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Scenario Guide by Andy007

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 06/17/2000
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by Andy007
Unpublished Work Copyright 2000 Andy007
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Version 0.6
Created: 3/29/00
Last Updated: 6/17/00
Warning: You may not use this FAQ on your site unless you ask me for
permission.  If I find out or get a report of you using this FAQ on
your site(without my permission, or without thanks to me), I will see
you in court!!!  The only site(s) currently that may use this FAQ is
gamefaqs.com, www.gameadvice.com, http://DLH.Net, and http://home.
planetinternet.be/~twuyts.  The only person who can update or recreate
this FAQ is ME.
Most Recent UPDATEs

Version 0.6: 6/17/00: I added my Simcity 2000 Review(section) for the 
PC, and I added a couple of minor changes to this guide.
Version 0.5: 4/7/00: I've added a couple new sites that can use this

Version 0.4: 4/2/00: This FAQ is complete, all the new scenario
strategies have been written: Washington D.C, Barcelona, Las Vegas,
and Paris.

Version 0.3: 4/1/00: I've written a couple more strategies for this
scenario FAQ: Manhattan, Portland, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

Version 0.2: 3/31/00: Added a couple of scenario cities to this FAQ:
Atlanta, Chicago, Davenport, Homestead, and Malibu.

Version 0.1: 3/29/00: This FAQ is Completely new!
1.  Author’s Notes
2.  Frequently Asked Questions
3.  Scenarios from “SimCity 2000” CD
         -Flint, Michigan
         -Charleston, North Carolina
4.  Scenarios from “Simcity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters”
         -San Francisco
         -Silicon Valley
         -Washington D.C.
5.  Scenarios from “SimCity 2000 CD Collection”
         -Las Vegas
6.  Simcity 2000 (PC) Review by Andy007
7.  Credits/Contact Me

1.  Author’s Notes
     This is my first ever FAQ for gamefaqs.com!  Since I found no In-
Depth FAQs for SimCity 2000(PC version), I decided to write this FAQ
because I know most people need help in the Scenarios of SimCity 2000.
If you need help on a certain Scenario, just find what you are looking
for below before asking me or someone else for help. Enjoy!

2.  Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I win a scenario city in SimCity 2000?
A: You must accomplish the goal the people of the city would like you
to do.  The problem/goal is listed after you have loaded your scenario

Q: What’s a scenario city?
A: A Scenario City in SimCity 2000 is a city in which you must solve the

city’s problem.  If you solve the town’s problems, you are granted to be

mayor of the city.

Q: Do I own a scenario city?
A: After you have beaten the scenario, you become the real mayor of the

Q: What happens after I beat a scenario?
A: You become the city’s mayor and you can save it.  The disaster or
scenario is over, so it becomes a free city.  But beware, disasters can
still happen.

Q: How come the people of the scenario city busted me out of their town?

A: After you have spent your amount of time in the scenario town and
still haven’t solved the problem, the people are pissed off because they

think you did not eliminate their problem in the time of your reign in
the town.

Q: How much money do I get in a Scenario City?
A: Usually $20,000, but in those big towns, sometimes you can get more.

Q: Are bonds and loans available in a scenario city?
A: Yes, but don’t loan so much money because it becomes a bad problem
later on.

Q: I can’t beat the scenarios, help me out!!!
A: Read the scenario walkthrough part of this FAQ.
3.  Scenario Walkthroughs from “SimCity 2000” CD
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Goal: Raise the city’s population from 1,680 to 20,000 in 10 years.
You get $20,000 and must end with $5,000 in the end.

Hints and Tips: Sometimes, the computer forgets that you must end
with $5,000, so cross your fingers to be lucky.  You should just
take a couple loans and pause the game.

1. After loading Dullsville, pause it.  Select “No Disasters” from the
disasters menu.  Dammit, you’ll have to do a lot of work on this
boring town.  Look around, you will need some dense zones to fill up
the population.

2. Now, take one loan from the bank while your game is paused.

3. Begin building your expansion of Dullsville by adding many zones,
streets, and city services in the north of the city.  But please, do
not extend the city too much because you’ll have to pay expensive
annual fees.  You should add the zones that are most needed(check
your RCI chart).

4. If the city is lacking power, add another power plant.  Add a
couple of water pumps and pipes(about 15 pumps), and now set the speed
of the game from pause to Llama.  You should also add the ordinances:
Pro-Reading Campaign, Anti-Drug Campaign, CPR Training, Neighborhood
Watch (if you want to), Public Smoking Ban, Free Clinics, Junior
Sports, Nuclear-Free Zone, Business Advertising, City Beautification,
and Annual Carnival.  All these ordinances are costly, but it should
raise the population quite a bit.  Set your taxes to 0%.

