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London 1961 Guide by ACarr

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/03

                              ________ _______ _______
                             /   ____//__  __//  __  /
  \ | /   \ | /   \ | /     /   / __    / /  /  /_/ /    __
__\|/__ __\|/__ __\|/__   /   / / /   / /  /  __  /    /_/
   /|\     /|\     /|\    /   /_/ /   /  \ /  / / /    __
  / | \   / | \   / | \  /       /   /   //  / / /    /_/
                        /_______/   /___//__/ /_/
                             __      _______ _______ _____   _______ _______
                            / /     /  __  //  __  //  __ \ /  __  //  __  /
  /\__________________     / /     /  / / //  / / //  / / //  / / //  / / /
/                   /    / /     /  /_/ //  / / //  /_/ //  /_/ //  / / /
\  ________________/    / /____ /      //  / / //      //      //  / / /
  \/                    /      //      //  / / //      //      //  / / /
                       /______//______//__/ /_//______//______//__/ /_/
      _______ ______   ___    _______
     / __   //  __  \ /  /   / __   /
    /_/ /  //  /_/  //  /   /_/ /  /   \ | /   \ | /   \ | /
       /  / \___   //  /_      /  /   __\|/__ __\|/__ __\|/
      /  /     /  //  __ \    /  /      /|\     /|\     /|\
  ___/  /__   /  //  /_/ /___/  /__    / | \   / | \   / | \
/________/  /__/ \_____//________/
                                                                 Version 1.0
								by Alex Carr
								18 July 2003



Secion Number       Part
1                   Introduction
2                   Mission Guide
3                   Kill Frenzies
4                   Useful Powerups
5                   Cheat Codes
6                   Cars Added/Removed
7                   Comments/Opinions
8                   Credits


Section: 1
Here we have the expansion pack for the ever popular GTA London game. This
is a totally Free expansion pack and can be downloaded from
http://www.gta-london.com/ and click on the Flashing Gif of The Union Jack,
the direct URL for the EXE file is
http://www.rockstargames.com/gtalondon/ftp/Gta1961/Gta1961.exe. To play this
game you will have to have Grand Theft Auto and the Expansion Pack Grand
Theft Auto: London 1969. The EXE itself is only 7MB so its not much to

It is set in London, but the year is 1961, 8 years before 1969. You only do
1 chapter which is fairly short for Harold Cartwright. The expansion pack
also includes a Manchester CMP file which is a map of Manchester that you
can use to play Network games like Deathmatch. This expansion pack also had
some interesting additions, such as a Drive-By power-up, where you could use
any weapon and shoot it out of the car. It is used in parts of the missions
and since has been added to the later GTA games. Also London 1961 included
Amour Shoppes in place of the bomb shop, where you can pay to have exessive
amounts of amour to you vehical making it much harder to destroy.


Section: 2
Mission Guide
When We Were Very Small
7 Missions
7 Secrets (all Kill Frenzies)
100,000 Point Target

The 4 Phones are located in Southwest City, Just West of where you start,
they go from 1 - 4 Left to right. For the major sections of this guide the
coordinates are included, see the cheat guide to active the coorinates. I
personally wouldnt class it as a cheat, more of a means of helping the user.

Before i start to go through the missions, please note that if you die or if
you get nicked while on a mission you will fail it straight away.

Phone 1 122,82

Ok, Mr. C wants two gangs greased your gonna have to pick up explosives and
plant them at their hideouts. First stack is in Northeast Bermondsey near
the docks. 239,147

You need a fast car to drive to the hideout in West Southwark as you only
have 20 seconds. Its behind a building next to a railway track. Get out and
walk over and plant the bomb and run! Plant the bomb at 130,163

Next you need to get to the next stack of explosives, best use a fast car as
you'll be timed again. Get to West Brixton 86,230

Now drive to the second hideout in Southwest Bermondsey, quick you only have
20 seconds again. Plant the bomb at the door 186, 187

So now you have to see the gangs go at each other, head over to Northwest
Brixton. But aparently theres something wrong first go and see Jack before
killing anybody 122,200. Make sure you park your car clear of the entrance
to the alley. Now grab the armour and the machine gun in the crates and kill
everybody. Its not too hard as they only fire in bursts and dont move.

