 
has the fastest firing rate of all the Soldier of Fortune weapons and is the 
quietest of all of them. The real kicker is that you already spawn with 128 
rounds of free 9mm ammunition, so you won't need to search high and low for 
ammo like the other guns. The Bulldog is great for ambushes.

Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle
Special Function: 20x Zoom
Clip: 6 rounds
Ammo: 5.56mm
Accuracy: 10 out of 10
Damage: 9 out of 10
Overall: 7 out of 10
The Eagle Eye is a powerful rifle that works wonders for long range fighting. 
It uses the same ammunition as the Raptor SMG, but has much more armor 
piercing capabilities. Despite being a bolt-action rifle, the Eagle Eye can 
shoot quite quickly. A word of warning: without zooming in, the Eagle Eye is 
horribly inaccurate and should never be used for close combat.

M75 Guardian Heavy Machine Gun
Special Function: Phosphorus Grenade [uses 10 ammo]
Clip: 40 rounds
Ammo: 5.56mm
Accuracy: 9.5 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9.5 out of 10
A very powerful and formidable weapon. For a heavy machinegun, the M75 is 
surprisingly accurate. However, sustained fire makes the screen shake a lot. 
The great things about the M75 are its armor piercing abilities and it's 
special function. The M75 can lob powerful phosphorus grenades that can melt 
players and can damage through the armor. The grenade will explode on contact; 
otherwise it will bounce around and explode 2 seconds later.

Heavy Hitter H-24 Slugthrower
Special Function: Flash Grenade [uses 2 ammo]
Clip: 10 slugs
Ammo: Slugs
Accuracy: 9.5 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9.5 out of 10
Another incredibly fun weapon to use, the Heavy Hitter Slugthrower is a direct 
upgrade to the Berserker shotgun. Its powerful slugs shoot through armor and 
can kill with 2 or 3 well placed chest shots. Be wary though that the 
Slugthrower can empty its clip fairly quickly. The flash grenade has a 
blinding effect similar to the flashpak, and one direct hit can kill 
instantly. The slugthrower is also very accurate at long distances, placing it 
head over shoulders above the Berserker.

M343D Flamegun
Special Function: Napalm Grenade [uses 4 ammo]
Clip: 60 gas units
Ammo: Gas can
Accuracy: 3 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9 out of 10
Another awesome close quarters weapon. The flames that engulf enemies deal out 
swift damage over time, while the napalm grenade is perfect for taking out 
armored opponents or groups. Be careful though, because the napalm grenade 
will sometimes continue to burn after your victim is dead. An incredibly kick 
ass weapon, marred only by its inaccuracy and short range. The flamegun also 
doesn't need to reload -- an added bonus.

M202A2 FLASH Rocket Launcher
Special Function: Launch 4 simultaneous rockets
Clip: 4 rockets
Ammo: NM22 rockets
Accuracy: 10 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 10 out of 10
The ultimate gibbing weapon of Soldier of Fortune, the M202A2 packs 4 
destructive rockets in its tube that can make any player's day a bad one. A 
direct hit is an instant kill about 99% of the time. Its splash damage is 
smaller than in most games but the special function allows one to take out 
large groups with relative ease. To counter an M202A2 user, run up to him and 
force him to shoot you with his rocket. While you still die and he gets a 
point for a frag, he still loses 2 points for committing suicide.

R-22 Microwave Pulse Gun
Special Function: Large Energy Blast [uses 10 ammo]
Clip: 30 battery cells
Ammo: Batteries
Accuracy: 10 out of 10
Damage: 10 out of 10
Overall: 11 out of 10
That's right, it's rated 11 out of 10 -- the Microwave Pulse Gun is the 
ultimate killing machine and it has no other equal. The Microwave Pulse Gun's 
primary function has a chilling amount of accuracy and can cook flesh miles 
away. The special function can kill with a direct hit to the chest, expanding 
your victim's body and then exploding it into millions of tiny chunks. It is a 
difficult weapon to counter and I have no real tips for doing so.

