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Guide and Walkthrough by Tricky

Version: 1.000 | Updated: 02/14/2011

                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 

Here's my attempt to make a walkthrough about a FPS game, but HEXEN is worth
the effort.

First of all if you want to play the game in modern times I strongly recommend
DosBOX. The only modern egine I found to avoid DosBOX was Doomsday, but that
project appears to be abandoned for a long time now (and if not Google doesn't
redirect me to the right site) and the way it runs HeXeN is horrible. So 
horrible in fact that it is impossible to finish the game without cheating.

So cut short, you can best go for the original version in DosBox.

Now for those who are not familiar with my way of FAQ writing (as they may not
be into RPG or Adventures I write mostly for). I always try to write my FAQs 
that way that you don't have to look into them unless you really need to.

Hexen is made out of Hubs... A collection of levels that form one whole.
At the start of each hub you'll see an image of Khorax taunting you with a 
stupid message. These messages will be found in my index. The code behind it 
will make it easier for you to find that specific hub in the walkthrough itself.
Every time I switch to another level I will name it at the start of the part
that comes next. It makes not point noting that in the index as you switch
levels a lot in this game.

For this version of the FAQ I played the game using a Cleric. You can pick 
an other class if you like, but this version of the FAQ doesn't (yet) handle
it. Perhaps in future versions. I will also not name all enemies or items. Only
items that are noteworthy or handy as a marker or vital to the game (key items)
will be mentioned.

I also was not interested in detours through sidequests or bonus levels. It's
just an explanation to get the game finished and nothing more.

Have fun


| Index                                                                       |

        Prologue level ........................................... HUB01
        Greetings mortal, are you ready to die? .................. HUB02
              Seven Portals
              Guardian of Steel
              Guardian of Fire
              Guardian of Ice
        My servants can smell your blood, human .................. HUB03
              Shadow Wood
              Castle of Circe
        Worship me, and I may yet be merciful, then again, maybe
        not ...................................................... HUB04
              Heresiarch's Seminary 
              Silent Refectory
              Archard of Lamentations
              Wolf Chapel
              Griffin Chapel
              Dragon Chapel
              Deathwind Chapel (bonus)
        You have been playing this game too long, mortal!
        I think I shall remove you from the board ................ HUB05
              Castle Of Grief
              Forsaken outpost
        Are you strong enough to face your own masters? .......... HUB06
              Zedek's Tomb
              Traductus' Tomb
              Menelkir's Tomb
              Dark Crucible
        Secret levels (where to find them) ....................... IDX01
        Copyrights and permissions ............................... IDX02
        Contacting me ............................................ IDX03
| Prologue level                                                      | HUB01 |
This can hardly be called a "hub" as it is only one level, but as Khorax won't
taunt you yet and as you cannot come back it we'll name this level on its own.

This level shouldn't really cause any problems when you played games like DOOM
or Heretic before, as the setup of this level is a bit in the same manner, with
the big difference that the Hexen engine supports a lot more then the games I
mentioned before did, and this prologue level already demonstrates that.

Except when you are playing a mage you do have the handicap that you cannot 
shoot. You won't get a better weapon yet, so you gotta deal with it.

Let's get this show on the road shall we?

  = Go forward and push the door open
  In this hall you will see a teleporter, but as you can see it's inside some
  kind of cage. There's nothing you can do at this very moment to have it 
  removed, so let's just let it be for now.
  Another notable thing is the two big stone slabs beside the door you came in.
  There are items in front of it, but when you get too close they'll turn 
  around and throw some fireballs for awhile and then turn again. This will 
  happen every time you get close to them.
  = If you play cleric I REALLY recommend you to get those green potions
    around the teleporter. You will be ambused by enemies though.
  = Break all windows until you find a secret passage behind one of them
  = Go down the stairs
  = Kill the enemy to reveal a switch
  = Use this switch and a series of doors will open. Go through them.
  = Use the switch in the back of the room to reveal a key
  = Pick up the key, but as soon as you do the doors you came through will
    start acting as a death trap.
  = You have to go back and the only way to do that is by running through the
    death trap doors as quickly as you can. You gotta time it right, but right
    after the door most front of you opens is mostly the best time.
  = Back in the hall with the caged teleporter you can best go back to the 
    place where you started the game and from there head left.
  = You'll find a locked door. The key you just found should make that you
    can open it now. Do so and enter.
  = Use the switch beside the next door and the door right of you will open
  = Go through that door and go up the stairs
  = Use the switch that appears at the end here and go back downstairs
  = Now the big door on your right is open. Go through there
  You should now be in a courtyard with a tower in the middle. You cannot yet
  enter this tower. It's locked and you need another key to get it unlocked.
  This key is closeby though.
  = Follow the rightwall of this courtyard and you'll find a cave.
    (Don't do this too fast or you may miss it)
  = At the far end of this cave you'll be able to find the key pick it up, but
    once again a death trap semilar to the one you had before, This one may be 
    a bit harder to get through alife. Best thing to do, save your game and
    run as fast as you can and don't bother releasing the key if the game stops
    you, just keep going forward. You will get out of there eventually.
  = Now enter the tower, now that you got it's key
  = Go all the way up the stairs
  = Hit the big bell with your weapon (or shoot it if you are a mage)
  = Go back downstairs.
  From this point of the game, some phoenix like enemies will have entered the
  field. As you cannot shoot back (unless you are a mage) it would be unwise to
  challenge them (and there's nothing to win from that either).
  = Go to the room of the caged teleporter to discover the cage has been 
  = Step into the teleporter.
  = Enter the portal to end this prologue.
| Greetings, mortal! Are you ready to die?                            | HUB02 |
| Levels:                                                                     |
| - Seven portals (starting and ending level)                                 |
| - Guardian of Ice                                                           |
| - Guardian of Steel                                                         |
| - Guardian of Fire                                                          |
Well, from here you start on the first serious hub. The level you start in is
called "Seven Portals", and that level is the center of this hub. It has three
sublevels all called "Guardians". 

The name "Seven Portals" is pretty self explaining. Six portals to the sublevels
(2 portals each) and the seventh portal is the exit of this hub. A lot of 
puzzles await you to get that seveth portal in reach. 

First you have a puzzle in which the game says "a third of the puzzle has been
solved in seven portals". I hate to spoil the mood, but it's pretty misleading
as it doesn't refer to the end gate, but to basically the secord "part" of this
hub (or so to speak). In other words, if you got those "thirds" done you have
basically only completed half this hub.