Jump back in your car and chase the ones that escaped. This is a bit tricky
as your wanted level is probably 4 and you have 90 seconds to do it in.
Theres four in total. I highly reccommend using a Voxel Concept for this as
it is just so fast!
First is approximatly 190,131 in Northwest Bermondsey
Second is approximatly 178, 219 in East Brixton
third is approximatly 122,247 in South Brixton
fourth is approximatly 162,248 in Southeast Brixton

Nice One!

Phone 2 123,82

Mr. Caukenbolls is coming to town, you have to protect him. So get to the
Cab in East City. 158,64
Now get some armour for the cab, Go to Bobby in Southwest Westminster.
31,170. It is located north of the armour shoppe at 30,131.

Ok, now you need to pick him up from a Hotel in West City you have 30
seconds. So dont waste a second. Pick up point is 111,74

Now drive to Southeast Mile End with a Wanted Level of 4 and a Time of 30
seconds. Try Not to hit very much or slow down too much as there will be
enemy road blocks on the way. Drive through the roller door in Mile End

Next see Curly round back 239,31. But before you do rob a fast car!
He'll tell you that you left him and some gang has kidnapped him. You need
to get him back. You have 20 seconds to get to the Southeast City area
approximatly 171,81. The Cab is driving west on the 4 lane road, rob it.

Now get the Cab to the secure hideout in East Mile End 234,13

Its time to pay the kidnappers there ransom with TNT in a car. Get in the
Cab round the corner 231,17. Drive it to their hangout in Northwest City
119,48 . As soon as you drive to the arrow get out as the timer kicks in.
You need to grab the armour in the crate that spawns before you get shot
121.48. This isnt as hard as it may look. get the flame thrower 122,48 and
use it to get out of the courtyard and into the nearest car. As all the guys
in red shooting you dont move and fire in bursts it shouldnt be much of a

First lose your wanted level as it makes the next bit far too hard. Then
head over to Southeast Soho and get in the Cab 96,95. Now pick up Mr.
Caukenbolls again. This time in Central Mile End 232,17. You have 70 seconds
to get him back to the hotel in North Soho drive through the roller door on
the South side of the block 77,39

Nice One!

Phone 3 124,82

Firstly You need a fast car as your not going to have much time again.
Gang Boss Gene White is taking a dip in SOuthwest Hyde Park with some of his
girls. But he's being set up. Get over there and steal their clothes. 8,63
Now get to the phone in Southeast Soho, you have 20 seconds. 92,106.

SOme TV vans have been alerted to the naked gang leader in the park. So
you've gotta get back to the Park and make sure everything goes down as
planned. But first you need to get the cab driving west in Northwest Angel.
Move as you only have 25 seconds, its approximatly 125,6.

Head Back to Southwest Hyde Park 12,64, but with a wanted level of 4, which
i strongly suggest you loose first.

Big suprise the plan has fallen through. You need to kill the gang leader
and round up the girls, Within 95 seconds. This is very hard! Head down to
West Westminster 36, 127 and run him down, Now head just a little south and
grab the car speed up 30,131. Now get the girls, you have to jump out the
Cab and hit them and they will get in.
First one is in Central Soho, 70,64
Second one is in Central Westminster, 61,128
Now get to Central Camden Town and drive through the roller door 76,16.

Aparently Genes mob have made a porno of your gang leader, with the women
you just grabbed. Get a fast car and go and see Bongo in Northeast City
159,38. You need to destroy two trucks carring the shipments of porn, so
grab the Rocket Launcher 160,38 and get moving as your timed yet again, no
suprise :(, 65 seconds.
First one is driving south on the four lane road in East Southwark/West
Bermondsey divide 184,168
Second one is driving west on the four lane road in South Brixton 154,250

Nice One!

Phone 4 125,82

Ok, Harold wants you to take out Poundage Fern, a racecar driver, but first
you need to take out his muscle. One of them is in East Brixton, 179,227. By
the time you get close he'll do a runner, so now you need the special motor,
goto Southwest Bermondsey and get the Tramp TR4 196,180.
Get the Machine Gun 196,181 so you can do drive-by's. You have 15 seconds to
drive back to East Brixton and shoot the dude stood in the alleyway 180,227.

Now head over to Ferns garage in Central Battersea and kill as many as you
can. There should be a group of them in white, 39, 247. Kill a couple with a
drive-by and chase the rest and run them down, shouldn't be too hard theres
6 in total including the one you shoot first.

Get back to the garage in Central Battersea and take the Ferocious 312,
33,241. Get the Rocket Launcher 34,241 and head North. You only have 35
seconds to get to Northeast Camden Town, approximatly 80,3. Just make sure
you turn west out of the garage and follow the road north, this mission is
also hard as yet again the timer is far too low.