5. At this point, I hope you have at least $10,000.  Let the simulation
go, and watch your population until about January 1912.  Hopefully,
Dullsville’s population is at least 6,000 people.

6. Pause at January 1912 and begin another expansion to the city.  This
time, to the west.  Make sure you add enough Police Stations, hospitals,

fire Stations, schools, and parks.  Look at your RCI demand chart,
build whatever is needed all over the west of the map near the lake.
But don’t spend too much money, keep your money around $7,000-$12,000.
If you have less than $7,000, get a loan.  If you have more than
$12,000, you should spend it until you have about $8,000.

7. Let the simulation run again, until mid-1913.  Your town’s population

should be nearly 10,000.  Build in whatever space you can find, but make

sure the section of the town people can get to it.  Keep your money
around $10,000.  Remember, don’t waste too much money on unwanted
demands on the RCI demand chart.  Raise your taxes up to 4%.  Pause the
game once you get to 1915.

8. By 1915, hopefully your population is 15,000 or close to it.  You
should have about $7,000 after your profits due to the 4% tax.  Since
there is a 4% tax, maybe only 1,000-3,000 people will flow into your
city now, but don’t worry, you probably have this scenario won by now.
Keep the speed of the simulation at Llama.

9. Keep building until 1917, when you have about $5,000.  Your
population now should be 18,000-20,000.  If not, just set your taxes to
0% to speed up the population of people.  The whole northern part of
the map should almost be filled.  You should now start to concentrate on

taxes and ordinances.  Do not build much anymore, try just to eliminate
the crime or other problems in your city.

10. By 1918, the population should be over 20,000, keep that way.  You
should almost be broke, having around $4,000-$5,000.  If you are broke,
try to issue a bond.  If the bond has too much money, use it until you
have about $6,000.

11. By 1919, you should have just a little more than $5,000.  Plan out
the profit you will make in 1920, so you can successfully win this
scenario.  Near November 1919, have the speed of simulation at turtle
so you can build what is necessary.  At December, try to eliminate your
money so that your profit evens out to $5,000. Just build some roads,
pipes, or power lines to waste a little money, and parks to waste a lot.

You can also put some landscape.

12. In 1920, hopefully, you’ve won the scenario!  You now get to keep
this city and the people of the city are happy!

Flint, Michigan
Difficulty: Easy

Goal: Increase the population from 10,000 to 21,000 in 5 years.  I
certainly think this is a easy scenario that can even be beat in 3

Hints/Tips: Attract the industry using the business ordinances.  Just
destroy the deserted zones and set your taxes to 0%.

1. Pause the scenario.  Select “No disasters” at the disasters menu.  Go

to the ordinance menu.  Select: Business Advertising, Anti-Drug
Campaign, CPR Training, Neighborhood Watch, Free Clinics, Energy
Conservation, City Beautification, Annual Carnival, Nuclear Free Zone,
Tourist Advertising, Pollution Controls, and Junior Sports.

2. Destroy all of the deserted area in the north, rezone those areas
into dense commercial, residential, and industrial.  Just take one loan
if you need it, and add a cleaner power plant to the city.

3. Sit back and set the speed to Llama.  Check the population in the
next two years, it should be at least 16,000.  If not, rezone areas
depending on the RCI demand and change around the ordinances and keep
the taxes at 0%.

4. On mid-year 4, the population should be already over 21,000.  By
now, you already have the scenario won.  Just set the speed to Llama
and wait for the people to cheer you on as you become the new mayor.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Goal: You must put out that huge brushfire and increase the
population from 41,000 to 50,000.

Hints and Tips: You should pause the game and destroy every structure
around the perimeter of fire and add water around the fire’s perimeter.

1. God, I hate this damn scenario, but if you have to beat it, I’ll help

you.  As soon as the scenario is loaded, pause the game immediately.
You can see there is a big brushfire near “Will’s house” and “Chris’s
house.”  To put out these fires, you’ll need help from mother nature.
Clear the houses and manmade structures around the fire.

2. After you’ve cleared the buildings, roads, and powerlines around the
perimeter of the fire, put water all around the fire.  This way, the
fire can’t destroy anymore things.  Set the game speed to Turtle, and
dispatch your firemen.  The fire should be over in about 2-4 months.

3. Pause the game after the brushfire is eliminated.  Now take 2-3
loans, and begin making the terrain around Chris and Will’s house flat.
Look at the RCI demand chart, and build what ever is needed.  Put up a
couple ordinances to boost the speed of the people flocking in Oakland.
Set the taxes to 0%.  Let the simulation run at Llama speed.

