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Secrets FAQ (US) by AKishan

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/30/99

Final Fantasy 8 Secrets and Weapons Upgrading Guide
Version 2.0
by Amar Kishan on 9/30/99

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In Squaresoft's latest addition to the Final Fantasy series, one finds
the usual round of secrets. Unlike previous Final Fantasies, a
character's strength is contingent upon careful use of Guardian Forces
(GFs). Using the proper GFs allows a character to junction magic to
attributes (i.e., HP, Strength, Vitality, etc.) and equip certain
abilities (such as Mug, Str+40%, etc.). In addition, the overall
strength of your weapons depends upon upgrades obtained at Junk Shops.

Of the GFs, there are many (eleven) that are either mandatory or
semi-secret (such as Diablos, who lives within Cid's Magical Lamp [Disc
1]). However, there are 5 secret GFs and three bonus GFs that are
relatively difficult to obtain. This FAQ explains how to obtain these,
as well as the eleven normal GFs.

In addition, this FAQ covers how to upgrade the party's weapons to their
ultimate forms, as described in the Weapons Monthly First 
Edition/August. Any secret GF abilities needed to obtain the items are 
described below.

The final section deals with miscellaneous secrets, including the UFO 
mission and the Triple Triad Card game, the Omega Weapon, secret 
Islands, and trickes.

* http://www.gamesdomain.com/ cannot post this faq....see Disclaimer.
Version History
2.0: Defeated Omega and finished Omega Weapon Section
1.0: First Version
Table of Contents
i.) Inroduction

ii.) Version History

iii.) Table of Contents

I.) Guardian Forces
A.) Normal
B.) Bonus
C.) Secret

II.) Weapons Uprgading
A.) Squall
B.) Zell
C.) Rinoa
D.) Selphie
E.) Irvine
F.) Quistis

III.) Triple Triad
A.) Rare Cards (Stats/Location)
B.) Card Club
C.) Card Queen-Cheating
D.) PuPu!

IV.) Secrets/Tips
A.) DoomTrain/Tonberry Trick
B.) Cactaur Island
C.) Abusing Duel
D.) Islands Closet to Hell/Heaven
E.) Ultima (See GF Eden)
F.) Omega Weapon
G.) Ragnarok in Disc 4

V.) Credits/Disclaimer

A.) Normal

Skill: Thunder Storm [Thunder damage to all enemies]

The first guardian forces are obtained through the Study Panel in
Instructor Trepe's class room.  Under Tutorial, slect Guardian Forces to
recieve Quezacoatl and Shiva.


Skill: Diamond Dust [Ice damage to all enemies]

Same as obtaining Quezacoatl. (above)


Skill: Hell Fire [Fire damage to all enemies]

During the SeeD Field exam, you and Quistis are sent into the Fire
Cavern.  At the culmination of the dungeon, fight and defeat Ifrit using
Shiva, with the Boost ability.


Skill: Silent Voice [Silences and does non-elemental damage to all

At the top of the Dollet Communication Tower, you will face Wdge and
Biggs. Their defeat heralds the arrival of Elvoret, a giant demon.  Draw
Siren from Elvoret, then proceed to kill him using your GFs, Cure, and
normal attacks.


Skill: Brotherly Love [Earth damage to all enemies]

