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Weapon Guide by _Hoitytoity_

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/26/2012


                ~Hexen: Beyond Heretic Weapon Analysis Guide~

                                by Hoitytoity
                                  ver. 1.0 

--------------------------------VERSION HISTORY--------------------------------

Ver. 1.0 - (January 25, 2012)
   Finalized and proofread guide, submitted.

Ver. 0.9 - (January 12, 2012)
   Begun adding information, organized guide.

Ver. 0.6 - (January 10, 2012)
   Added weapon damage and monster information.

Ver. 0.5 - (January 9, 2012)
   Started guide, gathered weapon information.

-------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS-------------------------------

  1.    Legal Issues

  2.    Introduction
          2.1) Introduction
          2.2) Frequently Asked Questions
          2.3) Legend
          2.4) Notice

  3.    Baratus, the Fighter
          3.1) Stats
          3.2) Description
          3.3) Weapons
                 i) Spiked Gauntlets
                ii) Timon's Axe
               iii) Hammer of Retribution
                iv) Quietus
                 v) Flechettes
          3.4) Firepower

  4.    Parius, the Cleric
          4.1) Stats
          4.2) Description
          4.3) Weapons
                 i) Mace of Contrition
                ii) Serpent Staff
               iii) Firestorm
                iv) Wraithverge
                 v) Flechettes
          4.4) Firepower

  5.    Daedolon, the Mage
          5.1) Stats
          5.2) Description
          5.3) Weapons
                 i) Sapphire Wand
                ii) Frozen Shards
               iii) Arc of Death
                iv) Bloodscourge
                 v) Flechettes
          5.4) Firepower

  6.    Credits

  7.    Contact Information

--------------------------------[1] LEGAL ISSUES-------------------------------

Hexen, its characters and all affiliations are copyrighted by, thus property of
id Software, Raven Software and any subsidiaries thereof. All information is
the product of their respective programmers, and if there's anything I missed,
they're protected too.

This guide is also copyrighted by me, Andrew Provisor (Hoitytoity). So far, the 
only sites I allow this guide to be posted on is www.GameFAQs.com. and
www.neoseeker.com. If you'd like to use this guide for your page, please email
me first. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this guide.

-------------------------------[2] INTRODUCTION--------------------------------

[2.1]    Introduction

Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at my guide! Inside you'll find some
basic information on one of the best games I had the pleasure of growing up on,
Hexen: Beyond Heretic, or just Hexen for short. But more importantly you'll
find a detailed analysis of each weapon found in the game. This guide is
heavily based on my Heretic Weapons Analysis Guide, so if you've read that you
can expect a similar format here. If you haven't and want to, it can be found
at the same site you found this one. Anywho, despite the level of detail I've
put in, I've tried to be concise to keep things organized. Hope you enjoy :3


[2.2]    Frequently Asked Questions

i.   "Why Make the Guide?"

To be honest, the short answer is probably boredom. Beyond that though, I
noticed that there really wasn't much information available on the weapons from
Hexen beyond what people have copied from the playing manual. Considering that
this game (in fact, most games from this generation) were more about killing
massive hordes of demons than anything else I'd hoped to find something a
little more detailed than "this weapon shoots stuff and is cool!" Not finding
that, I decided to just do it myself.

ii.   "Okay, so what is Hexen anyway?"

Hexen is a fantastic first-person shooter created in 1995 by Raven Software
and published by id Software, makers of the ever popular Doom franchise. Like
its prequel, Heretic, it uses a modified Doom engine, though even more work has
been done on it for this game. It also borrows several gameplay elements from
its predecessor, including the inventory system, weapons with alternate firing
modes and more. It also continues with the fantasy environment, being the
second in what's referred to as the Serpent Riders Trilogy; Heretic being the
first, and its sequel, Hexen II, being the last.

iii.   "So what makes this game so special, anyway?"

The modified Doom engine. Doom was an amazing achievement in gaming for its
time, and Hexen plays in much the same way: running around with a collection of
weapons in a time before decent strategy and enemy AI was feasible, so to
increase difficulty they pretty much just threw in more and more enemies. All
the improvements from Heretic are present here, including interactive
environments (ie, being able to be swept away in a rushing river), the ability
to look up and down, the ability to fly (via an item), alternate firing modes
for weapons and of course the inventory system. This allowed you to hold up to
25 of a large number of items that you could use at your discretion, instead
of being limited to instant use on pickup. These included healing items,
power-up items (invisibility, invincibility, etc), bombs, torches (for
lighting) and more. There are still plenty of instant-use items in the game,
but this added feature introduced a new level of strategy that has since become
standard in most games.

Probably the most unique aspect of Hexen is the introduction of a class system.
The game gives you the choice of three characters, each with their own
strengths, weaknesses and weapons. While this isn't a true character guide,
some basic information will of course be provided.

Unfortunately there is one thing that really made Heretic so memorable that
isn't present in Hexen: the Tome of Power. Whether it was a conscious decision
or a result of trying to get the game released on a deadline (it came out only
a year after Heretic) I'm not sure, but some weapons still have alternate
firing modes based on range. Details, of course, are below.

iv.   "Okay, I'm convinced. Where can I find Hexen?"

This is a bit of a tricky one. It's sincerely doubtful that game stores would
carry a 17-year old game (man, I feel old...) so your best bet would probably
be to check online. Search your favorite torrent site or linkserver and I'm
sure you won't have any trouble finding it. If you'd rather have a legitimate
version, eBay or other online retailers are probably your best chance at this


[2.3]   Legend

Here's just a simple description of this FAQ's format:

                   ---Class: The character name and class---

Stats:    Speed: The character's movement speed.
        Agility: This affects the character's dodging speed and firing rate of
          Magic: The character's strength with magical weapons.
       Strength: The character's strength with non-magical weapons.

Description: A short description of the character, usually with key differences
             and comparisons to the other classes.

Weapons:   i) The character's first weapon.

              Slot: The slot the weapon occupies. This is the button you press
                    to access it.

              Description: A short description of the weapon.

