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FAQ by AMichaelsen

Version: 1.1.0 |

              ..                       .z$%           .      4ee"     J$*
             z$$P  e. ...."$e        J$$*"   zeeeee$$$$P    z$$$.   .d$"
            d$$P .$$$$$$$P  "$b. ..e$$P"   .d$$$eeee       z$$$$$c z$$"
  .ee$     z$$F .$"*"**"     ^)$e$$$$*    z$$$*"***"      z$*"$$$$e$$"
   $$F    J$$* zdL.z.. ...     $$$$"      $$$$eeeeeed$$- .$$   *$$$$L
  .$$$$$$$$$" z$"$$$$$****- ..$$**$F.    4$$$$$$*$""**"  P"     3P*"
  ^$$$P*$$$   $"      .    e$$""   $$..                 ^
  4$$"  $$F   "$$$**"    .dP*       $$P
  $$$  .$*"               "          ""

                                - F  A  Q -
                             By Arne Michaelsen
                            Email - arne@cco.net
Anyone with information that can update this FAQ, please write to me at
arne@cco.net, and make the subject line "new info"

If you have downloaded this from a BBS or a newsgroup and have World Wide
Web access, visit my home page at http://www.cco.net/~arne to find the
latest version of this FAQ.

This FAQ is now based on Hexen 1.1, if you are still using 1.0 then you can
find the upgrade patch at ftp.cdrom.com in /pub/idgames/idstuff/hexen

You can also try ftp.idsoftware.com or any of the numerous cdrom.com mirror


  What is Hexen?
  What's new in Hexen?
 *Whats new in Hexen 1.1?*
 *Version info*
  Cheat Codes

Lines in *asterisks* signify that they have changed fromt he last version.

The full version has been out for quite a while now, but the 1.1 patch has
recently been released.  It fixes all of the little bugs that made Hexen
crash before, and allows up to 8 players in network game instead of 4.

For those of you who still haven't tasted it yet, there is a demo available
from ftp.cdrom.com (or your nearest mirror site) in the idstuff/hexen
directory.  It is approx. 5.7 megs zipped (almost 11 unzipped) and has
four levels in it.

The full version comes on 7 3.5" disks (or 1 CD-ROM) and takes about 22
megabytes of hard drive space (cd-rom owners can run it from CD).
The saved games directory will eat an additional few megs since the saved
games tend to be huge.

CD-ROM owners also get to listen to great CD music recordings instead
of midi music for the background music on the levels.  You can even play
any CD you want (I suggest Devo's Greatest Hits).

Hexen is being published by GT Interactive.  Their web page is
http://www.gtinteractive.com  (go figure!)
They have a lot of info on Hexen, including a lot of story background.
Some of their pictures and such are wrong though ;)

There will be a data disk released soon as well.  It is called "Death Kings
of the Dark Citedel" and it will be a new set of levels to conquer.  From
what I hear (namely from Colin) these new levels will be very cool and very
hard.  There will also be a "hub" of deathmatch only levels.  They are only
called a "hub" because you can go from one to another, and there is a central
"neutral" control room where the players decide which level to go to next.
The add-on will be sold seperately (I do not know how much yet).

|What is Hexen?|
Hexen is the sequel to a great game called Heretic by Raven Software.
Hexen's full title is "Hexen: Beyond Heretic."  Heretic was the first game
to use the now infamous Doom 3D engine.  It took the awesome 3D
first-person perspective of Doom and put it into a fantasy setting.  It
also added a lot of new features to the basic game-play structure of the
Doom Engine.  Unlike Doom, Heretic allowed the player to look up and down
(to a limited degree), carry items around and use them when you pleased,
even fly!  It also added ambient sounds, currents, and wind to the levels,
as well as objects that could be pushed (and carried off by the wind!).

It had a lot of subtler improvements as well, like better texturemapping,
more detailed objects, even partial transparency as opposed to Doom's
"Predator" looking partial invisibility.  All of the eight weapons had two
modes of fire each, giving 16 different ways to kill your friends!

