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FAQ by BigD

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/20/2001

         _________     ________     _____     _________
        |____ ____|   |  ______|   |  __ \   |____ ____|
            \ \       | |___       | |  \ |      | |
             \ \      |  ___|      | |  | |      | |
            _/ /      | |______    | |_/ /    ___| |___
           |__/       |________|   |____/    |_________|     
          _   __    __     __   ______    _____  __   __   ________
         | | / /   |  \   |  | |__  __|  / ____||  | |  | |___  ___|
         | |/ /    | |\\  |  |    ||    | / ___ |  |_|  |     ||
         |   /     | | \\ |  |    ||    | ||_ _||   _   |     || 
         | \ \     | |  \\|  | ___||__  | \_/ | |  | |  |     ||
         |_|\_\    |_|   \___||_______| \_____| |__| |__|     ||
                           And MotS
V 1.3 

This is my (That is BigD) first ever FAQ. However... I intend on putting 
all the information that I know into this walkthrough. All in all.... it 
should take about 5 kb..... ohh.... you only want the stuff about this 
game?! I thought I need to put everything that I knew full stop.. so 
this will be about 1 byte... nah.. I know alot about this game so I'm 
gonna put it all in....(wy the hell did I just say that???)
(Ohh By the way, if anyone can, I need a better title, I just felt like 
trying so it sucks greatly[although I'll still keep on trying.... 

Though before we start lets just sort out "the Author" Section:
1. The Author:

Name: BigD

E-Mail:IQ6001@Hotmail.com(I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!)send anything to me that 
you want me to say.. any contributions.. any questions.. anything I want 

Zone Name: Rain_BigDJH0-ex name now.  If you have JK or MotS... go to 
the zone(www.zone.com)u can blow other people up all around the world 
(They also support alot of other games as well so go there).

(You may be wondering why I have the word "Rain" infront of my name. I'm 
a member of the SithRainMakers.... their homepage is  
http://www.geocities.com/sithrainmakers/ go there to see what we're 
about..... or not as the case may be...) 

Indeed the Rain clan has now died... however, 5 of the surviving members 
hae created a new clan..... THE LORDS OF LEGEND!!!!

so now my Zone name is :  LL_BigD   If u see me on, msg me and tell me 
how great the faq is....hehehe  
Right now however, we are looking for new recruits, JK + MOTS talent 
that we can use against the forces of EVIL.... or other clans.... either 
of which.... if you wish to join, find me on the net or mail me, I'll 
test you.... and we can see what happens....

Other FAQs:
Working on a EVO search for Eden EVO guide(bit of a difference in games 
really isn't it, I also like RPGs, so if anyone has something to say 
about that, mail me, I enjoy the feed back), not finished.
Considering several things..... but, there are to many good faqs out 
there that I might have thought about but they won't get posted so I 
won't bother, If I do see anything.... WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Authors starting note:
I'm sure none of u have actually read this author section, and probably 
never will, but never mind. I just want to add here, that although that 
this a serious walkthro, I want to make it enjoyable for the readers, 
cos I like that, having a laugh, we all do.... but if my lame attempts 
at jokes annoy anyone, mail me..... ^_^  ...... I've got 9 already 
haven't I? I HAVEN'T EVEN POSTED THIS YET?!?!?! JEES..... I'm gonna put 
the jokes i anyway.... HAHAHAHAHA
2. Version History

1.3  20/8/01 
Long time no see huh? 
Finally got some Qs, got a couple of mails, thanx to those. It makes 
writing this worth it. Carried on with the secrets. Still waiting for 
more though. Added some other minor things, guide to sending Qs. more 
info on the author section, changed the copywrite and had another go at 
the good old title... I NEED HELP WITH THAT!!! anyone got the time...?. 
just a general checkup before I do my next update.... COMING SOON!!!!!

1.2  2/6/01
Added Neoseekers.com to the "where can I find this FAQ" thing.
Started secrets. Few other changes, speelings... I mean spellings 

1.1  1/06/01

After I sent this up to gameFAQs, I realised that there was alot of 
stuff I forgot to change... so here we go:
changed V1.0 hist because I missed some out. Couple of typos...
Added Force Defend to MotS now. Added a bit on Force Projection. Added a 
bit on the end of cheats. Added MotS intro. Carried on with MotS weapons 
and finished them.


I'm gonna change the version number every time I change something on 
each day that I do. Considering I intend on doing alot today... might as 
well. I've decided to leave the story as it is because I want to get on 
with the gameplay and send it to be posted. =)
Finished JK weapons and started MotS. Finished JK & MotS Forces. 
Finished some stratergies. Finished thanks, cheats, copyright crap. 

