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FAQ/Move List by Yipee7

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/23/01

                            PRAY FOR DEATH
                            by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
                            & Lightshock Software
                            FAQ Version 1.8

                        WHATS NEW IN THIS VERSION

  -Added More Character Endings.
  -Added Strategy Section for more characters.
  -Added the ratings for the Ending Sequence for more Characters.
  -Corrected the info on one of the moves for Uriel.
  -Corrected some typo mistakes and tidbits.
  -Added the grades for each and every moves


F  - Forward
B  - Back
U  - Up
D  - Down
WP - Weak Punch
WK - Weak Kick
SP - Strong Punch
SK - Strong Kick
?  - Not yet been found
?? - Not confirmed


Spin Punch: B+WP
Spin Kick(Roundhouse): B+SK
Back Kick: B+WK
Super Punch: Both Punches
Super Kick: Both Kicks
Uppercut: D+SP
Super Uppercut: D+Both Punches
Sweep: D+SK
Slide: D+Both Kicks
Stomper: D+SK

* All the characters below are in order that they appear on the
  'Choose your Soul' Screen *
* 40 Hit combos only work when your opponent's energy is flashing meaning
  that he/she is in danger of dying *
* Idiot Moves look far better than the regular deadly moves. Idiot moves are
  like Friendship moves in MK serious only that it kills the opponent rather
  than doing something nice. It also counts as deadly move on one player
  game *
* All the finishers(Deadly, Idiot) should be performed where your fighter
  will not accidentally hit your opponent; little more than a sweep range. *


  -ANUBI    (7.5)

1) Will o'the Wisp: B,D,F, WP   (C) (Slow)
2) Jackal Kick: B,D,F, SK       (D) (Looks stupid)
3) Pyramid Spin: F,D,B, WP      (B-) (Okay)
4) Double Nile: F,D,F, SK       (C)  (Slow to pull it off)

1) Sphinx Enigma(10 Hits): B,D,F, SP
2) Black Pyramid(20 Hits): B,D,F, SP then D,F,D,F, SP
3) Buried Alive(40 Hits): B,D,F, SP then D,F, SP then D,F,D,F, SK
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,B, SP

Deadly Move(Fatality): B,F, WK,SK,WK,SK(Do it at full screen to do it easily)
Idiot Move: B,F, WP,SP,WP,SP(Do it at full screen to do it easily.)
           (Okay quality)

  -JAN FUN   (5.7)

1) Dragon Flame: B,D,F, WP   (C+)  (Slow)
2) Power of Chi: B,D,F, SK,SK  (C) (Looks stupid)
3) Triple Dragon: F,D,D,F, SK  (C) (Hard to pull it off)
4) Exploding Fist: B,F, SP    (D-) (Does barely any damage)

1) Dragons Tail(10 Hits): B,F, WK
2) Tiger Roar(20 Hits): B,F, WK then B,F,B,F, SK
3) Dragon's Breath(40 Hits): B,F, WK then B,F,B,F, SK then F,B, SP,SP,SP
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,B, SK

Deadly Move(Fatality): F,B, WK,WK,SK,SK
Idiot Move: SP,SP,SP,SP,SP,SP(Okay quality)

  -SIR MAELSTROM  (6.45)

1) Ghost Adze: B,D,F, WP    (C) (Pretty Slow)
2) Mega Adze: B,D,F,D,B, SP   (C) (Pretty much the same, only larger)
3) Electric Blow: D,B, WP,WP  (B+) (Descent)
4) Ghost Punch: B,F,B, SP     (C)  (Poor Reach)

1) Ancient Magic(10 Hits): F,D,B, WK
2) Knight of Hell(20 Hits): F,D,B, WK then D,F,D,B, WP
3) Necronomicon(40 Hits): F,D,B, WK then D,F,D,B, WP then D,D,F,B, SP
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,B, SK

Deadly Move(Fatality): F,B, WK,WK,SK,SK
Idiot Move: SP,SP,SP,SP,SP,SP(Okay quality)

  -MURGAN   (6.75)

1) Demon Roll: B,F,B,F, SK   (C+) (Does only a minimal damage)
2) Life Mastering: B,D,B, SK (regains energy by taking the opponents')(B)
                   (One of the most pointless move in the game but it helps)
3) Hell Blow: B,D,F, SP   (C) (Looks Stupid)
4) Mega Punch: F,D,F, SP  (C) (Pretty much the same as Hell Blow)