After he is destroyed head to North Mile End as you have to pretend to be
Fern. The finish line is 234,4 and you have 15 seconds. All you need to do
here is stay in the second lane heading east, hopefully you should get no
traffic and pass between 2 buildings to win the race.

You've Won The Race

Now go accross the road and pickup the trophy 226,9. Harold wants you to
come back with the trophy to his hideout in Southwest Bow. Fortunatly enough
there is no timer here, drive through the roller door 193,82 to complete the

Nice One!

Mobile Mission 1

Once you've run out of phone missions you should get a mobile mission which
you can do, plus the two secret vehical missions become available. (See

You have to get a Jug Swinger for Harolds mums 60th. Drive to Central
Westminster and get in the car parked in Buckingham place 54,144. As soon as
you get in the car, another mission starts, and its a Chambers/Nemesis
Secret Agent mission. You have to check out what Nemesis is upto, drive to
West Southwark.

Now enter the courtyard and run everyone down, then get in the Potato Truck
125,162. You have to drive it to one of the secret garages in East
Bermondsey 248,170. Ok, get back in your car, it'll be parked north of the
garage, 247,162.

You need to stop Nemesis so drive to Southwest Westminster and attach the
explosives to the wheelchair, 42,163. Head over to the hideout and park your
car there. 244,168 in East Bermondsey. Now get in the TV Van in the
courtyard 237,164 and use it to guide Grandpa to the front of Nemesis's
hideout. Now simply drive the wheelchair round to the front of the hideout,
you only have 10 seconds but its enough time.

Nice One!

Vehical Mission 1

Vehical: Fab
Location: Northesast Battersea, 60,239
How To Find: Enter Battersea Power Station by one of the dark coloured
roads, its on the East side of the building

The car is filled with Thuderthighs dolls and Harolds nephew needs them for
his birthday, you need to get them to Harolds place fast, your wanted level
will automatically goto 4 here, and you only have 50 seconds. This is a
little tricky as the police really do not help, and theres no point tring to
loose them because theres just not enough time. Head West as soon as you get
on the 4 lane Highway in Battersea and then North on the Camberwell/Brixton
border. Get to the garage in Central Angel, 139,16 to complete the mission.

Nice One!

Vehical Mission 2

Vehical: TV Van
Location: West Camden Town, 60,11
How To Find: Enter the courtyard in the block on the Southwest corner of the
East/West, North/South junction.

As soon as the mission starts your wanted level will max out, so as there is
no time limit in this mission you may aswell loose the cops as it will help!
So someones been blackmailing Harold, you need to get the evidence head over
to London Tower in South Bow, 216,103. Get out and Hit the guy, 216,102 then
grab the briefcase, 217,102. Now get back in the Van.

You've now got to get to Buckingham Palace in Central Westminster for the
next part of the mission. Park at the front of the palace, 55,148, the get
out and kill the dude standing there, 55,147. Now grab the breifcase, 56,147
and get back in the van. Ok, head over to Harolds place in Southeast
Bermondsey, 232,190 to end the mission.


As soon as you get the target score of 100,000 Harold says he wants to see
you. Go to the Billiards in Northeast City, The entrance is at the back
176,46. You get the Cut scene with Harold. (He actually has hair!!)

He says: "Listen Right, We heard you're a boy who can do his stuff. And by
hookers and by crooks. You've proved you ain't bad! Yeah! Ain't bad at all,
sunshine. You know what i mean?"

Keep London Tidy! Bonus
I've put this at the end of the mission guide as i dont see it to be
apropriate anywhere else and its probably not worthy of its own section.
Basically the "Keep London Tidy!" bonus is from London 1969, and Grand Theft
Auto, from which is was known as "Gouranga!". It is the process of killing 7
men in light blue shirts that go around in a line singing something. I think
you can only do it when your in a car as its east to do, as you have to do
it quickly. In London 1961 you get a bonus of 2500, when your multiplier is
x1, if you have no wanted level and have no criminal record you get a wanted
level of 3 for doing this bonus.