And now, here comes the sequel to Heretic... Hexen!  Hexen has added some
major changes to the way the Doom engine represents the maps, not to
mention more intelligent monsters, a bigger collection of artifacts, and
even different character classes!

|What's new in Hexen?|

For those who haven't played Heretic, it had a set of items that could be
carried and used at any time in the game.  This was new to the Doom
engine.  Hexen also has most of the first Heretic's artifacts, plus many new
ones!  Hexen also has added a lot of atmospheric effects (like lightning
in the background and MANY ambient sounds).  Another nifty effect seen in
level 1 is that you can actually break windows!  There are some other
pieces of terrain that can be affected too, like the trees that can be
destroyed, even a large bell that you can ring!  The sky textures can be
two layers now with parallax scrolling.  On some levels there is a mountain
background with clouds scrolling by.  Some other levels have two layers
of clouds scrolling at different speeds.

The first thing you notice when playing is that you can choose one of
three characters to play now!  They all have strengths and weaknesses.
(The details of each has moved to another section)

When playing Hexen, there is a lot more emphasis on puzzles and traps
now.  No more simple hacking and slashing!  (there still is a lot of that
though!).  I have found some rooms with very interesting traps, from
crushing pillars to poison darts to rapid-fire shards of ice!  Not to
mention very deep pits, spiked balls, and the occasional earthquake!

Another new feature is randomness in the terrain.  Sometimes pulling a
lever can do one thing, but play the level again and it might do
another.  This randomness is not used to a major extent in the demo, but
has a lot of potential for making levels that are different each time you

Yet another new thing is the ability to travel back and forth between
worlds.  For instance, level 2 has portals to levels 3,4,5,6 and 7 (only 3
and 4 are available in the demo, however).  Some actions you do in one
level can affect another.  Sometimes you have to get an item in one level
(like the flame mask) and bring it to another to accomplish your goals.

Another big difference is the way the difficulty levels are set up.  On
skill 1, artifacts that replenish your life will be automatically used if you
are going to die.  Also, skill 5 acts a lot like the skill 5 (Nightmare!)
from Doom, except the monsters do not respawn.  In fact, the -respawn
function that worked on all other doom engines does not make a difference
in Hexen.  In fact, the "respawning" happens at any skill level, it is just
more frequent the higher the skill level you choose.  This is not real
"respawning" since dead monsters are not coming back to life.  Instead,
completely new ones are being created in random places on the level.  They
just ensure that the level is never completely empty.

There are two very important changes to the engine now that make it
more powerful than ever:

1)  The lines that make up the walls can be moved now!  In Doom, doors
could only open up and down.  In Hexen, they can swing or slide as well!
There is a trap in level 4 where you are on a narrow ledge and the wall
moves out to push you off!  Being jammed between two moving walls can
really hurt too!

2)  Probably one of the best changes:  Triggers now activate scripts
instead of single actions.  Now walking into a room can do all sorts of
neat things at once, like lowering the lights, opening two doors behind
you, teleporting monsters into the room, and dropping the floor 20 feet!
Scripts can also be used to automate "continuous" actions.  See the end
of this FAQ for more info on scripts.

|What's new in Hexen 1.1?|

Glad you asked.  First off, it hardly ever crashes anymore.  Most of the bugs
leading to run-time errors have been thoroughly quashed.

Second, some aesthetic errors have been fixed.  The most obvious of these is
that the "chaos device" and "disc or repulsion" actually say the correct
names when you pick them up.  Some minor level modifications have been made
as well (you can't use the pig-mode to cheat you way past the castle of grief
anymore!).  Many scripts have been fixed too (like the Heresiarch that
sometimes wouldn't appear in Gibbet, leaving you stuck).

The biggest and best change of all is the fact that it supports 8, count em,
8 player netgames!  Read more about that in the multiplayer section.

The only problem I have found with the 8-player patch is that the levels
you play have to be built with 8 players in mind.  For those who know about
level construction, you must include player start-spots 1 through 8 now
instead of 1 through 4 for cooperative play, and make sure you have enough
deathmatch spots as well.  Hexen 1.0 doesn't like seeing player start-spots
for players 5 through 8 however, so it crashes if it loads a level with them.
So for now, 8 player wads with co-op capability can run ONLY on Hexen 1.1,
and any Hexen 1.0 wad can run on 1.1 but for only 4 or fewer players.  The
upgrade patch does fix your main hexen.wad file to make all the standard
levels 8-player compatable.

I havn't tried yet but I am pretty certain that Hexen 1.1 will not be
compatable with 1.0 in multiplayer games.  So you must all have 1.0 or 1.1,
but no mixing.

