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Reviewed: 10/26/02 | Updated: 10/26/02

Soul and realism, great colony/civ builder

Where should I begin? I discovered Settlers 2 when my friend was playing it on his computer. This was years ago, and I was hooked instantly.

Synopsis/Gameplay 9/10 : You crashed on this odd, uninhabited landmass (or so you think.) With nothing but what is on your destroyed ship, you must begin to rebuild civilization and survive. This is getting down to the gritty, literally. While Civilization is pretty much the BROADEST of the broad civilization builders, Settlers is pretty deep in. You need to build Woodcutters, Sawmills, and Foresters to help supply planks. Foresters plant trees to replenish them, Woodcutters get them into logs, Sawmills process them into planks for building. Quarries cut stone for building. Grain farms produce grain to feed animals (pigs for slaughter, donkeys for pack muling supplies, etc:), or can be turned into flour at a Mill and thrown over to a Bakery for bread. Carriers (any free settler) carry items around on roads. Builders build buildings. Mines are built to harvest natural resources on mountains. You need to send geologists to examine the content. Beyond this, there are even more structures and uses for settlers.

The interaction between you and your settlers go through the buildings you make, usually. Your command center has much of what you need to know and change to aid in your economy. You can't actually select individual units.

Wow. Yeah, its that cool. Sure, it takes a while to build, no one said this is for those impatient people. But if you don't mind working up a still-sweat watching your people grow and thrive, you'll find this a good game.

And everything you use, is made. Tools at smithies, swords, bows for hunting and military, etc:

Relations 9/10: Trading with other cultures is sometimes fundamental if you lack resources, though you can also engage in armed conflict. The game doesn't paint the black-and-white ally/foe deal, you can just leave them alone if necessary. Combat units attack automatically when provoked, though commands given at their structure of residence (a guardhouse or fortress, usually), can tell them other things. Attacking enemy military fortifications is how you can gain territory from the enemy.

Replay Value: 9/10: Different maps, different ways to expand, different ways to deal with neighbors...If you don't get bored of the concept, you won't get bored of the game.

Detail 9/10: People are seen feeding their pigs/waiting for their mill to stop churning/etc: People begin to read the newspaper sometimes.

Thing that don't matter much:

Graphics 8/10- For a game that came out when it did, a long time ago (1991?), the graphics are superb. Especially when a soldier dies, it looks mildly hilarious.

Sound 8/10- Again, for the time it came out, great. Especially when a geologist finds a spot loaded with some resource, he yells ''YIPPIE!''

Overall (not an average)- 9/10- A fascinating game that anybody with a good mind and patience should try out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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