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Herb Mixing Guide by Jacko

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/23/99

Resident Evil Herb Mixing Guide by Jacko
Version 0.1 - 23/4/99
This document Copyright 1999 Michael Jackson
E-mail - resident_weevil@hotmail.com

Welcome to this short but useful FAQ on Capcom's amazing survival 
horror series.  This guide is useful for the original RE, the 
Director's Cut and RE 2.

Being a great fan of the series I read and talk about them a lot and
am surprised to find that so few magazines, guides and people know the 
full extent to which you can mix herbs, providing badly-needed space 
saving help in your inventory.  Here is a chart to show how many herbs 
can be mixed and what the resultant effect on your health is:

Number of herbs         Effect
---------------         ------

1 Green                 The standard green herb - replenishes energy.
1 Blue                  The standard blue herb - cures poison.
1 Red                   The standard red herb - not useful on its own.
2 Green                 Replenishes twice the energy of a green herb.
3 Green                 Replenishes 3 times the energy of a green herb.
1 Green + 1 Blue        Replenishes energy and cures poison.
2 Green + 1 Blue        Replenishes twice the energy and cures poison.
1 Green + 1 Red         Triples the effect of a green herb.
1 Green, 1 Red + 1 Blue Triples the effect of a green and cures poison.

These are all the possible permutations of herb mixing and they all 
take up a single space in your inventory.

That's it except for one thing - once I was playing Resident Evil
Director's Cut and something strange happened.  I was playing as Jill 
in Advanced mode and I got to the guardhouse (where you have to fight
Plant42).  I went through the red double doors which lead to the room 
with the pinball tables and the pool table where the big spiders are.  
Then I got the empty red book from the table and one of the spiders 
spat some acid at me which poisoned me.  I went back to the save room 
with the chest and took out a blue herb and used it but my poisoned 
status was not cured! Then I tried to use a blue herb mixed with a 
green herb and then a mix of 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue herb but I was 
still poisoned.  As you can imagine, this made playing the game quite 
hard!  If anyone has had a similar experience or knows why this 
happened then e-mail me.


 23/4/99 0.1
         Changed E-mail address

  5/1/99 0.0
         First version


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