4. After about 1 year, the population should be 44,000.  Now look for
any vacant land and begin building the most popular demands in the
scenario.  Let the simulation continue to run at Llama speed.

5. 3 years after the brushfire, your population should be 48,000.
Hopefully, you have at least $15,000.  Make sure crime, taxes, and
health problems aren’t too high.  Keep it below 8%.

6. By the fourth year, the population should be already over 50,000.
Continue the building and 0% tax just in Oakland just incase.  Now you
can just sit back and enjoy!

Difficulty: Medium

Goal: Wait for the UFO to get out of the city and you have 5 years to
increase the population to 100,000.  The current population is 93,500.

Hints and Tips: You can take this risk:  Set the game speed to Cheetah
or African Swallow until the UFO leaves.  Then right after, pause the
game and surround the fires with water.

1. Wait for the alien to destroy Hollywood and disappear from Hollywood.

Make sure you clean up after its destruction on the town.  Pause the
game after the city has been free of the alien threat.  You should take
about one or two bonds to rebuild the city.

2. Begin rebuilding the city, replacing destroyed zones and buildings.

3. After your renovation, lower the taxes of Hollywood down to 0%.  Cut
the 1% Sales Tax and 1% Income Tax if there is one and set up new
ordinances.  Check the CPR Training, Neighborhood Watch, Pollution
Controls, Energy Conservation, Nuclear Free Zone, Free Clinics, Junior
Sports, Annual Carnival, City Beautification, and Business Advertising.

4. Now set the game speed to Llama and wait for about 2 years to past,
make sure you keep a look on the population.  By the two years, you
should already have a population of 95,000+.  If the population isn’t
increasing, you’ll have to build wherever you can find space
depending on the RCI demand chart.  Check the Tourist Advertising
ordinance and Homeless Shelters to increase population if you haven’t.

5. By year 4, the population should be 99,000+.  You will already have
this scenario won.
Charleston, North Carolina
Difficulty: Easy

Goal: Increase the population to 45,000 within 5 years after the huge

Hints and Tips:  Just dispatch police and firemen in flood areas and
somehow the flood grids are just stopped from progressing.  Set the
simulation speed to Cheetah, and wait for about 5 months to 1 year.

1. You should let the hurricane blow over and wait for the floods to
dry.  In the aftermath, pause the game.  You may need to take one bond.

2. Begin rezoning and rebuilding.  Start with the area around the sign
“the Battery,” rezone the commercial, residential, and industrial zones
to dense.  You can add more roads, buildings, and zones to the islands
around Charleston.  There is lots of space there(probably why the
programmers made those islands, to make this scenario easier to beat).

3. Now set the taxes to 0% for a quick increase in population, and set
some of those costly ordinances.  Let the game speed go at Llama.

4. Wait until the second year, Charleston’s population should be
increasing dramatically, almost to 42,000 by then.  If Charleston’s
population is still in the 30,000’s, pause the game and try out some
of the ordinances.  Maybe you will need another loan and build more
city services, eliminating the crime, education, and health problems
to below 7%.

5. Just keep building and rebuilding on Charleston until your 5 years
are up.  This was an easy scenario, save this city if you’d like.
4.  Scenarios from “Simcity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters”
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard

Goal:  A UFO has invaded Atlanta!  You must clean up after its
destruction and increase the total residential population of Atlanta to
72,000 in five years.

Hints and Tips:  You can take out a lot of loans from the bank, because
there are no finiancial problems.  You should speed up the game to make
the UFO leave and pause as soon as it leaves.  Surround water around the

perimeter of the fires.

1. This scenario city will be hard to complete.  But it isn’t
impossible to beat.  Once the scenario is loaded, select in the
disasters menu “No Disasters.”  Then set the game speed to Turtle.

2. You could try to go wherever the UFO goes.  Once it sets something
on fire, pause the game and surround the fire with water and dispatch
the firemen.  Don’t forget to take 1 or 2 loans for later.  Once a area
stops burning, bulldoze the rubble so no other fires can start.

3. Once the UFO leaves, pause the game.  Dispatch the 6 firefighter
teams to help take out the fire.  Surround big fires with water to keep
them from going further.  Bulldoze ALL rubble areas.

4. Now, destroy a couple of areas of light density and rezone them into
heavy density.  You may want to add a new refreshed power plant to the
city.  Begin setting the taxes to 0% to get a big boost in population
once the simulation runs later on.  Add a couple ordinances that
benefit the townspeople.  These ordinances may drain your profit a
little, but you must try to beat this scenario.

