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Hints and Tips by Ancient Talisman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/12/05

		pharaoh		PHARAOH	    pharaoh

			Tips and Tricks for Pharaoh
		Delaying Money
		Export-Oriented Industrial Zone.
		Near-filled StorageYard	
		Happy Stable Town
		One li' pyramid, two li'...
		Nature Reserve
		Growth versus Funds
		Just-in-time Industry
	Caesar 3, Zeus, Pharaoh, those 3 games constitute best games for city building
	and management. I spent god know how many hours playing those game in my old 
	PC. In the process I experience many painful situations, and in the end I can
	write down some tricks, tips and lessons. Game set at hard difficulty. I hope
	these can help you enjoy playing games more, or understand the games better.
	Any suggestions, errors can be sent to 
	This is my second faq for Gamefaqs.
1	I. 	Delaying Money			1	

	This is a all-time farourite, all Impression games applicable, legitimate 
	trick. I call it Delaying Money. Basically, you choose to pay yourself the
	highest salary, delaying the time to finish the scenario to maximize to 
	personal savings you will carry to the next map. When you start the next one,
	give yourself a gift, BAM and you have extra start money. In Zeus this trick
	may be warped around a bit, but the common idea is still there. I haven't play
	Emperor Rise of Middle Kingdom so I dont know if this trick can be used in it.
	There are some conditions to this tactic. ONE, the current city must profit 
	more than its expenditure. In short, its money balance must be in black. 
	SECOND, you must have some ways to raise the Kingdom rating currently lowered
	because of your high salary. You can depend on the god Ra, with temples, 
	shrines and occasional festivals. Or you can depend on satisfying the request
	of Pharaoh and friendly cities. You CAN'T depend on giving gift to people. 
	That's self-defeating.
	Note on gift giving. I you want to buy affection of egypt people, do it when 
	you have little savings. It seem the game using a calculation,  gift will cost
	proportional to your personal account. So buying at the start of the game, 
	after you gifted your city all your money, is good enough, and buying best 
	gift once a year is most effective.
	Some of 'Purist' gamers may argue that it's a cheating way to play the game. 
	Maybe they were right. But do consider it in historical context. A governor 
	of a distant colony may choose to drawing large monies from his  land for the
	purpose of finance new colonies. It's legit, it's traditional. All in all I 
	find this a good tactics to build up your, ah, family's legacy. 
	Beside, you may consider it a just reward for your patience. There are many 
	maps require long time to finish (build pyramids, hard to find goods), or maps
	with many requests and a satisfying Ra left you a near-permanent 100 Kingdom 
	rating. The only thing keep you going on is the gradually growing personal 
	Next, the second biggest trick.

2	II. 	Export-Oriented Industrial Zone.	2

	Determine the best way to earn money through export. Then produce  goods like 
	crazy, then sell them like crazy. Set those export shops near each other and 
	as near the docks as you can. That the trick EOIZ, a 20000 gold pieces lesson.
	First: Determine which the best good you can sell, consider its raw materials 
	self produce or import. Papyrus is all-time-favourite, next is linen. Jewels 
	are good only if you can produce gems, they suck if you must import. Bricks 
	are bothersome more than they worth. Beer are for drinking more than export,
	except when you can farm barley.
	Second: If raw materials are self produce, throw a couple of RawMaterial in 
	a place. When they are going fine, throw GoodsShop of that kind next to them.
	Generally, 1 reedsgatherers/claypit/ =3 papyrus makers/potter, 1 gems mine = 1
	jeweler.  This area must be as near Docks as you can (if you can trade them 
	onland, then happy for you). If not, as in gems-rock far from riverbanks, 
	throw 3 or 4 storageyard next to a dock then set them to GET MAXIMUM those 
	export goods. Even if they had to go half map to get them, no prob. In Rostja 
	I had to to do that way: 12 gems, 12 jewelers all in the left side of the map,
	5 storageyards GET, 2 docks in the middle left bank of Nile, and about 18000 
	export money alone. After everything paid, I got 5-8000 profits, annually, 
	Third: If you had to import raw, that's trouble. You will have to build EOIZ 
	around Docks, set 1 or 2 SY for raws (they will distribute raw to shops) 1 or 
	2 SY for finished products. Or you can set FILL up to 1/2 raws, Fill up to 1/2
	goods, 2 SY. If more than 2 raws imported, then throw more SY. DO try to keep 
	raw import down to 1, if not, 2. Generally, in this situation, you will be 
	hard-pressed to earn money by exporting. Managing that is a pure bitch, excuse 
	my Klatchian.
	Strictly speaking, this is not a trick. But building EOIZ is not easy. KISS 
	(Keep It Simple Stupid) principle is applied here. Best situation is when you
	can sell ONE local goods with high price-sell/cost-buy ratio. Selling imported
	-gems Jewel is not good idea because the ratio is very bad. But exporting 
	local beer may be better idea after all. Selling two-three goods may not be 
	ideally, as they can confuse you in building and design zone. Trickiest of all
	may be selling imported straw bricks. Heh, conflicting between clay for potter
	and clay for bricks will drive you mad.
	The last thing: Docks. Try not to use more than 2 docks. Dock should not be 
	next to each other, at least they must be 3-5 squares apart. If they are on 
	different banks of river, do keep the docks as near water crossing facilities 
	as you can. Trader ships are all idiots, it's miracle they can make it to our 
	city. Just watch and you will understand what I mean.
	Okay, you dont want to wait, you want to know now. Some times trader ships all
	concentrate on one docks, ignore the right next door docks. If they are 3-6 
	squares apart then that idiotic situation can be avoided, and they can still 
	use the  SYs you reserved exclusive for river export and import. And if you 
	build two EOIZ for two export goods on two riverbanks, well, the dock hands 
	will cross the river to carry the raws to otherside and vice versa. Long time
	waiting = less times the trader ships visit city = less items exported.

