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Draw Points FAQ by Buma

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/10/00

Final Fantasy VIII
Draw Point FAQ
Version 2.0
by Buma
email: devtai@yahoo.com

Table of Content
I.      Introduction
II.     Draw Points
III.    Invisible Draw Points (even Move/Find ability can't see it)
IV.     Island Closest to Heaven/Hell
V.      Thanks

     This is a very simple faq.  It simply lists all the areas where a Draw
Point can be found.  In case you don't know what a Draw Point is, it is
a place in the game where you can draw magic.  In Final Fantasy
VIII, the only way for a character to obtain magic is by drawing it from
an enemy or from a Draw Point.  Since each character can hold up to 
100 of each magic, and a Draw Point takes time to replenish itself (some
doesn't replenish at all), chances are you will be doing most of your
drawing off an enemy.  But a Draw Point can still be useful, especially
if you don't want to fight any monsters or you need magic that are difficult 
to get because it is one that most monsters don't have, such as Ultima.

     You might be interested in the order of my draw list.  It is admittedly
a bit messy, but I figure that a lot of people who would use this faq for the
first time are those who have never played the game before.  As such, grouping
the Draw Points by type would only serve to confuse them since they would not 
understand the names of the different locations.  Hence, the Draw Points are
ordered roughly according to the way I first played the game, and that includes
the optional dungeons, which are listed according to when I encountered them
during my first game.

     If you know of a Draw Point that is not listed, chances are that despite
my best effort, I have somehow overlooked it.  So please email me its type and

     Some Draw Points require the Move/Find ability equipped on one of the 
character of the party in order for it to be visible.  Otherwise, you will not
be able to see it, even though it would still be there.  So you can still draw
from it, but you would not know exactly where it is.  If this is the case,
I have noted it in the comments after its location.  But again, I might have
missed some of them so I would appreciate an email if you find one.

Draw Points
BG = Balamb Garden
GG = Galbadia Garden
DC = Deling City
TUK = Tomb of the Unknown King
WV = Winhill Village
FH = Fisherman's Horizon
SV = Shumi Village
CR = Centra Ruins
TG = Trabia Garden
EC = Esthar City
LP = Lunatic Pandora
UC = Ulimecia's Castle