Also, when you upgrade to 1.1, all your previous saved games will not work
anymore... the price you pay for a free upgrade.  Frankly, it's worth it,
even if you don't plan on playing any 8-player games.

|Version Info|
The first version to be released to the public was the "retail store beta"
around the beginning of October.  It had 4 levels, working multiplayer and
a lot of little bugs.  But that's why it is "beta."

The demo of Hexen was fixed up and re-released (with a lot of bugs fixed!)
on Oct. 18th.  This was called the official "Demo" version.  The major
changes from the beta were mainly in the behavior of the classes and their
weapons.  Nearly all visual bugs were fixed, as well as being made much
more stable and crashing a lot less.  It rarely crashes on my system
anymore, although it still happens once in a while.

Now the commercial version 1.0 is out.  It is nearly identical to the
demo version, but with all 30 levels.

The 1.1 upgrade patch is available as well now.  Read about it in the
previous section.


Hexen may be played with 2 players via modem or serial link, and 4 by a
local network (just like the rest of the Doom engine games).  If you have
the 1.1 patch, you can play 8 players on a network!

Deathmatch mode makes tons more objects appear on each level.  This usually
includes one of every weapon for each class and all 3 pieces of the
super-weapon for each class as well.  Many scripts that normally have to
be solved by going to other levels will run automatically to open up the
level more and give you more room to fight.  Also, most items and weapons
will re-appear after a minute or so, except the Icon of the Defender which
takes 10 minutes (any less would throw game balance out of whack!).

In Deathmatch games, you can choose to have your class be random each time
you die.  This makes for especially fun games when everyone does it!  And
you really get sick of seeing someone pick the same character (like the
Cleric perhaps) over and over again...  the command line command is
-randclass.  When using DM or another front-end program to setup your
multi-player games, you can usually choose this in the same place you
choose your class normally.

In cooperative mode, you have to solve the puzzles just like a single
player game, so the levels look just the same as in single player, with a
few exceptions:  For one, you can find the weapons of any class that is
playing the game... but you may only grab the ones that your player can
use.  Two, the scrolls (Mystic Ambit Incants) are placed throughout the
levels.  Three, there are some more combined mana powerups that are
available, but not on the scale of Deathmatch games.  And fourth, when you
die you restart the level at the location you last entered into it, and
with 25 of each color mana and all weapons and keys that you had previously
grabbed.  So when you die you do not lose those hard to get weapons and
keys (including the pieces to the super-weapons)... but you *do* lose any
puzzle items you were carrying, as well as all artifacts you had in your

Another interesting cooperative note:  "Homing" weapons will NOT home in on
the other players.  This means that you actually CAN fire Wraithverge without
wiping out the rest of the team ;)

You may broadcast messages to all players by pressing "t" and then typing
a one line message.  When you are typing, all movement controls still work
(all my controls are not on the letters, so there is no conflict) but you
cannot change weapon numbers until you send the message (hitting "1" will
just type a 1 on the screen.  So don't use it too much when you are busy!).

You can send messages to a single player by pressing the first letter of
his or her color.  Ie, "b" is like hitting "t" but will only send your
message to the blue player.  The player colors are red, blue, yellow, green
jade, white, hazel, and purple.  You can also use chat macros (you define them
from the setup program) by starting the "chat" typer, and hitting alt + a numbe
where the number is the number of your chat macro.

|Cheat Codes|

Cheat codes do NOT work in multiplayer games.  They also will not work if
you play at the highest (fifth) skill level.

The majority of codes in the demo version where based on the programmers
names.  Look at the info screens till you find the credits, and use those
names as codes.  The all use the first initial and full last name.  So
Ben Gokey = BGOKEY, which is god mode in the demo.  Don't include any
hyphens or other weird bits though.

For the commercial release:
SATAN = God mode
NRA = All weapons + full mana + full armor.
LOCKSMITH = All keys (one of them looks like a little axe, cool!)
INDIANA = 25 of each item (this will not give you the firemask or other
"one of a kind" items).
MAPSCO = same as IDDT in doom.  Useable only in map mode.  Shows you lots
of neat places you haven't found yet.
DELIVERANCE = pig mode.  "Come on boy, SQUEEEEAALLL!"
TICKER = ticker to count your framerate (like Doom's devparm mode)
CASPER = no clipping
BUTCHER = kill all monsters (it tells you how many lives you just ended)
SHERLOCK = All puzzle pieces
INIT = restarts the level you are on.
NOISE = shows sound info on your screen.
PUKE## = runs script (01-99 for the ##)
SHADOWCASTER# = change class to the # you enter.
VISIT## - warp to level.  The normal levels are now numbered 1 through 31,
but the "secret" level is still in there.  It's number is 41.
CLUBMED = full health.