0.9   30/05/01  (Note that I am English..... We do it our way) 
      05/30/01 If it will make u lot happy......

Started writing this...... just saw that there is a very large space for 
FAQS about this game at GameFAQs so I'll write this and give it to 
anyone that wants it =)
Finished Author section and contents started story.... realised I had 
started too late so now I'm gonna go to sleep....zzzzz....zzzzzz...

3. Contents:

1. About the Author

2. Version history.

3. Contents (The bit your reading now!)

4. The Story...... if you can be bothered to read it. ^_^ (UNFINISHED)

5. Weapons
  a. Jedi Knight
  b. MotS S

6. Force Powers
  a. JK
  b. MotS 

7. Single Player Stratergies }
  Both                       }
8. Multiplayer Stratergies   }More to come at a later date.
  a. Both                    }
  b. JK                      }
  c. MotS                    }

9. FAQ

10. Secrets (UNFINISHED)

11. For all the cheaters out there & For those that just can't get 

12. Thanks and Contributers

13. Legal Junk
In later editions:  (possibly)

Walkthrough of levels for JK & MotS

Characters in game (ie. Kyle, Jerec, Jan)

Speciallities of the personalities.

And more (if I can think of something)


4. The Story

I'm guessing that if your reading this FAQ then you own the game and 
there for know the story. If you haven't got the game, Why are you 
reading this???? You should be out there buying it. But if u don't want 
to... u can read up on the story here. Of course, those that are playing 
the game might want to find out the story on their own then I will leave 
a ======== line where the story Ie the games/cutscenes come into play.

Intro. (taken from the game)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Dark Forces II
Jedi Knight

Since the destruction of the second DEATH STAR, the Rebel Alliance has 
begun the difficult process of building the New Republic.

Seizing the oppertunity for control of the galaxy, new rival armies 

The most dangerous of these are the DARK JEDI. Their leader, JEREC, 
seeks the legendary VALLEY OF THE JEDU.

Withen this lost battleground he will find the untold power to destroy 
peace and justice in the galaxy...

Enter Story Here (I'm gonna write basically the cutscenes in here with 
an added bit here and there)
MotS Intro. (Also taken from the game)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Mysteries of the Sith

It has been more than five years since Jerec was defeated at the valley 
of the Jedi.
Kyle Katarn, continuing his pursuit of the light side of the force, has 
joined the fragile New Republic in the struggle againts the remanents 
of the Empire.
To aid their cause, Kyle has traveled to a remote base in the Altyr 
system, accompanied by Mara Jade, a young smuggler who sought out Kyle 
in the hope that he might further her Jedi training.
Mara, once a powerful agent of the Emperor, was swayed from the dark 
path by Luke Skywalker. She now seeks knowledge of her re-emerging 
power and the role she will play in the continuing struggle for the 
Enter MotS story here. (I'll finish it later, OK???)

5. Weapons

a. Jedi Knight

[Number to press] [Name]
Best time of use:

1. The Fists
Description: Come on people! If you can't guess what these are and what 
they do...... go play with something that doesn't require a 
mind!!!!So...... yes... they are your fists.
PF: Left Jab. Quick succsession.
SF: Right Hook. Slow but powerful.

Best time: hmmm..... IMO, They suck, if you have the light-sabre use 
that instead. Getting up really close is difficult. Although if you 
coupled force persasion with force speed you could get in there quickly. 
Of course the fists do have an added bonus if you can use them. You 
don't have to worry about shields... about ten hits of a left jab can 
quite possibly kill someone in MP. In SP, don't use th fists unless one 
of 2 things occur. 1. You have a low amount of energy/power cells left 
and haven't got the sabre. 2. you have no energy/power cells left and 
haven't got the sabre. Simple enough.

2. The Bryar Pistol
Energy Cells
Description: Your good old trusty pistol. This is the first gun you 
start out with and you'll probably use it alot. Energy cells are easy to 
find but the stormtrooper rifle uses them up way to fast at the 
begginning of the game. And we don't want to run around with no ammo  
now do we? So we use the Bryar pistol. More Acurate than the stormy 
rifle but less powerful. Still... if you are under 50 energy cells at 
the begining of the game use this. Oh yeah... PF(primary fire) and SF 
(Have a guess....... Allright I'll tell you Secondary Fire) are both the 

Times of use: Like I said above, use it over the stormy rifle if low
on ammo or if you want to do a accurate shoot on some one far away.

