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Secrets Guide by intermp

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/07/2013

_________________________________STAR WARS®____________________________________

			   Mysteries of the Sith™

				Secrets Guide


			      (c) 2013 intermp

/ TOC \__Table of Contents_____________________________________________________

1.0  Introduction
2.0  Console Commands
	2.1  Cheat Commands
	2.2  Debugging Commands
3.0  Secret Areas & Easter Eggs
	3.1  Single Player
	3.2  Multiplayer
4.0  Miscellaneous Easter Eggs
5.0  Links
6.0  Credits
7.0  Version History
8.0  Legal
9.0  Contact

/ 1.0 \__Introduction__________________________________________________________

This unofficial guide is meant to serve as a comprehensive compilation of all
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteris of the Sith secrets, Easter eggs, and cheat
codes. I have searched the internet high and low to make sure I've covered
everything relevant to the guide. See the Links section for further info on
Jedi Knight.

/ 2.0 \__Console Commands______________________________________________________

The following cheat codes can be accessed by pressing the letter [T] key. This
will bring up the console command line at the top of the screen. Type in one of
the codes below and press [Enter] to activate the code.

______/ 2.1 \__Cheat Commands____________________________

Command:		Effect:
boinga (on/off)		Invulnerability (On/Off)
cartograph		Full Map
diediedie		All Weapons
freebird		Fly Mode
gameover		Skip to Next Level
gimmestuff		All Inventory Items
gospeedgo (on/off)	Slow Motion (On/Off)
iamagod			All Force Powers and Unlimited Force
kill			Suicide
statuesque (on/off)	Disable AI (On/Off)
trainme			Next Force Level
trixie			Full Mana

______/ 2.2 \__Debugging Commands________________________

Command:		Effect:
coords			Show Coordinates
dispstats		Display Statistics
endlevel		End Current Level
framerate		Display Frame Rate
kick (player name)	Kick Player
ping (player name)	Ping Player
team (#1-4)		Choose Team
version			Display Version Info
quickzap x		Warp to location on map

/ 3.0 \__Secret Areas & Easter Eggs____________________________________________

Finding secret areas in the game is important to increasing your Jedi powers.
By finding all secret areas within a level, you will gain one extra force
experience star at the end of that level. You can assign these stars to
increase your Jedi abilities. This is a comprehensive list of all secret areas
for each level in the game. A small description of how to find each area will
be provided.

You can view how many secret areas you have found within each level by pressing
[Esc], then clicking on "Objectives".

______/ 3.1 \__Single Player_____________________________

Level 1: New Republic Base On Altyr 5
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 6
1) In the room where the stormtroopers blast the wall, there is a ledge that
   you can force jump to. Once up there, force jump through a hole to the area
2) In a green room that has seven door ways, there is a fancy portion of the
   ceiling. The area is hollow and houses a secret at either end.
3) Opposite the side of secret 2.
4) In the hallway leading from the room with the flickering light, there is a
   slashable grate to your right that hides a secret.
5) After you turn on the auxiliary power, enter the power plant room and jump
   over the railing. Slash the grate below.
6) In the cargo room before you meet the ATST, you will find a slashable grate
   in the far left corner of the room.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 2: Asteroid Crust
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 6
1) Near the Security Check Point, you will find a hole in the wall off to the
   far left side of the room. Go in and drop down as far as possible, crouch
   and you should see secret 1.
2) This one is tough. Above the far tower, there is an opening that you have to
   force jump to. Once you make it up, you must carefully drop down to a ledge
   below. Grab the items and return to the far right edge. You must do a
   controlled force jump to get back up to the ledge above.
3) Ride the malfunctioning lift to the bottom of it's movement. At the bottom,
   drop into the hole in the wall.
4) In the area with a large blast door, you can go towards a y-junction. Use
   the switch at junction to open a floor above. Kyle will say, "I wonder what
   that did." Go out the blast doors and back up the elevator into the
   facility. There will be a hole in the ground in the supply area.
5) As you take the floater down the large opening, you can jump off to a ledge
   on one side that contains secret 5. This is just before the bottom of the
   cavern and the end of the level.
6) At the bottom of the cavern, there is a large machine. Behind it, you will
   find a drop off with a few ledges on the near end. One of these ledges is
   secret area 6.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 3: Asteroid Core
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 1
1) At the top of a room with a winding ramp system, there is a door that is
   originally locked. Wait for gonk to come up and open the door for you to
   access the secret area.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 4: Self Destruct and Escape
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 2
1) Above the fire control room where you begin the level is secret 1. Run
   outside onto the walkway and use force Jump to get onto the roof.
2) When you are near the cooling chamber, you will find an cylindrical area
   with walkways on the edge. In the center is a room, that can be accessed
   through an opening on one side. The center area has a cross shaped platform
   at the top. Use force jump to get onto the walkway and find secret 2.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 5: Ka'Pa the Hutt's Palace
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 3
1) When you first enter the area with many window ledges, secret 1 is below
   where you emerge into the area. Drop forward to the ledge in front of you,
   turn around, then fall down to the ledge on the right.
2) Located at the top of a court yard behind a closed door. Secret 2 is an area
   behind some shelves. You can get in by crawling under one fo the shelves.
3) After emerging from the water and climing up to the building above, there is
   a grate in the floor. Slash the grate and fall down through. Below is a
   sewer that leads to secret 3. Keep exploring and you will emerge again
   through a hole above the water area.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 6: Katraasii Space Port
Force Stars: 0
Secret Areas: 0
While there aren't any official secret areas in this level, there are a lot of
hidden areas that contain goodies. Make sure you jump on top of structures,
jump through curtains, etc. to make sure you find all the good stuff.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Katraasii Droid Ballet Studio: It is only enterable if the player takes the
   time to follow a particularly slow-moving droid through the streets of
   Katraasii. Reaching the room will not affect or advance the scenario, but it
   does contain some very large health and shield replenishes, as well as a
   small ammo deposit. The door that you enter is located in a cove underneath
   a very high window. Make sure you take the path inside the studio that leads
   to this window to pick up more goodies.