              Ammo Type: The type of ammo it uses. In this game, there's
                         actually only two types of ammo: Blue Mana and Green
                         Mana. The first weapon always uses no Mana, the second
                         always uses Blue, the third Green and the fourth uses
                         lots of both. The numbers in parentheses represent the
                         shots gained on pickup.

              Ammo Cost: How much ammo a single push of the fire button

              Initial Capacity: The amount of ammo the weapon has when
                                initially gained, or given when picked up (if
                                you already have it).

              Maximum Capacity: The maximum amount of ammo you can hold.

              Rate of Fire: How fast the weapon is, measured in shots per
                            second. This is an approximation, gotten by taking
                            the average of 5 sets of 10 second bursts.

              Effect: While this could just be in the Description section, I
                      decided to give it its own section to organize things a
                      bit. Here's where you'll find information on the weapon's
                      uses, effects, etc.

              Firepower: See below.

          ii) The character's second weapon. The descriptive format is the same
              as above.

         iii) The character's third weapon, following the same format.

          iv) The character's fourth weapon, same as above. Each ultimate
              weapon is broken up into three pieces; you'll have to find each
              one before you can use it.

           v) Flechettes. Technically these are items and not true weapons, but
              these green liquid filled flasks serve the same function as bombs
              and so I've included them here. Also, each character uses
              flechettes differently. Keep in mind that besides being an item,
              the biggest difference between these and regular weapons is that
              the blast WILL DAMAGE YOU if you're too close to the explosion,
              so be careful while using. The format, of course, is the same as
              the other weapons.

Firepower: This was the most difficult aspect to get; in short, it lists each
           enemy and how many shots it takes to kill (seriously, you try taking 
           on Korax with a bunch of flechettes >_>). Like the Rate of Fire,
           this is an approximation and is affected by many things: difficulty,
           accuracy, range, and others. For weapons with two firing modes, the
           first number always represents normal use.


           That being said, below is a short description of all the enemies in 
           the game:

*Ettin: The first enemy encountered, these two-headed beasts have only one
        attack: coming up and smashing your face with a mace. Thankfully
        they're weak because you'll be seeing them a lot.

*Afrit: These flying gargoyles are very similar to the ones from Heretic,
        except these guys are black and constantly on fire. They're
        pretty quick and toss fireballs at you, but they're also the
        weakest enemy in the game. Keep in mind that when you first see
        them they're usually curled up in a ball; in this state, they're
        completely invulnerable until they unfurl their wings.

*Chaos Serpent: Originally appearing as D'Sparil's mount at the end of Heretic,
                these green, giant horned monsters are a regular enemy now.
                Thankfully though, they're much weaker than their first
                incarnation. Not much of an issue, as long as you can dodge
                their fireballs.

*Brown Serpent: Brown Serpents are exactly like their green counterparts, and
                don't seem to be much stronger, if at all. The one trick they
                have up their sleeves is that instead of spewing fireballs at
                you, you now have to deal with a ball of poisonous gas.
                Overall, no different strategy-wise from Chaos Serpents.

*Wendigo: These things kind of look like the Swamp Thing if it were made of ice
          instead of muck. You'll only find them on ice levels, and despite
          their numbers they're pretty fragile. They've got a blue orb of
          energy they'll shoot at you that splits into four shots on impact,
          similar to the upgraded Dragon Claw from Heretic.

*Centaur: Centaurs are, far and away, the most annoying regular enemies you'll
          encounter. They're not especially damaging or resistent, but they
          have shields that, once raised, make them completely impervious to
          damage until they lower it; and trust me, they do it a LOT. Luckily,
          they can't attack while defending themselves, but any shots reflected
          off their shields can damage you.

*Slaughtaur: Slaughtaurs are what happens when the game decides Centaurs
             haven't pissed you off enough. They're essentially Centaurs with
             one added benefit: the ability to shoot blue energy at you from
             their shields. So, for these guys forget what I said about not
             being able to attack and defend at the same time.

*Stalker: These guys are your only true water enemy. You'll often catch
          glimpses of their tails as they move about underwater, but you can
          only damage them when they pop up to attack you. This happens, more
          often than not, right next to/in front of/behind you.

*Dark Bishop: Basically this game's version of Heretic's Disciples of D'Sparil.
              They're green robed, chanting, floating wizards that shoot blasts
              of green energy at you in a spiral pattern, making it a little
              difficult to avoid. Despite the ability to dodge very suddenly,
              they're pretty easy to kill.

*Reiver: You'll only encounter these armored ghosts on the last hub. They'll
         spring up from any grave you come across, but aside from their numbers
         they're not a big threat. At this point in the game you'll hopefully
         have a strong enough handle on things to not worry about them.

*Death Wyvern: The boss of the second hub, this bony dragon will fly - very
               quickly mind you - around in circles, spewing fireballs at you.
               Can't take a whole lot of damage, but makes up for it by being
               very difficult to hit. Luckily there's a Wings of Wrath item
               right in the room with him (makes you able to fly) to make the
               chase significantly easier.

*Heresiarch: This guy is the most annoying boss in the game, and you'll
             encounter him twice: at the end of both the third and fourth hubs.
             You actually got a peek at him at the end of Heretic's third
             episode, watching your character through a crystal ball. The
             design was originally intended to be used for Korax, but was for
             whatever reason changed and used for this guy instead. Aside from
             being difficult to kill, the Heresiarch will cast a spell with
             three runes spinning over his head; whichever one it lands on
             when the casting is finished defines the spell's effect.

             The purple rune shoots out a spiral of purple energy, similar to
             the Dark Bishop's attack. The red rune fires two bouncing
             fireballs around the arena, and the green rune summons a Dark
             Bishop. Aside from this, the Heresiarch has the ability to make
             himself invulnerable: any time you see two purple orbs circling
             it, any attack will either be reflected or simply nullified. He'll
             have this up pretty much constantly, making it so you can only
             attack during the precious seconds it takes for him to recast. To
             top it all off, he can ressurect any enemy whose corpse is lying
             around too. Just be glad he can't teleport.