  = Well, after the taunt from Khorax take the elevator down to the main 
    courtyard. Explore it if you want, as you will be here lots of times during
    this hub.
  = Use the switch in one of the pillars left
  = In the back of the courtyard you can get your second weapon.
    (Timon's Axe if you are a fighter, Serpent's staff if you are a cleric and
    Frost shards if you are a mage). Though the game will offer opportunities 
    to get them late if you missed them I recommend to get that weapon now as 
    you will need it bad in this hub.
  = Now go through the centre door on the left side of this courtyard (as seen
    from your starting point)
  = Go to the far back of this room and two doors will open. Go back to the
    center part and go through one of them (you need to jump here).
  = Go all the way down here
  = Use the lift to go up
  = Step into the portal
  This run through this level will be pretty quick. You'll spend more time
  here later though. I hope you are dressed well, because it's pretty cold here
  (Bad joke)
  = Go all the way forward until your way's blocked by a wall
  = Wait a while and you will go down (room will lower)
  = Well after killing everybody here, use the switch in the back.
  Now the pillars behind you will start acting odd. Just wait until they stop
  and one of them will get a marker of light pointig to it. That one is a 
  teleporter back into "Seven Portals" (use it), the others will kill you as
  soon as you step onto them. I can't tell you in this FAQ which one will be
  the right one as it's different each time you play it, but you can hardly 
  miss it.
  = Go back to the courtyard and turn left
  = You see now a second door has opened. Enter the room behind it.
  = Use the switch in the back
  = Now the portal to the guardian of steel has been revealed. Enter it.
  You'd do well to memorize how this works, because there's a second round in
  this level later in this hub that works exactly the same way.
  This will also be the first place in which there are some nasty enemies 
  blocking all your attacks with a shield. There are only two good ways to get
  those killed and both require a cleric. First one is using the wraithverge, 
  but as you don't have that one yet (unless you cheated) that one is not yet
  an option. The other one is the fletchette. Use one and it will cause a poison
  cloud which finishes them off quickly. Just make sure you don't touch the
  cloud yourself (Too bad the mage and fighter just make the fletchette explode)
  When you play another class you have a hard time with them, and the worst part
  it. They are one of the most used enemies in ALL hubs.
  = Move forward
  Now it doesn't really matter if you go left or right first, but for the good
  of this FAQ I'll start on the left side.
  = Go to the end of the corridor and use the switch once
  = Now you may see a thick metal vertical bar with rings on it. It's a door
    Open it and enter the dark room behind it
  = Go all the way uptairs
  = At the end turn right
  = At the right is the door to an elevator. Enter that elevator to go down
  = Turn left here and use the switch at the end
    (The game will say that a third of the puzzle is solved)
  = Now go all the way back to the portal where you started this level
  From here we need to play the same game again, but then on the right side.
  Up the stairs, use switch, through door, down elevator and another switch and
  another third solved. You still follow?
  Once that's done you can use the portal to go back to SEVEN PORTALS.
  = Go to the courtyard turn right and take the second door on the right
  = From here pull the switch to reveal the portal to the Guardian of Fire.
  As the name of this level already suggests, it's hot here. And that has 
  concequences to th gameplay. A wrong move can get you burned. It would be
  a real bummer if you beat all those nasty enemies to get yourself killed 
  because you were standing in fire.
  = Go through the game as soon as it opens
  = Go as quickly as you can through this room and exit it by the gate on your
    right (the floor will be a fire pool in only a few seconds)
  = Immediately on your right is a switch to get the last third done
    (This opens the way to a second area in Guardian of Ice), but we are not
    done here yet. We need a few more things to do before we can go on.
  = A bit further in this room is a door with a face on it. Open that door.
  Now you'll get at a narrow road between two gorges. Don't even think of 
  running over to get on the other side. You'll die trying. 
  = Get a bit closer until the way goes down.
  = Go back to the previous room and another doorway to this room has opened
    go through there
  = Use the switch
  = Now use the extremely narrow path that's against the wall (and thus hard
    to see) to get to the end of this room
  = Remove the fire mask
  = Now go all the way back over this narrow road.
  = Go back to the portal and use it.
  Just cross the courtyard and enter the room behind the door that just opened.
  This leads to a new section in the guardian of ice. Beware of the frost guys
  that will pop up here if you are a mage. They are immune to your frost spell.
  You standard weapon (the one you started the game with) will still work 
  though. A few more obstacles that are not worth mentioning in this FAQ are 
  here, but the basic idea to reach the portal is the same.
  Okay. We've been in this level before, but this time we'll be here longer and
  we got a few more obstacles on our way. Nothing to be afraid of though.
  You should be in a new section (if not you took the wrong portal).
  Let's rock and roll
  = Let's first go up the stairs (don't bother the side way when you took the
    left one) and throw the switch.
  = Now go back to the place you started
  = The stairs now lead to two switches. Use them both
  = Now go in that sideway you had to ingore before and go right at the end
  = Go quickly through the "little room" (unless you wish to die)
  = Now follow the corridor
  = Use the elevator at the end (switch is on your right)
  If there's a pendant here (amulet of warding) you are in the correct room.
  = Go straight on and you'll be in the same section of this level as you
    were before on your first run here.
  Now you'll see that there are two markers in this room pointing to a wall.
  Now they lead to two sections you can do in random order as long as you do
  them both. For the good of this FAQ I'll be taking on the left one first
  = Open the wall with the marker, just like you open doors
    (It'll turn out to be an elevator)
  = Don't be afraid of that ice floor moving here. Just wait until it stops
    moving. It's only a warning for what is to come later in this section.
  = Go right and use the switch and RUN LIKE CRAZY to the back of this room
  = Go to the back of the room, but before picking up the key I recommend you
    to save first.
  = Once picking up the key the room will be a jump and run course back.
    There is no "best" route. Just use your jumping skills to get back into the
    main room.
  Okay, now for the right section
  = Open the wall like it were a door
  = Go to the back of the room and use the fire mask in the slot here
    (Just stand before it and press space. When you got the mask your character
    will automatically place it. This works for nearly ALL places where a
    key item is needed, except for one, but that's not in THIS particular hub).
  = The key of fire will be revealed. Pick it up (No nasty traps this time)
  = Go back to the main hall.
  Well from here you still do remember to get back into Seven Portals, doncha?

  Well, the first thing to note here is that a stairway has formed in the 
  courtyard. Let's sort that out, shall we?
  = Go up the stairway that has now formed
  = Pull the switch up there
  Now the doors to the second sections of the Guardians of Steel and Fire have
  opened. Let's start with the steel part (the way to the portals work the same
  as before. Just enter the room they are in, kill the enemies and use the 
  switch to reveal the portal).
  I'll start with steel
  Well, aside from the requirement of a key (that you should now have) this
  works EXACTLY THE SAME as before. No no need to write it out on the FAQ.
  In stead of "One third of the puzzle" the game will mention now:
  = You have to find another switch
  = Stairs have risen on seven portals
  Well, that is good news? Another stairway opened on Seven Portals.
  Let's check it out!
  = Go up the stairs that have risen and pull at least the demon head switch
    (the other only opens a bonus part on the Guardian of Ice that will not
    be noted in the FAQ as there's nothing to gain going there).
  = When that's all done, go to the Guardian of Fire (it TOTALLY doesn't matter
    which of the two portals you use for that).
  Though I didn't mention them before you must have seen the two doors here 
  where locked with a fire key. Since you got that key now it's worth checking
  them out. Basically both doors lead to the same way, but for the easiness
  of this FAQ I take the door on the right from (as seen from the entrance 
  = In this room, use the switch to reveal an elevator (and some enemies will
    spawn too).
  = Use the elevator to go down into the next room
  = Don't bother taking the treasure in this room. It's trapped.
  = Go to the wall with the face and two elevators will be revealed.
  = Take the one on the left (at least that's what I did).
  = Search for the teleporter and use it
  = Use the switch in front of you
  = Then turn around and use the other switch to get back into Seven Portals
  Okay, now all the handiwork is done. Now the way is free to open the seventh
  and final portal to end this hub. 
  First of all a new stairway has risen.
  = Go up that stairway and use the switch to open the door to the final portal
  = Go through the final door (it may take some time for it to open. Only takes
    a few seconds).
  = Use the switch here
  Now you can see the portal that ends this hub, but going to it will mean
  death, and I think you can already see why. Just kill all enemies in this
  place and once you killed them all, some stars will appear and form a bridge
  to the portal. You can walk over those stars. Do so. You can also pick up the
  first part of your best weapon here. After all that enter the portal and
  this hub is finished.
| My servants can smell your blood, human                            | HUB03 |
| Levels:                                                                    |
| Shadow Wood (starting level)                                               |
| Darkmere                                                                   |
| Wastelands                                                                 |
| Caves of Circe                                                             |
| Hypostyle (ending level)                                                   |
Well, first of all you'll have to excuse me if my FAQ may fail a bit on this
hub, as this is the most confusing hub in the game and it gets me every time
I play this game. 

This is also the first hub that involves a boss fight, but more about that 

You'll start this game in Shadow Wood. Basically Shadow Wood has the same 
purpose as the "Seven Portals" level in the previous hub, to act as a central
level for the sub-levels. The big difference is that Shadow Wood is not a 
straight courtyard with some doors, like Seven Portals. This time we're going
a little more gamy.

The basic object is easy. There's Shadow Wood for a central level and three
sublevels that contain two switches for the main exit. Once you opened the
main exit, you can get into a fourth sublevel that also contains the boss of 
this hub.