Magic           | Location
esuna           | BG - library (this one definitely never recharges, ever, 
                       dont bother)   
cure            | BG - stairs outside school
blizzard        | BG - training area
fire            | fire cavern
thunder         | Balamb City - in front of weapons shop
blizzaga        | timber maniacs - in editorial deparment, first room to your
                                   left (it also never recharges)
cure            | Timber - in front of the entrance to the Aphrora Pub
scan            | Timber - alley behind Aphrora Pub
silence         | Dollet City - near statue, outside the hotel, in the bush
blind		| Dollet City - Mountain Hideout, inside Communication Tower
				(left of the lift)
sleep           | Laguna's 2nd dream sequence, 2nd scene
confuse         | Laguna's 2nd dream sequence, 3rd scene, fork road (right)
shell           | GG - athletic track
double          | GG - auditorium
haste           | GG - center of GG Hall, it's there but hard to see
life            | GG - clubroom (left side of the skating rink)
thundara        | DC - City Square (go left after getting off at Caraway's
protect         | TUK - outside the entrance
float           | TUK - northern room
cura            | TUK - western chamber
esuna           | DC - in the sewer
zombie          | DC - in the sewer
bio             | DC - in the sewer
curaga          | WV - Laguna's room
dispel          | WV - outside Laguna's house, go down near the water
drain           | WV
reflect         | WV
berserk         | Galbadia - D-District Prison (9th Floor), when everyone
                             was captured after the failure to defeat Edea
thundaga        | Galbadia - D-District Prison (11th Floor)
Aero            | desert outside prison
full-life       | Galbadia Missile Base, room where the missile launchers' at
blind           | Galbadia Missile Base
blizzara        | Galbadia Missile Base, inspection room
full-life       | BG - MD Level, when attempting to save BG from the missiles
regen           | FH - right side of the Mayor's house
shell           | FH - near the wharf
haste           | FH - near the train tracks
ultima          | FH - in the mayor's house
cure            | BC - by the docks, need to get on the plank to get it
ultima          | SV - outside the village, before you get in the elevator,
                       (need to pay 5,000 gil for each draw, this will probably
                       be your main ultima draw site, so come back here often)
firaga          | SV - behind Laguna's statue
blizzaga        | SV - outside Elder's house
drain           | CR - platform after the 1st staircase
aero            | CR - by the right ladder after the lift
pain            | CR - next to the dome after the lift
thundaga        | TG - front gate
zombie          | TG - cementary
aura            | TG - festival stage, before getting to the basketball court,
                       (need Move/Find ability to see it)
full-life       | FH - where the old fisherman fishes, come back here after he
                       disappears and it'll be there (this place is very hard
                       to find, just look for a ladder a little before you get
                       on the crane/lift)
aura            | GG - by the entrance when you are attacking GG (need Move/
                       Find ability to see it)
protect         | GG - hockey rink
holy            | white seed ship, below deck
meteor          | Great Salt Lake - on the way to the Esthar Region, walk up
                                    the dinosaur skull/skeleton to get it
thundaga        | Great Salt Lake - after getting up the skeleton, cross the
                                    vertebrate bridge
death           | Laguna's dream, outside Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
double          | Laguna's dream, lobby of Dr. Odine's laboratory
blizzard        | EC - in front of the Presidential Palace
quake           | EC - front door of Dr.Odine's lab
curage          | EC
life            | Tear's Point - near entrance
reflect         | Tear's Point
stop            | Esthar Sorceress Memorial
tornado         | EC - in the shopping mall, lower right hand corner, it's 
                       hard to see but it's there
flare           | Dr.Odine's lab - upstairs
meteor          | LP - as soon as you enter, bottom right
curaga          | LP - room where the three lifts are
confuse         | LP
silence         | LP - it's where the 3 doors are, go in the open middle door,
                       it can't be seen but it's there
holy            | LP - green door #1
life            | Ragnorak - aisle where the 2nd red monster is at
triple          | Deep Sea Deposit - bottom floor
dispel          | Deep Sea Research Center
curaga          | Edea's House - basement, go thru the door on the left side
                                 of the bedroom, might be a little hard to see
break           | LP - after fighting Seifer, there is a structure you must
                       climb to get to Rinoa, climb all the way to the top,
                       this draw point is hidden and cannot be seen
triple          | Wilderness - when coming out of Edea's home after time
flare           | UC - after crossing the chain, before entering the castle
shell           | UC - art gallery, second floor
stop            | UC - clock tower
dispel          | UC - chapel, where the Omega Weapon is
slow            | UC - courtyard, outside the chapel
aura            | UC - wine cellar (need Move/Find ability to see it)
full-life       | UC - prison cell, it's one of the rooms beyond the art 
                       gallery and the flood gate room (need Move/Find ability
                       to see it)
ultima          | UC - armory, it's the other room beyond the art gallery and
                       gallery (need Move/Find ability to see it)
cura            | UC - passageway
holy            | UC - treasure room, it's the hidden coffin room along the 
                       passageway where you fight the Catoblepas (need 
                       Move/Find ability to see it)
curage          | UC - storage room, must use the elevator to get up there
triple          | UC - clock tower, it's the secret area where you must jump
                       off the swinging bell to get to, you'll fight a very
                       tough boss called Tiamat here (need Move/Find ability
                       to see it)

Invisible Draw Points (even Move/Find ability can't see it)
     These invisible Draw Points are all on the world map, and as the keyword 
"invisible" implies, they can not be seen :-)  The only way to trigger them is
to hammer away at the "X" button as you walk.
Yes, I spend an ungodly amount of time just blindly wandering and banging away
on the "X" button.  Sad, I know.  Maybe that is why I have yet to see any faqs
describing their locations.  At any rate, the novelty of it wore thin real 
quick, so I might have miss some of them.  Please email me with its locations 
(and precise directions) if you find any that is not listed.
Since these points cannot be seen, it might be a little difficult to locate
them. I hope my directions help.

