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All-New Mechs. All-New Graphics. All-New Destruction.

You are a mercenary. Caught in a brutal war between two rival houses of the inner sphere. Honor and glory have yielded to betrayal and greed. Now a combat-hardened warrior, your quest leads you to pilot your Mech into darker, more desperate realms of the universe. Where victory means nothing... and power, fame, and the almighty C-Bill mean everything.

Unlimited Gameplay
Battle in over 30 Inner Sphere missions as you accumulate C-Bills to build an elite mercenary squad for the ultimate battle to save Terra. Or play unlimited random missions for all-out mercenary combat!

Money-Making Battles
Earn money and manage your Mechs, ammo, repairs and contracts. Salvage enemy kills from the field... and steal what you can't buy. Spend your C-Bills wisely or die!

Realistic Combat Effects
Smoking missiles, burning ruins, smoldering shrapnel and realistic damage create state-of-the-art battle physics. Amazing sound effects and original music compositions complete the action.

New Graphics Engine
Dazzling cinematics, stunning graphics and enhanced texture-mapped environments provide immersive game satisfaction.

Wage War on the Internet!
New multiplayer MercNet is ready for Internet play! Players can battle over the Internet or an LAN in 15 new missions. Or compete head-to-head via modem.

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