Level 7: Katraasii Space Port, Part B
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 11
1) From the start walk around the left corner and into a house. The secret is
   under the stairs.
2) If you head right from the start, force jump up to the roof with the gold
3) When you get to the other side of a crashed transport blocking your way, go
   through the tall door and force jump to the area on your left. Cut through
   the grate.
4) From the last secret area, force jump to the house on the right of the tall
   door. Go into the first room on your right and use activate on the bed to
   reveal a secret area below.
5) Walk through the house and down the stairs. There will be an Ugnaught under
   the stairway. The secret area is with him.
6) When you reach outside, force jump to the roof across. Walk down the stairs
   and into the house.
7) Before you leave the house through the front door, look up and force jump on
   top of a ledge before the exit door.
8) After you ride the transport up to the catwalk, walk across the archway you
   come acrossafter reaching a rooftop.
9) Inside one of the shops you reach will be a fan in the ceiling. Force jump
   up to it.
10) Around the corner from the Cantina is a ledge with a 10-sided window. Force
    jump up to it.
11) Just after the Cantina there is a white archway. Force jump up to it.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 8: Takara's Stronghold
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 4
1) After you get your lightsaber back, go back through the pipes until you
   reach a grate. Slice through it.
2) In the room with the conveyer belt and droid arm, jump down below and slice
   through the grate. Drop down to a secret area with weaponry and a Bacta Tank
   you can jump inside.
3) In the room with the transport and the water, jump up the boxes onto the
   railing and walk along it to a revive in the corner.
4) After crossing the room with the electrified water, go into the small room
   with the loft.  Climb up the beam or force jump up, shoot the fuel tanks and
   head inside the secret area.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 9: New Republic Ship
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 7
1) In the white hallway, activate the button on the right and use the blaster
2) After crossing the broken corridor in the electicity room, drop down from
   the far side onto the broken corridor.
3) After activating the droid switch, hurry and run back into the little room
   where the droid came from.
4) After the droid opens the door, push it to the other room where the droid is
   kept, and it will be opened. Make sure not to shoot anything because the
   droid will go berserk and you won't be able to push it.
5) In the cargo area where the crates are being lifted up, shoot the coloured
   window and jump inside. (Lasers don't work.)
6) After finding the empty Holocron room, go into the room on the right and
   push the stacks of crates away to show a grate. Slice through and hop
7) Force jump up to the top when you're inside the last secret area.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 10: Orbiting Ship Yards
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 4
1) After killing the large droid for the key, blow up the wall on the left side
   of the area.
2) After the second deadly fan, jump across the hole in the shaft instead of
   jumping down.
3) In the dark corridors with electricity, in one of the places you can stop
   there will be four holes in the ceiling. Force Jump up one of them.
4) After the last secret area, cut the two circuits on the sides of the room
   and jump down into the hole in the center.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 11: Kaerobani's Base
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 2
1) When you reach the second yellow vent that blows you out of the halls, jump
   inside the left opening and run to the end.  Then cut the grate on your left
   and go inside quickly.
2) After you cut a grate to flood a room, go out and to your left. Around the
   corner on the wall is an opening. Swim through it.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 12: Dromund Kaas Swamp
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 8
1) After you pass the Watcher, go left at the fork to a pool of water with a
   dianoga inside. Kill it and jump in the water.
2) In the next cavern with one tall tree, use force speed and force jump to get
   onto the tall ledge on the far left of the cave.
3) In the cavern with the dart flowers, jump up to the far left or far right of
   the ledge past the tree. Kill the ysalamiri and force jump up the ledge
   above that.
4) In the room with the crossing tree trunks, before Dark Mara, force jump up
   the tree from the opposite side.  On the higher end will be a force surge.
5) After Dark Mara, and after you cut through the vines in the area where you
   swim under water, head down and to the right into a small alcove in the
6) After coming out of the water, jump on top of the hill directly infront of
   you. On the other side is a ledge above you. Force Jump to it.
7) A little further forward, there will be a stone pillar sticking out of the
   ground in the center. There is a small, dark alcove to your upper left.
   Force jump into it.
8) In the next cavern, force jump onto the eerie green tree. Kill the ysalamiri
   and force jump up onto the ledge above that.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 13: Sith Temple
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 5
1) In the courtyard near the beginning, enter the first building to your left
   and head into the corner on the right where there is a pool of water.Swim
2) In the underwater room with the faces on the wall, turn on force seeing and
   swim inside the second opening.
3) In the same underwater room, swim to the end and go to the room with three
   Vornskrs. Kill them, and use force seeing to see past one of their rooms.
4) In the hallway with four symmetrical rooms (two on each side), head to the
   end and use Force Seeing. Swim into the pool of water at the end of the
5) In the room with the water and two dianogas, swim in the water and slice the
   large grate in the corner of the room.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 14: Sith Temple Catacombs
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 4
1) From the main chamber, take the left path and reach the small pool of water.
   Use Force Seeing and swim to the bottom.
2) Further on the left path, in the room with the fast moving water, swim
   against the current and use Force Seeing to see a cave on the bottom right
   corner of the room. Swim into the cave.
3) From the main chamber, take the right path and reach the hole. Jump down the
   hole once and move to the left. Run (don't jump) to the ledge across from
4) After Dark Kyle runs off, force jump to the ledge. When you reach an
   elevator, activate it but don't ride up it. Use Force Seeing and jump into
   the elevator shaft.

