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Desirability FAQ by JChamberlin

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/17/00


                           Pharaoh - Desirability FAQ
                             Version 1.4 (10/17/00)
                 By Jim Chamberlin (red_phoenix_1@hotmail.com)


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. How things work
3. Explanation of Images
4. Acknowledgments


 One thing in Pharaoh that many people seem to question is how the Desirability
 ratings work.  To illustrate this, I've made several graphics that I will get
 into a little bit later.

                                How Things Work

 When you bring something like a Farm into a location, it brings about a
 "negative" desirability rating.  A farm is only one example of "negative"
 ratings, but there are many, many other buildings that do that.

 When bringing in a Garden or a Statue into a location, it brings about more
 of a "positive" desirability rating.  As with the farm, a garden and a statue
 are only two types of buildings with a "positive" rating.

 As conditions improve in your city, your citizens will demand more attractive
 and more expensive homes.  Increased tax revenues and improved prosperity are
 the primary advantages to higher class homes.  Slum-like or dilapidated houses
 drag down the desirability of the surrounding area.  Ramshackle housing catches
 fire easily.  While, the less-evolved homes drag down the nearby area's
 desirability, the more-evolved housing will actually bring up the area's

 The evolution of housing depends on a few things:
  - Amount of Industry nearby
  - State of nearby housing
  - Current supply of required goods for that house
  - State of the home's residents' health

  Every building has different amounts of desirability.  The one similarity is
  that the building has little or no effect when it's far away from a building.

  To show specific examples, I've made some graphics or you to check out.

  I could have made them in ASCII drawings, but they wouldn't be to scale, so
  they just wouldn't look right.

                             Explanation of Images

  Explaining the images is easiest in this text file, instead of actually in or
  next to the actual images.  Once again, I say that I could have made them in
  ASCII text, but it would take a longer amount of time, and nothing would have
  been made to scale, thus images/graphics were the way to go.

  The primary things to look for are the following:

  - Grid
    - The grids represent each "block" of space on Pharaoh's terrain.  For
      example, one house (when you first put a house on the map) takes one
      block, or square.  The principle is the same here, which will help you
      understand how things work, and give you a visual overview of everything.

  - Building Itself
    - The building is located in the middle of the numbers.  Most of them have
      been labeled in some fashion, so you can distinguish it from the numbers.

  - Numbers
    - The numbers are the important part.  They indicate the amount of
      desirability that particular building brings to each "square" or "block"
      of land/terrain.

  What do the numbers mean exactly?

  Each image has a series of numbers surrounding the structure in the middle.
  That structure may be a building, a garden, whatever.

  You'll also notice that some images have numbers in "yellow," while the other
  numbers (from other images) are written in "red."

  Yellow Numbers = Positive Desirability
  Red Numbers = Negative Desirability

  A Yellow number 13, is another way of saying "+13".
  A Red 7 is another way of saying "-7".

  If you have any further questions concerning the "Desirability" portion of
  the game, email me at red_phoenix_1@hotmail.com.  If I feel it is an important
  question, I may end up adding it here, so others can see it.

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  Note: All of these files may be found on www.gamefaqs.com,
        www.gamewinners.com, and www.ogresnet.com ONLY!

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  More To Come...


  - Jeff Veasey and GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for hosting this FAQ.

  - Al Amaloo and Game Winners (http://www.gamewinners.com) for hosting this

  This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

  This Document and its Related Graphic Files are Copyright 2000 Jim Chamberlin.
  All Rights Reserved.


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