What is the cutscene comparison between the PC and Playstation version?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of the difference between the PC version and Playstation version in terms of cutscenes.

    User Info: Arete_

    Arete_ - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here are the differences between the PC and PS:

    PC's intro is....
    1. in color
    2. instead of newspaper articles in the beginning, you see dead zombies' faces
    3. shows gore and bone sticking out of the the dead hand holding a gun that Joseph picks up
    4. shows blood and gore when Joseph gets bitten by the dog
    5. shows blood and gore when the dog gets shot
    6. Chris is smoking a cigarette when it shows him in the "Cast" instead of a clip of him shooting
    7. the lip syncing is actually worse on the PC's intro

    The Kenneth death scene on PC shows Kenneth's head fall off onto the floor while the zombie is eating him

    Finally, Chris' "bad" ending shows him smoking a cigarette

    You can find all of these uncensored videos on Youtube if you want to see them

    User Info: tomweise62305

    tomweise62305 - 9 years ago 0   0

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