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Card Spoiler List by Eric42

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/16/04

Magic: The Gathering - DOS/Windows
Magic: The Gathering: Spells Of The Ancients - DOS/Windows
Powerful Deck Guide - written by Eric42 (eric42@gmail.com)
Version 1.00 - Initial public release - Monday, August 16, 2004
Magic: The Gathering - DOS/Windows - by Microprose
Magic: TG: Spells Of The Ancients - DOS/Windows - by Microprose

08/16/04 - Brand New!

                     MAGIC: THE GATHERING

 The purpose of this guide is to document very powerful decks that can
 be built in the two listed Microprose games.  As of this update, there
 are only two decks, but I am always willing to add any others that
 anyone out there is willing to send to me.

 I define power as a deck that controls the game or wins within a couple



 This deck wins most of it's games during the very first turn, making it
 one of the most powerful decks the Microprose games can produce.

  Lands         Spells               Artifacts
  8 Forest      4 Fireball           4 Black Lotus
  8 Mountain    4 Channel            4 Mox Emerald
  4 Taiga                            4 Mox Ruby
  Total Cards: 40

 In real life, this deck would cost over $4,000 to say the least, thanks
 to the Black Lotus and Moxes.

 The deck is very easy to play.  If in your initial hand, you can get
 at least 1 Black Lotus, 1 Mountain, 1 Channel, and 1 Fireball, you
 win the game.  Here's how...

 (You could get three of the Moxes in your initial hand and get the 
 first turn kill as well, but the cards listed above and explained 
 below use less cards so I explained it instead.)

 Play the Mountain and Black Lotus, then sac the Black Lotus for three 
 green mana, using two to play Channel. Then play Fireball (tapping 
 the Mountain), using the Channel to sac 19 of your life. For that last 
 point of damage, be sure to use the last remaining green mana from the 
 Black Lotus or else next step you'll take one point of damage from 
 mana and loose the game.

 You could instead get three Mox into inital hand and get the same
 results, but you would need at least two Mox Emerald.  You would need
 two green mana to cast Channel.


 Deck Name: Blue Death

 This deck controls the game out right.

  Lands          Spells                Artifacts
  16 Island      4 Ancestral Recall    4 Black Vise
                 4 Braingeyser         4 Mox Sapphire
                 4 Time Walk
                 4 Timetwister

  Total Cards: 40

 This deck in real life would also cost well over $4,000 to purchase.

 This deck defines what blue has always done best: Control.  With
 Ancestral Recall and Braingeyser, you draw enough cards to find all
 the Black Vise.  All the while you play you play Time Walk to keep
 your turns going and Timetwister to resuffle and have a second try
 at finding the cards you need.

 If done correctly, you can have all four Black Vise in play and have
 several cards in your opponent hand.  When I say several, I mean more
 than a dozen or two.


 If you would like to submit a deck, email me!  eric42@gmail.com

 * The deck MUST be powerful.  Deck that can't win right away, or control
 the game in some fashion aren't powerful.

Eric42 - eric42@gmail.com

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