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When the throne of England sits empty, the sword rules. Just as all seems lost, your archers succeed. The barbarian lord's front line has fallen, but suddenly more attackers advance, and it is now clear you have underestimated their numbers. Your men are well armed with skull crushing maces, bone splitting broadswords and deadly pikes. The barbarian's poorly armed serfs are no match - still, they outnumber you seven to one - the battle can go either way. And what began as a campaign for control is now a fight for life.

Lords of the Realm II propels you into the epic conflicts and intrepid life of thirteenth century England. As one of five nobles, you manage crops, build weapons, construct a castle, and raise an army to conquer neighboring realms before they conquer you. Prepare to fight your way to the throne in the battle of your life. Because in the end, you're either king - or you're dead.

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