Also, ala Heretic, the previous games cheat codes will hurt you!  But in
the commercial version, the codes that hurt you are the same codes that
worked in the (pirated) full beta version of Hexen:
CONAN = takes all your weapons away except #1
MARTEK = a warning message the first two times, then instant death!

For CD users, the tilde (~) is a psuedo cheat key...  because it acts like
a cheat code but does not actually "cheat" in any way.  If you have your
music setup as "CD Music" then pressing ~ and two numbers will play that
track number off of any cd in your cdrom drive.  Hexen naturally plays
specific track numbers for each level, but this can override it.  It also
lets you play any other CD you want.  My two favorites are Devo and Esquivel.

Another important key is the F5 button.  It is for suicide... useful in
deathmatch when you get bad random characters, or if you get stuck
somewhere without dying.

Here's some other interesting keys:  All the numbers above 4 activate
certain artifacts (if you have them in stock).

5 = Icon of the Defender
6 = Porkulator
0 = Flechette
\ = Quartz flask

The rest I will write down soon.  They are in the readme.txt file that
comes with the game actually...

The Backspace key will now use one of every item you have that can be used
in your current situation.  Makes for some real chaos is Deathmatch.

|Character Classes|
One of the best parts of the game is the fact that you can now choose one
of three characters to play:  Baratus the fighter, Parius the cleric, or
Deadolon the mage.  When playing multiplayer, each player can pick any
class he chooses.  This makes cooperative games much more interesting then
they were in the olden days of same-character Doom and Heretic.  It also
makes deathmatch more interesting, although everyone I know picks the
cleric every time (while I always choose the mage!).  When you run Hexen,
you can use the -randclass command line argument to make the game choose
a class for you in deathmatch (in single player or cooperative, it just
makes you the fighter all the time).

Weapon notes:
S = Short range   M = Uses mana
L = Long range    nm= Can be used without mana
H = Homing        E = Explosive/area effect
x = Poisonous     + = Can give the wielder life
P = Penetrates    sp= Spreads
Two sets of ()'s means there are two different effects, depending on the

               Baratus, the Fighter
Speed    : 10           Weapon 1 - Spiked Gauntlets      (S,nm)
Armor    : 10           Weapon 2 - Timon's Axe           (S,M)(S,nm)
Magic    :  1           Weapon 3 - Hammer of Retribution (S,nm)(L,M,E)
Strength : 10           Weapon 4 - Quietus               (L,M,sp)
Special abilities:  Can run faster and jump higher than the other 2
classes.  Can throw flechettes like grenades.  Also his close-in attacks
are much more powerful than most of the other classes attacks.  He is
actually the best mana-miser around as well.  His axe only uses 2 per
hit (and then only when it actually HITS an enemy... you use no mana if you
miss!) and the hammer uses 3 when it shoots.  Both of these can be used
without mana as well!  Quietus also uses less mana (14 of each) than the
other two super-weapons.  Curiously, in cooperative mode Timon's Axe will
*not* use any mana if you hit another player... only monsters.

               Parius, the Cleric
Speed    :  7           Weapon 1 - Mace of Contrition    (S,nm)
Armor    :  8           Weapon 2 - Serpent Staff         (S,M,+)(L,M,x)
Magic    :  6           Weapon 3 - Firestorm             (L,M,E)
Strength :  6           Weapon 4 - Wraithverge             (L,H,M)
Special abilities:  Can drop flechettes as poison clouds (VERY useful!)
Turns partially invisible when using the Icon of the Defender.
Has the best homing weapon (Wraithverge) around, but the most expensive
(18 mana of each color) as well.  Wraithverge does not seem to be as
effective in deathmatch as it is in single player mode.  If it were, it would
be way too powerful!

               Daedolon, the Mage
Speed    :  4           Weapon 1 - Sapphire Wand         (L,nm,P)
Armor    :  2           Weapon 2 - Frozen Shards         (L,M,sp)
Magic    : 10           Weapon 3 - Arc of Death          (L,M)
Strength :  4           Weapon 4 - Bloodscourge          (L,M,sp,H)
Special abilities:  Weapon 1 has long penetrating range for 0 mana.  Can
reflect projectiles when using Icon of the Defender.  Most of his attacks
cost more mana, but have more power than the other classes.