3. The Stormtrooper Rifle.
Energy Cells
Description: The second gun in the game and the one you'll probably use 
the most until you recieve the repeater. Fast, moderatly powerful, but 
extremly inaccurate. Each bolt will consume 2 energy cells which can 
fast led to an empty magazine if your not care full. PF & SF are the 

Best time to use: Use it if in close range or if you want to clear a 
large crowd (or of course you could use te concussion to clear a  
crowd.... he he he..... =) )

4. Thermal Detonaters.
Description. Wanna make someone go boom??? DON'T USE THESE THEN. 
Seriously, these are pretty useless... mostly. However there are times 
where they are vital. For example.... The cargo area of the first level, 
you know the sceret there right? Oh well it'll be in the secret section
if I ever get around to doing it =), anyway... you get there and there 
are three thermal detenaters. Now, all the dumb Grans (thanks to the 
incredably stupid AI) all crowd around the bottem of the box. The best  
way of getting rid of them is throwing a timed TD across the the other 
side, watch it bounce back and blow up. he he he. Or atleast I think you 
can throw it across, if not, just throw it down. 
PF:Throw, explodes as soon as it makes conntact with the surface (any 
SF:Time explosion. Throw it and it will bounce around for about 3 secs, 
then it will go bang! 
Best time to use: Like I said above, there are only certain times that 
you should use them. Also, if you have a corner that you think that 
there is something there, bounce a SF round the corner and see what 

5. The Bowcaster (CrossBow)
Power Cells
Description: Ahhh yes, The Wookie Bowcaster, you may be wondering why 
its called a Crossbow??? Well thats because its a Wookie crossbow, they 
make them theirselves, so how sand people end up with them is anyones 
guess. I suppose they stole the idea and made their own?? Any one verify 
that for me?????? Anyway, this is a usefulish sort of gun, not widely 
used but it does have its uses.
PF: Hold down and charge up, can send up to 5 bolts of energy flying 
outwards that do moderate damage.
SF: Now this can be very useful. The gun magnetically seals a bolt of 
energy and fires. This bolt can now bounce around the level and will 
stop after about 3 hits of a wall or instantly as it hits some one.

Uses: Well, the obvious use is of course, bouncing round corners. You 
could lay in ambush around a corner, wait for some one to come up(force 
seeing could be useful for this) bouce it round the corner and u get a 
free hit without getting hurt. That could mean life or death in MP. 
Also, the spread can be used to take out alot of stormies say, in one 
area. But another use of PF would be charge up and fire all into one  
person up close. Useful.

6. REPEATER!!!! 
Power Cells
Desc: OH YES!!!! This has got to be the favorite gun of alot of people. 
Each shot isn't that powerful but boy does it fire FAST!!!! Extreamly  
fast, fires in an exact straight line, any draw backs? Definetly. Ammo. 
It uses up more ammo faster than any other, but it still is great. IMO 
of course.
PF. Fires extremly rapid stream of bolts.
SF Fires three at the same time, slower so not advisable.

Uses. Simple enough, straight out meelees. With any luck, they'll be 
dead before they can fire 2 shots. of course that might not happen but 
hey, what the hell. There is also the possibility of sniping, but it 
would be a bit obvious on where it is comeing from...... 

7. Rail Charge Launcher.
Rail Charges
Desc: Flying explosives hey..... hmmm, what can I do with these... Come 
on. These IMO are pretty damn good. Sometimes they can be life savers. 
For example I shall use a word equation:
Large group of stormies+well place rail charge= not so many stormies. HA 
ha ha. Incase you still haven't worked it out... This can take out a 
large group of them without much personal injury.
PF.Lauches Rail charge that explodes on contact
SF.Launches Rail Charge that explodes after 5 secs of launching.

Uses: See the description, simple enough. There is also a possible team 
play use. I can't remember if this works but it should. Fisrt, make sure 
that you can't kill the team mate. Then Launch a sec fire at him/her and 
get that person to run straight at an enemy (prefarable lots of them) 
Then, get as close as you can, probably swinging the lightsabre wildly 
and wait for it to blow up. Then whilst the confusion is rampaging, the 
person that fired the Rail, can go in and clean up.

8. Sequencer charges.
Desc. Simply enough, the charges are simply explosives that can be layed 
on the floor, and then blown up. Thats it.

PF. Run like mad before using this, they blow up almost instantly.
SF. Easy enough to understand, they become mines. There for, anything 
that comes near them gets blown up.

Uses: Hmmm... not to great really. PF might get rid of a sabre weilding 
maniac thats chasing you and SF might allow you to hide in a corner, 
without getting killed cos no one will come near you. Other than that, 
most players in MP are stupid enough to run into them. As for SP, I      
wouldn't bother.

