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Reviewed: 03/21/02 | Updated: 03/21/02

A classic racer that will keep you occupied for hours!

This game may be old(1997) But you wouldnt relize it if you were playing today. The Need for speed series has been very honourable, and this game is no exception. During the review I will give you the high points(and the few low points) of this game.


The Need for Speed series was started in 1996 when Electronic Arts introduced the first Need for Speed. With a Limited number of cars and tracks, it still managed to become a huge success. By this time, EA knew they had a good series on their hands so they produced the second of the series. Need For speed 2. NFS2 was outstanding, the cars were insanely detailed and the tracks were superb. A short time later, EA produced NFS2:Special Edition(SE). NFS2:SE was just NFS2 with minor touch ups, 4 new cars and a new track. Both sold in the millions. Next in the rich history was the Creme De la Creme. Need For speed 3: Hot Persuit. Hot Persuit swept the world off its feet with Jaw dropping graphics, comparable with car games a year or two later. 16 cars and 9 tracks gave this game all it needed to stay ahead of the pack. The next in the series was Need for Speed 4: High stakes, which steered away from hot persuit and more towards high level racing. This game was not taken kindly by fans of the series. The final game was Need for speed 5:Porsche unleashed. The game was a letdown to most fans, mainly because there was only one kind of car. Porsche. But Porsche fans saw it differently. It was much heralded by followers of porsche, but still that did not save it from failure.


Well, there isnt much in the way of a storyline. But most racers arent in my opinion.


There are several different modes of gameplay. the main two are Knockout and Tournament. Knockout is a very challenging and entertaining mode to play. The race starts with 8 cars and when the race ends, the car in last place is eliminated from the pack. It goes on like this until there are only 2 cars left. you and your nemesis. Here is where you must use all of your driving experience to your advantage. Although, it can be a bit disappointing when you've played 5 races and all of the sudden you lose. it gives you a feeling of disappointment, but hey, it isnt the games fault for beating you. Feel like brushing up your driving skills? Just go through single race and get to know the tracks. Trust me, it helps. There are also multiplayer modes such as Splitscreen, Eight Player Network and Direct link. The most enjoyable of the bunch is the multiplayer mode. I cant recall the hours I spent racing my friends for the 'King of racing' title.



The controls of this game are quite simplistic and take full advantage of the keyboard. your basic buttons are the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. Others like the 'c' button can be changed around to be anything from the camera angle to shifting. The cars also handle very well. They kind of make braking useless (except for some situations where they are required). Overall, I'd say that EA did a good job.



The car sounds are very well done. Each car has its own unique and disticnt sounds. For instance, the Lotus Esprit sounds nothing like the Isdera Commendatore(which in my opinion sounds like a Vaccum cleaner when slowing down). The sound track is also very good. It doesnt take too much focus away from driving, which is good. But it also sounds good to the ear, and can actually be pretty adddictive. Its definitely not muzac(Elevator Music).



Considering its age, this game looks like todays Gran Turismo 3. The tracks are very detailed with tire marks, traffic and other features that other games just dont offer. Another thing that sells this game is shortcuts. There is a shortcut on almost every track. Some of them arent very helpful while others can take a whopping 5 seconds off your overall time. Which can really effect your standings. The cars in this game are freaking insane!!!. They are almost life like outside and are picture perfect inside. Kudo's to EA for their hard work



You will NOT regret buying this game. If you buy this game you will be spending HOURS playing through it. And codes make this game even better. using 'go__'(numbers), You can drive anything from a semi to a log!!!*note*Use the Bus with the speed code to get some laughs. Its not everyday you see a schoolbus fly down the highway doing 180mph. Now go out and buy it... NOW!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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