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Forget the quarters! Full tilt ahead!

This is as real as it gets - a truly realistic pinball experience on a computer. Full Tilt! Pinball is just like playing at an arcade, but with no missing balls, no broken flippers, no burnt-out lights, and NO DOGGONE QUARTERS - nothing but fast action, pulsating music, exciting sound effects and craftily-designed, great-looking, fast-playing pinball tables. Period.

Skulduggery pits you against a band of bloodthirsty pirates. With four flippers at your command, you set out to sink the pirate ship and recover the treasure - but watch out for that volcano!

Space Cadet was included in the Microsoft Plus! companion for Windows 95 - but now it's even better with improved art and animation, multi-bal play and multiple resolutions to take the utmost advantage of your computer's graphics capability.

In Dragon's Keep you face a fierce mystical beast - and your only weapons are your three flippers. Ride the elevated wire ramps, dare the collapsing drawbridge and make the dragon eat the ball for a special bonus.

Three great pinball tables featured in one package
Full 3-D rendered graphics - in multiple resolutions to look their best on any computer
Realistic ball movement - the ball even scales to give true depth perceptive
Up to four players per table plus multi-ball play
Multiple direction table "nudge" so you can practically feel the table
Music, voices, and sound effects to bring you into the experience

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