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A New FACE...
A New PLACE...
A New STORY...

Strap in tight and jump into the ultimate space combat trading experience!

In Privateer 2 there are no rules. You can fly over 100 different missions in 18 different ships. Check out whatever you want -- unique planets, space stations, bars, prison pits and more.

But without money, you're nothing. Ship upgrades, loadouts, repairs, wingmen, information -- everything here costs money. You'll have to hunt, trade, and fight to get it!

Only the fastest and most savvy survive. Incredible new space combat engine enables hi-speed battles between bands of pirates, greedy police, degenerate privateers and you.

Name: Ser Lev Arris
Age: 30
Diagnosis: Anterior Amnesia

Ser Arris's condition was probably caused by an accelerated depassivity from a long artificial sleep, after being pulled from the wreckage of a recent cargo ship disaster at Menra Spaceport. After a satisfactory physical recovery, the subject was kidnapped in a violent attack on the hospital resulting in a number of fatalities. The subject seems to have escaped his kidnappers, and is now in possession of a spaceship, trading and fighting his way across the galaxy, seemingly in search of his lost identity.

* REVOLUTIONARY 3D Space combat engine supporting a vast number of fully textured ships, space stations and planets in high detail SVGA, with phong shading, spotlighting and lens flare effects.

* The SOPHISTICATED trading environment allows the player to make money dealing in numerous commodities across three solar systems, with prices continuously shifting according to planetary market situations.

* An EXTENSIVE variety of ships, weapons and equipment are available to help you meet the demands of over 150 non-linear missions.

* ADVENTURE is not confined to the cockpit -- once planetside, the player may visit a multitude of locations, and meet a vast array of characters, realized through the talents of Clive Own, John Hurt, Mathilda May, Jurgen Prochnow, and Christopher Walken.

* MULTIPLE main and sub plot storylines require shrewd detective work, utilizing the vast databases of the three systems.

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