9. Concusion Rifle.
Power cells.
Desc. OH YEAH DO I LIKE THIS BABY!!! You want to kill something or  
somethings? get away from it and press PF. A few good hits will take 
someone down easily. Like the Rail Launcher, use it to take out alot of 
people in one shot. The splash damage is pretty wide as well.
SF. If they're too close, use this. all the power, no splash.

Uses: Like the Rail Launcher, Blow stuff up. If you're acurate, this 
makes a brilliant snipers tool, lots of power.

0. The LightSabre.
Desc. The weapon of the Jedi, not as crude or as random as a blaster, 
the sabre is for people that like to settle fights close up. And you an
do some serious damage. Of course the sabre has the added bonus of being 
able to deflect blaster bolts. Just don't try to deflect the concusion, 
IT DON'T WORK!!!!!! 
PF. Quick, too handed swings. Narrow line of "Fire".
SF. Slow but wide, one handed. Useful for taking out lots at one time.

Uses: Deflecting, cutting through grates, killing jedi... need I say 
more? I do? ohh well, I can't think of much more. For some stratergies, 
look at the stratergies section.

b. MotS Weapons.

Seeing how none of the old weapons have changed, I won't say much about 
them, just look under the JK section.
Same layout as before.

1. Fists/ LightSabre.
Nothing new here except that the light sabre is on 0.

2. Bryar/Blastech.
Energy Cells.
Desc: Bryar is the same. But now we have the first new weapon along the 
keyboard. The Blastech is similar to the Bryar but fires slightly 
faster. Secondly it has a SF. Specifically, you can charge it up to fire 
a more condensed bolt.
PF. Slightly faster bolts than the Bryar.
SF. Charge her up and let her go.

Uses: Same as the Bryar almost. One thing that you can do is now charge 
up before you enter a new area and then let it fly so you can take at 
least one out on the first volley.

3. Stormtrooper rifle/scope.
Energy cells.
Desc. Stormies rifle is the same, but finally snipers get a scope. This 
sends an extremly strong bolt with exact accuracy. Also, if your a 
scout, this makes no sound (I think, well there is one class that does 
that, I'll verify later).
PF: Fires powerful bolt.
SF: Toggles Auto zoom/manual zoom. (Manual zoom is jump to zoom in, 
crouch to zoom out)

4. Thermal Detonaters/ Flash grenades.
Desc. Thermal are the same. Flash grenades can be described simply as 
force blinding in a weapon. If there are a large group of people, and 
you want to blind them, use this. The closer the explosion occurs, the 
more blinded and longer the blindness.
PF: Same effect of PF for TDs just with the added blinding
SF: Same Effect of SF for TDs just with the added blinding

5. CrossBow Bowcaster.
Desc. Nothing new here.

6. Repeater.
Power cells
Desc. Nothing New here.

7. Rail charges/ seeking rail launchers.
Desc. As the name suggest, the seeking rail launchers are exactly the 
same as a normal charge except that they seek their prey. They are 
extremly hard to shake off and it is unlikely that the target will get 
away. Very useful. I think that PF and SF do the same, they both last 5 
secs, but I'm not sure. of course, if you want to avoid them.... look 
again down in the strats.... as soon as I write them up.

8. Sequencer charges/ manual charges
Unlike the auto sequencers, these can be used more often if you know 
what to do... In team play, you can place them on each other (so that 
friendly fire is disabled), run into the enemy and become a human 
suicide bomb. But (now don't quote me on this, I'm not sure) it 
shouldn't hurt you, I've hadn't had time to test it in ages...(hey it 
works in Turok Rage Wars.... Napalm gel is gooooood)
PF: Lays a mine (Note: you can't place more than 10 charges at a time)
SF Detonates placed mines

9. Concussion Rifle
Desc. No Change, still great though.

0. Carbon freeze gun.
Desc. Now some people don't like using these because they think that it 
sucks. Most people can't stand being cought in the spray. I think, that 
if you can use them effectivly, they can be the most damned annoying 
guns in MP. If you get frozen, and especially if in the middle of a 
large DM, you will get killed. Of course, in retrospect, if your the one 
that is using the gun, then you can rake in the kills. altho, most 
people get annoyed at this, it usually gets "banned"
PF: Fires Carbon to freeze them.
SF: Swings gun, use it to break apart frozen characters. 

6. Force Powers.
a. JK

I'll try to do these in some sort of order....