Okay... My nightmare begins... Catching this horrible hub into a walkthrough.

If there are errors in this hub, don't eat me... Be nice....

  Well, there is a bit of work to do before we jump into any sublevel. There is
  no specific order to do this, so I have to pick an order as I have to start
  = After Khorax's taunt, move forward out of the starting room and turn right
  = Move forward and stay close to the wall on your right until you find
    a flow of water
    (Please note that from this hub forward there can be monsters underwater.
    You can't shoot them as long as they don't come about the water and they
    try to ambush you).

  = Go into the water and follow the water flow
  = When your way's blocked there's a stairway nearby on your left. Go up
  = Once upstairs there's nothing you can do except from jumping down into 
    the lake below
  Well I'm sure you'll be exploring the lake to have a look around and that
  you already saw a portal, but the way to it is blocked. Well that portal will
  be my first target for this FAQ. So let's figure out how to open the way to 
  The first thing to note about this place is the tower in the middle of the 
  lake. That thing is trapped, but you have to let the trap go of in order to
  = You need to get on the platform around the tower. You need to jump to 
    achieve this.
  = Once one it use the switch. This will raise some platforms. Once they are
    at the top the trap will go off with the game throwing around all kinds
    of nasty projectiles. They will create a nuisence for the next couple o'
    minutes, though you are not yet in the line of fire.
  = From here you may see the exit of the water flow you were on before.
    Get on it (you can open the way with the switch beside it) and go up the
    stairs on your right
  = Now, say a prayer (read 'save your game') and hop over the platforms and 
    try not the get hurt by the projectiles too much (they can push you off 
    making you have to start over again).
  = Once you made it to the other side throw the switch and a stairway around 
    the tower will rise. 
  = Jump down into the lake and climb the tower.
  = Use the switch and the fireballs and other shit will stop.
    Not only that the way to the portal is open as well. Go down and use that
  Well, the first thing to mention here is that nasty fog. It's not dangerous
  or anything, but I just hate it a bit :)
  = Shoot the trees to create a path
  = Move forward to reach a swamp
  = Get on the building in the middle of that swamp
  = Once there move forward
  = Open the door at the end and continue your way
  = Cross the square swamp and go to the door (it's locked though)
  = From here go left and get on the platform
  = Light the only thorch that does not yet burn (just spacebar)
  = A door opens beside you. Enter the room behind it and hit the switch
  = Go down into the swamp pool and hit the door I mentioned before (it's
    open now)
  = In here is just a switch and open game I don't need to explain. Look for
    the switch hit it and a door will open. Do this a few times and you'll
    get into the next place to be
  Another swamp pool. Remember this room, as this is the place where the exit
  back into Shadow Wood is. Not that we are about to leave just yet, but it's
  easier on me if you memorize it so I don't have to direct you the whole way
  back :)
  = Just move forward and when you see the exit there's a building in face of
    it. Enter that builing and use the switch and go back outside
  = Keep moving forward (and going around corners)
  There's a sideway and when you go through it you get at the entrance of the
  main keep of this level. That is the place to be now.
  = Use the switch to create a bridge into the keep.
  = Cross that bridge (well that was obvious, eh) :)
  Well, we now reached a spot that is always a bit guessing on my side, but I'll
  fire my best shot ;)
  = Go past the stairs (so don't use them) and turn left behind them
  = Hit the door
  = Fall into the well (don't worry, you won't die unless your HP is 
    ridiculously low).
  = Use the switch and you can get out again.
  = Go back into the keep's courtyard
  = Go up the stairs now
  = The door is locked and you don't have the key yet. Just go on and ignore
    that door for now
  = Well, when you are above the entrance jump to the other side
    (this may require practise, but there are worse jumps than this one in the
    game, trust me).
  Well I was never quite sure if this was required, but it always seemed to
  get me somewhere (I think)
  = Go down again, and use the switch at the entrance of the keep
  = Go to the exit, but don't use the exit. Enter the building in face of it
    in stead
  = A door here that was previously closed is now open. Get the key in the
    room behind that door and go back to the keep
  = Now go up the stairs again and open the door (you have the key now0
  = There's a switch behind one of the armors. Hit that switch. (You can
    vandalize the armors with your weapon if you need to, but you should
    be able to hit the switch without doing that).
  = Down go back down into the courtyard and take the stairway down here
    (the door that was previously closed here is now open)
  You'll get into what looks like a dining room or kitchen of some sort. There
  are four fireplaces here.
  = Go to the last fireplace on the left. 
  = You can push the backwall of this fireplace. Do so.
  = Follow the corridor that's now revealed
  = Hit the switch at the end and use the elevator it lowers
  = Well, first kill all enemies and now take a look at this room before 
  This room looks like an easy job, but it's not. This room can really get the
  best of you. First of all make sure your HP is full. Treasure your quartz
  flasks as you may need them here. 
  = Cross the room and hit the key 
  Well, you'll already see what happens. You'll have to zigzag between the
  walls that appear and avoid being hit by projectiles. 
  When you got the key you'll see the room has changed again.
  There are three paths. Two with fireballs being thrown up and one with
  projectiles from the wall. You have to take the correct path to proceed.
  I took the left one (and was allowed through), but I'm not sure if it's 
  always the same path.
  For now we've done all we can in this level, so time to go back to the exit
  and hit it.
  Well, time for the worst nightmare road in the game. The easiest way to act 
  now is to first go back to the room where you started the game.
  = From there go straight on through the road you can see from here. When
    you see a pillar-in-the-wall you are at the right spot.
  = As soon as you get here a passage will open
  = Enter this passage and jump your way to reach the end
    (This is so horrible that typing "casper" is justified here, but of
    course you'd rather try this without going that way. Save your game
    before you start and don't even think of saving halfaway. Due to a bug
    in the game you'll always die when you load that game).
  = Hit the switch at the end. And yeah head back.
  = When you see the portal go to it (thank god a shortcut opens as soon as
    you go to the portal).
  = Enter the portal for the next part of this hub.
  Well, I hope your navigational skills are well. This place is just too 
  horrible to lead the way through. It's just a plain maze. I really hope I can
  cover all I have to. Fortunately the spots that are noteworthy and vital are
  easy to recognize. This is also the first level where you may find kraters
  of might. I recommend you collect them and never to use them as they are your
  only means of survival against one of the bosses you need later. I will
  tell you which boss fight I mean, so if I don't mention them. Don't use them.
  One warning. Save often as this level can make you die instantly without a
  warning (even at the easiest difficulty setting). Some stone pikes can come
  out of the ground at random (and kill you when you stand on them on that
  moment). Another way to die is when you go into path that leads into a dead
  end litterally. Some paths will lead into a pit so deep that falling into them
  will kill you.
  Well, it will be some searching (on which I cannot help you much), and but 
  here are a lot of caves here. Search them all you may find a stone door. Open
