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Koala Lumpur, mystic marsupial, mistakenly utters an incantation starting a chain reaction which, if left unchecked, will lead to the Comedy Apocalypse. With your help, and some added firepower in the form of the infamous Dr. Dingo Tu-far, Koala will tempt the gods, save the comic universe, and maybe increase his karmic credit line!
You're in scary company... Supreme beings, armed with guilt and the knowledge of your secret desires, packs of wild dogs, even a brawny, broken hearted bunny fresh out of therapy and ready to get even. Not to mention flame throwers, nasty double crosses, and someone who wants to dress you up like dolly!
- Wild and groovin' 360 degree scrolling environments
- Four whacked out worlds filled with brain bending puzzles
- Comedy so outrageous we couldn't print it on the box

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