"Nuetral" forces
Force Jump:
Desc: Simple enough, Jump high. More stars, more jump.
Uses: Nothing really in the way of offense. Useful for getting around, 
and getting away from, bullets, grip, etc. etc.

Force Speed.
Desc: Self explanitory. Speeds you up. More Stars, longer duration. 
Uses: Speed you up, run in quickly with sabre, run back out. Couple this 
with persausion and you're laughing.

Force Seeing:
Desc/uses: Makes the screen go green. Thats it. Nah, if you believed 
that,you NEED help. Basically, anyone that is persausion, will be 
reavealed, also, the map becomes more revealing. This is useful for 
setting up an ambush. Also, It is useful if you've run out of batteries 
in a dark place. More stars, longer lasting, more revealing.

Force Pull:
Desc. Pull objects towards you. More Stars can target things that are 
further away.
Uses: Pull Items towards you. Thats about it. Also, you can pull the 
enemies weapons away which will leave them weaponless. Which is good. I 

Light Side:
Healing: Obvious as well. More Stars, more health restored and the less 
amount of force needed (I think)
Uses: Pretty obvious really, as long as you have the force you don't 
need to worry about dieing....... although keep the shield up if 
possible..... (I actually had a fight once, this guy couldn't use the 
sabre in the cargo, he didn't like it, so he used the 50 bryar cells u 
start with, I blocked nearly all with my sabre, healed, then killed 
him.... rinse, repeat.....

Persuasion (Is that spelling right?????):
Makes you almost invisible to the naked eye. This is really annoying in 
MP cos people sneak up on you all the time. However, you can still be 
heard, and there is a slight trace of you(ie lots of white dots). The 
only way to reveal people using this force is seeing.

This can be really annoying as well. Basically, if you get blinded the 
screen goes white and you can't see perticually well. It can be really 
annoying! Using force seeing will get rid of it but it will take a while 
and by that time you could well be dead. Of course, all these things 
will happen to the oppersition as well, =)

A must in MP battles, this is one of the only things that will stop you 
from being murdered by grip. It will absorb any force done at you and 
put some of it in your force meter. HA HA HA HA, then you can blind them 
with their own force and kill them with a quick swing of the sabre!!! 
HAHAHAHAHAHA. So in reality, this is a good force.

You may not realise it but it is possible to get this in MP. 
Unfortunatly it means having to sacrifice Jump, Speed, Seeing, and pull, 
so realy its a waste of time and force. To get it in the game, you have 
to be "True to the light Side", which I think means that you can't use 
any Dark forces. (Any one verify that before I do??)
What it does is simple, protects against everything. This is 
_almost_(well if ur the dark side then u won't be using it will you???) 
vital to get past the Kell Dragons (is that what they are? I can't 

Dark Forces (HAHA.ha..ha?..... its the name of the game for crying out                           

I personally haven't had much luck with throw. There never seems to be 
enough stuff around to throw. So I never really used this........ (any 
one want to add something here??? E-Mail me)


AHHHHHH No.. NO... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I hate this force when used 
against me..... but its great if your the one using it. Lock someone in 
place with this, it'll lower their health, then go in with your sabre 
and slice them into nothingness (Hey I can write whatever I want in 
this. If it means making my own words up then so be it)   Nothing else 
to say about this really except be afraid, be very afraid. Oh and there 
is the dreaded " super Grip" which basically translates as " get them in 
grip then mash away at F (or what ever the force button is on urs) until 
they die"  .... nothing else thats it....

Kinda useless really. It takes up way to much force to be effective and 
it doesn't do that much damage anyway. IMO of course.

Imagine a concusion rifle. Got it? Right, now times the damage and the 
splash zone by 2 and I think thats what Destruct is about. There is of 
course the added bonus of IT DOESN'T HURT YOU!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHA.

Deadly Sight:
They say that looks can kill...... well this one does (that was terrible 
right?). Use this, look at some one and away _they_ go. This, like force 
protection can be obtained in MP if you only have dark forces at full 
strength. And is recieved through the game by only useing Dark Forces.

Now the good thing about MotS is that there are no Dark or Light forces, 
they just come under one big thing. Also, the forces that are the same I 
won't go into, just look above if the letters SA (See Above) occur.

Force ________

Jump: SA

Speed: SA

Seeing: SA

Push: The first new. Not alot to say except that you can push people 
down holes, or just generally away from you.

Projection: DON'T USE THIS!!!!! Even the AI isn't that thick, if it sees 
one person moving with a gun and the other standing still with fists, 
even the computer can work that out. You might be lucky and get it to 
shoot the projection once, prehaps twice but it won't take long for it 
to realise that something isn't right. And definetly don't use it in MP. 
No one can be that thick can they??? (Sorry if that just insulted 
anyone) Also, if you go on a lift, it doesn't go up with you... which is 
shame because that is the best time to use it right?? go into a new 
area, 2 targets??? which one is which???