  it to reveal the room behind it.
  (The stone door is the same color as the rest of the cave, but you'll 
  recognize it once you see it). The door turns around so you have to go
  through it quickly. If you mess up you can try it again, so doncha worry.
  = Go up the stairway
  = Turn right and when you move forward you see another jump and run go
    over a pool of lava.
  = Cross it
  = Get the horn key at the end and go back
  Okay, we got the horn key now. Since we also got the swamp key we can do a
  bit more here, like solving one sixth of the puzzle in Shadow Wood.
  Go back through the door and go searching again
  If you are in the area where the walls are grey you are looking in the right
  region. Look here for a place with a big swamp pool in the middle.
  = In the swamp a stairway should start to a locked door. You can open it
    with your swamp key
  = At the back of this building is a switch hit it
  = Go back outside
  Turn left and you'll see that a new area has opened with a big building in
  there. Go to that building
  = When you enter the building IGNORE THE PORTAL FOR NOW
  = Go around the portal to find a switch. Hit it to have the first sixth of
    the puzzle solved.
  = Now you can hit the portal
  This place looks familiar, eh. Well, now that we got the horn key we can fix
  ourselves one more sixth of the puzzle. Go to the keep and head down again 
  to the kitchen, or dining room, or whatever it is.
  = Hit the second fireplace on the right
  = Push the switch that in here to reveal a secret passage
  = Go all the way to the top (don't go further than the top unless you have
    a death wish).
  = On the left is a door. You can open it now that you have the horn key
    (works the same as the door that hit this key in the wastelands)
  = Behind the door, go right and the first way left
  = Go up the stairs
  = At the top use the switch to have the 2nd sixth of the puzzle solved
  = Hop over to the portal and hit it
  Exactly the place where we currently DON'T want to be. Just step back into 
  the teleporter to get back into Shadow Wood.
  (We'll have to get back to finish our business here later).
  = Move forward into the "big" room and turn to the right
  = Follow the wall on your right until you get into a room with some stairs
  = Go up the stairs
  You will find something that looks like a temple. For the good of this FAQ
  I'll call it the temple. This temple is also the place where the gateway
  to the boss is, but since we need four more sixths before we can get to that
  we'll save that for later.
  = Enter the temple
  = Turn left
  = Open the door on the right at the end
  The hall you get into contains a big door. That's the door this hub's about.
  You can see some dark tiles beside it and two are lit. This is actually a 
  marker system that helps you to keep track how much you've done. The more
  sixths you've done, the more that are lit.
  You'll also mention that all hell broke loose in the corridor you came from
  You cannot go back, but you can re-enter that corridor from the other side
  of this room
  = Avoid all fireballs and other shit the game throws at you.
  = You'll see a stairway has formed. Go to the top of it.
+---- CLERIC ONLY -----------------------------------------------------------+
| You can go into the way on the right. In the room there is a small pit     |
| Drop yourself into it to get the Firestorm. Third weapon for the cleric.   |
| Then get back to that stairway                                             |
  = Go down and you'll see a passage has opened
  = Enter this passage (but I recommend to save before you do)
  You'll get into a big hall, but as soon as you try to enter it trouble starts.
  = Wait a little while and now make your way through it (keep close to the
    wall on your right)
  = Follow the corridor and hit the portal
  Well, another level that is a bit of a maze. But I saved this level for last
  for a reason. Now that we got the keys from both other sublevels we can do
  everything we need to do in this place in ONCE.
  This place is too much of a mess guide you through in directions, but you 
  should be able now to reach the key that's basically in the center and you
  can reach both sixths now. Go ahead.
  Once you got both sixths solved and the cave key leave this horrible place
  (this is the most frustrating level of the game when it comes to searching)
  and be grateful you never have to be here again.
  Any portal will do. If you don't end up in Darkmere, go back to Shadow Wood
  and go to Darkmere from there
  Well, the last time we need to be here, so the end's drawing closer.
  = Go to the courtyard of the keep
  = You may have seen the door locked with the cave key before. You can open 
    it now.
  = Use the switch and the elevator it controls
  = Let yourself fall off the plaform (you WILL get hurt a little)
  = Follow the corridor and take the first way right (you can easily miss it
    so look well for it)
  = Well, one of the passages here is the right one. You can recognize it
    easily as there are two statues in that passage. Behind the statue on the
    right is the switch for the 5th sixth of the puzzle
  = Keep following the corridor and hit the portal
  We're done here (thank goodness). Just go back to Shadow Wood and hit the
  teleporter to the Wasteland from there
  Another maze. If you see a teleporter behind bars you can use your cave key
  to get it removed. Now step into that teleporter.
  (NOT THE PORTAL!!! THE TELEPORTER. I suppose you can see the difference by 
  You'll be in a cave with a giant lava pool with a building in the middle.
  = Kill all enemies first and a star path should be revealed making you able
    to enter the building
  = Hit the switch in the building and all 6 parts of the puzzle are now solved.
    Now to get outta this cave.
  = Go back down and hit the corridor leading out
  = Find a teleporter to get back to Shadow Wood
  Hit the temple. The door in the back of it should now be open. Hit it and
  hit the portal behind it.
  Well, the level hopping has been done in this hub, but the fun ain't over 
  yet. There are still some things to do in this level and after that you
  still got the boss.
  This level is divided in four subsections. North, South, East and West.
  The star in the middle of the main room directs you to the section you should 
  go. I don't know if it's always the same order or at random, so I'll get onto
  those in the order that I got them while writing this FAQ.
  You'll see that the entire room is filled with lava.
  = Use the switch on the left to create a bridge
  = Cross the bridge
  = Activate the symbol representing some kind of arrow pointing up
  = Go back to the main hall for the next section
  = Kill all enemies first
  = Now hop your way over the lava using the moving pillars
  = Hit the switch and go back to the main hall for the next section
  = Just kill the enemies and hit the switch in the back
  = Go back to the door and use the switch in front of it to open it
  First of all. Clerics will find the second part of the wraithverge here.
  = Get rid of all enemies first
  = There's a side way on the west
  = Enter it hit the switch and get rid of all monsters that appear
  = Same story now on the east
  = Now go to the north and hit the switch there and you can get back into
    the main hall
  Once all the sections are done the road to the boss is open. To the south
  next to the portals is now a corridor. Go through it and handle all enemies
  until you get into a room with a big gap in the middle with an island with
  a two-headed monster on it.
  As soon as you get in here, that monster will be killed by the boss and then
  it will come after you.
| BOSS 1 \
| Death Wyvern                                            | aka Pepper Spray |
| Difficulty: Highly annoying                                                |  
| This boss flies around and breathes fire in high speed. The wisest start   |
| to this battle is to go to the back of the room first and pick up the      |
| wings of wrath there. You can use them to fly, do so. Now you got more     |
| control over this fight. He basically goes round and round in this room    |
| this makes this fight a little bit easier. Just avoid being in front of    |
| him will make you live longer. He has little HP and should die quickly     |