All classes have four weapons.  The fourth weapon must be made up of
three separate pieces before it can work.  The first weapon does not need
any mana.  The second uses blue, the third uses green, and the fourth
uses lots of both.  This is true for all three classes.  Also note that
in deathmatch mode you CAN pick up items that belong to other classes,
but you can't use them (you just get their mana).

I've added a new feature, the "HTK" score for each weapon.  HTK means "Hits
to kill"  It is a rough estimate (from my experiance) of how many hits that
weapon takes to kill another player with full health and minimum armor (ie a
freshly respawned deathmatch opponent).  Ettins take roughly the same amount
of damage to kill as a player, so you can use that as a rough guide as well
(for the deathmatch impaired).  All HTK scores assume that you hit the target
squarely, since glancing blows usually do significantly less damage.


#1 - Spiked Gauntlets.
The fighter can land three punches in quick
succession on a target, so he can deal out more damage quickly than the
other 2 classes.  This is the most powerful #1 weapon of the three classes.
HTK: 3

#2 - Timon's Axe.  This glows with blue mana, and makes a flash when you
hit someone.  It uses 2 blue mana per whack, but only when you actually hit
someone.  If you beat on the wall with it it will make the flashes but not
cost mana.  It has longer range than punching as well.  It can be used
without mana, but is only about a third as powerful then (punches are
better than the axe with no mana, but have lesser range).
HTK: 1 hit will kill a mage at AC 1, but won't quite kill a cleric or

#3 - Hammer of Retribution.  When used at close range it is about as strong
as the axe with mana, but is not as fast.  If you have some green mana,
and use it at long range, it will spend 3 mana to fire a "flaming hammer"
out that explodes. This is much more powerful than the hammer itself.
The thrown projectile explodes and can damage several targets, but the
explosion does not damage the firing player at all.
HTK: Close-in about 3, at range (explosive) usually 2.

#4 - Quietus.  This is a big sword that has green flames on it.  It
uses 14 blue and 14 green mana and fires a spread of 5 green fireballs
which are quite powerful.  It fires them whether or not you are at close
range to someone.  I think that the sword itself doesn't actually hit
anyone like the hammer does, just the fireballs.  So you can only use it
if you have enough mana.
HTK: Up close, 1.  Far away, varies a lot.  Depends on how many fireballs


#1 - Mace of Contrition.  Less powerful than the fighters fists, but
longer range.  It doesn't have the extra-slow recovery of that third
punch also.
HTK: 4 to 6

#2 - Serpent staff.  This thing blinks once in a while!  Anyway, at long
range it fires two green wavy fireballs that hit for poison damage.  At
close range, it hits continuously draining the victims life and giving it
to you.  Uses 1 blue mana per firing (yes, thats 2 fireballs for 1 mana,
but they are very weak).
HTK: Usually about 10 to 12.  Less if all the hits are within a short span
of time (because they accumulate poison that fades with time).

#3 - Firestorm.  Uses 4 green mana to fire a streak of fire across the
ground, exploding if you hit someone with it.  Does good damage.  It has a
limited range, but that range is pretty good.  You just can't fire it
across huge chasms.  Note that even though the fire travels on the ground,
you can still shoot it up.  The fire makes a path any direction you fire...
it just happens that most of the time this happens to be along the ground.
If it hits a creature, it will explode and leave some burning marks on the
ground for a second or two.  This causes extra secondary damage to the
target and anyone near it.  It also means that a fast moving target will
take less damage than a slow one.
HTK: 2 to 3

#4 - Wraithverge.  Fires a big gray burst that
splinters into four ghosts.  These ghosts fly out in a straight spread if
no enemies are nearby, or fly in circles around nearby villains.  They do a
lot of damage as they fly around, and scream all the time.  When they kill
someone, they look for another victim to fly around.  They do disappear
after a little while though, or if there are no more enemies.  Uses 18 of
each color of mana.  I strongly believe that it's homing ability is "toned
down" in Deathmatch however.  In single player the ghosts can travel through
walls to kill creatures, but in deathmatch they do not.
HTK: In single player, 1 shot will wipe out 5 or more Ettins.  In deathmatch,
it takes from 1 to 3 shots to kill a player, depending on how much cover he


