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FAQ by ERopple

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/30/1999

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2/Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith FAQ

Written by Edward Ropple (IG88_Darinn on Microsoft Gaming Zone)

Version 1.12, Last Update 8/30/99
Copyright 1999 Edward Ropple

                          IMPORTANT INFO
  You may not edit this FAQ in any way, except to add HTML code
  for viewing on a Web Page. To be allowed to place this on a
  web page, you must email the author at one of the emails at
  the bottom of this document. You may not sell this for any
  amount of money (That means you, kiddies.) without prior
  WRITTEN consent of the author. These may be waived at the
  author's consent.

                          VERSION HISTORY
  Version 1 - Started the FAQ. A full list of weapons and a
              full list of Force powers included. Some cheats

  Version 1.1 - Made the FAQ JK and MotS both. Things with a *
                mean it is MotS only. Things with a + are JK
                specific. More cheats included, for both games.
  Version 1.11 - Whoo hoo. Added a link to the Cheat Empire.

                           THINGS NEEDED
  - A good ASCII artist for a title.
  - Any tips for playing, either MP or singleplayer.
  - Mission walkthroughs (I don't like writing those :P)
  - Almost anything else.

  To my knowledge, this is the first FAQ on the web for Jedi
  Knight: MotS, and the second on Jedi Knight! Well this is 
  just starting now, so check back every 3 weeks or so and see 
  if I updated. That's all for now so read on!

                                                ~Edward Ropple

                            WEAPON LIST

  Okay. This is the most fun part of the FAQ. (feral grin) The
  weapon stats are laid out as such (dual weapons are in the
  same entry):

  Weapon: <weapon name>
  Ammo: <ammo type (rails, energy, charges, TDs, power, or none)>
  Effectiveness: <score from 1 to 5, 5 the best>
  Comments: <well duh...>
  So lets get started.

  Weapon: Fist/Lightsaber
  Ammo: None/None
  Effectiveness: 3.5/4.5
  Comments: Most people don't like the fist. They must be on
  crack or something. It works as well as a blaster pistol,
  and in MP does direct damage to the target's health (no more
  shooting through shields if you can get in close). The saber
  of course is better, but is easy to avoid by jumping over the
  opponent, while the fist is quicker and can be used faster.
  Wide slashes rock with the saber--if you can hit with em.

  Weapon: Bryar Pistol/Blastech DL-44 Pistol*
  Ammo: 1 Energy/1-4 Energy
  Effectiveness: 2/3
  Comments: Both are mostly the same. However, you can charge
  up the Blastech and unload one shot with heavy damage. Very
  slow to shoot, but work good against anything that doesn't
  shoot big BOOM attacks like Trandoshans and some Grans.
  Fairly useless in MP :(

  Weapon: Stormtrooper Rifle/Electroscope Rifle*
  Ammo: 2 Energy/3 Energy
  Effectiveness: 2.5/5
  Comments: The stormie rifle is good, but the Electroscope
  rifle is a sniper's (i.e. me) dream. The stormie rifle is
  FAST, but the Electroscope packs MAJOR punch. When you get
  an E-scope, use it from a dark area to get max effect. In MP,
  using an E-scope while being a Scout does not make any noise.
  A regular stormie rifle, while holding down primary, does a
  good job of making saberists not be able to attack, as long
  as you do not attack from a 20 degree arc in front.

  Weapon: Thermal Detonators/Flash Bomb*
  Ammo: 1 TD/1 FB
  Effectiveness: 2/1
  Comments: These suck. TDs are no good except in close where
  you will take damage too. If you need equipment and only have
  these, take two blaster bolts and call me from the grave.

  Weapon: Bowcaster
  Ammo: 1-5 Power
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: Not good. The best feature is the Z key boltbouncer.
  Holding primary is good in a situation where you need power
  fast. The thing that is annoying the most is that it is called
  a CROSSBOW ingame! Don't the programmers read their own products?
  By that I mean the books and their own instruction manuals.

  Weapon: Repeater
  Ammo: 1-3 Power
  Effectiveness: 4
  Comments: MUAHAHAHA!!! This baby rocks. Z key is OK, but primary
  is good when you need to thin out a crowd. Watch it though, this
  thing drains ammo quickly. Use it like you would use a chaingun
  in other games. The trick that works with the stormie rifle on
  saberists works here too.

  Weapon: Rail Detonator/Seeker Rail Detonator*
  Ammo: 1 Rail/1 Seeker Rail
  Effectiveness: 4/5
  Comments: Hail to the kings! Regular Rail Detonator is good for
  making "passes" and shooting Z key to stick the rail. A regular
  primary shot is lame. Seeker rails are the same, except primary
  is actually usable.

  Weapon: Automatic Sequencer Charge/Manual Sequencer Charge*
  Ammo: 1 Charge/1 Charge
  Effectiveness: 3.5/3.5
  Comments: Auto is good with Z key for traps and primary is
  good up close - drop and run. Manual is good if you can see the
  targets from a secluded location (cameras are ideal).