4.0 Items
Grenades - incredibly useful little explosives. Very effective at taking out 
groups of people. Grenades explode upon contact. Otherwise, they bounce around 
and explode 2 seconds later.

C4 - another useful explosive similar to the grenade. The difference is that 
it sticks to surfaces and can be stuck on walls and ceilings to make nice 
traps. The C4 explodes after six beeps. A shame that the C4 can't stick onto 
people. Always have lots of C4 on hand.

Flashpak - the flashpak works something like a flashbang. It blinds and does 
minimal damage out of all the explosives. Flashpaks can still kill, but 
they're better used as a distraction than as an actual weapon. Try not to look 
in the direction of the exploding flashpak or you'll get blinded yourself.

Angel Eyes Nightvision - turns your surroundings a bright neon green and makes 
it easier to see in the dark. It works wonders on a lot of the dark maps. It 
has the battery life of 100 seconds, and when these run out you must wait for 
it to recharge. If you find another pair, pick it up to recharge your current 
goggles automatically.

Flag - the flag will appear in your inventory when you pick it up. Only 
appears in Capture the Flag, obviously.

5.0 Player Strategies
- Turn on Always Run - unlike single player mode, stealth doesn't play much of 
a factor in multiplayer. Run like a maniac to dodge those bullets and rockets, 
etc. The only time it should be off is if you're a big fan of Realistic 
Deathmatch, where fatigue is factored in.
- Learn the maps - this cannot be stressed enough. Always, always learn the 
maps! Start a private or LAN server and run through all the maps making notes 
on key chokepoints and pickups. Note that Capture the Flag maps are mostly 
symmetrical, so the layouts are easier to learn. Knowing the maps is vital for 
Conquer the Bunker.
- Bring along lots of explosives - nothing can ruin a good flag recovery like 
a few well placed explosives during a quick getaway. Most players will run 
right into C4 or hand grenades will chasing the flag carrier. As I rule I 
always stock up on explosives before trying to grab the flag. Use some to 
clear out the enemies currently guarding the flag, then sprinkle a few 
liberally to take out the respawning ones or the ones on your tail. Sometimes 
flashpaks are good too, but inform your teammates otherwise you might blind 
your whole squad in the process.
- Jump a lot - some of the Quake 2 physics made it into Soldier of Fortune. 
While there are no Quake 2 styled trick-jumps, you can learn some jumping to 
gain some momentum, get places quicker and in general dodge rockets faster. 
Run-jumps and double jumps are the easiest jumps to learn and any player 
should know and use these.
- Use darkness to your advantage - lots of maps have dark corners that let 
players hide and take potshots or ambush other players. If you feel inclined 
to do so, you can turn the brightness all the way up, but that kind of ruins 
the atmosphere of some of the game's maps. Usually, though, dark maps will 
come with Angel Eyes goggles hidden somewhere.
- Have at least a few mates cover your ass - this is vital in Capture the 
Flag. By going in alone you run the risk of getting overrun since the flag is 
always deeply rooted in the enemy's spawn points. Have at least one man 
carrying an M75 or maybe the Raptor SMG to cover the rear and arm the flag 
carrier a Berserker or other close quarters weapon. While the shotgun is quite 
powerful, it is horrid to use against multiple opponents. The automatic 
weapons allow the flag carrier's mate to saturate the area with bullets to 
hopefully get the enemies to keep their heads low. Ideally the M75 should be 
used for its accuracy and armor piercing power. A two man team with one person 
using the M75 is good. The more the better.
- Leave no enemies behind - once you've grabbed the flag and put the explosive 
technique to good use, the key is the run like hell. The enemy will have a 
harder time to chase you if you've placed C4 all around, forcing constant 
respawns. You might also consider having some teammates stay back and hold the 
front, keeping the enemy from reaching your base before you do.
- Be stingy with medkits and armor - if you've still got a good amount of 
armor or health left [2/3 of your armor or anywhere around 1/2 health] then 
don't touch the medkits or armor vests and leave them for someone who actually 
needs them. If you have only 1/2 your armor bar left, I'd suggest filling it 
to full. Also keep an eye peeled for large medkits -- these are hard to miss.
- Get the Bulldog when you spawn - the Bulldog is a good weapon to start with 
because when you spawn, you're given the Black Panther pistol automatically. 
The Panther uses 9mm, and so does the Bulldog and by default you get 128 9mm 
rounds to start with.