1) Astaroth's Rage(10 Hits): D,F, SK
2) Lucifer's Curse(20 Hits): D,F, SK, then, B,D,F, WK
3) Satan's Revenge(40 Hits): D,F, SK, then, B,D,F, WK then D,B,D,F, WK
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,B, SK

Deadly Move(Fatality): F,D,B, WP,WP,WP
Idiot Move: WP,WP,WP,SP,SP,SP(Pretty Stupid)

  -CTHULHU    (7.85)

1) Slime Spit: B,D,F, WP     (C) (Same kind of move that other games have
                                  already been used up until now)
2) Double Punch: F,D,F, SP   (C+) (Descent Speed and Fairly damaging)
3) Stun Reaper: B,D,F, SP    (C+) (Looks okay but it won't be effective on
                                   the bosses)
4) Invisibility: D,F,D SK    (C-) (Same kind of move that others already

1) Strangler Tentacles(10 Hits): F,D,B, WK
2) Worm's Bite(20 Hits): F,D,B, WK, then, F,D,B, SP
3) External Gods(40 Hits): F,D,B, WK, then, F,D,B, SP then D,F,D, SK
4) Combo Breaker: D,D,U, WP,WP

Deadly Move(Fatality): B,F,B,F, WP,WK ??
Idiot Move: B,F,B,F, SP,SK(Weird)

  -PAINBRINGER   (8.95)

1) Laser Smash: B,D,F, WP     (C+) (Pretty slow and just a minimal damage)
2) Thunder Ball: B,D,F, SP    (B+) (Larger, faster and more damaging)
3) Thunder Kick: F,B,F, WK    (B+) (Looks awesome)
4) Quake Kick: F,D,F, SK      (B+) (Looks good but little short on reach)

1) Thunder Slash(10 Hits): F,D,B, WP
2) Electro Death(20 Hits): F,D,B, WP, then F,D,B, WK
3) Total K.O(40 Hits): F,D,B, WP, then F,D,B, WK then B,F,B,F, SK
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,B, SK

Deadly Move(Fatality): D,D,D, WK,WK,WK
Idiot Move: D,D, WP,SP,WK,SK(One of the best)

  -PANTERA  (9.4)

1) Lethal Blades: B,D,F, SP    (B+)(3 blades at once, fast, easy to use, fair
                                    amounts of damage)
2) Knife of Doom: B,D,F, WP    (B-) (Still not a bad weapon, slower than let-
                                     hal blades but more powerful)
3) Spinning Assault: F,D,F, SK(Very Effective) (A)(One of the best move in
                               the game, multi-hit, easy to pull off)
4) Traitress Slide: D,D,F, WK    (B-)(Pointless, but it will get you 3 hit
                                      combo if timing is right)
5) Pantera Claw: B,F, WP        (C) (One of the lousiest, should not be
   * Her super kick attack(Both kicks together) is very effective against
   computer opponents, especially against Death, it's also multi-hit, so
   use it wisely) *

1) Psycho Maniac(10 Hits): F,D,B, WP
2) Killer Heart(20 Hits): F,D,B, WP, then B,D,F, WK
3) Blood Bath(40 Hits): F,D,B, WP, then B,D,F, WK then D,D,B,F, SK(Best combo
                        in this game)
4) Combo Breaker: F,B,F, WP

Deadly Move(Fatality): F,D,B, SP,SP,SP
Idiot Move: F,D,B, WK,WK,WK(Very good)

  -URIEL  (9.0)

1) Blade's Attack: B,D,F, SP   (B-) (Powerful, little slow, but it flys all
                                     the way)
2) Wings of Death: F,D,F, SK   (C+) (Okay move, but a little slow.)
3) Gabriel's Spirit: D,D,F,B, WP(This move lets Uriel invulnerable to any
                                 projectile moves of the opponent, sort of
                                 like MK serious' Jade, but it stays like
                                 that until hit by non-projectiles) (B+)
4) Angel Kick: B,F,B, SK    (C)  (Powerful, but doesn't look that great)

