• In Game Cheats

    During the game hold down G+O+D to display the command line. Now enter the codes below for specific cheats:

    All car weaponsCW
    All levels unlockedALLLEVELS
    All on-foot weaponsALLAMMO
    Changes car to running personSTONEAGE
    Double DamageDMDAMAGE
    Flip car geometryCARFLIP
    God ModeIMMORTAL
    God Mode OffMORTAL
    max car ammoCA
    No car geometryCAROFF
    Reverse car geometryCARREVERSE
    Smart reticleRETICLE
    Special credits levelTEAMBEYOND
    Targetting for weaponsTARGETS
    Third person viewCAMERA
    Toggle car wheelsWHEELSOFF

    Contributed By: Xanarki, falsehead, and th3l3fty.

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  • Entering The Briefing Room (Showdown Level)

    When you start off, turn around and go down. You will see see that the briefing room is locked. But if you look on the right wall, there is a small window. If you go up to it, you will see see a square of geometry that looks like some sort of a switch. You can use the sniper rifle to zoom in on it. Shoot it. The briefing room doors will now open, showing extra powerups.

    Contributed By: Xanarki.

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  • Hidden Stash (Challenge Level)

    In the Challenge level, when the level starts, quickly get out of your car and enter the small building. Once fully inside, press your player up against those tall speaker-like weird machines that are planted on the walls. Once you have pressed on them all, a secret black door will open in the corner of the room with extra powerups inside.

    Contributed By: Xanarki.

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  • The Three Secret Areas (Radio City Level)

    There are three secret areas in the Radio City level.

    The Company Motorcycle:
    When your in the area where you have to kill the two weak Red Sixer cars, there will be a fire barell at the north part of the room, behind a pillar. Shoot it. Go on-foot and enter the tunnel. Go up the elevator. You can now take The Company Motorcycle.

    Extra Powerups:
    After you went to the first secret area, go down the long tunnel. When halfway through, you will see another fire barell. Shoot that. Enter the passageway and follow the path. Watch out, there are Red Sixers on the stairs and sides of the path that will shoot at you, but dont kill the normal good guys. Once you reach the end, you will find extra powerups.

    Even More Extra Powerups:
    Exit the second secret area and continue down the tunnel. Once you reach the end, stop. There will be a hidden black door to your right. Blast it and go on-foot. Enter the small passageway. You will then end up on a small bridge. Follow the bridge to the end and you will find yourself in a small area with more powerups. Use the staircase to get out. I advise you to kill off all the Red Sixers in the area before you do this one, so you wont get shot up while on-foot

    Contributed By: Xanarki.

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