5. Now, you should take about 6-10 bonds.  What will you do with all
that money?  Time to add more water pumps to the city.  Expand the
water pump supply by adding water tiles next to the water pumps to
expand the capacity.  Let the simulation run at turtle speed until
the pumps work and add pipes.  Connect some pipes to other parts of
city so that there will always be enough water for the city.

6. Find open land and put some residential and commercial zones
to speed up population increase.  The woodlands around Piedmont Lake
are a great place to zone residential and commercial zones.  Maybe add
just some industrial zones too.  Make sure your zones are all dense.

7. To boost the population even more, you should add roads and train
tracks to neighboring cities.  Set the game speed to Turtle now.  Make
sure all of the city has enough power and a abundant water supply.

8. Open the population graphs window and check Atlanta’s population.
The residential population should increase at least more than 5,000 a

9. Begin checking the population every year until the fourth year.
Make sure the city problems are under 5%.  Set the game simulation
speed to Llama during year 3.5.  Hopefully, the city’s population is
only 1,000-1,500 people off from 72,000.  But you should already have
a residential population of 74,000.
Difficulty: Medium

Goal: Clean up the mess of the chemical spill and pollution.  Raise the
industrial population from 17,000 to 44,000 in 10 years.

Hints and Tips: Just take enough bonds for you to build the city.

1. Once the city is loaded, select “No Disasters.”  Set the game speed
to Turtle and set firefighters around the pollution clouds to wherever
they go.  The pollution clouds should be gone pretty quickly.

2. You’ll need to pause the game and take about 5-8 bonds.  It’s a big
debt, but don’t worry about it right now.  Time to rebuild the city.

3. Begin with the Power Plant.  Replace it because it is getting old.
Now add power lines to parts of the city with no power.

4. Time to expand the water supply.  Bulldoze the water near “Yatch
Club” and add rows of water pumps.  But you should add water tiles to
expand the capacity of the pumps.  Connect parts of the city with the
pipes so there won’t be a drought.

5. With your remaining money, you will want to rezone the whole city.
But first you must set the city taxes to 0%.  Now add a couple of
ordinances: Homeless Shelters, Energy Conservation, Annual Carnival,
City Beautification, Business Advertising, Tourist Advertising,
Neighborhood Watch, Free Clinics, and Junior Sports.  Most of the
Chicago scenario needs rezoning.  Just clear all light density areas
rezone some them to mostly industrial and residential.  Commercial
zones might not be needed that much, but adding a few is better.
Connect the zones with power and water pipes.  Add neighborhood links
to Chicago, at least more than 10.

6.  Now let the simulation run, watch the industrial population graph,
the population should be increasing big time.  Pause the game at year
number 2.  If pollution is really getting out of control, you may have
to set the pollution control ordinance.  This may slightly affect your
industrial boost, but not much.  Hopefully, you have at least $20,000+.
If you don’t issue 1-3 bonds.  Try clearing some zones and rezoning
them into new types of zones if the industrial population isn’t
boosting 3,000+ a year.

7. Just watch the industrial population until year 6.  The industrial
population should be around 33,000-42,000.  If not, you don’t stand a
chance in winning this scenario.

8. Set the game speed to Llama and wait.  The scenario should already
be won at year 8 or 9.
Difficulty: Easy

Goal: Clean up after a small flood and raise the population of the
scenario from 106,000 to 118,000 in 5 years.  Pretty easy huh?

Hints and Tips: As long as you keep the flood from spreading, this
scenario will be won.  Take 1 or 2 bonds from the bank.

1. Pause the game as soon as you load the scenario.  Select “No
Disasters” from the Disasters menu.  Set the game speed at Turtle and
try to control the flood by attempting to block its path with Policemen
and Firemen.  Just wait for the flood to disappear.

2. In the aftermath, pause the game and take out a few loans.  Rezone
the city with zones depending on the RCI demand chart.  Try to rezone
most of the light density zones.  Build a couple of zones and city
services near “Bettendorf.”  There is space there.  Replace the old or
destroyed power plants.  Add a couple of pumps if they are needed, and
connect the pumps to the rest of the city.

3. Now open the Budgets window.  Set taxes to below 3%.  Add a few
ordinances that drain the city’s treasury(But they really are worth
it).  Then let the simulation run at Llama speed.

4. You may now need to build a seaport in Davenport because the
industry will request one.  Connect some roads and railroads to the
neighboring cities.

5. Just open the Graphs Window and watch your population grow and
grow.  Make sure by the third year, the population of Davenport is at
least 115,000.  You already have the scenario won.  That was easy.
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard!

Goal: Win the scenario with $20,000 and raise the population from
44,000 to 65,000 in 5 years!  You must also clean after a hurricane’s

Hints and Tips: If you EVER get a chance for a loan, take one(small

1. Once the scenario is loaded, select “No Disasters.”  Then set the
scenario game speed to Turtle.  Wait for the hurricane to blow away.
It may cause floods, so make sure you try to control the floods.