Well, go back to the main hall and hit the portal to end this hub.
(If you get in Shadow Wood you took the wrong portal. Just come back here and
pick the right one).
| Worship me, and I may yet be merciful. Then again, maybe not!      | HUB04 |
| Levels:                                                                    |
| Heresiarch's Seminary (Starting and ending level) (aka Monastery)          |
| Archard of Lamentations                                                    |
| Silent Refectory                                                           |
| Wolf Chapel                                                                |
| Grifin Chapel                                                              |
| Dragon Chapel                                                              |
| Deathwind Chapel (Secret bonus level)                                      |
This is one of the larger hubs, but not one that's hard to understand.
Once again a central level but a lot more sublevels.

Basically this hub can be divided into two parts in your way to completion.
The first part is finding some orbs to unlock the second part.

The second part has three sublevels with each three switches, thus making nine
in total. Once all nine are used the boss will appear in the main level. Kill 
him and you can advance to the next hub. That's the basic idea. Let's get on
with it.

  Well, after Khorax is done taunting you we'll start :)
  = Move forward, but right after the wall that you could see on which Khorax
    appeared to taunt you there's a platform. There are four elevators down here
    use one (doesn't matter which one).
  = Enter the building straight befor you.
  It's dark here, but as you proceed the light will be turned on. When you walk
  around killing alle enemies here (HERAUNIMUS... Whatever that means), I'm
  sure you'll eventually see a big tile with one marble in it and some empty
  slots in which a marble can be placed. This will be the first task of this
  hub. Finding all marbles and place them in this big tile. There are five
  to find (as the sixth is already placed). So let's get this over with.
  = Turn you face to the marble tile
  = From here turn left and you'll see a sideway. That way is yet blocked
    but there's a door right of it. Hit that door.
  = Go up here and use the switch.
  = Go back to the main hall using the stairs and turn left and you'll
    find another door (ignore the main entrance). Hit it.
  = Now go into the back of the monastery (the big building here)
  = In some side ways are windows. Destroy them all and hit the switches behind
  = Go back to the marble tile
  = Turn left from here and enter the sideway I mentioned before (it's open
  = Somewhere on the wall on the right is a switch. Hit it
  = Turn around and see the stairs disappear revealing a passage
  = Enter that passage
  = You'll get onto the entrance courtyard, but when you cross it
    (Not to the entrance of this hub. By turing right as soon as you get here)
    You'll find another passage has opened. Go in there.
  = Enter the dark stairway here and follow the corridor
  = Hit the switch at the end of the corridor and jump down
  The way into the first sublevel is now open. In face of it is a switch.
  Destroy the trees to reveal it and hit it.
  Clerics may want to go into the corridor first and hit the 2nd door (that's
  now moving) on the left first to obtain the final part of the wraithverge.
  When you've done all that. Hit the portal.
  = Just follow the way and when you reach the first intersection hit the
    way on the right
  = When you come into some sort of courtyard, take the way downstairs
  = Go straight on
  Ok, before you hit the switch, be warned. If you don't know what your are
  doing here then you will die for certain here. When you hit the switch the
  floor will lower and you'll see a big hall and some intersections in the 
  ceiling. After less than 2 seconds the floor will rise again and if you are
  at such an intersection as I call it you'll live, if not, the floor in the
  hall rises too meaning you'll be crushed to death. (Should you use the
  god mode cheat you'll just be stuck with no more means to move). So you need
  to act quickly. Each intersection has a switch to lower the floors again 
  and so you can proceed until you find an intersection with two switches.
  One will open the center of the main hall of this place. Once you opened that
  go to that center (you won't be crushed there).
  In this center section are two switches. Hitting one will make nothing 
  happen (or so it seems as the thing that happens it out of your view now)
  The other lowers the floors again so you can get out of this deadly place
  = Go back to the courtyard.
  = Hit the corridor on the right or left (doesn't really matter)  
  You may have seen that the areas here that were at first out of your reach
  being too high have lowered. Try to get on them by jumping. (Can take awhile
  to master, but it *is* the way to go).
  = Make your way up by jumping
  = At the end you'll find a small swamp with the first orb in it. Pick it up
    (Don't worry about falling down. The FAQ assumes that you did).
  Well, that's 1 marble out of 5.

  = Go back to the courtyard and go down the stairs
  = Go left at the crosspoint
  = Follow the corridor and obtain a blue marble

  Well, that's 2 marbles out of 5. Way to go.
  Well, we're done here. Go back to the monastery with the portal.
  Well, you got 2 marbles now. You can already put them in the tile, but you 
  can also save that for later. It doesn't really matter. Before we can this
  puzzle solved we need the other three, and you may have guessed it for that
  we need to go to another sub-level. That sublevel is very easy to find
  as you only need to follow the corridor into the main hall, turn right
  immediatly as you get there and to enter the sideway further on. There's
  a switch plus elevator to get to the portal. Easy, huh?
  Well, the first thing you'll notice is the highload of crates stacked up in
  this place. These crates make this level hell to catch in a FAQ, but I'll
  fire my best shot (thank goodness it's not only crates here).
  = Try to find a switch that opens a stairway down to the exit portal.
    (Good to have that open already, but of course we're not gonna leave yet)
  = Go to the portal, but DON'T USE IT YET!
  = There are corridors at both sides beside the portal. Hit one of them 
    (doesn't matter which one).
  = When you see a stairway up, hit it
  = Hit the switch in the back of this room
  = A doorway opens and reveals a green marble. Take it
  Well, that's 3 marbles out of 5. We're getting somewhere.
  = Go back into the "crate maze"
  = Find another switch and go as quickly as you can onto the elevator it
  = Go up the stairs and hit the switch at the end of it
  = Use the elevator to get into the crate maze
  = Find the last switch to reveal a passage into some kind of dining room
  = Enter this room
  = Turn right and go around the corner
  = A passage is here (revealed due to that switch in the section you were
    before). Hit it
  = Follow the corridor
    (Clerics will find a firestorm here. Take it if you don't already have it).
  = Hit the switch at the end
  = Go back to the dining room
  Hey, that way to the right wasn't there before. Let's enter it.
  = Get closer to the ravine and a way shall be formed
  = I recommend to save now.
  = Take the marble in the middle by hopping over and go back to the
    dining room
  Well, that's 4 marbles out of 5. Only one more to go.
  = Go straight ahead and hit the door
  = Left or right door doesn't matter
  You may find a room filled with water or lava.
  = Beside the door you came in is a wall you can push by walking into it.
  = Behind that door is a red marble.
  Well, that's 5 marbles out of 5. HEY! We got them all now :)
  = Go back to the monastery.