1) Apocalypse(10 Hits): B,D,B, WK
2) Wrath of God(20 Hits): B,D,B, WK then, D,F,D, SK
3) Armageddon(40 Hits): B,D,B, WK then, D,F,D, SK then B,D,B, SK,SK
4) Combo Breaker: B,D,F, WP

Deadly Move(Fatality): B,F,B,F, SP,SP
Idiot Move: WK,WK,WP,WP,SP,SK(A copy of Orchid's flasher fatality from KI)

  -WOLFRICH  (7.6)

1) Hammer Strike: F,B,F, WP    (C+) (Slow)
2) Thor's Hammer: D,D,B,F, SP   (C) (Even Slower)
3) Viking's Spirit: B,D,F, WP   (C+) (Fast, but minimal damage)
4) Sliding Trick: F,D,B, WK(If time is right, this will give you 3 Hit Combo)

1) Thunder of Thor(10 Hits): D,B,F, WK
2) Wrath of Odin(20 Hits): D,B,F, WK then F,D,B, SP
3) Asgard's Revenge(40 Hits): D,B,F, WK then F,D,B, SP then D,F,D,B, SK
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,F, WP

Deadly Move(Fatality): B,F, WK,WK,SK,SK
Idiot Move: WP,SP,WK,SK,WP,SP(Below Average)

  -XENOBIUS (8.5)

1) Spectral Globe: D,B,F, SP  (C+) (Old, Boooooring)
2) Holographic Blow: D,B,F, WP  (C+) (Same, Boooooring)
3) Odin's Key: B,F,B, SK     (C-) (Looks stupid)
4) Magical Ascension: F,D,F, SP  (B-) (Looks good, but minimal damage)
5) Deceiving Kick: B,F,B,F, WK(not bad afterall) (B)

1) Icy Hurrycane(10 Hits): F,D,B, WP
2) Magical Projection(20 Hits): F,D,B, WP then D,D,B,F, SP
3) Eternal Strike(40 Hits): F,D,B, WP then D,D,B,F, SP then D,D,B,F, SK
                            (Another excellent combo)
4) Combo Breaker: B,D,F, SP

Deadly Move(Fatality): SK,WK,SP,WP,WP,WP
Idiot Move: D,F,D,F, WK,WK(One of the better ones)
                          | BOSSES |

  -PAIN  (9.7)

* Pain is the sub-boss of the game. Pain looks like an experimetal being from
  a Science Lab. He has a pair of sharp blades for his hands. He is not as
  fast but most of his moves does more damage due to the fact that, most of
  it involves his hands which are made up with blades. He likes to do a lot
  of jumping attacks, so beware. He is all white from head to toe, much like
  a mummy, and his stage is none other than Science Lab itself. *

  Pain's moves

1) Pain: F,B,F, WP,SP   (C) (Ouch)
2) Agony: B,D,F, WK     (B-) (OOOOP)
3) Suffering: F,D,B, SP  (C) (Ugh)

1) Slow Agony(10 Hits): F,D,F,B, WP
2) The Distance of Death(20 Hits): F,D,F,B, WP then D,F,B, SK
3) Eternal Pain(40 Hits): F,D,F,B, WP then D,F,B, SK then B,F,B, WK
4) Combo Breaker: F,D,F, SP

  -DEATH   (8.4)

* Death is a final boss of this game. He is the one who appears at the
  intro screen. He wears black coat and his face is none other then
  death itself; the skull. He is equipped with a sharp scythe which he uses
  for his weapon. His stage looks and feels like hell. It is much like
  Scorpion's Tomb in the Mortal Kombat Movie. Everything you see is red.
  Death fights mainly with the weapon of his as mentioned above. Good luck *

  Death's moves

1) Rolling Death: B,D,F, SP  (B-) (Ouch, Ouch, Ouch)
2) Deadly Slide: D,B,F, WP    (C-) (Ooop, Ooop, Ooop)
3) Smoking Kill Ya!: F,D,B, SP (D) (Sucks!!!!)
4) Teleport: F,D,B, WP        (C-) (Old, Boooooring)

1) Damned Crypt(10 Hits): F,D,B, SK
2) Worms or Earth(20 Hits): F,D,B, SK then D,D,F, WP
3) Final Scythe(40 Hits): F,D,B, SK then D,D,F, WP then B,D,F, SK
4) Combo Breaker: F,B,F, WK