3	III.	Near-filled StorageYard	  3

	When the storageyard is near filled with plain stones, as in 29-30-31/32, set
	it to get 1/4 or 1/2 get plain stones, set Get lime stones. They will go get 
	lime, bring back, find that home has no place for this , and bring this to 
	other SY near there that have place. meantime no other SY will get the goods 
	in abovesaid SY, because of the condition 'Get 1/4 plain stones' still in 
	effect. Or if the SY is filled with one goods, set it to empty that goods, 
	get other goods. They will go get it immediately. and When that SY become 
	near-filled, you can set it to get 1/4. 
	This trick is very useful for building 2-materials pyramids, or for a EOIZ 
	exporting 2 goods, or for getting the much needed woods to the idle carpenter
	guilds. It should be used with many SYs.

4	IV. 	Blockade  4

	This is for river defense. When a river borne invasion occur, we set our 
	fleets in a line blocking the river to HOLD position. Enemies fleet will be 
	stuck here, may be will be destroyed before they can land their land forces. 
	If we can get our archers and towers to assist, that would be great. 
	The Land version of River Blockade is very tricky. Enemy may appear in any 
	fixed position, as in 4 edges of the map. Best if we can save before hand, 
	see where they appear, reload, send our armies there at a favourable distance 
	and pick them apart. 4-5 Archers and 1, not often 2 infantry more than  enough
	to deal with any low level invasion. Towers cover these positions may not be 
	Note to self: Retest this trick with high level land invasion, such as 

5	V.	Happy Stable Population   5

	Tricky import schedule, erratic routine of bazaar sellers and SY go-getter, 
	water carriers can lead to quick-devolve housing block. And too highly evolve
	house can be bad for your city. It's a quick and painful Fall From Grace. 
	One minute you have a happy city, high tax, nice shiny neighbourhood. Next 
	big blocks of manors start appearing, luring away a big portion of your labour
	source. You fall from 1-2% unemploy to lacking 400 labourers. Your industry 
	and service lack people. A depression happen. Houses devolve like crazy left 
	and right and you dont know HOW TO STOP THE GODDAMN LABOURS FROM ABANDON 
	YOUR CITY. After your city become somewhat stable again, you notice the pop 
	drop about 1000 citizens. A painful experience.
	That happened to me once or twice, or many. You will notice the population 
	line in Advisor number 5 (Granary Advisor) has a wrigly figure like a snake. 
	Yep, up you get, then  down, you build a big new house block to get labours,
	then it up then it down again.... Ideally your pop line is a upward steep 
	curve then stable, a plateau.
	So what is the trick here? First, build house in blocks. See 
	pharaoh.heavengames.com for ideas. They have a section called The Housing 
	Blocks. Next keep down the level of housing. Set a SY near bazaar to Get 1/2 
	or 3/4 pottery, that will ensure you a nice enough house blocks. After that 
	set it another get 1/4 beer. That will upgrade that HB another level. Another
	SY with get 1/4 papyrus will ensure it shiny and nice, if you use these two SY
	for 2 HB then the later SY should have another get 1/4 beer. Only if you want 
	it up to manor or higher level HB, then set it to get 1/4 or 1/2 linen. Every 
	Manor or higher lelev house will get from you 100 labours and turn them to 
	clerks. Take that into consideration. 6 potters, 3 papyrusmakers will satisfy
	your 5000 citizens needs for papers. Beer is tricky, so excess is better than 
	Second, 9-10% unemployment is nothing to get scared about. If you can't keep 
	your pop stable, then keep that unemployment rate at 8-10%. That will help you
	much when your city go into depression. If it stable, then 5-8 % is enough. 
	If too many unemployed, put up some work camps to soak up.
	Third, ages and years do affect a population. If you keep a stable  pop for 
	two, three decades, then you will notice labour force drops. The reason are 
	old age. So using work camps to save labours for this situation is one thing 
	you can consider too.