  Well, of course I don't need to tell you that you can finish the first task
  of the hub but putting all marbles in the big tile. Once you've done that
  A new area will open.
  Go to the back of this monastery and you'll find three portals. These three
  portals almost form a hub on their own.In this room you'll also see nine
  tiles, all back now. The object here is easy. These portals form the gateways
  to the three levels you should focus on now named "chapels". Each chapel has
  three switches to solve a 9th of the puzzle. Whenver you solved such a 9th
  one of the black tiles here will be visible so you can always come back to
  this room to check your progress.
  But there's more to it. You cannot go into one chapel and get all switches
  in once... No the guys at Raven have been thinking this through. Each 9th
  of the puzzle also opens up an area in both of the other chapels. So you
  need to go into one chapel and you can yet only solve 1 nineth. After that
  you must go into another chapel and you can solve 2 nineths. Then you can go
  into the third in which you can solve all 3 nineths and after that the nineths
  in the other chapels are fully available.
  Well, there is no perscribed order to do this, so for the good of this FAQ
  I must pick one. You can see the animal on which the chapel is dedicated on
  the portal itself. I'll start with the chapel of the wolf.
  Well, the first thing you'll see is three portals. One to the monastery and
  the others to the other chapels. So you don't have to go back to the monastery
  all the time unless you want to check your progress on the progress tiles.
  Well, as said, as this is the first chapel run now, we can only do one switch
  Let's get this show on the road.
  = Go left and walk around the building until you see a door on the back
    side (before you reach the stairs up)
  = Hit that door and use the switch behind it
  = Now go back on the way to the portals, but before you reached them you'll
    see a door has opened on your left. Hit that door.
  = Turn right immediately after hitting that door and hit the small door you
    see there.
  = Hit the switch behind it.
  YEAH! 1 out of 9 DONE! It's a start :)
  As I said, you can now only do one switch, so go back to the portal and
  hit the Griffin Portal
  = Go to the hall
  = In this hall there's one wall that is actually a secret passage. It's 
    marked with a sign with two griffins on it. Hit it and use the switch
  YEAH! 2 out of 9 DONE! We're getting started :o)
  = Go back to the hall and take the stairway down
  = From here follow the corridor on the right
  = Go onto the platform at the end and that counts as a part solvd
  YEAH! 3 out of 9 DONE! This is all too easy :)
  Well, since we can only hit 2 parts of the puzzle now, we're done here for
  now. Since we have nothing better to do, let's go to the Dragon Chapel
  = Hit the door and another door and you'll get yourself into the main hall.
  = Move forward
  = When you see a pool with a high load of candles above it, stand into that
    pool. (You'll go down)
  = Move out and in quicky or the elevator goes up again trapping you forever
    (unless you are playing in a network with somebody able to get you out).
  = From the pool, turn left
  = There should be an oppen corridor. Enter it.
  = In the corridor, take the way right
  = The wall with the dragonhead is a secret passage. Open it.
  = Use the elevator to go up
  = At the end turn right (yeah fall down)
  = On the right is a switch. Hit it.
  YEAH! 4 out of 9 DONE! We'll have this done in no time at all :)
  = All yourself to fall down into the main hall and go back into the
    corridor and take the left road this time.
  = Go around the corner
  = Activate the wall with the dragon head on it.
  = Use the elevator to go up.
  = Go back to the main hall, cross it, and hit the corridor on the other side.
  = In the corridor is a switch to the left. Hit it.
  YEAH! 5 out of 9! We're soooooo cool! :)
  = Take the way to the right here
  = Activate the elevator on the end (it looks like a wall, but you'll
    recognize it).
  = Open the secret passage (SARCASTIC HINT! There's a DRAGON HEAD on it).
  = Hit the switch in there and go back and go back into the main hall into 
    the corridor and then right.
  = A passage has been opened now. Enter it
  = Hit the switch at the end of this passage and we're done here!
  YEAH! 6 out of 9! Beware Khorax, we're getting closer! :)
  = Let's resume our work in the Griffin chapel
  Okay, the last switch that was blocked to us before should now be available
  So let's hit it.
  = Go to the hall
  = A passage should have opened now (previously blocked with bars). Go
    in there (Not to fast or you'll fall to death).
  = Stand on the arrow on the floor and a star path will appear
  = Jump onto that star path and take the way to the right here.
  = Hit the switch and go back on the star path to follow the other way now.
  = Hit the teleporter at the end.
  = Jump over the gorge
  Now you'll get into a moving wall thing. The way to go is easy, though I
  do recommend to save before you enter, as the walls will kill you when they 
  move over you. 
  = Cross the room.
  The danger is (alas) not yet over. At the end the ceiling will come down
  to crush you. You can try to wait for it to move up again. At the end is the
  switch. Hit it.
  YEAH! 7 out of 9! But alas we're still in danger :(
  When you turn around a door should have opened on the right revealing a 
  teleporter. However due to a bug in HeXeN it can happen it did only open half
  or even not at all. If that happens the only ticket out is to cheat. 
  "CASPER" is the no clipping cheat to solve this matter. I hate recommending
  cheats, but if bugs force me to... :-/
  = Get on the star path
  = Get yourself into the chapel of the Wolf
  Well, now the last two remaining switches are within reach. Let's get this
  over with.
  = Move out of the portal room and hit the door on the right
  = Hit the other two doors until you get into the "main hall"
  = Turn right
  = Cross this room
  In this room you may see two "platforms" that you can get onto by jumping.
  Do so by both and it counts a a nineth solved! (And you can when you are
  a cleric get a part of the wraithverge here if you didn't already complete 
  YEAH! 8 out of 9! One more and it's party time :)
  AND NOW GET YOURSELF OUT OF THIS ROOM! Just run straight out until you are 
  = Turn right
  = Go around the corner go up the stairs and hit the door on the right
  = Hit the first door on the right
  = Hit the other door in this room and hit the switch!
  YEAH! 9 out of 9! Told ya so!
  Go back to the monastery
  Immediatly when you enter the boss will be activated. Go to the main hall
  to challenge him.
| BOSS 2 \
| Heresiarch - Round 1                                    | aka Demon Wizard |
| Difficulty: Challenging                                                    |  
| Well, the Death Wyvern may have been fun. Heresiarch is true business.     |
| It's a very fine boss, so it's no wonder they used him again in the next   |
| hub as well.                                                               |
|                                                                            |
| Clerics should know that the serpent staff doesn't work on him.            |
| And the wraithverge is not recommended either. I recommend FireStorm here  |
| (Issues with other classes may come in later versions)                     |
|                                                                            |
| You will be burning a lot of mana on him, but luckily there's a lot of     |
| mana around (unless you've really been overdoing it) and you can get the   |
| to the sublevels for mana too if you run out in this level.                |
|                                                                            |
| Basically there are a few things this guy can do                           |
|                                                                            |
| Magic balls:                                                               |
| He'll fill an entire area with magic balls going forward. You can simply   |
| avoid this by hiding behind an object or (ever better) a wall.             |
|                                                                            |
| Homing fireballs:                                                          |
| These things are a true pain. They keep following you around until they got|
| you and go boom hurting you. They are extremely hard to avoid, but if you  |
| can manage to make them bounce against a wall you are rid of them.         |
|                                                                            |
| Invincibility:                                                             |
| As the name suggests. But here we talk about complete invincibility.       |
| Nothing can hurt hem when he uses this. Not even poinson clouds or cheesy  |
| things like that                                                           |
|                                                                            |
| Summon Dark Bishop:                                                        |
| He'll summon a Dark Bishop to join him in his fight. Get rid of them ASAP  |
| The DOOM issue in which enemies can attack each other does exist here and  |
| if you see that happens. Make use of it when that happens.                 |
|                                                                            |
| This knowledge should help ya getting him down                             |

After you defeated the boss you'll get an earthquake, but that's not really
anything serious. Be sure you're not close to him as his final move before dying
can still hurt you.
With you are with your face to the marble tile and turn right you'll see a 
sideway has opened now that the boss is dead. Go in there and you'll be able to
hit the portal to end my favorite hub. ;)


| You have been playing this game too long, mortal                   | HUB05 |
| I think I shall remove you from the board.                         +-------|
| Levels:                                                                    |
| Castle of Grief (Starting level)                                           |
| Effluvium                                                                  |
| Forsaken Outpost                                                           |
| Dungeons                                                                   |
| Gibbet (Ending level)                                                      |
This hub is not as hard as it appears to be, but it might freak you out as 
this hub has a totally different setup than the hubs you played before.
It has no central level, like all previous hubs. The levels just unfold as 
you play, this can really make this hub confusing when you don't know what
you are doing. Don't even try key or no clipping cheats. They will only
confuse you more.

The first level is the worst for me and hard to catch in a FAQ, I hope I do
well on that department. The rest of the hub is fairly easy once you got the
logic behind it, though it may seem a little bit chaotic when you don't know
the game so well.