Section: 3
Kill Frenzies
Type: Machine Gun
Location: South Bow, 217,98
How To Find: It is in the Entrance way to the Tower of London
Points Needed: 2000
Time: 30 seconds
Bonus: Extra Life

Type: Machine Gun
Location: West Westminster, 35,139
How To Find: On the West side of the courtyard in Buckingham Palace
Points Needed: 3000
Time: 30 seconds
Bonus: 5000

Type: Rocket Launcher
Location: West Brixton, 85,231
How To Find: Just North of South West Brixton and the East Battersea Divide,
next to to big crates
Points Needed: 3000
Time: 30 seconds
Bonus: 5000

Type: Rocket Launcher
Location: Southwest City, 118,87
How To Find: In Bewtween 2 buildings in a huge block, just North of the
East/West highway in South City
Points Needed: 1500
Time: 20 seconds
Bonus: 2000

Type: Flame Thrower
Location: North Southwark, 152,144
How To Find: In Bewtween 2 buildings just off a 2 lane road just off the 4
lane road running East/West
Points Needed: 1500
Time: 20 seconds
Bonus: 2000

Type: Flame Thrower
Location: Central Brixton 127,216
How To Find: It is in a grass courtyard, just South of North Brixton.
Points Needed: 1500
Time: 20 seconds
Bonus: 2000

Type: Tiger Tank
Location: Southwest Soho
How To Find: In the stadium in Soho, entrance on the North side
Points Needed: 1000 5204
Time: 80 seconds
Bonus: Extra Life


Section: 4
Useful Power Ups
Here is a list of all the Power Ups you can get right from the start. The
list doesnt include Machine Gun and Pistol Locations, as they are so very
easy to find. Also note there are only 2 Rocket Launchers from the start and
they are both Kill Frenzies for the location of them see section 3.

Flame Thrower:
  Southwest Chelsea 3,203
  Southeast Mile End 238,41

  Central Soho 72,73
  Northwest Chelsea 5,96
  Northeast Brixton 155,210

Police Bribe:
  Northwest Chelsea 8,121
  Northwest Bow 188,52

Car Speed Up:
  West Westminster 30,131, this is in the Mission Guide (Phone 3, see above)
  Northwest Southwark 124,147
  Southeast Angel 181,20
  South Bermondsey 227,188

Get Out Of Jail Free Card:
  Northwest Brixton 95,214
  North Westminster 55,121
  Northeast Camberwell 249,206
  Southwest Bow 204,96

Extra Life:
  Central Battersea 31,246
  Central Bow 220,76

Multiplier Up:
  Southwest Brixton 91,242

On a side note according to the Mission.ini file (missuke.ini) there should
be a second multiplier Up at 72,11 which is down an alley in Central Camden
Town but there is an error in the ini file which means the Multiplier Up
does not spawn.


Section: 5
Cheat Codes
The cheat codes are the same for this as they are in London 1969, they are
as follows;

Code			What it does
6661970                 Infinite Lives

iamfilth		No Police

tithead			No Police

iamgod			x10 Multiplier

psychadelic		Remap the car. If you press the horn, the car will
                        change to an alternate colour
driveby			Enables you to do a Drive-By shooting

averyrichman		Maximum points

pieandmash		Diagnostic cheat*

asawindow		Gives all weapons at 99 ammo, every time you press *
                        on the keypad
deathtoall		Gives all weapons at 99 ammo, every time you press *
                        on the keypad
uaintnuffin 		All Weapons on infinte ammo, Amour and Get Out Of
                        Jail Free Card
rommel 			Diagnostics cheat* and psychadelic cheat combined

herc			Diagnostics cheat*, psychadelic cheat, No Police,
                        Infinate Lives and a x10 Multiplier

* The Diagnostic cheat, same as the "porkcharsui" cheat in Grand Theft Auto.
When you press C you get the current coordinates and either the ID of the
car or the pedestrian (you). When your in a car you also get the Speed and
the Damage. By Pressing F12 you can restart the games without quiting to the
menus. And by pressing * on the keypad you can get all the weapons at
max ammo, the ammo does deplete but if you press * again you get max ammo

It also allows you to use the Numpad Numbers 8,2,6,4 to pan around the
screen. Use K or ] to Zoom out, and L or [ to Zoom in. Use Home to Centre
the view. Use Numpad + to Stop the game and advance frame by frame. Use Alt
as a Quick frame advance and finally R to Refresh the screen.