                           Character Endings

  This section will describe the ending story of the characters in the
  story mode of the game. I have beaten the story mode in Zombie skill
  level and the game treated me warmly with an animation sequence and
  then death read the story while it was being displayed. The ending sequence
  of this game was not the best, but it kicks butt on the endings of some
  other fighting games.(eg, Mortal Kombat serious which really stinks.)
  I have not been able to beat the game with everybody yet, but the following
  are the characters that I beat the game with.(Note, I am only writing down
  the story death read. Not the animation sequence, that is for you to beat
  the game and find out.(it would be no fair to spoil the fun, right?) The
  following are not word for word and may be little different.


  After her horrible experience,  she wasn't strong enough to endure live
  again. Because of this fact, she killed herself. If I hold another tourna-
  ment, I can wake her again.


  How could a robot become a washing machine?. Well, that is one mystery
  that we will have to solve.


  After winning a tournament, Pain was appointed by a Swiss painter and
  was than casted as a star in the movie trilogy. Because of his role in
  the movie, Deaths' long time slave Pain became famouse and wealthy.
  Pain now lives in a beautiful, giant penthouse of his own; complete with
  swimming pool; A Ferrari and lives with a beautiful blond.


  Are you sure what happens next? Really sure?. Really really sure?. If so,
  go and buy the sequal, don't imagine it. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.


  Once Uriel got into heaven, god told Uriel to go to hell, and killed the
  first guardian. This was the first move taken for the battle.


  Well done, my friend. What will be the reward of finishing the tournament
  for? Well, I'm not sure, but I can be of cheats!!!(Note, Death does not
  have an ending animation, but instead, gives you different cheat codes
  everytime you beat the game with him, they are mentioned at the secret
  stuff section below.)


  I think this is a punishment worse than alive. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.


  In the next century, only one will prevail, King Xenobius. But Now, This
  is pointless


  Probably, he still doesn't understand what's happened...
  but now he is happier than before


  Everybody thought he was dead. He WAS dead. But now he lives again with
  the respect of his family. I am curious to meet his son.


  Vahalla, the heaven. He could live in piece again.
  But how, we could be seeing him in sequal.


  The following are my opinions of the looks of each character ending animati
  -on sequence. The animation for the endings for this game is not very long,
  with exception for Pantera and Maelstrom(Which is just a bit longer). Feel
  free to disagree with the ratings below.
  *10 is being the best and 1 being the lousiest*

  Pantera: 8.8  Painbringer: 5.0  Pain: 8.9  Murgan: 7.1   Uriel: 8.6
  Death: --     Maelstrom: 9.0  Xenobius: 7.7  Anubi: 7.5  Jan Fun: 6.7
  Wolfrich: 6.6

                           SECRET STUFFS

  Well, If you are a person who cannot play the game without cheats or secr
  -ets, the following are yours. They are the various codes which make this
  great game even better. Play as the boss, get infinite lives, etc. If you
  are interested in those, try these cheats. The following have all been

  NEEDNOBATTERIES: Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   It lets you play the PFD on gameboy type of screen.
                   It is really cool, try it.
  TOONSOUND      : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   It makes the announcers voice really high pitched and
                   changes some of the sound effects.
  YEOLDEGAME     : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   When you pause the game, you will be faced the challenge
                   of the past; the game of PONG!!!!
  MEETTHEGUYS    : Type it in in the credits screen. After you type it, you
                   will see the screen changes to a menu where you can select
                   the game you want to play. That's right, it is a hidden
                   game. You'll love this one.(If you win, you get to fight
                   as Pain: if you did not use the code yet)
  SENDMEFASTER   : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   This will make the game 3X faster; much like arcade.
                   (Some characters, such as Pantera or Pain, you will notice
                   the difference.)
  BLOOBABLOOBA   : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   This will let you play under the sea.(whichever stage you
                   choose will be in the water.) This is cool but it slows
                   down the game considerably, so it's up to you.
  GREATWHITEGUY  : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   This will put PAIN into the 'choose your soul' screen.
                   That's right, you get to be him and he will be there to
                   stay until you delete the game.
  WIZARDRULES    : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   This will put DEATH into the 'choose your soul' screen.
                   You can now play the game as the final boss and he will
                   be at your control until you delete the game.
  ETERNALCOINS   : Type it in in the credits screen and wait for the gong.
                   This will enable infinite lives(credits)in one player

  * Extra *
      After the boss characters gets enabled in your roster of fighers in
      the select screen, they will also appear in the 'figher's section and
      will show you the intro of them as well as other characters.