*Fighter: During the last hub you'll have to fight a clone of each character,
          which you can do in any order you like. Each character moves
          unnaturally fast and is equipped with their ultimate weapon. The
          Fighter, like his playable self, is the fastest and is equipped with
          Quietus. You'd think he'd also be the hardiest, but all the clones
          are pretty much equal. I say pretty much because it seems like the
          Fighter actually takes LESS damage to kill than the other two. Must
          be because he's practically naked.

*Cleric: The Cleric moves almost as fast as the Fighter, but is equipped with
         the Wraithverge. I guess it's only fair. Good luck.

*Mage: While the Mage is the slowest of the three clones (though still
       unnaturally fast) he also seems to be able to take the most damage; the
       exact opposite of the playable version. Of course, he's also equipped
       with the Bloodscourge, so make sure you come equipped with plenty of
       Quartz Flasks.

*Korax 1: The second of the Serpent Rider brothers, this guy just looks plain
          weird. Huge, black and bony with two legs, six arms and glowing red
          eyes, he's definitly fitting for the boss of the game. His chambers
          include every environmental trap in the game: lava pits, crushing
          pillars, stone spikes rising out of the ground, etc. Korax is also
          capable of several different kinds of attacks: two kinds of
          fireballs, blue energy orbs, poisonous gas clouds and more.
          Expectantly, he's also the toughest enemy in the game.

          The first time you meet him he'll stay in one spot. After a certain
          amount of damage has been done, he'll transport to a second chamber,
          opening two doors and unleashing two waves of Ettins followed by two
          waves of Slaughtaurs. You have to kill all these enemies before the
          doors will open to the second chamber.

*Korax 2: In the second chamber, Korax now has the ability to teleport at will.
          While like his brother D'Sparil there are five specific places he'll
          always teleport to, unlike his brother he'll always teleport in a
          very specific order: the main dias, in the first room just right of
          the door (if facing it from the second room), just to the left of the
          same door, to the left of the main dias in the second room (if you're
          facing it), then to the right and back to the main dias. The
          frequency of his teleportation increases the closer he is to death,
          but at least the pattern is predictable.

          Besides that, Korax now has the ability to summon Ghosts. There are
          still the same - in fact more - environmental hazards as the first
          room, and the longer it takes you to kill Korax the more doors open
          up to release wave after wave of enemy, starting with Chaos Serpents
          and heading all the way down the list if you wait long enough. A
          fitting and difficult end to a fantastic game. Interestingly enough,
          Korax is the only enemy that always has the same death animation,
          regardless of the weapon you use.

**Ghosts: Ghosts, unlike in Heretic, aren't a regular enemy. They only appear
          in the second half of the battle with Korax, but the principle is
          basically the same: identical to their corporeal versions except for
          being partially invisible and simply disappearing upon death. Unlike
          in Heretic though, you can damage them with any weapon. Korax can
          summon a Ghost version of any regular enemy. Since these guys are
          special, only appearing once, randomly and no stronger than the
          regular versions, I haven't included them separately in the damage


[2.4]   !Notice!

Please note that all information has been gathered on the second most difficult
difficulty setting: Berserker, Cardinal and Warlock respectively. If you're
playing on a lower or higher difficulty, this will affect the data more than
anything else. Also all numbers are merely an approximation and should be taken
as such; there are simply too many variables to get exact numbers without
knowing precise programming information such as enemy HP and actual damage
variables, which is inaccessable by just playing through the game normally.

---------------------------[3] BARATUS, THE FIGHTER----------------------------

[3.1]                                 [---Stats---]    

       Speed: 10
     Agility: 10
       Magic: 1
    Strength: 10

[3.2]                              [---Description---]

       The Fighter is a class for those who are less concerned with strategy
       and more concerned with bashing faces in. The Fighter is the strongest
       class, with the fastest running speed, greatest jumping height and
       distance and highest armor capacity. His weapons have the unique
       ability in that three of them can be used without Mana and have the
       lowest consumption rate compared to the other classes, making him the
       best in terms of ammo conservation. The only downside, if it can even be
       called that, is that his second weapon is short ranged. This means that
       you'll have to wait a while before you can attack something without
       putting yourself in their attack range. Luckily, he has the strength and
       durability to handle these situations.

[3.3]                                [---Weapons---]

           i)                     ---Spiked Gauntlets---

             Slot: 1

             Description: Why use a weapon when you can just beat things to
                          death with your bare hands? Okay, well not quite
                          bare, and also with spikes, but you get the point.

             Ammo Type: None

             Ammo Cost: None

             Initial Capacity: N/A

             Maximum Capacity: N/A

             Rate of Fire: 2.1 punches per second

             Effect: The Gauntlets are the definition of close range: they're
                     quick, powerful and requiring you to be right up to the
                     opponent to use them. The Fighter has a very specific one-
                     two-THREE-pause-repeat pattern to his punches, the third
                     punch being a little slower but a little more powerful
                     than the other two, and even has a nice knockback effect.
                     This pattern is kept even if you take your finger off the
                     fire button or even switch weapons, so you can save that
                     third strong punch for the guys that REALLY deserve it.
                     If you happen to fire that weapon you switched to though,
                     then the pattern gets reset to one.

             Firepower: The tricky part with the Gauntlets is that the third
                        punch, being more powerful than the first two, can
                        sometimes leads to varying results based on accuracy.
                        Please remember these numbers are just averages.

             *Ettin: 3
             *Afrit: 2
             *Chaos Serpent: 5
             *Brown Serpent: 5
             *Wendigo: 2
             *Centaur: 4
             *Slaughtaur: 5
             *Stalker: 2
             *Dark Bishop: 3
             *Reiver: 3
             *Death Wyvern: 13
             *Heresiarch: 69
             *Fighter: 14
             *Cleric: 17
             *Mage: 16
             *Korax 1: 40
             *Korax 2: 39

          ii)                         ---Timon's Axe---

             Slot: 2

             Description: The first new weapon you find, Timon's Axe is a very
                          cool battle axe glowing with blue energy. This is
                          also the only second weapon that isn't ranged, so
                          get used to getting in enemy's faces to beat them up.

             Ammo Type: Blue Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 2 per successful hit (no cost if you miss!)