Pull: SA (with the added addition of that you can now pull switches to 
activate them)

Grip: SA

Sabre Throw: Simple enough to understand. You get out sabre, you use 
this force. You throw Sabre with this force and it come back. Easy 
I have noticed something about this however. If for some reason you 
don't get the sabre back, if you press 1 again, you have a sabre?!?! How 
did that get there????? (I'm not too sure but would this mean you can 
give sabres to people in your team?? tested now and yes it does... not 
all that great, but if u meet up with ur team members, and there are a 
couple of saberists around, hand them out, just move out of the way 
after the saber has started to return.)

FarSite: Not that useful though you can use it if you wish. You become a 
spirit that can fly and walk through some walls.... however, while your 
off being a spirit, your body is unmoving and therefore, very likely to 
get hit. You can use this to see what's round the corner but I would 
suggest using seeing instead due to the fact that you can still fight 
back. As soon as you do get hit tho, u return to your body, also, u can 
only go so far because of the time limit, that increases with the lvl.

Persausion: SA

Healling: SA

Chain Lightning: Pretty much the same as the previous type of lightning 
with the change being that now you have to select you target (Like you 
would pull or Grip) and there is a chance that the lightning will now 
move on to another person. If you can get this to work properly you 
could take out alot of people.

Blinding: SA

Absorb:       )
Destruct:     }
Protection:   }SA
Deadly Site:  )

Defend: Each lvl requires two stars. As far as I know... it reduces 
damage taken by force powers. But I could be wrong. I'll find it out 

7. SP Stratergies:
Note: If you have any stratergies that you think should be here, Mail 
them to me (address at the top of the page.... your all to lazy to look 
up there aren't you?...... huh.... IQ6001@hotmail.com) 
2nd Note: these are for both.

Two major things to look out for no matter what game your playing: Keep 
moving. You stay still in the middle of the game and you _will_ be 
cannon fodder. No matter what happens, keep moving. Straffing works 
quite well.
Secondly: Don't waste Ammo. Especially at the beggining of the game Ammo 
will be kinda scarce and you don't want to run out of ammo. You, yet 
again, will be killed instantly.

Also.... You will want to know what it is your supposed to be looking 
for or killing or whatever the mission objectives are. This way you will 
know what you are doing and that is important.

Next isn't so much a hint, just for your enjoyment... Watch the 
cutscenes... take note of the story. Afterall, you brought the game, 
you'll want to get the most gaming pleasure out of it right??

Learn what your weapons and forces do... without them, thats one less 
tool that you can use to your advantage.


8. MP Stratergies:

1.Somethings are very similar to SP and MP.
For example, keep on moving. Know your area... thats incredibly 
important. A good tip is to play MP on your own (However) and explore 
the area. Learning where everything is and that can save your life. Make 
sure you know what to do in every situation. This learning will quite 
possibly save your life. Ammo isn't quite so much of a problem but 
knowing where stuff is will help you.

The sabre is a brilliant weapon, but you need to know how to use it. 
mostly, in 1-on-1 situations, u'd be better off using sec fire, its more 
powerful, and ur more likly to hit them....  One of my favourite 
stratergies is to run at the enemy (or vice versa) turn in midair and 
fall and slash, good to kill them. Also, never take you eye off you 
opponent. thats another oppertunity to kill you. Jumping alot is also a 
good idea.... and most of all, just practice, find whats right for 
you.... and you never know, u might end up beating me... hehehe...

In later editions, I'll write some more information.


9. FAQ.

If you have a question, pls send it to me, I'll mail you back with the 
answer and post it here. If you do send one to me, pls say what game you 
are asking about, JK or MotS in the subject will do. Also, the Qs needs 
to be legible. and If I'm being insulted in it, then you aren't likely 
to get a reply are you? Be nice. Also, if you have some constructive 
critism, then pls send that as well. Stuff like, your FAQ SUX, will not 
be taken into account and deleted. Also, no Spam, chain or other crap. I 
don't care about anything else except stuff bout this game, or another. 
Hell send me any gaming question, I might know something about it.... 
Anyway, on with the Qs
1. MotS
Sent by JorusCBaoth@hotmail.com (Oh, if you don't want your mail here, 
tell me)
hi man! 
i saw your FAQ on the web at www.gamefaqs.com which talks about Jedi 
Knight Mysteries of the sith and perhaps u can help me because i don't 
know how to kill the final boss Kyle .. it seems that all the damage i 
do with my lightsaber aren't efficient .. he don't sceam when i hurt him 
and i looked for something to do in the scene like versus Jerek but i 
found anything .. so perhaps u can help me on that point :) 

to do is say, I could never kill you master.... take out your fists, 
walk up to him, let him attack you.... and....... you die!!!! HAHAHA... 
no, just kidding. Enter final cutscene!!! Congrats, u just completed the 

2. JK:
UnKnown Sender, got it off the gameFAQs, message board and I don't 
remember who it was.... really sorry but hey, mail me aswell!

