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A puzzling diversion of 3D marbles, manic maneuvers and multiplayer action.
Ready...Set...Go! Marbles start to drop. Your collection keeps getting bigger. Work fast to line up three or more marbles and make them disappear. Five in a row eliminates the entire row and dumps more marbles on your opponent. Be careful, your opponent can do the same to you! It takes a quick hand, a keen eye and maniacal mind. Can you handle the pressure?
Watch out...you might just Lose Your Marbles!
Key features:
- One or two player capability with one keyboard or over a Local Area Network
- Multiple levels with bonus marbles and bonus rounds to challenge the novice to hard-core puzzle enthusiast
- Realistic sound effects and high-energy music
- Practice round for sharpening skills

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#587 easiest PC puzzle game (#4649 on PC, #19580 overall)


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