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.6 swings per second

             Effect: Timon's Axe is, again, the only non-ranged second weapon
                     in the game (sorry for the repetition, but you don't want
                     to get yourself killed because of it). Despite that, it's
                     the most powerful of each of the classes and, if you run
                     out of Mana, can still be used. Without Mana it's a little
                     more powerful than the fists and with better range, but
                     slower. With Mana, the Axe still doesn't cost anything
                     unless you hit an enemy, where it leaves a blue flash of
                     energy. You'll still see the flash if you hit an object
                     or a wall, but won't use up any ammo. It may not be the
                     most impressive weapon, but will last longer than any
                     other, decreasing the chances of being caught with just
                     your fists.

             Firepower: For this, the first number is hits to kill with normal
                        use, the second number is without Mana. The only
                        problem with the Axe is that it has to be completely
                        out of Mana (or at least less than 2) in order to use
                        it without power. This made some of the empty values a
                        pain to get if I saved before being locked in with an
                        enemy (especially bosses), making it impossible to
                        drain without damaging the enemy normally or
                        restarting. So, like always, these numbers are just a

             *Ettin: 2 / 4
             *Afrit: 1 / 2
             *Chaos Serpent: 3 / 5
             *Brown Serpent: 3 / 6
             *Wendigo: 2 / 3
             *Centaur: 2 / 4
             *Slaughtaur: 2 / 4
             *Stalker: 1 / 2
             *Dark Bishop: 2 / 3
             *Reiver: 2 / 4
             *Death Wyvern: 7 / 12
             *Heresiarch: 33 / 67
             *Fighter: 8 / 15
             *Cleric: 8 / 16
             *Mage: 8 / 15
             *Korax 1: 25 / 38
             *Korax 2: 24 / 38

         iii)                     ---Hammer of Retribution---

             Slot: 3

             Description: This is in an epic battle with Firestorm as my
                          personal favorite weapon in the entire game. A huge,
                          solid looking warhammer that shoots flaming,
                          exploding hammers as far as you can throw them.

             Ammo Type: Green Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 3 (no cost if you hit enemies with the hammer itself)

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.2 swings per second

             Effect: The Hammer of Retribution is easily one of the best
                     weapons in the game. It's the first long range weapon the
                     Fighter gets, and it's a welcome one. It shoots a flaming,
                     spinning hammer wherever you aim, making it very precise.
                     The hammer is also pretty thin, making it easy to shoot
                     through bars at enemies in areas you don't have access to
                     yet. The hammer will also explode on contact, causing a
                     bit of splash damage as well as fire damage to anything it
                     hits. Enemies, or trees killed by this will often burst
                     into flames.

                     At close range, the Hammer is still very useful. It's as
                     powerful as Timon's Axe with full Mana, but a bit slower.
                     The close range smack will also occur even with Mana if
                     you're close enough to hit the enemy with the Hammer
                     itself, further helping to conserve ammo. Probably your
                     main weapon once you get it if you're playing as Baratus.

             Firepower: Like the Axe, the first number represents the normal
                        flying hammer while the second one represents hits to
                        kill with just the Hammer at close range.

             *Ettin: 2 / 3
             *Afrit: 1 / 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 2 / 4
             *Brown Serpent: 2 / 3
             *Wendigo: 1 / 4
             *Centaur: 2 / 3
             *Slaughtaur: 2 / 3
             *Stalker: 1 / 2
             *Dark Bishop: 1 / 2
             *Reiver: 2 / 2
             *Death Wyvern: 5 / 8
             *Heresiarch: 29 / 44
             *Fighter: 5 / 8
             *Cleric: 5 / 8
             *Mage: 5 / 8
             *Korax 1: 19 / 27
             *Korax 2: 17 / 25

          iv)                              ---Quietus---

             Slot: 4

             Description: Ah, Baratus' ultimate weapon. This is the only weapon
                          in the Fighter's arsenal that can't be used without
                          Mana, which is sad because it totally could be: it's
                          a sword covered in green flames that launches green
                          fireballs. Don't hold your breath just yet, though:
                          you'll need to find all three parts to assemble it
                          before you can use this bruiser.

             Ammo Type: Blue & Green Mana (20 for Combined Mana)

             Ammo Cost: 14

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.2 swings per second

             Effect: Quietus is well worth the wait. It launches five green
                     fireballs that fly out in a basic spread pattern every
                     time you swing the sword. It's also susceptible to the
                     game's limited auto-aim function, so you'll be able to
                     hit enemies at different height levels, hit multiple
                     baddies at once or just bombard one with all five
                     fireballs. It also uses less Mana than the other two
                     ultimate weapons, making it strong, reliable and long
                     lasting. Unfortunately, it's also the slowest of the three
                     ultimate weapons, and without the homing ability of the
                     other two it's a bit more difficult getting all the shots
                     to hit. Helps to balance out the Fighter, I suppose.

             Firepower: This guide assumes that you're able to hit the enemy
                        squarely with all five fireballs. Obviously, it'll take
                        more hits if only part of the attack connects.

             *Ettin: 1
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 1
             *Brown Serpent: 1
             *Wendigo: 1
             *Centaur: 1
             *Slaughtaur: 1
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 1
             *Reiver: 1
             *Death Wyvern: 2
             *Heresiarch: 13
             *Fighter: 3
             *Cleric: 3
             *Mage: 3
             *Korax 1: 6
             *Korax 2: 6

           v)                            ---Flechettes---

             Slot: 0 (Or Inventory)

             Description: Flechettes are technically an inventory item, not a
                          weapon, but they can be used to damage - and kill - 
                          enemies, so I've included them here. These green
                          flasks are used differently for each class. Why
                          they're called Flechettes is beyond me; they're not
                          knives, they're bottles. I guess maybe because they
                          already used "flask" with the Quartz Flask?

             Ammo Type: Flechettes (1)

             Ammo Cost: 1

             Initial Capacity: 1

             Maximum Capacity: 25

             Rate of Fire: Instant (comes out as fast as you can fire)

             Effect: The Fighter uses the Flechette item as a grenade. When
                     fired, the Fighter tosses the flask across the room. Left
                     on its own, it'll bounce off of any walls it hits and sit
                     for three seconds before exploding. It will, however,
                     explode on impact if you manage to hit an enemy with it.
                     They're great when dealing with annoying enemies for some
                     extra firepower, or just to conserve ammo; there's no
                     shortage of these items in-game. Be careful when using
                     these in confined spaces, however; if you're close enough
                     to get caught in the blast, the enemy won't be the only
                     one who gets damaged.


