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12 licensed supercars modeled to exact specs.

Ferrari 355 F1
Ford Mustang March III
Italdesign Nazca C2
Ford Indigo
McLaren F1
Ferrari F50
Jaguar XJ220
Lotus Esprit V8
Ford GT90
Lotus GT1
Italdesign Cala
Isdera Commendatore 112i

High performance 3Dfx acceleration - Smooth frame rate and photo-realistic graphics with rain, fog & snow effects.
Multiplayer Modes - Eight player network, modem, direct link & split screen.
7 International Courses - Race all tracks in mirror and reverse modes.
Customization - Includes gear ratios, downforce, brake bias, and difficulty level.
Multimedia Showcase - Videos, photos, and detailed supercar specification.
4 Camera Views While Racing - Heli-cam, tail-cam, in-car (*n/a with 3Dfx) and road-cam.
Replay Mode - 8 cinematic camera views.
Choose Your Racing Style - Simulation, arcade and wild modes.

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