#1 - Sapphire Wand.  This is like the elven wand... unlimited range, but
weak.  It does have neat looking tracers though.  Not as powerful as the
fists of the fighter or the mace of the cleric, but it fires "almost
instant" bullets... that is they aren't instant, but they are so fast that
you can't really dodge them at all.  Note that this weapon penetrates!
That means it goes through enemies so you can hit more than one with
a single shot, as long as they are lined up.
HTK: 6 to 10

#2 - Frozen Shards.  This is cool.  Uses 3 blue mana to fire a *big*
spread of icicles.  Each icicle does a little damage, but there 17 per
volley, so it adds up at close range.

the spread looks like this:
          *  *  *
*   *   *    *    *   *   *
          *  *  *
Note the center column is 7 shards, not five.  Limits of ascii... <sigh>

When a target dies from these,
instead of falling he becomes frozen.  After a few seconds, or if he is
hit with something else, or falls, the frozen guy will shatter into lots
of pieces.  These pieces sit on the ground and slowly melt away.  Pretty
cool.  If a player dies by this, his screen turns blue, and he dies like
normal, but the point of view does not fall to the ground.  You can watch
your killer move around, and then you shatter and the POV falls.  You can
also press space bar soon as the screen turns blue.  See if you can run
fast enough to see your own frozen body before it shatters!

If you use the frost shards at very close range, you can actually just touch
the enemy and damage him directly (no shards are fired) and do about twice
the damage of a full volley of shards.

HTK: 2 at touch range.  3 and up at long range, depending on how much of each
volley actually hits.

#3 - Arc of Death.  This is a bolt of electricity that follows the
ceiling AND the ground.  If it hits someone, it stays on them and hurts
them for about 3 seconds.  After it hits, it "locks on" to that person.
So if they move it will follow.  If you move VERY fast, you can outrun it
after it locks, but not usually.  It is a very good monster killer though.
You can fire it at creatures that you normally couldn't see as long as
there is no wall completely blocking your path. For instance, you can fire
it off a cliff to hit someone right at the foot that you can't even see.
Requires 5 green mana.
HTK: 1, unless your target has a lot of room to run, then it could take many.

#4 - Bloodscourge.  It fires three incredibly powerful fireballs.  Each one
is capable of killing any of the creatures I have met so far in one hit, as
well as the players (except the fighter if he has a really high AC... but
even then he is very near death, and thats from ONE of the three fireballs).
Uses 15 of each color mana.  It acts a lot like the Wraithverge, but deals
more damage at the expense of less accurate homing power.
HTK: 1 if all three fireballs hit squarely.


First, these items are directly descended from Heretic:

Wings of Wrath:  Lets you fly.  In single-player mode, they will last until you
the current hub.  In multi-player, they are limited to a minute or two of fligh

Quartz Flask:  Gives you about 25% health back.  These will be used
*AUTOMATICALLY* when your life hits 0 *AND* you are on skill level 1.  At
higher skill levels you still must use them yourself.

Mystic Urn:  Gives you 100% health back.  These will be used AUTOMATICALLY
as the flasks are, but only after the flasks run out.

Chaos Device:  Teleports you to the starting point of the level.  A small bug i
the 1.0 release of Hexen has this artifacts name swapped with the Disc of
Repulsion.  This is fixed in 1.1

Torch:  Provides a high, glowing light level in all areas for a few minutes.

Now for some new stuff!

Banishment Device:  Like a Chaos Device, but you use it on others
instead!  It fires a neat-o pattern of rings.  Whoever gets hit by it
(monsters included) gets teleported to a random starting position of the
level.  For some real fun, transport a bunch of MEAN monsters, then hit
another player to send him into the thick of them!

Boots of Speed:  What can I say?  They make you run faster.  The mage
becomes decently fast and the fighter gets blazingly fast.  Any player using
the boots will appear to leave a "trail" behind him in multi-player games.
The trail only appears while you are running at a faster than normal speed

Dragonskin Bracers:  These glowing purple bracers increase your AC by 4
when you use them.  You can use a few at once, but only up to a certain
maximum level, depending on which class you take.  They only last for
a certain amount of time, after which their effect goes away.