6.0 Map Strategies
- NYCCTF - the New York CTF map is the only one that is not symmetrical, and 
is one the odder ones. Here, red team has a distinct advantage because the 
only paths that blue team can take all make easy chokepoints. The red flag is 
placed very deeply in the enemy spawn points, while the blue flag is easier to 
reach because the blue base is a generally more open warehouse building. The 
quickest way from blue to red would be taking the back-end path which goes 
through the sewers. The problem is that this path is easy for red to defend. 
On the way, pick up the Microwave Pulse Gun if the server has heavy weapons 
enabled. For red team the map is a little easier. The easiest way to approach 
blue base is to go in through the partially open garage door by the parked 
truck, where a player's entrance can be partially concealed. There are plenty 
of health pickups near the blue flag in case you've been wounded.
-GERCTF - this map is symmetrical. It is quite dark, so be sure to pick up 
those nightvision goggles when you spawn. The quickest way from base to base 
is the underground passage through the church. You can take the ramp along the 
sides down, but jumping down is quicker. Don't worry about losing health; 
there's a large medkit pickup on the way. If you plan to make a quick getaway 
with the flag, make sure you've brought some C4. Try to lure your enemies to 
follow you up a ladder, dropping C4 along the way. The C4 will explode as they 
climb up. Note that the flag area is relatively dark. This means that both 
your teammates and enemies can camp the area. It can be a good idea as an 
attacking team to placed some players down below while the defending team is 
distracted trying to take the flag back. Defenders, note this and toss some 
hand grenades or flashpaks once in a while to try and flush these campers out.
-IRQCTF - much like GERCTF, IRQCTF is another symmetrical map. Take note that 
the warehouse area you have to pass through during one of the routes has an 
upper catwalk; perfect for ambushes and taking out that enemy flag carrier. 
You may also run into a sniper -- you can spawn right on the sniping spot with 
the Eagle Eye. If you want to access there by normal means just jump onto the 
hood and then the roof of the truck. If you take the warehouse route you'll 
have to run through an area where a slugthrower spawns -- typically this is 
where most of the action occurs and where it is easy to get ambushed while 
carrying the flag. The other route is a long open road route. It's quicker, 
but the wide open space leaves players open to retaliation from above.
-RAVEN - lots of chokepoints on this level. The level is mostly dominated by 
heavy weapons. The first in the rocket launcher conference room, which is 
located nearby the Berserker. Then there's the slugthrower cafeteria by a soda 
machine, which is near the bathrooms that contain armor vest pickups. Another 
keynote area is the office corridor which contains an M75, Flamegun and 
Bulldog SMG. The main thing to watch out for is the Microwave Pulse Gun, which 
spawns at the end of the long hallway opposite of the rocket launcher 
conference room. A great camping place is in the crawlspace, which can be 
accessed by a ladder near the armor bathrooms. The crawlspace allows quick 
access to places such as the M75/Flamegun/Bulldog corridor or the area close 
to the Eagle Eye and Microwave Pulse Gun. Most of the time, try to avoid 
staying in the long hallway for too long -- you'll be susceptible to Microwave 
Pulse Gun and M202A2 attacks. Ammunition is sparse on this level, which leaves 
the action quick. The Bulldog can be a useful backup due to the relative ease 
in which a player can find ammunition.

7.0 Legal
FAQ (C) 2005 UnknownMercenary
Soldier of Fortune (C) 2000 Raven Software

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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