This is a semi-secret GF pair.  In the town of Deling, at the front gate
to Carway's mansion, a guard will command you to retrieve a soldier's Id
number from the a Tomb.  When you are ready, follow the raised penisula
northeast of Deling to the Tomb of the Unknown King.  This a very
confusing dungeon, but hopefully this explanation will help.  When you
turn left in this dungeon, the game turns with you (i.e. if you turn
right in a room, and go back, you will see the room from the perspective
of someonejust entering the room from this entrance (your orignal
entrance will be right or left, not forward.).  The map does not turn
with you, so beware.  I suggest using the map very frequently First,
head for the right box (on the map).  Here you will fight a boss called
Sacred.  Cast float on him to stop his regenration, and then nail him
with Quezacoatl.  After the fight, save (hidden point) and proceed to
the top room of the Tomb.  Here, lower the dam using a switch to the
right.  Now head for the left block and turn the gears on the left wall.
Save, and head for the entrance.  Look at your map.  You will see that
an area in the center leads out to four directions.  approach it from
the south direction and cross the bridge.  Now fight Sacred and his
brother Minatour.  Float both of them or use Siren to stop their
healing.  Watch out for Mad Cow Special and Mover (both 300+ to all).
Stick to your guardian forces for an easy win.  After the fight, they
will join you. In case you were wondering, the ID number can be found
from the gunblade in the first hallway.


Skill: Dark Messenger [Demi-like damage to all enemies]

To obtain Diablos, use the Magical Lamp that Cid gives you.  You will
fight this difficult demon immediately.  He is pretty tough, frequently
using Gravija and attacking for 300 or more.  For an easy win, draw Demi
from him, then cast it back on Diablos.  This will do lots of damage,
and Diablos will use Curaga on you if you do it.  However, Demi will not
kill diablos, so using guardian forces is essential.


Skill: Ruby Light [Casts Reflect on all Allies]

Like Siren before, Carbincle is property of a boss.  To obtain it, Draw
it from the Igunions in Deling City.  After drawing this, finish the
Igunions with Shiva and your other strong GFs.


Skill: Tsunami [Water damage to all enemies]

Draw it from NORG in the basement of Balamb Garden (first kill the NORG
pod). Use Carbuncle in the beggining of this fight to nullify NORG's
magic attacks.


Skill: Tornado Zone [Wind damage to all enmies]

When fighting Fuujin and Raijin, draw if from Fuujin.  To defeat the
couple, use Shiva, Diablos, and Cure spells.


Skill: Counter Rockets [Casts Double and Triple on all allies]

In Galbadia Garden, locate the main hall (first floor).  Cerberus is
right there, talk to it to fight it. Use Carbuncle in the beggining,
then use GFs.  Cerberus has 10,000 hp.


Skill: Holy Judgement [Holy damage to all enemies]

Draw it from Edea in Disc 2 (must beat Seifer for her to show up). 
Finish her with GFs and attacks.

B.) "Bonus" GFs
The four GFs described below are bonus only in the sense that they
cannot be summoned like normal GFs.


For those wondering what happened to the Phoenix, it remains in FF8 but
is secret and restricted to one use. To obtain it, head to Shumi Village
(north of Trabia). This requires water or aerial transport.

NOTE: There is a valuable draw point right inside the village entrance
(prior to the elevator). Pay 5000 gil but stock up on Ultima [prior to
Disc 4].

Head to the end of the village and speak to the sculptor. You will
obtain permission to see the village elder. The elder will offer you a
gift if you help the sculptor finish the statue. Head back to the
scultpor and begin the quest for the stones. When stuck, ask the
Specialist for tips.

1) Blue Stone: This is in the same room as the sculptor.
2) Wind Stone:This stone is in a rock in the vicinity of the specialist.
3) Life Stone: This stone is in the roots of a tree (to the right of the 
4) Shadow Stone: This stone is hard to find. Head up the elevator to the 
room with 
the draw point. Check the intersection of the shadows.
5) Water Stone: This one is tricky. The obvious location (the pond) 
contains a fake stone.
Check the Artisan's sink in the house next to the sculptor.

In exchange, you will receive the Phoenix Pinion, which will summon the
Phoenix once when used in battle.


Simply locate any of the Chocobo Forests (small round forests throughout
the world -- there is one near the orphanage on the Centra continent).
Purchase some Gysahl Greens and use them in battle to summon a Chocobo
(one summon per Gysahl Green). Quite worthless, actually.