             *Ettin: 2
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 3
             *Brown Serpent: 3
             *Wendigo: 2
             *Centaur: 2
             *Slaughtaur: 2
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 2
             *Reiver: 2
             *Death Wyvern: 6
             *Heresiarch: 39
             *Fighter: 7
             *Cleric: 8
             *Mage: 8
             *Korax 1: 22
             *Korax 2: 22

----------------------------[4] PARIUS, THE CLERIC-----------------------------

[4.1]                                 [---Stats---]    

       Speed: 7
     Agility: 8
       Magic: 6
    Strength: 6

[4.2]                              [---Description---]

       The Cleric is a wonderful class for beginners because it's the most
       stable and safe. The Fighter is strong, but has to move in close to do
       most damage. The Mage is powerful, but weak physically. The Cleric,
       however, has better than average values in all stats, a fantastic and
       well rounded weapon set, and is right in the middle of the road in
       terms of movement speed, jumping ability and armor capacity. The best
       class to use to get used to the game, or safely wreck it if you're
       already used to it.

[4.3]                                [---Weapons---]

           i)                    ---Mace of Contrition---

             Slot: 1

             Description: A simple spiked mace. Perfect for the holy man on
                          the go!

             Ammo Type: None

             Ammo Cost: None

             Initial Capacity: N/A

             Maximum Capacity: N/A

             Rate of Fire: 1.7 hits per second

             Effect: Nothing fancy here, just a simple whack-until-they're-
                     dead method. The Mace is, frankly speaking, the worst of
                     the three starting weapons. It has better range than the
                     Spiked Gauntlets, though not as much as the Sapphire Wand.
                     It's got more power than the Wand, but not as much as the
                     Gauntlets. A very middle-of-the-road weapon for a very
                     middle-of-the-road character.


             *Ettin: 6
             *Afrit: 3
             *Chaos Serpent: 8
             *Brown Serpent: 8
             *Wendigo: 4
             *Centaur: 6
             *Slaughtaur: 6
             *Stalker: 3
             *Dark Bishop: 4
             *Reiver: 6
             *Death Wyvern: 20
             *Heresiarch: 106
             *Fighter: 24
             *Cleric: 24
             *Mage: 25
             *Korax 1: 79
             *Korax 2: 77

          ii)                         ---Serpent Staff---

             Slot: 2

             Description: Parius' first new weapon, the Serpent Staff just
                          plain looks cool. It has both long range and close
                          range capabilities, doesn't use much Mana, and the
                          eye even blinks sometimes!

             Ammo Type: Blue Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 1

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 3.6 shots per second ranged, Constant close

             Effect: The Serpent Staff is just the first of the Cleric's unique
                     arsenal. It's normal firing mode fires two green energy
                     blasts (for only 1 Mana!) in a wave pattern that hit for
                     poison damage. Unfortunately, the blasts are a little far
                     apart, making it possible to hit an enemy with only one of
                     them; obviously, this only causes half the normal damage.
                     Luckily the firing and consumption rates are top notch,
                     (in fact the Serpent Staff is the fastest weapon in the
                     game) so you shouldn't have any trouble hitting that enemy
                     with another shot or three.

                     At close range, this weapon changes completely. Get up to
                     melee distance and the Staff starts sucking the life out
                     of the enemy - literally. Even better, that life gets
                     transferred to you, making it fantastic at preserving
                     healing items against weaker foes. The rate of fire is
                     constant for this mode, but ammo gets drained at the same
                     pace as if you were firing normally. Either way, not one
                     of the more powerful weapons, but definitely one of the
                     more useful weapons.

             Firepower: For this, the first number is hits to kill with normal
                        use while the second number is SECONDS to kill (as the
                        rate of fire is Constant) for the life-drain mode.
                        These numbers also assume that you hit your target with
                        both blasts each shot, but still, like always, should
                        just be taken as reference.

             *Ettin: 5 / 2s
             *Afrit: 3 / 1s
             *Chaos Serpent: 7 / 4s
             *Brown Serpent: 7 / 4s
             *Wendigo: 4 / 1s
             *Centaur: 5 / 4s
             *Slaughtaur: 5 / 4s
             *Stalker: 2 / 1s
             *Dark Bishop: 4 / 2s
             *Reiver: 5 / 2s
             *Death Wyvern: 17 / 7s
             *Heresiarch: 110 / 40s
             *Fighter: 21 / 11s
             *Cleric: 21 / 11s
             *Mage: 21 / 11s
             *Korax 1: 58 / 31s
             *Korax 2: 40 / 29s

         iii)                         ---Firestorm---

             Slot: 3

             Description: Firestorm is currently in an epic battle with the
                          Hammer of Retribution for my favorite weapon in this
                          game; so far neither has won. Anywho, this is a pure
                          spell, allowing you to shoot a flaming ball from
                          your gloved hands that streaks along the ground.

             Ammo Type: Green Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 4

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.6 shots per second

             Effect: Another fantastic addition to the Cleric's arsenal, the
                     Firestorm is powerful and versatile. Firestorm is the most
                     directly accurate weapon the Cleric has, and will probably
                     be your staple throughout the game. It's definitely
                     pricier than the Serpent Staff, but ammo is usually
                     plentiful enough to make it worth using regularly.

                     Firestorm will cause (surprise!) fire damage to anything
                     it hits. At the point of impact, a small pillar of flame
                     will last for a couple of seconds, causing additional
                     damage to the enemy. Unfortunately it doesn't travel with
                     an enemy, so they can avoid the extra damage by stepping
                     out of it. It will, however, damage anything stupid enough
                     to walk into it. Despite travelling along the ground, the
                     Firestorm doesn't have any issues with hitting aerial
                     monsters; in this case, the fireball separates from the
                     streak, allowing the possibility of hitting multiple
                     baddies along the same vertical plane.