  * In order for these codes to work, be patient and type them in until you
    hear the gong.(It might take several tries. so be patient type those in) *


    PANTERA: If you are using Pantera, you have one advantage over other
             characters. You have two very effective moves against them.
             They are Super Kick attack(Both kicks together), and Spinning
             Assault move.
             1)PAIN: PAIN is not as fast but he almost makes up for it
                     with his super damaging moves and combos. Also, he does
                     not get stunned at all because he does not even have
                     the stun bar.The strategy against him is to use her
                     Super Kick attack as the first attack. Whether he blocks
                     that move or not, immediately do Spinning Assault move.
                     It should hit him at least twice and makes him kneel.
                     Repeat the Spinning Assault Move 2 or 3 more times,
                     then quickly jump back. then repeat the pattern. Rememb
                     -er, he is the sub-boss, so he should not be taken
                     lightly. If you ever miss the move and gave him any
                     chance to attack you, he will eat you for lunch. Be
                     careful and always watch-out for his jumping attacks if
                     you are crouching.
             2)DEATH: Fighting Death is similar in fighting PAIN but with
                      few exceptions. He is even slower in moves than Pain,
                      but his moves are even more damaging due to his Scythe.
                      With Pantera, The first move should also be her Super
                      Kick Attack, then, the victory is yours if you can make
                      him stay in one place. After the first attack hits,
                      just keep doing the Spinning Assault over and over
                      again. Don't ever pause and give any chance for him to
                      attack you or you'll be history.

    PAINBRINGER: With Painbringer, you have to think fast and plan ahead. It
                 is not very easy to beat the boss with him since he is pret
                 -ty slow. His moves are fairly damaging, but his sluggishn
                 -ess certainly hurts. Following are the ones you can try.
                 1)PAIN: If you are facing PAIN with Painbringer, Good luck,
                         because, PAIN has a lightning speed compare to him.
                         The first attack should be a jumping kick to get clo
                         -se to him and keep on attacking regular punches.(Do
                         -n't ever repeat the same regular punch more than
                         3 times, otherwise, PAIN will attack you where you
                         are not prepared. If you are playing defensively,
                         just keep on throwing the projectiles(especially,
                         the larger fireball); but, this will not trick him
                         for long. Since PAIN loves to do jumping attacks
                         which can nail you if you try to throw projectiles
                         repeatedly. Good Luck.
                 2)DEATH: You have managed to beat PAIN?. Good for you, becau
                          -se DEATH is really an easy opponent for you. Death
                          does not have any projectile move or any long range
                          attacks. All he has are the close range moves that
                          has to deal with his Scythe. The way of defeating
                          him is easy. Keep on throwing your two kinds of
                          projectiles. Since DEATH barely jumps, this will
                          get you relatively easy victory. Just watch out if
                          he teleports, then, you are in trouble. If he does
                          teleport, Jump back right away to avoid any of his
                          fierce attacks.(Death's move does more damage than
                          PAIN, so beware).

    PAIN: If you activated the cheat to use this sub-boss character as your
          own, You'd be glad that you did. It is because, if you use him as
          your character, and play one player game, you'll beat the game
          without ever losing(That is of course, if you use the pattern that
          always work). He does not have any distance moves, but, his power
          of the moves almost make up for it that turns your enermy to a
          bloody pulp. He is easy to use, and since you cannot be stunned,
          the opponent cannot have the opportunity to attack you right away
          after an uppercut, sweep or breaker.
          1) PAIN: You are now fighting yourself. Isn't that exciting?. Well,
                   not to worry, computer controlled Pain is... Well, lets
                   just say, doesn't know how to fight. Just keep on using
                   your Slide Move(D+Both Kicks) repeatedly with some
                   occasional Super punch Attacks(Both Punches), then the
                   victory is yours. Just watch out if the computer controll
                   -ed Pain ever jumps. If he jumps, immediately stand up and
                   hold B to defend or you're history.
          2) DEATH: Death?, Really no problem, repeat what you did to the
                    Pain. As long as he is standing, attack. If he teleports,
                    just keep hitting both kicks or punches, it will hit him.
                    Eaaaaasy Victory!!!!

