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Reviewed: 12/28/00 | Updated: 12/28/00

Still a pretty fun racer, although you can't race over the net...

Need for Speed II SE. The hit from the Playstation on your pc! This great classic is a good one for the PC, but there is no online play feature and newer and better versions of Need for Speed have come out, so Need for Speed II SE’s days are numbered.

Game Play

The game play is great! There are around 10 tracks. The tracks are in order from easiest to hardest. The first track is only 2 or 3 turns with a bunch of straight aways and then the levels progressively get harder and harder with more turns, hills, etc. making it harder than just always going full speed and whooping all the computers. The game play is smooth, always a plus, and the cars are nicely detailed. After you play it two or three times you get use to the turning control and adjust for turns. Another nice addition to the game play is that each car has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Mustang may have
great handling but not to much speed and the Jaguar may have great speed but not so great handling. You can pick the cars color if you want and whether it is automatic or manual. Basically to beat all the levels all you have to do is single out the best car. However, one mode is a tournament in which you can never use the same car twice, so
you must counter for that by using the right cars at the right time. Another mode is knock out. In knock out you keep the same car, but each level the person who comes in last is knocked out. This becomes very difficult because when it gets down to the last few cars and the hardest tracks, you may have trouble keeping up. And lastly, there’s a single race mode where you can just race one track to try and improve your speed or just have fun. It’s mixed up with secret cars and tracks when you beat the modes. It will keep you playing for quite some time.


The sound is sweet! Each track has its own personal song that's as unique as the track! The song fits right along with the track. Definitely cool! The sound effects are exactly what you would expect, perfect for the game. The squeal of the tires as you burn rubber at the starting line and the sound of crunching metal when you hit another car. There is also an announcer that announces “3 , 2 , 1, GO!” at the beginning of each race. He also announces the winners at the end of each race and other miscellaneous things. Sound is definitely a plus in this game.


The graphics are good as well. What I like is you can change the color of your car. A nice feature is when you leave skid marks and they are on the track for the entire game! You can see the ones you left behind from last lap when you took the turn too fast! There are four different views so you can pick the one you like from behind the car to above the car, to inside the car. And the inside the car view even has the exact shape of the steering wheel in the real car! Real cool! The game also has full motion videos that show off the real cars. If you are a car fan, you’ll love it.


So overall this game is a 9. Well deserved because of the combination of graphics, sound, and variety of the game. The game is somewhat old, so its cheap! My brother bought the game for ten bucks at Best Buy! So if you are a racing game fan this one is a must! Since I first wrote this review, a few other games in the Need for Speed series have come out. You might want to check those out and also games like Gran Turismo.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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