How many stars can you get in total. I've counted 31, but there is one 
star space left, what is it???? Are there 32???

Ummm.... ahh..... hmmm.....wait a sec..... 16 thru force lvls I think, 
15 lvls with secrets....... 31...... ummm... ahhh.... Anyne know if 
this is true??? Any help greatly appriciated. BigD.

 Adam Cavanaugh <foreyes4@yahoo.com>
    Hey. I read through your FAQ on SW:JK. It was all very helpful, but 
there was one thing I couldn't find.I was hoping you could help me, so 
I'm emailing you. I keep reading about how you need a certain amount of 
mana (I think you call it "Force Power") to use Force powers. My 
question: were is the meter, or whatever, that shows how much Force 
power you have left? In my single player game, I'm only on the fourth 
level, so I only have Force speed and don't have to worry about it too 
much, but for future reference, I feel I need to know. I also haven't 
played multiplayer (yet), but I plan to soon. Maybe you would be willing 
to help me out there too, if I need any. I also have an answer to one of 
the questions you asked in your FAQ. Well, I don't think it was really a 
question, but you said something about how to move to the Dark Side in 
single player missions. I found that killing civilians quickly brings 
you to the Dark Side. I was about half-way up the Force Bar in the Light 
Side when I started killing unarmed civilians. Now I am about an eighth 
of the way into the Dark Side. Thanks for any help you can give me. As I 
learn more, I hope to give you more help too. Your fan... Darth BiNGle.

Right, Here u are BiNGle...

picture this: the screen.... u can't.... oh fine... here u are:

|                                    | 
|                                    | 
|                                    |  
|                                    | 
|               _|_                  | 
|                |                   | 
|                                    | 
|                                    | 
|__                                __| 
|  \                              /  |
|hs|                              |am|

right that sucks but u get the idea right?? and I always have the cross 
hair up.... just my preference....

where it says HS, is your Health and SHEILD... AM = Ammo, and MANA!!!  
the mana is shown as a sort of "cloud" orange in colour, the bigger the 
cloud, the more mana or force you have.  

hope that helps... AND THX FOR THE CIVILIANS THING!!!!


10. Secrets.

Here, I want to explain a detailed account of each and every secret in 
the game. "Why would I want to find all these secrets?" you may well 
ask. Well, there are some gamers, like me, that like to find as much out 
about the game as possible. There is of course the bonus of having an 
extra star for forces, for every level in which you find all of the 
secrets. So, here we go.
If you don't understand any of these, send me an email, and I'll try to 
explain it more detailed.

Lvl 1.
Double cross at Nar Shaddaa
(6 secrets)
Secret 1.
Go past the first over-head fan, the one with the green guy above (I 
forgot their names) and turn left. There should be three Grans (on easy 
anyway). Before you exit this corridor, head to the right platform. 
There is a large slope upwards that you can climb. The Secret is 
activated once you drop down the hole.
Note: If you don't drop down the fan and go past it, you can get more 

Secret 2.
Go past the Second over-head fan. Open the door and go onto the catwalk. 
as you step onto it, look down and right, there is a ledge down below. 
Jump down. You will get hurt but there are some health packs at the top 
of the lift you use to return to the game.

Sec 3.
As you go up the slanted cargo lift room, there is a hole in the right 
side of the wall near the top of the lift. Drop down to enter the 

Sec 4. 
On the catwalk before the TIE bomber, if you head towards the area with 
the TIE, but don't enter and look left. There is a sort of path to the 
left that results in leading to the Secret. It is like this is suppose:
  ___     ____    ____    _____
_/   \___/    \__/    \__/     \___ if that makes sence.... probably 

Sec 5.
When you open up the floor to head into the cargo/ crate room, a slope 
is made so you can walk down the the floor. (Its near the end of the 
lvl) don't go down the the slope and walk round it so you are at the 
"deep end" of the slope *. There is a Beam on bothe sides of the slope 
going across. Run along the righthand side and jump down onto large 
group of crates. The secret is in a hole along the top.