Disk of Repulsion:  Makes ALL enemies within a certain range of you get
pushed AWAY.  Can be used to get out of corners, smash guys into the
wall, or push guys of the cliff (great fun here!).  Pushing people into
the wall does do damage to them, but not very much it seems.  I had to
use 5 disks to kill an Ettin.  BUT, any creatures bumping into each other
from this effect count as having attacked each other, and this means they
will usually start fighting with each other.  *IMPORTANT*  The disk can
repulse fireballs too!  In fact, all the creatures in the beta that shoot
can have their missile weapons turned away by the disk. (Note there is
a small bug in the 1.0 release of Hexen, the Disc of Repulsion and the
Chaos Device had their names switched.  Oops.  1.1 fixed it though)

Dark Servant:   When used, you toss a Maulator "voodoo" doll
out a few feet.  Sometimes it sits there and you can pick it up again.
Sometimes it becomes a giant Maulotor for 30 seconds to pummel your
enemies!  Note that if you drop it in a spot where the Maulotor would
overlap another object on the map, he won't form.  The doll floats there
and you can pick it up again.  A note on the Maulotors:  They can be killed
like normal, but generally they will disappear by the time you can muster
enough firepower to get them anyway.  If you use the Porkulator on them,
the change becomes PERMANENT and they won't disappear.  Also, when the
Maulotor first forms, he is semi-transparent.  If you can hit him with the
Porkulator at the instant he appears, the result is a transparent pig.

Porkalator:  Just like the morph ovum of Heretic, but it turns people
into pigs!  Note that when you are a pig now, you can still use items.
Anyone who is a pig can throw the green flechette flasks as though they
were the fighter.  Wings of wrath can make you a Pig of Wrath!.  Pigs are
also small enough that you can stand on them like steps.

Flechette:  The green flasks.  Each class uses these differently.  The
fighter chucks them forward and they bounce off of the walls and floor.
It explodes when it either hits someone, or comes to rest for 3 seconds.
The cleric drops it right where he stands (run!), then it quickly explodes
into a noxious cloud for about a minute.  Anyone walking into this cloud
suffers poison damage.  The screen turns green and they cough a lot. Even
after they leave the cloud, they will take damage while the screen slowly
fades back to normal.  The mage drops these like the Timebomb in heretic.
it explodes very quickly.  This is one of the most plentiful artifacts in

Mystic Ambit Incant:  The Cleric can gain life from it.  The fighter can
gain 1 armor point, and the mage can gain some mana from it.  I finally
found out what they do in multiplayer now!  When you use it, it will also
affect all players within range of you (the range is 255 game-world
pixles to be exact).

Icon of the Defender:  This gives you invincibility without changing the
color of your screen, which is handy.  It also has side effects which are
different for each class.  The cleric fades in and out from total to
partial invisibility.  When he is totally invisible, missile weapons can
move right through him.  The mage becomes reflective to all missile
weapons.  Any that hit him bounce away.  If a cleric fires his Wraithverge
at you, this can make the ghosts home in on him and kill him!

Krater of Might:  Looks like a chalice.  This artifact, when
used will fill your mana levels to the max.

Armor sticks around a LOT longer now than it did in the old demos.  In
the old version of the demo armor flew away in big chunks everytime you got
hurt, but now it goes down much slower, making it a lot more valuable!

Each class has a different limit on armor.  Each piece of armor protects
you in different amounts depending on your class.

|class    max min A S H a|
|Fighter   16  3  5 4 3 1|
|Cleric    14  2  2 5 1 4|
|Mage      12  1  1 3 2 5|
Max = maximum armor class *without* using any bracers.
Min = minimum armor that never goes below this value.
A = Mesh Armor
S - Falcon Shield
H = Platinum Helmet
a = Amulet of Warding


Ettin - The first monster you will probably see is the two-headed brown
beastie wielding a mace.  His attack is hand-to-hand range only, so he is
not a major threat.  All the players hand weapons have a greater range
than he does (even the fighters punch!).  Typically takes about 5 or 6
hits to kill using the weakest weapon of any class (3 with the fighter!)
They can be dangerous in packs!  When they corner you and have more than
one hitting you at a time your life will go down FAST!

Afrit - These creatures resemble the gargoyles from Heretic, but
they are on fire.  They are also much smarter:  They shoot fireballs at
you in bursts of three, and the strafe side to side quickly when they fire,
making them very hard to hit.  A fire gargoyle in its "resting" state
looks like a gray fiery sphere.  When you "wake them up" they unfold into
themselves.  They are invulnerable in this "sphere" mode.