6	VI.	One li' pyramid, two li'...	6

	Building several pyramids is a painful experience. Even if you can prepare 
	quite thoroughly, it wont be enough. But you can make it less irritating.
	First, the ratio. 1 brick guild=1 mason guild = 2 work  camps= 2 stone 
	pulling groups. This is exclude WC for flood plains, so do take that into 
	Easiest maybe mastaba building. Just brick, throw into 4 BG, 8 WC with about
	3-8 SY (get maximum bricks) near entry point of the mastaba and we are set. 
	Now we can go take care other business of the city.
	Tricky is 2 material building like complex pyramids. Do apply the trick 
	Near-filled Storage Yard here. BUT, the bugger is that we will need more 
	Mason guilds and Carpenter than we like. One, it use 2 materials, so you may 
	see a bunch of those mason standing on pyramids playing around, those 6 Sy 
	nearby full with limestone but there's no stone pulling in sight. Ah, those 
	buggers are go getting plainstone from far far away.... The only thing to 
	partially solve this trouble is, set up some other Mason so they will stand 
	on other position, hopefully in a place need  lime... This is partial,not 
	completely solve a badly pre-prepared situation. Two, the higher we build, 
	the faster we need carpenter, so one carpenter guild may not be enough. 
	It should, but managing wood distribution to carpenter is tricky. So for 
	pyramids, we use 2 carpenters, no more
	So, in 2 material complex building we will need about 4 Mason guilds, 2 
	carpenters, 6 SY 'get materials' AND 2-4 extra Mason
	Sphinx =  2-3 Carpenters.
	Sun Temple = 3-5 carpenters fully operational.

7	VII.	Nature Reserve		7

	Hyena, Hippos... are a bunch of smelly, annoying animals. They attacked our 
	hunter/gatherers, or workers in general. Most annoying is when they intercept
	and killing immigrants, making fast growth city almost impossible. But there 
	are way to deal with them.
	Pen them up: using cheap materials (small statues) to put up a wall around 
	them, prevent wandering and attacking people. When we have archers, deal with 
	them once and for all. This is most effective with hyena. HIppos are more 
	annoying cause they are in river or water, in swamp, making isolate them 
	impossible .
	Detour:	We can use a partial solution, put up a wall of cheap materials to 
	change the flow of immigrant, so that if they go straight then northwest 
	before now they will go northwest and straight or vice versa. Or using 
	constables (police station) to beat them. But one constable only can stop 
	one animal, others freely bypass him

8	VIII.	Growth versus Funds	8

	This is more like an observation than a trick. If we have deep purse at the 
	start of the mission, we can afford to erect more housing blocks, docks, 
	EOIZs, open more trade routes and scattered raw material extraction zone 
	(RMEZ). So the growth of our city will become faster, money for speed. 
	I haven't concentrated on speed growth alone so I dont know the quickest 
	time I can make it. BUT I remember once I can make a city expand to 3000 
	in about three years (3-4 housing blocks, EOIZ and RMEZ) with starting funds
	of 30000 (contribute personal savings), hard diff.
	In speed growth, remember to put up slums for RMEZ and EOIZ first, houses 
	in housing blocks sparsingly. Only after pretty much all slums have occupants
	or immegrants going to their direction did you start erect more houses in HBs.
	Cause it seem even if you put up slums first, if you immediately throw out a
	group of HBs, chances are pretty good immigrants will go to HB first. So in 
	HBs donot make 2x2 or 3x3 block, just a line of houses are enough.
	Notes: the number of immigrants per month depend on vacant space, city 
	sentiments (festivals help you there), tax and wages and food produced or 
	imported (food stores in granaries affect a little, SY dont count). I never
	see a higher than 200 immegrant a month though.

9	IX.	Just-in-time Industry   9
	Build raw materials near goods worshop. When they finish making a cartload of
	raws, they will take it straight to the workshop without go to the SY. That 
	way we can reduce the number of SY, reduce the chaos of distribution raws.
	It seems 1 claypit = 1 brickmaker, 1 claypit/coppermines... = 3 
	potters/weaponsmith, gems and jeweler are a little troublesome than that.

	Don't be afraid to set SY to NOT receive straws/barley/flax. Cartload of them
	from farms will go from one brickmaker to another without affecting much to 
	the city, cause that cartload is from farm, not from SY. IF in half a year
	they are still running around then you have too much straws anyway. This will\
	NOT be applicable for other raws (clay, gems, copper) not from farms, cause 
	the time needed to produce other raws are so much shorter than straws and 

	When playing Pharaoh and its predessors I read many helpful tips and tricks 
	in heavengames.com. Especially the ideas of Housing blocks and road blocks.
	Heh, i nearly finish Caesar 3  knowing nothing about the uses of those 2...
	Until i played Zeus and Pharaoh did I read and see the Housing blocks. So I 
	recommend to you the excellent site Heavengames and its forum:


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