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Experience the thrill of a 125-MPH freefall

Your heart pumps like mad as you jump from the plane. Freefall. Within seconds you've dropped 1,000 feet. The wind screams in your brain, and you're thinking, "this is craaaaazy." Experience the true meaning of the word "daredevil" in Skydive!

Choose your chute, jump event and diving zone, and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. During freefall a third-person point of view tracks your fall to earth - push it to the edge as you perform radical aerial stunts over stunning terrain. When the time is right, pull the ripcord and the perspective shifts to a challenging first-person view. As you hit the ground, you're so pumped up from your adrenaline-rush landing you can barely speak. Another thought runs through your head, "Let's do it again!"

Drop like a rock. Fly like a bird.

*3 unique skydiving events
*Radical Free Flying - Execute tricks and stunts to score points
*Target Courses - Maneuver through floating targets
*Accuracy Landing - Hit the bulls-eye and score big points
*Choose 6 Exotic Locations - Unique drop zones include Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid
*Dive over 25 beautiful landscapes - Mountains, rivers, snowfields, marshes and more
*Real Wind Physics challenge you to stay on course to hit your targets
*Photos, video clips and screensaver art by world-famous skydive photographer Tom Sanders
*Jump to a custom soundtrack including Headbanger, R&B, and Classical tunes

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