             Firepower: Firestorm's firepower is a bit tricky considering the
                        flame pillar it causes on impact, causing more - and
                        inconsistent - damage depending on how long the enemy
                        stays in the same spot. For the purposes of this chart,
                        assume that each number represents the hits to kill,
                        without any additional fire damage. As always, use this
                        this as reference, knowing it'll take less hits if the
                        enemy isn't too mobile.

             *Ettin: 2
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 2
             *Brown Serpent: 2
             *Wendigo: 2
             *Centaur: 4
             *Slaughtaur: 4
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 2
             *Reiver: 2
             *Death Wyvern: 8
             *Heresiarch: 30
             *Fighter: 6
             *Cleric: 7
             *Mage: 8
             *Korax 1: 16
             *Korax 2: 19

          iv)                           ---Wraithverge---

             Slot: 4

             Description: Welcome to the coolest weapon in the entire game:
                          the Wraithverge. Consisting of three parts needed to
                          assemble it before it can be used, this holy relic
                          has the power to summon the spirits of the dead to
                          wreak absolute havoc on your enemies. And trust me,
                          it does this very, very effectively.

             Ammo Type: Blue & Green Mana (20 for Combined Mana)

             Ammo Cost: 18

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 2 shots per second

             Effect: Wraithverge is the most interesting and most memorable
                     weapon in the entire game; unfortunately, it's also the
                     most expensive in terms of ammo and the weakest of the
                     three ultimate weapons in terms of pure damage. When
                     fired, it shoots out a grey orb that, on impact, explodes
                     into four flying, wailing ghosts. These ghosts
                     automatically home in on any enemies in the area,
                     literally ripping them apart. After a certain amount of
                     damage is done, the ghosts disappear, but don't worry;
                     they'll usually kill at least 4 to 5 Ettins or the
                     equivalent damage before that happens.

                     The homing mechanism for these guys is disturbingly good.
                     In addition to that, they also can - and will - fly
                     through walls to hit any enemy within range, even if you
                     don't have access to the room yet. If there aren't any
                     enemies around, the ghosts will just fly around for a bit
                     before disappearing. Finally, you can summon as many
                     ghosts as you want; there doesn't seem to be a limit on
                     how many can be around at once, so even if there's a
                     massive crowd, you can just fire a few shots into it and
                     walk away. The only downside to the Wraithverge is that
                     the ghosts kind of do what they want, making targetting a
                     specific enemy in a crowd a little difficult.

             Firepower: Because the ghosts track independantly of your control,
                        the damage values in this chart assume that all four
                        ghosts damage the enemy as much as possible before
                        disappearing - tricky to get unless you catch the
                        monster alone in a room.

             *Ettin: 1
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 1
             *Brown Serpent: 1
             *Wendigo: 1
             *Centaur: 1
             *Slaughtaur: 1
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 1
             *Reiver: 1
             *Death Wyvern: 5
             *Heresiarch: 28
             *Fighter: 2
             *Cleric: 2
             *Mage: 1
             *Korax 1: 11
             *Korax 2: 11

           v)                            ---Flechettes---

             Slot: 0 (Or Inventory)

             Description: Flechettes are technically an inventory item, not a
                          weapon, but they can be used to damage - and kill - 
                          enemies, so I've included them here. These green
                          flasks are used differently for each class. Why
                          they're called Flechettes is beyond me; they're not
                          knives, they're bottles. I guess maybe because they
                          already used "flask" with the Quartz Flask?

             Ammo Type: Flechettes (1)

             Ammo Cost: 1

             Initial Capacity: 1

             Maximum Capacity: 25

             Rate of Fire: Instant (comes out as fast as you can fire)

             Effect: The Cleric has the best iteration of Flechettes out of
                     any of the three classes. When used, Parius will drop the
                     flask at his feet, which explodes after a second into a
                     cloud of poisonous gas. This cloud lasts about 30 seconds,
                     causing constant damage to anything that steps into it.
                     Unfortunately this means enemies can walk out of it as
                     well. Luckily the constant damage seems to also have a
                     stun effect, so the enemies will have to be very quick or
                     have a lot of HP to walk out of the cloud before it kills

                     There are two major advantages these Flechettes have over
                     the other two uses: first, the damage stacks, so if you
                     want to kill something quickly (either to conserve ammo or
                     cause supplemental damage) you can drop multiple
                     Flechettes for multiple damage, equal to the amount you
                     drop. Second, the Cleric's Flechettes - and the Cleric's
                     only - will damage an enemy through shields or spells. So
                     those Slaughtaurs and the Heresiarch? No longer a problem
                     with these guys around.

             Firepower: This was one of the more difficult damage charts to
                        complete, because the enemy needs to stay in the cloud
                        for any damage to be done. These numbers assume you're
                        able to keep the monster poisoned until it dies or 30
                        seconds have passed and the cloud disappears, whichever
                        comes first. Also, since the damage is constant, the
                        numbers represent SECONDS to kill, not HITS to kill.

             *Ettin: 2s
             *Afrit: 1s
             *Chaos Serpent: 4s
             *Brown Serpent: 4s
             *Wendigo: 2s
             *Centaur: 2s
             *Slaughtaur: 2s
             *Stalker: 1.5s
             *Dark Bishop: 2s
             *Reiver: 2s
             *Death Wyvern: 5s
             *Heresiarch: 30s
             *Fighter: 13s
             *Cleric: 13s
             *Mage: 15s
             *Korax 1: 25s
             *Korax 2: 22s

----------------------------[5] DAEDOLON, THE MAGE-----------------------------

[5.1]                                 [---Stats---]    

       Speed: 4
     Agility: 2
       Magic: 10
    Strength: 4

[5.2]                              [---Description---]

       The Mage is an interesting, fun, and somewhat difficult class to use. He
       has the most powerful weapons, if not in terms of damage then in terms
       of effect, but is the slowest in terms of movement and firing speed. He
       also unfortunately has the lowest armor capacity, so combine all this
       together and you have a character that takes as much damage as he can
       dish out without the speed to dodge as well as the Cleric or the
       Fighter. With a little strategy however, the Mage becomes possibly the
       deadliest class of all. My personal favorite of the three, but
       definitely for more advanced players.