  Well, as I said there is no central level in this hub and most of the time
  that you are in this level is now. And this level is the one I hate most in
  this hub.
  And you went exploring a bit in this level (I know you did), you may have
  found some portals already. Ignore them all for the moment. This is a hub that
  works in a strict order. Let's take this horrible level on shall we.
  We have to get inside the castle once inside there's a clock you gotta fix
  and that makes the way to the next level in this hub.
  That's the way in short. Let's get on with it
  = Well, after Khorax is done with his threat let's get closer to the
  = You see a bridge, but it won't get you into the castle. The platform at
    the other side is too high to jump.
    Just hit the switches on both sides of them.
  = Now the bridge has become a stairway so you can get over now
  And there the easy part for this level ends. Now you may have seen the 
  elevators. In order to proceed we got to get them to move. 
  = Go around the tower
  = Enter it to get a clock gear. You need a few more of those gears but that
    comes later.
  = Leave the tower and go (almost) straight ahead
  = Right and then left
  Basically you are now outside the castle. Now you need to find switches.
  Go around the castle and find and press them all. They are all hidden in
  some kind of alcoves, mostly around a corner. There are 4 in total.
  = Go back to the tower
  = The back platform should have lowered now revealing a gear. Take it.
  = When you get out of the tower, turn right and then again right
  = Enter the building on your left and you can already see the next gear
  = Take that gear (be warned that you will be ambushed by Dark Bishops)
  = Go back into the tower and there should be a switch here now (behind a
    wall). Hit it and leave the tower
  Okay, the elevators have begun to move. Pick one of them. Any one will do
  and go around the entire castle until you've been all around back to the
  elevator you came in with. On your way you'll find switches in the "houses"
  you pass through. Press them all. There are 5 in total.
  = Ok, head back to the entrance of the tower
  = When standing with your back to the entrance turn left
  = Second way right
  = Head down the stairs to get the last gear
  = Go back out (some fireballs can hurt you on your way)
  = Once out turn left
  = And once again left
  = At the end right
  = And the first way right
  Now you are in the clockhouse. There's a giant clock here that needs fixing.
  You need four gears to do that. Hey, tell ya what, if you played by my FAQ
  you got all four now. How convenient.
  = Open all hatches and place a gear into it (when you press space bar you'll
    automatically place the correct gear). When you got them all the game will
    tell you that there's a new area revealed in the tower.
  = Go to the tower.
  = Go to the back onto the moving platform
  = At the back wall is a switch. Hit it and it'll act like a portal
  In my level summary at the start of this hub you may have read that this is
  the final level of this hub. Well, that is true, but you have to come back
  for that later. Raven wouldn't give things away that easily :P
  For now let's just play around, shall we?
  = Hit the switch and turn around
  = Go into the corridor
  = The bookcases are doors. Use the one on the right
  You'll be in a bedroom. DON'T stand on the bed or you'll be granted sleep
  = Save your game
  = Hit the braces you see floating.
  = Hit the switch (and you'll have a use gorge before you
  = Jump over it (takes practice).
  = Use the bookcase beside the bed (it'll turn out to be a secret elevator)
  = Kill all enemies
  That's all for now here (sorry, this part always gets me a bit. The hub
  gets only easier from now on. Promise).
  = Go back to the portal and use it
  I'm very sure you already saw the portal in the back of this level. Hit it.
  For now what we need here is a book. Just a stupid pair of books.
  You start in a dark cave.
  = Make your way out of that cave
  = Hop your way over to the building on the other sside of the gorge
  = Open the door and enter the courtyard
  = Go to the back of the courtyard
  = Turn left and go down the dark stairway
  = Use the switch and a door behind you opens. Hit it.
  = Go through this room and get the book.
  = Continue and you'll be back in the courtyard.
  = Enter the small building left of the exit to get the rusted key
  = Go back to the back of the courtyard and open the door with it.
  = First thing to do in this place is killing all enemies.
  = There are four small siderooms here each containing a switch. Hit them all.
  = The back of the room is now open revealing the second book
  = Go back to the portal and hit it.
  Hit the portal switch in the tower
  Ok, first visit was for show.
  This time we're here for dough.
  = Go into the corridor and hit the bookcase door on the left
  You'll find yourself into some kind of library
  = Go to the back side of the farest bookcase in the middle row
  = Put your two books from the forsaken outpost into it
  = Take the bronze head that will now be revealed
  Ok, now to get to the Cathedral which is in the roundabout around the
  entrance of this level. When you get there from the corridor on the right
  in the roundabout.
  = If you want all bonus items here, pick them up before doing anything else
    (This may be your only chance to get them).
  = Destroy the window on the south to reveal an enemy and a switch.
  = Hit the switch
  = Go to the statue and use the head to fix it (this is the only puzzle that
    you cannot solve by hitting space bar you have to select the head from
    your inventory)
  = When you are in the corridor sit out the earthquake until it stops
  = Go back to the portal room
  = There is now also a portal switch revealed here. Hit that switch
  Well, this is why I said there's no central level. This level for instance
  cannot be reached from Castle of Grief and it'll go that way all the time now.
  This level looks like a sewer. Our object for now is just to get through here
  and to get a dungeon key in the process.
  = First hit the switch in the third alcove on the right. It'll reveal
    a portal (the exit). Not that we're leaving now, but always good to have
    it open already.
  = Go into the next room
  = Take the way straight on
  = At the end go right (and jump)
  = The wall at the back is a door. Open it
  = In the room behind it, kill all enemies and get the key
  All done here. Hit the portal back to Gibbet.
  = Go into the bookshelf corridor
  = Hit the shelf on the right to get into the bed room
  = Open the door with the dungeon lock
  = From the cage room into the side room
  = Hit the switch
  = Back into the cage room
  = Go back into the bedroom
  = A passage has opened now in face of the bookshelf (exit bookshelf I mean)
    Enter that passage
  = Make your way down the stairway
  = Hit the Portal
  This is one of the more confusing levels in this hub (or better said in the
  game). Not that hard to solve though once you got the logic behind it.
  = Enter the lava pool hall
  = From there enter the room on the right
  = Hit the switch in the back of this room and go back to the lava pool room
  = Turn right and go to the next room (which is now open) but don't enter it
  = Turn around to see a switch. Hit it 6 times. (watch out for the enemies 
    that will pop up while you're doing that).
  = You see the wooden pillar with spiked things beside of it. Walk around of
    it and press the switch
  = Go back to the lava pool room
  Two new passages has been revealed here. Turn right to see them.
  = Take the one closest to the room you just came from
  = There are lost of sideways here. Go to the back of the room though and
    take the middle one. If it leads to two rooms one with sitting corpses and
    one with hanging corpses you are in the right one.
  = Go past the hanging corpses and open the secret passage in the back wall
  = Follow the corridor and hit the switch at the end
  = When facing the switch, strafe to the right and move forward as soon as
    you can
  = Take the first way to the left
  You'll now be in a cave. 
  = Follow the stairway down until you get into a kind of room
  = One of the subrooms has a switch. Hit that switch
  = Turn right and you see another stairway. Hit it.
  = One of the subrooms has a stairway up. Take that stairway.
  = make your way through the corridor and rooms and you'll end up back in the
    lava pool room.
  = Go back to the entrance of the cave section.
  = Before the first room in the caves there's a now an open sideway. Enter it
  = At the end go into the swamp and allow yourself to fall TO DEATH! Oh, wait
    not to death... This was a portal :P
  Well, you've been in this level before, but not at this particular spot.
  = Allow yourself to be taken by the stream
  = At the end close the valve and you'll be elevated up
  = Get the urn (handy item) and open the valve here to go back down
  = Go back into the stream and take the sideway and you'll find yourself in
    a spot where you've been before
  = Turn right
  = Go straight ahead in the next room
  = In the subcorridor first way left (jump)
  = Hop over to the basins in this room on the left
  = On the left wall is a valve. Open it.
  = Jump in the basin right of you.
  = If you have a torch, now is the time to use one!
  = Move forward and jump over the gap (Messing this jump up = DEATH).
  = Get onto the platform (you see some mushrooms on it).
  = Open the secret passage (you can hardly miss it)
  = Hit the portal that is now revealed

  Can you still follow the flow of this hub? Yes? Good.
  = Pass through this hallway and the game will tell you a door has opened
    in the Gibbet. Well good news, we know where to go next. The bad news is
    we are in a new spot in this level and you probably don't know how to get 
    there. I'll help :)
  = Push the metal wall in the end
  = Follow the corridor and open the secret passage at the end
  = Just go straight on in this cave and at the end right and you'll get back
    into the courtyard.
  Go back to the portal and hit it.
  Hit the portal switch in the tower
  Okay. This time we're here for real. To challenge the boss.
  Before we get onto that there's still work to do, though, but no more 
  switching levels for this hub.
  = Leave the portal room
  = Go into the roundabout
  = Leave the roundabout on the north side
  = In this room go right
  = Get into the cage (you can do that now) to get the axe key.
  = Go back into the roundabout and look for the door with the AXE LOCK.
  This for two reasons
    I - This part is bugged making it possible you get stuck here forever and
        cheats do not always back this bug up. Some times some doors simply
        won't open when they should and sometimes even the boss doesn't 
        activate. If the boss activates and you're fighting it, you know at 
        least that you got past the bugs well.
   II - Once inside you can never get out. The game will lock you in. There's
        NO MANA at all in the game, so if you want to win the game without
        cheating, make sure you have full mana and I hope you saved your
        kraters of might. This room will be the place where you need them
        (Though I'd advice you to save them for the boss.
  When all that is covered, open the axe lock door and enter.
  = Kill all enemies and the next stage of this room begins
  = Once again kill all enemies and the next stage of this room begins
  = Once again kill all enemies and the boss will be angry and get into the 
| BOSS 3 \
| Heresiarch - Round 2                                    | aka Demon Wizard |
| Difficulty: Challenging                                                    |  
| The boss itself is exactly the same as in the previous hub. One thing      |
| ups the stacks though. You cannot get out of this room and there's no way  |
| to find mana in this room. So THIS IS THE FIGHT in which to use your       |
| craters of might                                                           |
  Once the boss is dead. Hit the portal to end this hub.
  Onto the final hub.

| Are you strong enough to face your own masters?                    | HUB06 |
| Levels:                                                                    |
| Necropolis (Starting level)                                                |
| Traductus' Tomb                                                            |
| Menelkir's Tomb                                                            |
| Zedek's Tomb                                                               | 
| Dark Crucible (Final Level)                                                |
This is the final hub. The remark Khorax makes at the start is not truly a
taunt, but rather a hint for what to expect in this hub. Does that sound a 
little cryptic? Well the deal is easy, trust me.