    MURGAN: If you put this character up against the bosses, good luck. It's
            because he does not have any effective moves to use against the
            bosses and also, he is pretty slow. You have to think quick and
            be smart to beat the boss.
            1) PAIN: Just great, the toughest opponent you will ever fight
                     against. There really isn't a whole lot strategy here,
                     just get close and use flurry of punches and kicks.
                     Use a lot of sliding kick moves but don't, repeat don't
                     use it too many times. If you do and if you ever
                     try to use specials or combo on him, you will kiss the
                     ground and become an easy punching bag for Pain.
            2) DEATH: Think you can beat the final boss since he was not
                      that strong with the characters who have been mentioned
                      above? Can't be any different, right?. Well, think
                      again. With Murgan, Death can be a nastiest bum. The
                      strategy here is to avoid his teleport and his super
                      damaging moves. Try to use occasional super uppercuts
                      mixed with sliding kick move. But, DO NOT use it too
                      many times. If Death is far away, try to use Life
                      mastering move. Since that move takes away a little
                      energy of your opponents' and makes it yours, as long
                      as death is far away, you can get out of some dangerous
                      situations by it. Good luck, and always watch out if he
                      jumps or teleports because it could turn you into a
                      bloody mass.

    URIEL: The second female character in this game. She is actually, one of
           the best and deadliest character to use against the computer contro
           -lled fighters. She is not as easy to use compare to Pantera becau
           -se about all of her specials don't do that much of a damage. So
           Uriel players must take this into account and be very careful.
           1) PAIN: Oh no, The great white guy again. He is actually quite
                    hard to beat with Uriel. Since he has a little bit of
                    edge in speed than her and a lot more powerful attacks, it
                    really is not easy to beat Pain. Uriel is one of the best
                    to use against regular opponents if you mix all the power
                    she has(you know, like standard attacks, Specials, Sweeps,
                    Uppercuts, etc.), but none of those tactics work against
                    Pain. The strategy against him is to use a lot of jumping
                    attacks. More than 90% of your attack should be the
                    jumping ones, since Pain is really smarter when you play
                    as Uriel then you play as other characters. He will fight
                    mainly by jumping at you. It will be the toughest fight
                    you will fight in this game, so stay out of the danger
                    and jump kick or punch, followed by 2 or 3 standard
                    Punches or kicks then jump back immediately and repeat
                    the pattern. If you ever get caught by Pain, You will be
                    singing SOPRANO!!!!
           2) DEATH: As usual, Death is a bit easier opponent to fight again
                     -st. This time though, you really have to watch out,
                     because Death teleports a way too many times. If you are
                     attacking and if he teleports, 9 of 10 times, he will
                     hit you. The best strategy is to use your Blade's Attack
                     move as your first move than if he comes in close or
                     teleports, uppercut him or sweep him. If the first try
                     doesn't hit, try 2 or 3 more times. If he still blocks
                     it, jump away, it is best to avoid his attack. Whenever
                     he is far away, use your Blade's Attack. Try to keep
                     some distance on him and use your projectile. He is not
                     very fast, so if he slowly walks towards you, either use
                     your Wings of Death move or your sweep attacks. They are
                     both multi-hits, and if you time it correctly, it will
                     nail him at least twice. Just watch out if he teleports,
                     the victory can be yours if you can make him stay away.
                     Good luck.

    DEATH: Ah, the final boss character that you can fight as. Unfortunately,
           he is really, rather slow to use. Most of his moves are a short
           range moves and should not be used against the well-rounded
           characters such as Pantera, Painbringer, Uriel or Xenobius.
           If you are using Death in one player game, you will have to hope
           for the luck to be on your side. Just think quick and always
           PAIN: Just great, the toughest and the most pain in the neck
                 character ever. Pain can be described as impossible to beat,
                 especially when your fighter is Death. The same strategy
                 never works more than twice against this monster. Just
                 figure out the best strategy yourself. One hint is, use
                 a lot of his Rolling Death attack which is a multi-hit.
           DEATH: Well, Let's see. Death?. Really, I mean, really no proble-
                  mo. Just get close to him if you can, and use a flurry of
                  punches, or you can easily beat him by using his Rolling
                  death move over and over.(even though it is boring to win
                  like that. just mix in some uppercuts, or slides.)