2. Pause the game instantly, because in this scenario, you don’t want
to waste any time.  Try to issue a lot of bonds.  Restore destroyed
power plants or add new ones.  Restore water pumps too.

3. Now, check for damaged areas in the city and clean the rubble.
Set the city’s taxes to 0%.  Put up about all of the ordinances
that profit only the townspeople.  Add a new water pumps to the city.

4. Find whatever space you can and add zones to the grids.  The zones
have to be high density!  Add many road connections to neighboring

5. Make sure one last time that there is enough power and water in the
Homestead.  Make sure you have filled every last grid with zones.  After

you have done that, set the game speed to Turtle and see how the first
year of the simulation goes.  If population has increased 5,000 that
first year, this scenario is probably going to be won.

6. Open the population graph, and all you can do now is wait and hope
to win this scenario.
Difficulty: Hard

Goal: Put out the fire in the city, and increase the population from
6,000 to 27,500 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips: You need bonds, bonds, bonds, and skilled firefighters
in Malibu.  You’ll have to set the right ordinances and put in the most
demanded zones on the RCI demand chart.

1. Load the Malibu scenario, and as soon as it is, PAUSE the game.
Don’t let the fire spread.  As always, open the disasters menu and
“No Disasters.”

2. Bulldoze the area all around the fire.  Then surround the perimeter
of the fire with water($100 per 1X1 grid).  Instantly dispatch fire-
fighters to stop the fire as soon as possible.

3. Once the fire is over, pause the game.  Select a 0% tax rate.
Select the following ordinances: Pro-Reading Campaign, Anti-Drug
Campaign, CPR Training, Neighborhood Watch, Energy Conservation,
Nuclear-Free Zone, Pollution Controls, Public Smoking Ban, Free
Clinics, Junior Sports, Business Advertising, Annual Carnival, and
City Beautification.  These ordinances are very costly, but they do
boost population quite a bit.

4. Take out about 7 bonds from the bank, because you are going to do
a lot of rebuilding to Malibu.

5. I hope you still have the game paused.  Time to change the terrain
of the city.  If you have at least $200,000 from loans, that’s good
enough.  Make some of the water in Malibu flat, plain land.  Make some
hilly terrains of Malibu flat.

6. Build on the flat terrain, Malibu should at least have one-fifth of
its land water.  Build some more pumps near the water.  You may also
need to replace the power plant with a better one.  Let the game run at
about turtle speed for 2 months.  Then pause it again.

7. Depending on the RCI demand chart, add the zones that are most
demanded.  You will need to set the taxes to 0%.  Now add road
connections to the “neighbors.”  Let the simulation run at Llama now.

8. Open the population graph window and watch the population for a
year and a half.  Stop the simulation, Malibu’s population should be
12,000 if you are lucky enough.  Keep adding zones that are demanded.
Keep all city problems under 4%.  Now set the simulation speed back
to Llama.

9. If the city’s population is barely increasing yearly, add flat
land to the big beach.  Build more zones with that land.  This should
now boost the population a little more.  Set the game speed to Llama.

10. Keep track of the population, maintain your city.  As long as you
do that, this scenario will be won.
Difficulty: Medium

Goal: Clean up after the fires and radiation after the nuclear power
plant blows its top.  Then you must get the population of 118,000 to
130,000 in ten years.

Hints and Tips: Ignore the radiation once it is spread, because you
can't do anything about it in 10 years.  Focus on the fires.  Landscape
water around the fires so they can't go any further.  This should really

help.  Take a few bonds from the bank to rebuild Manhattan once you get
the chance.

1. Once you load the scenario, pause it and select "No Disasters."
Bulldoze areas around the fires in the city.  Then surround them with
water to keep the flames from going even further.  Set the position
of the firefighters and set the game speed to Turtle.

2. Bulldoze any rubble left from the fire.  Do not let the fire spread
and get any fuel because you'll be in trouble.  You should end the fire
in 1-2 years.

3. Pause the game once the fires are over.  Take a few bonds from the
bank, 3-6 bonds.  Open the budget window and set taxes to 0%.  Set up
the following ordinances: Neighborhood Watch, Pro-Reading Campaign,
Free Clinics, Junior Sports, Business Advertising, Tourist Advertising,
Annual Carnival, City Beautification, Nuclear Free Zone, Energy
Conservation, and CPR Training.  With all that money you have, time to
build a Power plant.  Do not build a nuclear power plant!