Chaos Serpents - D'Sparil rode one of these at the very end of Heretic.
It is a large (taller than you) creature that shoots fireballs at you or
bites at close range.  They are not nearly as hard to kill as the one in
Heretic, but they are still trouble, and usually appear in groups of two or
three.  Those fireballs do a LOT of damage too.

Brown Serpents - Pretty much just like the green ones, but they fire green
gas-balls which hurt even MORE than the Green serpents fire! (poison!)

Wendigo - Always found in icy levels... They look like Swamp Thing but
bluish and made of ice instead of green moss.  They fire pairs of spiky
ice balls that shatter when they hit anything into a spread of 6 ice shards
that have the same effect as the mages #2 weapon.  When you kill
these guys (with any weapon) they shatter like they died from frozen shards.

Centaurs - These creatures are tough to kill.  They don't have a lot of
hit points, but everytime you hit them they raise their shield and become
invulnerable (and can reflect most spells).  After they drop their shield
they can be hurt again.

Slaughtaurs - Just like the Centaurs but their shields can fire
blue, fast moving fireballs at you.  They hurt a lot and are hard to dodge
because of their speed!  They tend to be harder to kill than Centaurs too.

Stalkers - These slimy green guys usually hang out in swamps, or regular
water if they are feeling particularly clean.  You can see their tails
swishing about in the muck, but you cannot hurt them until they rise up
out of the water.  Unfortunately, they only like to rise up right next
to you!  They don't take much to kill, but they hit you very hard!
Some Stalkers will rise up you of the water even when you
are not nearby to shoot at you.  They fire hissing green balls of gas that
you can hear fly by.

Dark Bishops - These resemble the bishops from Heretic, but they are
wearing much nicer clothes now.  They can fly, and can "zip" around at high
speed once in a while.  They fire volleys of 10 fireballs that come at you
in a spiral pattern.  They have limited homing, so they can chase you after
you dodge them.  Their spiral motion makes them VERY hard to predict!
Sometimes they hit corners and stop early, sometimes they loop around
corners that you swear they couldn't have and hit you!

Reivers - Only seen in the last few levels of the game, these can fly,
shoot fireballs at you, and hit at close range for some nasty damage.  They
resemble the top half of a corpse in chainmail with a helmet on and long

Death Wyvern - an undead dragon that is the first mini-boss you
encounter.  He swoops in circles and fires a fiery breath-weapon at you
that causes some secondary explosions after it hits.

Heresiarch - A powerful mage with the tail of a scorpion and three mana
cubes circling his head.  He has several attacks, as well as a temporary
reflective invincability spell and he can summon Dark Bishops to his aid.

Yourself - Yes, as part of the game you must defeat one of each of the
three player classes.  They move like a player and fire your own weapons
at you.  They might be a confusing addition to Deathmatch games as well!

Korax - The Big Bad Guy.  He's big.  He's mean.  He's tough.  He's so bad,
he's even dangerous when dead.

If anyone has extra info, email me at arne@cco.net.  Please only
send useful information, not stuff like misspellings (of which there are
many, I know).

Feel free to add this to any web page or whatever, just let me know when
you do so I can come and see it!
Make sure you give me credit for it too!
Arne Michaelsen - keeper of the FAQ, email: arne@cco.net

Special thanks to:
Todd Wagner (toddwgnr@vt.edu).... for many cheat codes and activation keys.
Killian (wgriffin@mindspring.com)............ for listing a lot of scripts.
Deird'Re M. Brooks (margali@netcom.com)............. for the clipping code.
Paul Falstad (pjf@cts.com)........................... for the tech details.
Kyle Hofmann (rhofmann@crl.com)....................... for the hidden text.
Rowan (Rowan@chwilson.demon.co.uk).................. for the ascii picture.
Colin Caird (ccaird@islandnet.com)............ for too many things to list!
Carl Plunkett (carlp@teclink.net) for help with the files.

Ben Morris for all the tech info!

I'd like to thank all the ops on the irc channel #hexen, since they found most
of the new codes for me.  Especially PLuNKeTT, Baratus, and Tyrian.

Thanks to Dan Sully and cco.net for providing me with Web space!

Extra special thanks to the fellows at id and Raven for making a great game!

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