Easter Eggs: 0

______/ 3.2 \__Multiplayer_______________________________

/ 4.0 \__Miscellaneous Easter Eggs_____________________________________________

Aurebesh Inscriptions
Aurebesh inscriptions can be seen on camera screens reading "DISABLED" for
disabled cameras. Also, the New Republic Corvette schematics seen on a screen
of the bridge reads "WARNING" in Aurebesh.

Hidden Bespin Level
The game has a hidden level which allows the player to take the role of Luke
Skywalker during his visit to Bespin in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes
Back. The website that LucasArts released this information on was well and
truly hidden with no pages linking to the required files. Discovery of this
page spread only by word of mouth. Here are the instructions:

1. If there isn't one already, create a new directory in your MotS directory
   called "Episode".
2. Inside the "Episode" directory, create another directory called
   "MotS Secret Level".
3. Unzip the UNSUPPORTED.ZIP file, which can be found in the
   "GameData/Resource/Video" directory of your Mysteries of the Sith CD.
4. Copy the "jkl" and "cog" directories from UNSUPPORTED.ZIP into the
   "MotS Secret Level" directory.
5. Download this file:
6. Copy the file episode.jk to the "MotS Secret Level" directory.
7. Run Mysteries of the Sith.
8. Select "Single Player".
9. Select "New Game".
10. Choose "MotS Secret Level" from the episode list.

/ 5.0 \__Links_________________________________________________________________

This section provides links to many sources that go into great depth about
Jedi Knight. I used most of these links to find many secret codes and areas
that I couldn't figure out on my own.

General Info	http://www.jediknight.net/

Secrets		http://www.jediknight.net/trail/guide.html

Walkthroughs	http://www.gamefaqs.com/

/ 6.0 \__Credits_______________________________________________________________

Thanks to all of those who helped with this guide by contributing to the
Jedi Knight universe of codes and FAQs. These people include:

Scott St. Jean (Trail's Guide)
MacDaddy Mike (Michael Maczynski)
Edward Ropple

/ 7.0 \__Version History_______________________________________________________

Version:	1.0
Date:		4/7/2013
Details:	First release of the guide.

/ 8.0 \__Legal_________________________________________________________________

Copyright 2013 intermp.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you use the information provided in this guide to make your own guide,
please give credit where due.

/ 9.0 \__Contact_______________________________________________________________

If you find any other secrets, errors, typos, or misinformation in this FAQ,
please let me know via email and I will update it as soon as possible. Thank
you for downloading this guide.


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