4. Add more water pumps to Mahattan.  Then connect pipes to buildings so

you can have a surplus supply of water.  Add new power lines to the
city, and connect them to other buildings, because maybe a lot of power
lines were destroyed.

5. Time to rezone a few areas, which are light density.  You should
destroy light densed areas and make them into heavy density.  Make half
of the Hudson River into plain, flat land.  This will help because
you'll need more building space.  Rebuild destroyed buildings.  Then
set the game speed to Turtle.

6. By the end of year 3, the population of Manhattan should be already
121,00+.  If not, set up the Homeless Shelter and Anti-Drug Campaign
ordinances.  By now, all you can do is maintain Manhattan until the
tenth year.  Just set the game speed to Llama and wait.

7. Check the population on year 7, The population should already be
128,000+.  This scenario will already be beaten by year 8.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Goal: After the volcano eruption, clean up its mess and raise the
population from 102,000-115,000 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips: You'll need to loan a couple of bonds to reterrain the
mountain made by the volcano.  First, control the fires.  Then worry
about the pollution air because it just makes buildings deserted, but
the buildings are rebuilt anyway.

1. As soon as this scenario is loaded, wait for the volcano to erupt,
it may be somewhere in the middle of town or in a corner of the city.
It is better for the fire to be in a corner because you'll be able to
control the fires and pollution air.

2. Don't forget to open the disasters menu and select "No Disasters."
To control fires, set the game speed at Turtle.

3. Once the fire is gone, pause the game immediately.  Pause the game.
Take out 4-5 bonds from the bank and set taxes to 0%.  You should add
every ordinance for Portland except: 1% Sales Tax, Volunteer Fire
Department, 1% Income Tax, and Parking Fines.  You may want to set up
the Legalized Gambling for now and test it out.  With all this money,
rebuild and rezone areas to heavy density.  Restore any destroyed power
lines, pipes, buildings, or roads.  If Portland's pollution gets out
of hand, set up the Pollution Controls ordinance.

4. Now most of the city is lightly densed, so you will have to destroy
every light dense building and rezone them into heavy density.  This
should do the job.  Flatten the mountain that was made from the
volcano, and also flatten Portland heights.  Add zones and more water
pumps in those areas.  Add a new power plant if needed.

5. Connect some roads and rails to neighboring cities.  Make sure there
is enough power and water in the city, and every building should have
power and water.

6. All you will be able to do now is maintain and wait for the
population of Portland to grow over 115,000 in year 5.
San Francisco
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard (Depends on Earthquake)

Goal: Fix up any destructed buildings from the earthquake, and raise the

population from 54,000 to 68,000 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips: If you are unlucky from the destruction of the earth-
quake in this scenario, take out a few loans and take care of the
disasters by pausing the game.

1. Let the earthquake do its stuff as soon as the scenario is loaded.
Then pause the game and see how much damage was done.  But first, you
must take care of any fires spreading in the city.  Select "No
Disasters" from the disasters menu so you don't have to deal with any
other disasters.

2. Set water landscape around fires so they can't spread.  Time to
view your budget window.  Set taxes below 4%.  Set up a few ordinances
that are really important like: Free Clinics, Junior Sports,
Nuclear-Free Zone, Pollution Controls, Business Advertising, City
Beautification, Annual Carnival, Neighborhood Watch, and Pro-Reading
Campaign.  You might also want to set up the CPR Training ordinance.
Position your firefighters and set the simulation speed to Turtle.

3. As soon as the fires die out, pause the game so you can do rebuilding

and rezoning.  Hopefully, you ended the fires below year 1.  Take out a
few bonds from the bank, about 6.  Restore the Power Plant if it has
been destroyed.  Reconnect any damaged pipes, roads, or power lines.

4. Wipe out as many light density zones as you can and replace them with

heavy density.  You should now extend the land near the Alcatraz.  There

is a lot of room to make land.  Once the flat land is bulldozed, add
zones depending on the RCI demand chart.  You may need to add a 15 more
water pumps to the city.  Check everything over in San Francisco,
power lines, pipes, roads, etc.

5. One last thing you want to do before setting the simulation speed
to Llama is add neighborhood connections to the neighboring cities.

6. Open the population map, and watch San Francisco's population grow
to 58,000 in a couple years.  This may have been an easy scenario.
Silicon Valley
Difficulty: Medium

Goal: After the Microwave Power Plant explodes, clean up its fires and
raise the population from 33,000 to 48,000 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips: If you're thinking 5 years, that's impossible!, think
again.  There is lots of open space in this scenario.  Luckly, the
land is also flat, so all you'll need is money, money from the bank.

1. Once the scenario starts, pause the simulation and observe the
microwave power plant's fire.  It isn't a big fire yet, but if you
don't control it, it will become to difficult to deal with.  Select
"No Disasters from the disasters menu.  Now, surround the fire with
water and position the fire men.