[5.3]                                [---Weapons---]

           i)                      ---Sapphire Wand---

             Slot: 1

             Description: Similar to the Elven Wand from Heretic, this is a
                          staff with a large blue sapphire at the end that
                          shoots blue, trailing bursts of energy. Of course,
                          you don't have to worry about ammo with this one.

             Ammo Type: None

             Ammo Cost: None

             Initial Capacity: N/A

             Maximum Capacity: N/A

             Rate of Fire: 2.4 blasts per second

             Effect: Second only to the Serpent Staff in firing speed, the
                     Sapphire Wand is the fastest, but also the weakest
                     starting weapon of the three. Besides speed, it makes up
                     for this lack of power by being ranged, thus keeping the
                     fragile Mage out of harm's way, and by having a piercing
                     effect. Each shot will cut through an opponent, hitting
                     anyone or anything behind it, and behind that, and so on.
                     Because of that, the total damage you can cause is
                     actually higher than the other two weapons, by way of
                     being able to hit multiple targets at once. Finally,
                     enemies tend to be stunned for just about as long as it
                     takes for the next shot to connect, meaning they stay
                     stunned, keeping you safe while you fire away. Not the
                     strongest weapon, but definitely the most effective.


             *Ettin: 8
             *Afrit: 4
             *Chaos Serpent: 9
             *Brown Serpent: 9
             *Wendigo: 5
             *Centaur: 8
             *Slaughtaur: 8
             *Stalker: 4
             *Dark Bishop: 6
             *Reiver: 7
             *Death Wyvern: 33
             *Heresiarch: 122
             *Fighter: 43
             *Cleric: 42
             *Mage: 42
             *Korax 1: 55
             *Korax 2: 54

          ii)                         ---Frozen Shards---

             Slot: 2

             Description: The game seems a bit confused as to this weapon's
                          name; sometimes on pickup it'll say Frozen Shards,
                          sometimes Frost Shards. Anyway, this spell launches
                          a volley of blue shards, or if you're close enough,
                          just a blue flash as you touch the enemy. Either way,
                          when they die, instead of falling over they'll turn
                          into solid ice. If hit or after a few seconds,
                          they'll shatter, leaving behind a few ice cubes that
                          melt away after a bit.

             Ammo Type: Blue Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 3

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.5 volleys per second

             Effect: The Frozen Shards are another weapon with two firing
                     modes, dependant on the distance between you and the
                     enemy. At range (which you'll be using more often as the
                     Mage) it fires a volley of blue shards in an expanding
                     diamond pattern. Each shard does little damage, but the
                     entire volley contains 17 of them; if you manage to hit
                     an enemy with the whole volley, the damage really adds up.
                     If you're having trouble imagining the attack, I've
                     provided a diagram courtesy of Arne Michaelsen

                     "the spread looks like this:

                                                  *  *  *
                                        *   *   *    *    *   *   *
                                                  *  *  *

                     Note the center column is 7 shards, not five.  Limits of
                     ascii... <sigh>" - AMichaelsen

                     At close range, the attack changes in appearance, but not
                     effect. The Mage's hand still glows blue but instead of
                     releasing a volley of shards, the energy goes directly
                     from the hand to the enemy, as if touching it. This makes
                     the attack much more focused and powerful, at the cost of
                     putting yourself in harm's way. Considering the relatively
                     low Mana cost, try to use this weapon as much as possible.
                     As a final note, this is the only weapon that can't
                     shatter a frozen enemy. Especially if you're fighting a
                     group in an enclosed space, the frozen monsters can really
                     get in the way, forcing you to either wait or switch to
                     another weapon to shatter them. Not a problem unless
                     you're facing an enemy with a ranged attack.

             Firepower: For this chart, the first number represents hits to
                        kill when shooting a volley, and assumes you hit the
                        enemy with as many shards as possible. The second
                        number represents hits to kill with the close range,
                        touch attack. Also, the Death Wyvern moves way too
                        fast for me to get an accurate gauge with the second
                        attack, so only the value of volley shot hits is
                        provided. If anyone happens to have this information,
                        feel free to submit it :3

             *Ettin: 3 / 2
             *Afrit: 2 / 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 5 / 3
             *Brown Serpent: 5 / 3
             *Wendigo: 3 / 1
             *Centaur: 5 / 3
             *Slaughtaur: 5 / 3
             *Stalker: 2 / 1
             *Dark Bishop: 3 / 2
             *Reiver: 3 / 2
             *Death Wyvern: 14 / ?
             *Heresiarch: 86 / 36
             *Fighter: 13 / 9
             *Cleric: 14 / 9
             *Mage: 15 / 10
             *Korax 1: 42 / 30
             *Korax 2: 36 / 26

         iii)                          ---Arc of Death---

             Slot: 3

             Description: The Arc of Death has the most impressive still
                          animation of any weapon in the game. The Mage holds a
                          ball of lightning, playing with it in an almost
                          affectionate manner. When fired, it releases a pillar
                          of lightning that travels along the ceiling and
                          floor, and locks onto enemies on contact.

             Ammo Type: Green Mana (15)

             Ammo Cost: 5

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 1.1 arcs per second

             Effect: One of the cooler weapons in the game, the Arc of Death is
                     also probably the most useful in Daedolon's arsenal.
                     Besides being one of the most powerful weapons in the
                     game (in fact, it's about as powerful as Bloodscourge),
                     this weapon has the interesting feature of locking onto an
                     enemy when it hits, causing constant damage for a few
                     seconds before wearing off. At least, usually - the exact
                     amount of time the electricity lasts is inconsistent, and
                     I suspect it is somehow related to whether you hit the
                     enemy directly or snag it with a glancing blow. Either
                     way, even if you only hit the enemy's toe the Arc will
                     still lock on.

                     Another interesting feature is the fact that the pillar
                     travels forward along the floor and ceiling
                     simultaneously. Any enemies on a ledge, pillar or anything
                     else higher than you will therefore be hit as long as you
                     aim for the same point in the horizontal plane; in other
                     words, the lightning will climb up any piece of scenery,
                     only stopping if it hits an enemy. By the same token, if
                     you're standing on a ledge with enemies on the ground
                     below you, the attack CAN target them: all you have to do
                     is send it their way.