In fact, when it comes to puzzle solving, this is the easiest hub of the game.
Also the shortest in time usage. 

This hub has a main level, so that makes things easier doesn't it?
That main level is the biggest nightmare in the game though. Necropolis. It's
the only level in this hub you'll visit multiple times (that's the good news),
the bad news is that it's swamped with restless spirits that you can kill but
that will keep on coming back and will only get more and more as you progress.
Even on the easiest difficulty setting you may have trouble here.

The main level connects to three sublevels called "Tombs". In each tomb you'll
find a boss, making this the only multiple-boss hub in the game. All bosses are
just a copy of the playable characters using their best weapons. Once killed
this bosses will give you acces to a relic representing the class. When you
get all three you can open the last door in Necropolis in order to enter the
final level in which you'll have to fight Khorax himself. When you kill Khorax
you win the game.

Well, now that we got this far, let's get started

  Well, Necropolis is the central level of this hub and the most frustrating
  level of the game. It's not the easiest level to navigate through and those
  restless spirits here can really mess things up.
  = Well, let's just follow the wall on the left and keep left.

  First thing you'll get past is a tempel with a locked door. Beside it you
  see three slots for key items. Those are the items you need to get from the
  three bosses you gotta kill. Since we got none yet, let's just keep going
  = Get get past a second building. Enter it.
  = The higher platform on the right is an elevator stand on it to activate it
    in order to go down.
  = Hit the switch and go back up.
  = Hey a doorway has opened. Go through it
  = Turn right and hit the switch
  = Enter the cave
  = Go to the back and go into the corridor.
  = Hit the switch at the end
  = Go back down and hit the portal

  Well, the object is easy. Find Traductus, who is actually a copy of the
  Cleric playable char and kill him to get his artifact.
  = Go through the cave
  = You'll see a church-like corridor (obvious for a cleric). Go through it.
  = At the end is an elevator. Use it to go down
  This ain't a bad spot to use a torch, if you have one.
  You have no bad need for them lateron
  = Open the door in the back of this room
  = Hit the three switches and it's boss time
| BOSS 4 \
| Traductus                                | aka I knew not to trust clerics |
| Difficulty: Quickness is everything                                        |  
| He hasn't got much HP, but he only uses the wraithverge. People who have   |
| played cleric know how deadly that weapon can be. Just finish him off as   |
| quickly as you can and try to outrun the wraiths he calls                  |
   = Pick up the relic that drops as soon as the boss is dead (it looks
     like a wraithverge).
   = Go back to the portal.
  Back in this hellish place again. Oh well. Get yourself back into the 
  graveyard, and we'll continue in our "keep-left" principal.
  = Enter the next building
  = First kill all enemies here
  = Try to open the door, but the game will refuse to open the door and
    show you some switches
  Now you have to choose a switch. If correct the door opens. If not correct
  the game will throw some enemies to you. Just keep trying until you got the
  correct one. It's different in each playthrough, so too bad I cannot help
  you here.
  = When the door is open, hit the portal behind it

  This sublevel is the longest of this hub, but puzzle wise also the easiest.
  Just walk around each room and you'll see that the room has a shape.
  press the button that has the same shape as the room itself.
  Other rooms have a peddestal with a certain symbol. Press the button with
  the same symbol.
  That works this way for the entire level until you got them all.
  = Once you got them all go to the lava room (you should probably be there
    by now).
  = Hit the switch at the wall to reveal a secret passage
  = Use the elevator and you'll be in the boss room
  = Move forward and BANZAI!

| BOSS 5 \
| Menelkir                                               | aka Magic Failure |
| Difficulty: Easy                                                           |  
| Menelkir is dead easy. Just dodge his attacks which you can do pretty      |
| easily and attack him with full might. He should die quickly even without  |
| effort                                                                     |
  = Get the sigel of Magus and hit the portal
  = Well, leave the building, and let's "keep left" again.
  = You'll get by a door you cannot open. It's of no importance either, so
    skip it
  = You get at another building. Enter it
  = Well, just kill all enemies here 
  = Just proceed and in the end the portal opens. Hit it
  Puzzle-wise, this is the hardest level in this hub, but if you could solve
  the other hubs before getting here, this must be peanuts.
  = Move forward till the "metal part". 
  = As soon as you get close and they start to move RUN BACK QUICKLY!
  = After the crushing meganism reached the ground and goes up again, you can
    pass through.
  = Hit the door
  = Hit the switch on the right in the next room
  = Go back to the corridor
  = Enter the sideway on the left
  = In here you'll find a switch. Hit it.
  = Go back into the corridor and enter the other sideway
  = You'll find another switch here. Hit it.
  = Kill all enemies first as they get your focus away from the thing that's
    most significant in this entire level for reaching the boss.
  = Enter the room that is now opened.
  = When you hit the switch the three tiles will show you three symbols.
    Memorize them or write them down. They differ on every playthrough so you
    really gotta memorize this yourself.
  = Go back to the corridor
  = Go into the dark room
  = On the left are the tiles. Make the same pattern out of them as you saw
    before (note while you're doing this the ceiling comes down, giving you a
    time limit).
  = Proceed to the next room and kill Zedek

| BOSS 6 \
| Zedek                                                    | aka Muscle Bozo |
| Difficulty: Easy                                                           |  
| His attacks have a large range, but that's all there's to it. He may have  |
| more HP than the others, but frankly. This guy is piss easy. Just avoid    |
| his attacks and strike him whenever you can.                               |
After doing this, pick up his relic and go back to Necropolis.

  Well, with our Keep Left system we'll eventually get back to the entrance and
  next to it the door with the three relic slots. Put your relics in there
  to open the door. A series of doors will open. Go through all and hit the 
  Well, now it's no more taunting from Khorax. Now we're gonna settle this
  for real. There are no more portals to other levels (meaning we cannot
  leave this one) and basically beating Khorax is all this level is about.
  Proceed forward and you'll meet him eventually.
  Before you meet him there are some switches that can be used to get mana
  or Kraters of Might. You can use them unlimmited times, though Raven did
  try to stop overusage by spawning Dark Bishops after using it too much. Be
  warned for that. When you're ready. Go forth and get on with it.

| BOSS 6 \
| Khorax                                     | aka You taunt me? I kill you! |
| Difficulty: Challenging                                                    |  
| This is a fight in two rounds that work basically the same. At the end of  |
| the first round Khorax will simply teleport to the next room. After        |
| all enemies that spawn then you can proceed to that room and resume the    |
| fight.                                                                     |
|                                                                            |
| Now the hardest part of this fight is not really what Khorax does by       |
| himself. That's easy to avoid. But the entire level responds to his will   |
| and there the fight gets annoying. Fireballs can rain down on occasion     |
| the floor can temporarily become melted lava and so on. And regulary some  |
| other enemies will join the fight. You need ot be quick in order to win    |
| this fight                                                                 |
When you defeated Khorax, a portal will appear. Hit it and the game is over.


| Secret levels (where to find them)                                  | IDX01 |
I'll only be short on secret levels, as I don't care about them.
I'll only tell you how to find them, but I won't go into the deep about 
solving them, as I simply don't care about them :)

- Deathwind chapel
  This one can be found in Heresiarch Seminary
  = Complete the whole hub, including the boss.
  = Just before you enter the portal that ends the hub you can go to the
    back of the temple and some pillars have begun to move making you able
    to get in the area behind them
  = Use the elevator to go down here. 
  = Hit the portal

- Vivarium
  All I know about this level is that it exists. I did do some cheating to
  get there when I went checking everything out. I only found one portal here
  which links to Necropolis, so it's my guess that's the place you'll have to
  be to look for it. Or at least that hub.
| Copyrights and permissions                                           | IDX02 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs 
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| Cantacting me                                                        | IDX03 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

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If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
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If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
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If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
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a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
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And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.

So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
     go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they     
     will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
     cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
     need to know.

And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2011, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)


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