2. Open the budget window.  Set taxes to 0% and set up a few ordinances
like: Pollution Controls, Nuclear-Free Zone, Pro-Reading Campaign,
CPR Training, Neighborhood Watch, Homeless Shelters, Energy
Conservation, Annual Carnival, Business Advertising, City
Beautification, Free Clinics, and Junior Sports.

3. Run the simulation speed at Turtle.  Set the firemen in their
positions and let them deal with the fire.  The fire should be down in
a couple of months.  Pause the game once you've taken down the fire.

4. Time to get some money from the bank, just take out 5+ loans.  You
should replace the power plant with a fusion power plant first.  With
a lot of empty land that you can zone, try zoning most of it.  Zone
whatever is needed and add a 10-20 water pumps to give the city a
surplus of water.  Take out extra loans if they are needed.

5. Set the speed to Turtle, connect pipes to your new zones.  Connect
power lines to parts of the city lacking power.  Now you can speed up
the simulation a little, set the speed at Llama.

6. On the third year, check the population, it should at least be
44,000.  Now you can just sit back and wait for the people to
announce you as mayor of Silicon Valley.
Washington D.C.
Difficulty: Medium

Goal: Take care of the rioters/fires and raise the population from
118,000 to 135,000 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips:  Take care of the rioters before they can spread into
more and more multiple groups.  You pause the game when a fire starts so

it can't spread.

1. Once you load the scenario, pause it.  Find the rioter groups and set

your Policemen around them.  If the rioters have already started any
little fires, set the fire brigades to take care of them.

2. Open your budgets window, set taxes to 0%, because you may want
population growth during the riot.  Set the ordinances: Pro-Reading
Campaign, Anti-Drug Campaign, Neighborhood Watch, Pollution Controls,
Energy Conservation, Business Advertising, Tourist Advertising, Annual
Carnival, City Beautfication, Homeless Shelters, and Junior Sports.  Cut

down any of the 1% Income Tax or 1% Sales Tax.  Set the game speed to

3. After the rioters go back home, pause the game immediately.  Open
the Disasters Menu and select "No Disasters."  Time to rebuild any
damaged structures.  You'll have to also rezone some light densed
areas, so take out 6-10 bonds from the bank.  Bulldoze any rubbles
so fires won't restart themselves.

4. Build zones depending on the RCI demand near the Washington Monument
by clearing all the trees.  Then you should make neighborhood
connections with roads and rails.

5. Connect power lines to any places with no power, and you'll need to
build more water pumps in the city.  Set the simulation speed to Llama.

6. Maintain your city, and you may want to set up the Free Clinics
ordinance to give population a bigger boost.  This scenario should be
won easily.
             5. Scenarios from "SimCity 2000 CD Collection
Difficulty: Easy

Goal: You must clean up the Nuclear Power Plant's mess after its
explosion.  Then increase the population from 120,000 to 130,000 in
5 years.

Hints and Tips: Flatten the hilly terrain for extra building space.  So
all you'll probably need to do in this scenario is get 9 bonds.

1. Let the Nuclear Power Plant blow up, then pause the game.  Select "No

Disasters" so that no other bad disasters happen, because a Nuclear
Power Plant explosion is bad enough.  Now set up the firefighters to
where the little fires are.  Mother nature can just take care of the
big fires, surround them with water and wait for them to dissapear.
Bulldoze all rubble left.

2. As soon as all the fires are gone, reconstruct pipes, power lines,
and roads.  Restore lost Police Stations, Fire Stations, or any other
city service buildings.  Set up all the ordinances except The City
Ordinance Taxes, and Volunteer Fire Department.  Set taxes to 0%.

3. Flatten most of the hilly terrains in Barcelona.  Then add zones
to the new, flat land.  Add a new phase of water pumps if needed, and
replace the old power plant with something less disasterous, even if
it means multiple power plants.

4. Connect to the zones pipes, power lines, and roads.  Set the
simulation speed to Llama.  By Year 3 or 4, this scenario is already
Las Vegas
Difficulty: Easy

Goal: Get the crime under 5% in five years.

Hints and Tips: For this scenario, you'll need help from ordinances.
You need to build police stations where crime is very dense.

1. Pause the simulation once the scenario is loaded.  You don't want
any disasters in this easy scenario, so select "No Disasters."

2. Open your budget window and set taxes to 4%.  Open the ordinances
window.  Cut Legalized Gambling if the city already has this ordinance
used.  Select the following ordinances: Anti-Drug Campaign, Pro-Reading
Campaign, Junior Sports, Business Advertising, CPR Training, and
Neighborhood Watch.