                     Of course, this power doesn't come without its drawbacks.
                     The Arc of Death is the slowest weapon in the game, and
                     also the most costly in terms of ammo. Combine this with
                     the inconsistent damage and Deadolon's physical weaknesses
                     and you'll be chewing through your Green Mana pretty
                     quickly. In spite of this, it's still the best choice for
                     your primary weapon once you get it.

             Firepower: Since the Arc of Death has the problem with
                        inconsistent damage, this chart assumes you hit the
                        enemy squarely and it gets shocked for the maximum
                        amount of time before disappearing. As with all the
                        other damage charts, remember this is just a reference;
                        your own experience will almost surely vary.

             *Ettin: 1
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 1
             *Brown Serpent: 1
             *Wendigo: 1
             *Centaur: 2
             *Slaughtaur: 2
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 1
             *Reiver: 1
             *Death Wyvern: 3
             *Heresiarch: 24
             *Fighter: 4
             *Cleric: 4
             *Mage: 3
             *Korax 1: 10
             *Korax 2: 10

          iv)                           ---Bloodscourge---

             Slot: 4

             Description: The Mage's ultimate weapon, this is a staff mounted
                          with a skull, all topped with a swirling red orb.
                          When fired, it releases a trio of spiked, swirling
                          fireballs that home in on anything in sight,
                          literally cutting through the opposition.

             Ammo Type: Blue & Green Mana (20 for Combined Mana)

             Ammo Cost: 15

             Initial Capacity: 25

             Maximum Capacity: 200

             Rate of Fire: 2 shots per second

             Effect: Bloodscourge is an interesting weapon. It doesn't quite
                     have the power of Quietus, and it's homing feature isn't
                     quite as accurate as the Wraithverge, but also isn't as
                     expensive. In short, it's a nice compromise between the
                     strengths and weaknesses of the other two weapons, and a
                     definite asset for the Mage.

                     When fired, three spiked fireballs erupt from the orb and
                     will home in on anything it can track. Unfortunately it
                     can't go through walls like the Wraithverge, but it will
                     fly around corners, through openings and, as long as it
                     has the space to do so, will wrap back around to hit other
                     enemies in the area. For tough enemies, particularly
                     bosses the attack will be like any other. For minor
                     enemies, the fireballs will rip through them and continue
                     travelling, losing a bit of speed, on to hit any other
                     monsters they can find. The piercing effect is so
                     prominent that it'll occur even if the enemy isn't dead;
                     if there aren't any others in the room, the fireballs will
                     curve back around to hit the enemy again. Unless it's a
                     big room though, expect them to hit a wall before they
                     complete the circle. Overall, perhaps not as impressive
                     as the other two ultimate weapons but definitely fitting.

             Firepower: Occasionally, even for a minor enemy the Bloodscourge's
                        attack will pierce through without killing. This chart
                        assumes an accurate hit with all three fireballs,
                        delivering the most amount of damage possible. As with
                        everything else, don't take these numbers as gospel.

             *Ettin: 1
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 1
             *Brown Serpent: 1
             *Wendigo: 1
             *Centaur: 1
             *Slaughtaur: 1
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 1
             *Reiver: 1
             *Death Wyvern: 3
             *Heresiarch: 18
             *Fighter: 3
             *Cleric: 4
             *Mage: 4
             *Korax 1: 10
             *Korax 2: 9

           v)                            ---Flechettes---

             Slot: 0 (Or Inventory)

             Description: Flechettes are technically an inventory item, not a
                          weapon, but they can be used to damage - and kill - 
                          enemies, so I've included them here. These green
                          flasks are used differently for each class. Why
                          they're called Flechettes is beyond me; they're not
                          knives, they're bottles. I guess maybe because they
                          already used "flask" with the Quartz Flask?

             Ammo Type: Flechettes (1)

             Ammo Cost: 1

             Initial Capacity: 1

             Maximum Capacity: 25

             Rate of Fire: Instant (comes out as fast as you can fire)

             Effect: Unfortunately, the Mage probably has the hardest time
                     using the Flechettes. When used, Daedolon will drop the
                     flask at his feet which explodes after a one second delay.
                     It's no less powerful than either of the other iterations,
                     but the fact that the explosion will damage you means that
                     you need to drop it and MOVE. This is actually good
                     strategy for the Mage, but definitely contributes to the
                     overall difficulty of the class. The one big advantage
                     it does have, however, is that you can create a trail of
                     bombs to safely and effectively destroy any pursuing

             Firepower: As usual, these numbers should be used as just a
                        reference, but the quick and easy nature of these time
                        bombs made this one of the easier charts to finish.

             *Ettin: 2
             *Afrit: 1
             *Chaos Serpent: 2
             *Brown Serpent: 2
             *Wendigo: 1
             *Centaur: 2
             *Slaughtaur: 2
             *Stalker: 1
             *Dark Bishop: 2
             *Reiver: 2
             *Death Wyvern: 12
             *Heresiarch: 38
             *Fighter: 12
             *Cleric: 10
             *Mage: 10
             *Korax 1: 21
             *Korax 2: 24

----------------------------------[6] CREDITS----------------------------------

Well, that's about it. Hope you enjoyed! Here's a few people to whom I owe my

- Tricky, HSTeoh, A.J. and AMichaelsen for their Hexen FAQs currently on
  GameFAQs. Though all data was gathered myself, they provided some good
  information and the inspiration for this guide. Thanks, guys!

- AMichaelsen specifically for his AScII diagram of the Frozen Shards.

- ZackScott, for his Resident Evil 4 Weapon Analysis Guide that gave me the
  basis to create this one.

- Emma Rutabega, for being a wonderful corgi and keeping my lap warm while I
  worked on this.

----------------------------[7] CONTACT INFORMATION----------------------------

Email: ilikesquishy@gmail.com

AIM: fattyinaball

Telepathy: Think about sushi and you'll probably find me. Please don't appear
           in my dreams, though; they're scary enough as it is >___>

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