Section: 6
Cars Added/Removed
GTA London 1961 has a few differnces between London 1969, for instance you
get a lot less points for damage, criminal activity and mission completion,
the characters are also a lot younger, but the main difference is the cars
that have been changed and removed

STANDARD PUBLIC CARS (except ones marked with *)
|    GTA London 1969         ||       GTA London 1961      |
|Game # | Car                ||Game # | Car                |
| 0     | Ferocious GTO      || 0     | Porka 910          |
| 1     | Bug                || 1     | Fab                |
| 2     | Jug MkII           || -     | CAR REMOVED        |
| 3     | Bike               || 3     | Bike               |
| 6     | Ranger             || 6     | Ranger             |
| 9     | Double Decker      || 9     | Double Decker      |
| 14    | S-cart             || 14    | Tramp TR4          |
| 17    | Fat                || 17    | Fat                |
| 18    | Beagle 3           || 18    | Beagle 3           |
| 19    | Myni               || 19    | Myni               |
| 21    | Garden Shed        || 21    | Garden Shed        |
| 22    | London Cab         || 22    | London Cab         |
| 25    | James Bomb         || 25    | Ferocious 250      |
| 26    | Jugular E          || 26    | MC MK2             |
| 27    | Sweets Van         || 27    | Sweets Van         |
| 28    | Crapi              || 28    | Spider             |
| 29    | Squealey           || 29    | Squealey           |
| 31    | Locust             || 31    | *Ferocious 312     |
| 34    | Reno 17TL          || 34    | Tramp TR3          |
| 35    | Tour Bus           || 35    | Tour Bus           |
| 41    | Mod Scooter        || 41    | Mod Scooter        |
| 43    | Royal Stretch      || 43    | Bentover           |
| 44    | Tanker             || 44    | TV Van             |
| 45    | Flatbed            || 45    | Wimp               |
| 46    | Camper             || 46    | Camper             |
| 58    | Harold             || 58    | Raver 2000         |
| 70    | Raver              || 70    | Voxel Concept      |
| 72    | MC Hamper          || 72    | Big Bends          |
| 76    | Mangler            || 76    | Safari             |
| 80    | Jug Swinger        || 80    | Jug D-Type         |
| 88    | Coach              || 88    | *Potato Truck      |

|    GTA London 1969         ||       GTA London 1961      |
|Game # | Car                ||Game # | Car                |
| 4     | Copper             || 4     | Copper             |
| 5     | Ambulance          || 5     | Ambulance          |
| 11    | ICBM               || 11    | Lewd Lorry         |
| 37    | Royal Pain         || 37    | Tiger Tank         |
| 42    | Fire Truck         || 42    | Fire Truck         |
| 47    | Wheel Chair        || 47    | Wheel Chair        |


Section: 7
Comments and Opinions
This game is simply an add-on for London 1969. In my opinion it was made for
a reason, either because they wanted to include this in London 1969 and
didnt have enough time. Or London 1969 got a bit of bad critism, because it
was too short and too easy. I think London 1961 is far too hard for it too
be fun. But its not hard in the same way Rasta Blasta on the original GTA
was. This is hard simply because of the stupidly low time you have to do
each mission, moreso it becomes more like a lottery as to weather or not the
traffic will get in the way and hold you up or not. Only thing i can say is
its a good thing its not longer than it is.

The missions are good, the idea is good, but because its far too hard, it
doesnt make it fun. I think adding 10 seconds on each timer would be a good
idea, however i dont think this has been tested anywhere near the level it
should have been. 2 specific mission timers stand out as being at least 10
seconds too short.
1. is the one where you have to kill Poundage Fern using a Ferocious 312 and
drive-by abilities,
2. the other is where you have to use a cab and pick up 2 women and drop
them off at a garage in Camden Town.

I have only ever done Phone 3, once! Is that fun? sure hard is challenging
but too hard is unplayable. Same goes for the Kill Frenzies, unless you have
a high multiplier they are far far too hard. Its a prime example of what
lack of testing was done for this game when you have 1000pts of damage to
make in 80 seconds using the Tank, as opposed to 3000pts of damage in 30
seconds using the Rocket Launcher.

The whole London series 1969 and 1961 combined would give a more balanced
game, of hard enough to be challenging but not too easy to be too short of a
game. This is why i think London 1961 was so hard, it was brought out to
show everyone who gave 1969 bad publicity for being too short and easy, that
too hard is too hard!

Random comment
The Fastest Car(s) are the Voxel COncept and the Ferocious 312 with a Rapid


Section: 8
Rockstar/DMA - for giving us the game
Rob White - for sharing his great GTA and GTA London guide with the world
GameFAQs - for sharing the guides
AreaGTA http://www2.tky.3web.ne.jp/~shio/gta - for the Kill Frenzies, Cars
and Cheats

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