3. Open the graph window where it shows how dense crime is in Las
Vegas.  It the areas with the most gray shadings, put 2-3 Police
Stations.  In some of the minor crime populated areas, place 1 Police
Station.  Find a place in Las Vegas to build 1-2 prisons.  Set the
simulation speed to Turtle.

4. Watch the crime rate frequently, the first year crime should drop to
7%.  Then the second: 4%, and the third year should also be under 5%.
If crime goes over 5% in the fourth year, build a couple more Police
Stations and turn on the Homeless Shelters ordinance.  This scenario
is actually boring.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Goal: Take out the fire, then raise the population from 152,000 to
169,000 in 5 years.

Hints and Tips: There isn't much secrets into beating this scenario,
except you must zone in whatever space you can find and destroy
light densed areas and rezone them into heavy density.

1. Pause the game when this game is loaded, so you can deal with the
fire.  Surround the fire with the $100 1X1 water.  Select "No Disasters"

from the disasters menu.

2. Rebuild or rezone damaged areas into heavy density.  You might want
to take 5-6 bonds to rezone light density areas.

3. Set taxes to 0%, and set up the following ordinances: Pro-Reading
Campaign, Anti-Drug Campaign, Nuclear Free Zone, Pollution Controls,
Energy Conservation, Free Clinics, Junior Sports, Business Advertising,
Tourist Advertising, and Annual Carnival.  Cut any "City Ordinances"

4. Destroy the Jardin du Luxembourg block.  Then put in water next to
your new water pump expansion.  Connect the water pump pipes to the
rest of the city.  Let the simulation run at Turtle speed.

5. During the period of the 5 years, the commercial or industrial zones
may be deserted, so you must build heavy dense zones over them.  Set the

simulation speed at Llama and just sit back on your chair!
 _______   _______  ___      ___  _____   _______  __                __
|   _   | |  _____| \  \    /  / |_   _| |  _____| \ \      /\      / /
|  |_|  | | |_____   \  \  /  /    | |   | |_____   \ \    /  \    / /
|     __| |  _____|   \  \/  /     | |   |  _____|   \ \  / /\ \  / /
|  |\ \   | |          \    /      | |   | |          \ \/ /  \ \/ /
|  | \ \  | |_____      \  /      _| |_  | |_____      \  /    \  /
|__|  \_\ |_______|      \/      |_____| |_______|      \/      \/
6.  Review (NOTE: This can also be found on my Contributor Page)
	Ok, Simcity 2000 is a little old, but old games aren't that bad, 
only the graphics are the big problems. Maxis has the best Sim games, in
my opinion. By now, Simcity 2000 isn't even expensive, so maybe you 
could try this game, you build and wait for your city to grow, sounds 
boring, huh? Well, you can set your speed to grow your city fast though.
Now, maybe you can find a three-pak with Simcity 2000, a fun Scenario 
Kit, and a Urban Renewal kit to customize your cities in your own way. 
Simcity 2000 isn't the best Sim game but worth trying.

	The sounds of this game terribly suck, they are annoying 
especially that Simcopter. The music is so bad, that Simcity 3000 would
get a 10/10 for music. I just think the sounds are very bad. This game 
is old though, and luckly you can turn off the music and sound effects.

	Too bad you couldn't control the simulation of the development
of the city, but then the game would be boring if you could control 
your buildings. But just add the type of zone, do the right stuff 
and you'll have a great, populated city. It's interesting to see what
building pops up in the zone, and what happens in the news. You can even
just destroy your city with disasters for fun. If you fill up your land,
then you could watch your city grow or make a new city, with different 
stuff. The Scenarios are awesome, stop the towns from being destroyed
by disasters! But for beginners, they shouldn't even try scenarios.

You can rebuild new cities with different stuff, no city is the same, so
you'll be amazed on what pops up on the zones. But if you've played the
game over and over again and don't know why your city isn't gaining 
population, it's likely this game goes in the trash. If you keep building
new cities and saving them, you'll get bored eventually, this game doesn't
take one hour or two to finish, like some old action, adventure games. It
might take weeks or before you get a very good city.

	This game is just old and is a classic. I still think you should 
try it. The sound sucks, but unlike some games, you'll want to play this 
one over and over again. You might even sit at your computer for hours
playing simcity 2000. I like Simcity 3000 a little more though.
Reviewer's Score: 7 / 10
7.  Credits/Contact me
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“CJayC”(webmaster of gamefaqs.com)-Thanks for posting my first FAQ!

“SimCity 2000: Power, Politics, and Planning, Revised edition by Nick
Dargahi & Michael Bremer”-For some information on scenario names and

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