    MAELSTROM: A being without soul?. Well, if you are using him, good luck.
               Maelstrom is one of the worst character in the game. There are
               lots of enemies who are far more dangerous than him. He has
               acceptable speed, but the lack of quality moves cost him a
               fortune.  Good luck.
               PAIN: Impossible. that is only one word that I can think of.
                     He does a whole lot of jumping attacks, which almost
                     always hits before you if you are the one who is jumping
                     also. Well, the special moves are best not to be used on
                     him. The way I used is Slide as a first move, then use
                     Super Uppercut, Jump back immediately, Slide, regular
                     Uppercut, Jumpback, Jump kick, Super Uppercut, then
                     repeat the pattern. In speed, you are not too far behind
                     with this guy, but in moves and power, you really can't
                     come close to Pain.  So watch out.
               DEATH: Death?. EasiERR opponent then Pain. Jump attack first,
                      Uppercut, Jump back immediately, do a Super Kick(Both
                      kicks together). Uppercut, Jump back then repeat. By
                      the way, you should not, repeat not, allow death to
                      get any oppotunity to attack you, also, if he telepor-
                      ts, be very very carefull, because it is not going to
                      be something that will help you. One thing at least
                      that is fortunate for you is that you have slight
                      advantage in speed then Death. So use your speed wisely
                      because otherwise, you will fall into the hell forever.
    XENOBIUS: Well, if you pit this guy against the boss characters, good
              luck. It is because he is not as good as he seems like. At leas
              -t against the bosses. He has acceptable speed, but the lack
              of quality moves almost always cost you the victory. So Good
              PAIN: Oh god. Just what you need. Just whom that will send you
                    to hell right away. Pain is really Pain in the neck. With
                    Xenobius, it is almost impossible to score a hit. Even
                    though Xenobius has a little bit of edge in speed, he
                    is just not strong enough to beat Pain. In here, the best
                    strategy is to avoid using any special moves or combos.
                    Also, try to be close to him. I barely beat this guy by
                    Jump kick to start, then keep hitting SK repeatedly with
                    -out ever pausing. It is not easy even if you do that.
                    I just got lucky that I beat him like that. Another
                    thing is that, keep on hitting SK does not affect him
                    for long, he will usually nail you with his slide. I
                    beat him by trapping him at the corner. Well, Good Luck.
              DEATH: Death?, a sitting duck? he is really dumb and easy to
                     beat with Xenobius. The strategy is, get close, and keep
                     hitting SK for the whole round. Death is dumb and since
                     he does not have any distance move, he just stands there
                     and takes the punishment. You can also try to score the
                     perfect round if you use that tactic. Have fun.

    ANUBI: If your character is Anubi, may god help you. He is considered as
           one of the not-so-great character. Well, not as lousy as some of
           other characters such as Jan Fun, or Wolfrich, he is rather hard
           to use and can be described as an advanced players fighter. His
           speed is not bad, but most of his specials are downright slow to
           pull it off which gives the computer-controlled fighters to easily
           take advantage of. Good luck.
           PAIN: Oh gees, well, maybe not, pain is not as threatning as other
                 characters so far. All you have to do is try to get in close
                 without being hit(which is the trickiest part), than keep
                 on hitting B+WK or SK repeatedly. You can also use occasion-
                 al B+Punch(any punch) in addition to the kick. If you can,
                 try to trap him to the corner, then you will be the winner.
           Death: Well, It is hard to believe that this character is a final
                  boss. Death is so plain dumb and stupid who just stands in
                  one place and takes the punishment. All you have to do is
                  keep some distance and keep on using your low fireball
                  attack. If he gets in any close, use B+WK or SK about 3
                  or 4 times to send him further again, then repeat the
                  fireball. Have fun

