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Discover the largest, most compelling galactic universe ever created in PAX IMPERIA EMINENT DOMAIN.

As Emperor, you create a star-spanning civilization that ultimately leads to galactic domination. You control every aspect of your growing empire. Cleverly manage resources, balance multi-planet economies, and go head to head against the most powerful sovereignties in the known universe. Be prepared to explore and colonize hundreds of individual worlds, and do battle with forces greater than you've ever imagined. Command tactical maneuvers with a state-of-the-art real time combat engine. Master the art of foreign diplomacy, negotiating sensitive treaties with your allies. Guide elite intelligence organizations to stay informed and ensure security at home and abroad. Research and develop hundreds of technologies to successfully build and govern the most sophisticated civilization in space.
The original PAX IMPERIA, an award-winning best seller for the Macintosh in 1993, was heralded as a ground-breaking title, defining the space strategy gaming genre. The sequel, PAX IMPERIA EMINENT DOMAIN takes the original version and once again redefines the category. Experience the richest, most innovative strategy empire building simulator with PAX IMPERIA EMINENT DOMAIN, available now for the PC. Macintosh version will be available in December.

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