How do I beat (Centaur)?

  1. in the stage of Centaur's Forest (Medium) how to defeat the enemy who is blue in color, having horse body and human head near the waterfall with a girl sitting.

    User Info: m_anandraju

    m_anandraju - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. To defeat Nessus, just wait until he turns his back on you and then jump onto him. Head back to the cliff and jump to avoid taking damage. After a while, Nessus will start to get dizzy. At this point you can go ahead and get the "S" under the tree. Grab it and then perform a fully charged power punch on the big guy to finish the battle! And just watch Nessus get knocked senseless from his own shoes!

    User Info: Tailikku1

    Tailikku1 - 10 years ago 9   2

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