    JAN FUN: Oh boy, so he is your character now, well, may god bless you.
             You will really really have tough time to score any hit with
             this guy. His specials don't come out half the time, His speed
             sucks, and of all he has are kind of hard to pull it off. You
             will be lucky if you ever make it to the mirror match. But hey,
             the choice is yours.
             PAIN: Ooooouh, BOY. Just what we need. The white mummy. Well, in
                   this case, I don't know how I managed to beat this monst-
                   er, so it is on your own for him. I don't have any idea of
                   how I came to beat this guy,(even thought I did beat him,
                   with only about 2 percent of energy left).
             DEATH: Well,Well,Well. What have we here?. If you are using
                    Jan Fun, chances are, 9 out of 10 times, you will be
                    defeated. Normally, your first attack, which should be
                    your fireball, always hits death, but, afterwords, he
                    just keeps on teleporting and catch you offguard. So,
                    the strategy here is to avoid having him close by frequn-
                    t jumps, then, use your fireball, and if you can use his
                    triple spinning kick,(Even though that move will require
                    you a lot of practice since it involves a lot of movemen-
                    ts.)make a good use of it.  Good luck.

    WOLFRICH: Well, if Wolfrich is your man, you have chosen a better fighter
              than Jan Fun. It is because, even though he is rather slow and
              bulky, he is far away from worst of the pack when you compare
              him to Jan Fun. You will have an easy ride of beating your
              opponent.(Just use the power uppercuts and sweep over and over,
              and even if your opponent blocks it half the time, if you keep
              doing it, it will eventually hit them and catch them off guard.)
              Good luck.
              PAIN: P.A.I.N. Right?. Well, good luck. You may have to activ-
                    ate the eternal coins cheat, otherwise, you will never
                    be able to confront Death. The strategy is, use mainly,
                    your Super Uppercut, mixed in with Slide and Sweep, jump
                    back, pattern. But, try to varie that pattern, because
                    Pain will not fall for it for long. Good luck.
              DEATH: Are you sure this character is the final boss?. I can't
                     believe it. It is because, he is no competition against
                     Wolfrich. All you have to do is use your super uppercut
                     for the whole match(with a 3 or 4 sweeps). He is so
                     dumb and stupid and takes the punishment through the
                     whole match. Just watch out if he ever jumps or telep-
                     orts, and break the combo if he ever use it on you then
                     immediately counter with the super uppercut again. have


              Player                     Opponent       Challenge level
                                                     (The higher the Harder)
              Pantera                    Herself           9.4
                                         Maelstrom         8.8
                                         Painbringer       8.9
                                         Anubi             8.8

              Painbringer                Himself           8.3
                                         Pantera           9.5
                                         Murgan            9.0
                                         Anubi             8.9
                                         Cthulhu           8.8
                                         Pain              9.8
                                         Uriel             8.5

              Pain                       Pantera           8.2
                                         Anubi             8.6
                                         Uriel             8.1

              Murgan                     Himself           9.2
                                         Pantera           8.9
                                         Painbringer       8.9
                                         Xenobius          8.9
                                         Pain              9.8
                                         Cthulhu           8.3

              Uriel                      Herself           8.8
                                         Pantera           9.3
                                         Pain              9.7
                                         Jan Fun           8.0

              Xenobius                   Himself           8.7
                                         Pantera           8.8
                                         Cthulhu           8.9
                                         Pain              9.9
                                         Painbringer       8.9

              Death                      Uriel             8.3
                                         Pain              9.7
                                         Cthulhu           8.4
                                         Anubi             8.4

              Maelstrom                  Cthulhu           8.6
                                         Anubi             9.3
                                         Uriel             8.8
                                         Pain              9.0
                                         Xenobius          8.8
                                         Murgan            8.6

              Anubi                      Himself           9.0
                                         Pantera           9.2
                                         Murgan            8.9
                                         Maelstrom         8.0
                                         Painbringer       9.3

              Jan Fun                    Himself           9.0
                                         Pantera           9.1
                                         Maelstrom         9.0
                                         Wolfrich          8.6
                                         Pain             10.0
                                         Death             9.9
                                         Murgan            9.0
                                         Xenobius          8.8
                                         Painbringer       8.5

              Wolfrich                   Himself           8.9
                                         Pain              9.8
                                         Pantera           8.5

              The characters who are not considered as that much threat
              no matter who you fight as are: Jan Fun, and Wolfrich. These
              two characters, especially Jan Fun, You will notice they are
              pretty easy to beat and they almost always fall for the combo,
              especially Jan Fun.(Particularly long combos)


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