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Two RTS Classics in One Pack -

Thousands of loyal warriors stand before you, a nation lies ready to be conquered, in the shadows, ninja assassins await your orders. In Shogun: Total War you must display strength and cunning to conquer ancient Japan. In Mongol Invasion you lead the Mongol hordes on a bloody campaign to invade Japan and steal its riches.

Total Warfare -

A unique combination of strategic decisions and intense real-time action on the battlefield will take you deeper into this savage historical period than you ever believed possible.

In-depth Strategy -

Develop your economy from the ground up, forge trade relationships and strategic alliances, conduct espionage & order assassinations.

Epic Battles Made Easy -

Control massive armies with thousands of Samurai on fully-3D landscapes. Watch huge armies perform intricate battlefield maneuvers with a simple click of the mouse.

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