* if u think of it in 2D:

      /| * is where u are, the slope is tipping to wards you.... if 
     / | that makes sense. The box is to your right.
    /  |
   /   |
  /    |

Sec 6.
In the same area as before, go to the door. Don't open it yet, look 
right instead. If you look between the wall and the crates, you will see 
a hole in the wall at the top of the slope. Walk around the crates, 
enter the hole and you've found the last secret!

So its only the first lvl.... these things take longer than I 
expected.....  It will get finished.... eentually.
11. For all the Cheaters out there/those of us that can't get along.

There are 4 types of cheats that I know of.

Console Commands:

These are simple, just press "t" in a SP game (note that they don't work 
in MP so don't try) and then type in:

for JK:

Jediwannabe on     (Invincability)
Jediwannabe off    (turns off above code, but why would you want to??)
Red5   (all weapons)
womprat (i think that that is how you spell it... it gives you all          
Bactame (heal)
Eriamjh  (Fly)
Pinotnoir X  (X=level you want to skip to)
Thereisnotry (Straight 1 lvl lvl skip)
raccoonking  (all force)
deeznuts (force lvl up...  use it after raccoonking)
yodajammies  (full mana)
whiteflag on (disable AI)

for MotS

Boinga on (invul)
iamagod (fullforce)
freebird (fly)
diediedie(all weapons)
gimmestuff (all Items)
quickzap x  (warp to certain place on map...)
gospeedgo on (slow mo)
cartograph (all map)
Trixie (mana)
statuesque on (disables AI)

The next are TRAINERS, which are programs that often run whilst you are 
playing and can often give u certain things at the touch of a button, 
which is good, but bad because it is cheating.
The other two are cogs and hacks... cogs are placed in your resource 
folder in a folder called "cog" and hacks need a program to install so 
to speak. To download these you will have to find them yourselves. But 
if you goto Massassi.net (which also includes a load of lvls for the 
game) you can find Patch Commander ... or at least I think it was 
there... anyway.... u can look for them yourselves.
(Note that these DO work in MP games..... but of course some people 
don't like cheaters....)

12. Thanks and contributers:

FAQs writers and anyone that sent a compliment to me....5 so far but 
what the hey.
Right thanks to   for telling me that my speelings.... I Mean spellings 
are terible and pointing me in the right direction

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
Thanks to NeoSeekers for also hosting this FAQ.
Thanks to wherever it was that I got the cheats and secrets. I'm sorry 
that I don't know who you are.
Big Thanks to Lucas Arts for making the game
LUCAS!!!!!!! Thanks to Lucas fo giving us all the Galaxy Far away in 
which we can blow stuff up....... thx, ur a hero....
13. Legal Junk:

This FAQ is 100% BigD work. Copyright (C) 2001 BigD. StarWars, Jedi 
Knight Dark Forces and all other copywrite goes to their respective 
owners, Which I am guessing would probably come down to george lucas.
I got the cheats from various sources, on the net, unfortunatly, I can't 
remember the site from which I recieved them. Credit to that site, 
whoever they may be. (It was a long time ago, so sue me.... I don't mean 
that of course, pls don't sue me PLS!!!! or my family..... or my cat, or 
anyother person/thing/alien that is known/owned/whatevered)
Also credit to the person that created a secrets guide that I used as a 
basis for the secrets area. Well, I used it, found MOST (I didn't have 
the complete guide) of the secrets, and have now writen them in a much 
more fuller and comprehensive guide. Unfortunatly, due to the game being 
fairly old now, I no longer have the address of that site. So thank you 
to that site. (If you know that it was you... please let me know. It 
contained a lot of screen shots. Although, I will need proof that it was 
you. I have the guide still so If you can post me a large section to be 
sure, then you can have your name here.)

You may not distribute this in any form, electrical or other wise. No 
profit shall be made by any pther parties other than myself if that is 
ever possible.

You may post this on your site but only if you have permision from the 
Author. It is likely that I will give permission, however, I want to see 
your site, check if it is alright, and then I will give it to you. I 
will keep a record of every one that has it, so don't think you can get 
away from it...

The latest version of this FAQ can _ALWAYS_ be found at two locations, 
one of which doesn't actually exist:
hmm which one doesn't exist??? But I will change that eventually...
unfortunatly, I'm still at school so I really don't have that much time 
on my hands, So I can't actually send this to every one... from now on 
I'm not going to send this out, if you would like it, get if from one of 
the above sites, only if you have my permision. Thank you... COME 

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