Magic           | Location
pain            | Dollet - Hasberry Plains
                  it is where the satellite dish/antenna is, on a hill above
                  Dollet City, can get up there using Ragnorak
confuse         | the remains of Galbadia Garden
dispel          | Galbadia - Monterosa Plateau
                  it is the former site of Galbadia Garden, between Deling
                  City and Dollet, now you can find this point by walking into
                  the very center
cure            | Dollet - Hasberry Plains
                  from the Dollet train station, go west, before you hit the 
                  water, go north into the forest, keep walking past the
                  forest, into a little crease in between the rocks and there
                  should be the draw point
esuna           | Great Plains of Galbadia
                  it is on the train tracks leading into Galbadia, enter the
                  tunnel and continue walking until you can't go any further,
                  now just go left or right while hitting the "X" button to 
                  trigger the draw point
scan            | from the same tunnel as above, come back out by going south
                  for a little ways, then go west towards the rocks, in one of
                  the creases between the rocks should be the scan draw point
holy 		| Centra - Cape of Good Hope
		  it is on the beach just south of the orphanage
aura		| Dollet - Long Horn Island
		  it is located on the very western edge of the island
esuna 		| follow the Balamb railway til you get inside the tunnel
blizzara 	| Galbadia - Monterosa Plateau
		  it is located in the waterfall in the Great Plains of Galbadia
aero		| Galbadia - Monterosa Plateau
		  it is located on the railway west of the waterfall

Island Closest to Heaven/Hell
     Finally, there are the two Draw Points Islands.  The Island Closest to
Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell.  The Island Closest to Heaven is
located northeast of Esthar, amongst the archipelagos, and the Island Closest
to Hell is located southwest of the Galbadian Continent.  They are a little
hard to find at first, so just try to find the islands thru trial and error, 
and land on some of the islands near those two locations and then hit the
"O" button everytime you land to see where you are.

     These two islands house a number of hard to get Draw Points, as well as
any number of monsters such as Red and Blue Dragons, Marlboros, etc.  These 
Draw Points are invisible even with the Move/Find ability, so get on the
island, equip your Encounter None Ability, and move around and bang away at
the "X" button.

     I have drawn a crude map of the two islands to show you the relative 
positions of the draw points on the islands.  The best way to use the maps 
is to orient your characters according to the north-south-east-west directions
as indicated by the maps.

Island Closest to Heaven

   \tornado    |       |----------\
   | 	   	\     /	      aura \
   |	    quake-----    ultma     \
   |triple          meteor           \
   |      meteor                     /
   |tornado        flare            /                     N
   |            holy      flare    |                      | 
   |triple fulllife       aura     |                      |
   |    flare            ultima    \                E-----------W
   |quake             aura      holy|                     | 
   |                                |                     | 
   |                                /                     S 
   |                        ultima |
   |triple         fulllife        |
   -------------\            ultima|
                 --\               |
                    ---\           |

Island Closest to Hell

         |      \      _______
        /holy    \     |flare \_/-\                       N
       |          \    |    aura   |                      |
      /            ----|       triple                     |
      |        aura       triple   |                E-----------W 
      |    triple                  |                      |
  /---|                     meteor |                      |
  | flare       ultima         fulllife                   S
  \    ultima                       \
   \                       	     ----------\
    ---\                      ultima            \
        \                 meteor__ aura          \
         \aura          triple  \ \_       flare  \
          \                      |  \__            \
           \                 holy|     \_holy   fulllife       
            \                    |       |           \
             \                   |        \_______triple
              \            fulllife   
               \                 |
                |                | 
                |            ultima
                |                |
                |                |
                |     triple     |
                |                |
                 \               |
                  \              |
                   \    aura     |    
                    \            |
                     \ holy      |             
                      \          |
                       \ meteor  |


	I want to take this little space to thank those of you who have sent
me information on the locations of draw points that I might have missed.
Although I do not usually respond to my email (unless it was a direct question),
I do receive and read them regularly (if you can call once every few months 
regular :-)).
	Anyway, due to my poor organizational skills and lousy memory, I am 
unable to recall which individual emailed me with which information.  So 
instead of individual credits, I would just like to say kudo's to all of you 
who have emailed me.  This faq has been a pleasure to write, especially when I 
started receiving feedbacks from all of you people.  So once again, thank you!

This faq is created and owned solely by me.  It should only be available on
www.gamefaqs.com, www.geocities.com/devtai/ff8.html, and other sites that I
have personally authorized.  It cannot be copied or sold for profit or 
promotional purposes.  If you would like to use it on your website, please
obtain permission from me first.
Copyright 2000

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