How to play Resident Evil games?

  1. okay before everyone ask it, i've played resident evil games from when it became a 3rd person shooter. Now i want to play ALL the game available to PC in such a way that it complements the previous games, i.e just like a continuous story. So i've brought up this list to play
    1)Resident Evil 1 Remake
    2)Resident Evil 3( Upto a certain point and i stop this game as i've seen that RE2 is in between RE3)
    3)Resident Evil 2
    4)Continue Resident Evil 3
    5)Resident Evil Code Veronica X
    6)Resident Evil 0 (finally!)
    7)Resident Evil 4
    8)Resident Evil: Revelations
    9)Resident Evil 5
    10)Resident Evil: Revelations 2
    11)Resident Evil 6
    12)Resident Evil 7
    now im 100% sure that i've missed some resident evil games released for PC... i would like all the kind souls here to fill up the remaining games in the story order
    Thanks a lot!!!

    User Info: tarun999

    tarun999 - 1 year ago

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