  Weapon: Concussion Rifle
  Ammo: 4 or 8 Power
  Effectiveness: 4.5
  Comments: As I prefer sniping, long range is a dream for me.
  Secondary is good up close, where I stay far enough away to get
  a shot off, then sidestep, go forward, sidestep back, walk back,
  sidestep again (forming a square) then shoot again. Rinse and

  Weapon: Carbonite Gun*
  Ammo: Indeterminate
  Effectiveness: 0.5
  Comments: Two words: THIS SUCKS!!! 'Nuff said. Don't even 

                           FORCE POWERS

  I don't know them all, so here they are in no particular order
  and same format as the weapons except Ammo is gone.

  Power: Grip
  Effectiveness: 5
  Comments: Use and abuse, and abuse some more. Combined with 
  Blindness, this rocks. Nothing else to say about this baby.

  Power: Speed
  Effectiveness: 2
  Comments: Doesn't help too much, but it helps somewhat. More
  stars increase duration.

  Power: Jump
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: BBOINNGG! Against Grip, this is great. More stars make
  the jump higher.

  Power: Projection*
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: Useless, IMNSHO, in single player. The projection
  doesn't go on a lift, so it is kinda lame. Players may not
  always be the brightest bulbs on the tree, but they aren't
  THAT stupid.

  Power: Chain Lightning*
  Effectiveness: 2
  Comments: Not as useless as I thought before (it chains slightly)
  but still pretty bad. You REQUIRE 4 stars to get anything out of

  Power: Destuction
  Effectiveness: 3.5
  Comments: One word: Ouch. Fairly good if you get a good hit.
  Splash damage works though.

  Power: Push*
  Effectiveness: 2.5
  Comments: Only useful in the carbonfreeze multiplayer level,
  and on occasional switches.

  Power: Healing
  Effectiveness: 2
  Comments: It, obviously, heals you. Each star heals you 20
  points, but it sucks up your force power fast.

  Power: Seeing
  Effectiveness: 4
  Comments: It blocks both Persuasion and Blindness. Very good.

  Power: Blindness
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: Not too good unless combined with Grip. I think stars
  increase duration, but I'm not sure.

  Power: Persuasion
  Effectiveness: 2
  Comments: Easily blocked by Seeing, and the whine gives it away.

  Power: Absorb
  Effectiveness: 1
  Comments: Not worth the stars. It does not block much power either.

  Power: Lightning+
  Effectiveness: 3.5
  Comments: WHOA! This is tons better than MotS's cheap Chain
  Lightning. Think Palpatine on crack and you have this baby.

  Power: Deadly Sight
  Effectiveness: 4
  Comments: Combine this with Grip and Blindness, and it does heavy
  damage. Otherwise, leave it alone. Only lasts seven seconds :(

  Power: Protection
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: Not really worth the stars either, but sometimes it

  Power: Defense*
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: If it wasn't for the oppressively high cost (2 stars per
  level) I'd give this a 5. Otherwise, it gets a 3.

  Power: Saber Throw*
  Effectiveness: 3
  Comments: Think boomerang, only it cuts apart anything. Easy kills.

                         MULTIPLAYER TIPS
  - Against a Rail Detonator or a Concussion Rifle, always keep
    moving to the side to avoid possible attacks. You can't 
    outrun a Seeker, so you MUST drop from a very high place to
    avoid it, and hope it blows before it blows YOU.
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple 
  - In saber fights, jump over other saberists to get a free
    attack at their back.
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple

  - Against someone using a saber, you can jump over them to
    get away.
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple
  - Good snipers like me can hit with a Concussion Rifle at very
    long range (completely across an area the size of Canyon
    Oasis) with perfect accuracy. Keep moving and you can avoid
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple

                           SINGLEPLAYER TIPS
  - Hoard ammo. If you have a choice between a Rail Detonator
    or a pistol against any small-arms foe (Stormtrooper,
    Commando, or Officer) use the pistol unless you have low 
    health and need to avoid getting hit, then Rails are good.
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple

  - Long range pistol shots do really low damage. Avoid at any
    cost, except when above.
                                   Submitted by Edward Ropple
  I am not gonna discuss the "ethical" implications of cheats.
  Now for your cheating pleasure...hit T to bring the console
  up. Then type in the cheat. These don't work in MP, so don't
  bother :P

                           Jedi Knight
  sithlord - All neutral and dark forces.
  imayoda - All neutral and light forces.
  red5 - All weapons.
  yodajammies - Full mana.
  wamprat - All inventory.
  bactame - Full health.
  thereisnotry - Go to next level.
  jediwannabe on - Invincibility on.
  jediwannabe off - Invincibility off.
  raccoonking - All forces, dark and light.

                       Mysteries of the Sith

  diediedie - All weapons, but lowered force.
  iamagod - All powers and full force
  gameover - Skip to the next level
  boinga on - Invincibility on.
  boinga off - Invincibility off.
  trainme - Go to next force level.
  gimmestuff - All inventory.
  trixie - Full mana.
  I won't add any more cheats now, this is all I know except for
  a few prone-to-crashing codes.


  GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
  IG88_Darinn's Page of JK (www.angelfire.com/me3/JKMotS)
  Cheat Empire (home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts)
  Edward Ropple's Page of FAQs (www.angelfire.com/me3/ERFAQs)

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