-Odin / Gilgamesh-

# Odin #

Skill: Zantetsuken [Instant death to enemies]

As soon as you can, preferably early in Disc 3, head north from the
orphanage on Centra continent to the circular island formation on the
map. You should see a small tower in barren surroundings. This can be
accessed via water and air.

As soon as you enter, a 20 minute timer will start. Avoid all fights
(run if you have to or use Enc-none from Diablos) and make your way thru
the ruins. Quickly you will find an altar with ladders to its left and
right. Climb the ladder on the left as far as it will go and step off to
the right. Activate the device and head back down the ladder. Examine
the altar, and proceed up the new pair of stairs.

Climb the ladder and examine the statue with one eye. Remove the eye,
climb down the ladder, and then head up the stairs. Climb the dome,
place the eye inside the statue. Make note of the code that appears. Now
remove both eyes, head back to the previous room, and place both eyes
into the statue. Enter the code to unlock the path to Odin's chamber.
Odin doesn't attack you, so the only challenge is to vanquish him within
the time limit. He has 10000 hit points, but is not too hard. Once
defeated, Odin will join your party. He appears randomly at the start of
a fight and annihilates all enemies.

# Gilgamesh #

Skill Zantetsuken [Insteant death], Masamune [Heavy damage], Exaclibur
[Medium/Holy Damage], Exaclipoor [1 hp of damage]

Gilgamesh will randomly appear during a battle (not just at the start)
and attack with one of four attacks: Masamune, Zantetsuken, Excaliber,
and Excalipoor (the last of which does only 1 HP damage). To obtain
Gilgamesh, be sure you have obtained Odin before entering Lunatic
Pandora (once you have the Ragnarok).  Odin will be killed by Siefer and 
Gilgamesh will appear.  Unlike Odin, who didn't appear at bosses (other 
than Progpagators), Gilgamesh does.  In fact, he arrived and did 
Excalipoor on the final boss! Yippee!
C.) Secret  GFs

Skill: Runaway Train [Posion damage and: Vit 0, Berserk, Posion, 
Confuse, Sleep, Slow, Stop]

This is perhaps the hardest summon to obtain as there are no real clues
as to its whereabouts or how to obtain it. In preparation for obtaining
this GF you must have the following:

1) 6 Molbor Tentacles - Steal from the Molbors using Diablos' Mug 
ability OR defeat the Molbors to obtain them.  Molbors are found in the 
Grandidi Forest of Esthar, The Great Plains of Esthar, the Island 
Closest to Hell, and the Island Closest to Heaven.  It is best to steal 
and run, as the Molbors' Bad Breath attack causes numerous status 
ailments. You may luck out and have the Molbor annihilated by arandom 
Odin summon. Also, you can have Berserk junctioned to your status 
defense (Carbuncle, Siren, etc.) and use Treatment (Siren) with that 

2) 6 Remedy Pluses - Buy Remedies at any item store, and use Alexander's
Med Lv-Up skill to produce Remedy Pluses.

3) 6 Steel Pipes - These can be stolen from Wendigos in the 
badlands/deserts outside of Deling City.

4) 1 Solomon's Ring - There is only one of these in the game. It is near
the foot of the large statue at Tear's Point [Disc 3].

Once you have all these items, choose the Solomon's Ring in your 
inventory and you will summon Doomtrain.  This is arguably the best 
summon in the game (see Secrets to find out why).


Skill: Mega Flare [Non-elemental damage to all enemies]

Bahamut is relatively difficult to obtain.  I recommend having Lv. Down 
(Tonberry), DoomTrain (the summon), Initiative (Pandemona, Cactaur, 
Tonberry), Auto-Haste (Cerberus), Alert (Cerberus), and the ultimate 
weapons.  Odin may help as well.  When you are ready, fly to the Deep 
Sea Research Lab in the southwest corner of the world (not on map).  
After the introduction scenario, enter the bowels of the facility.  
After the dialogue with the reactor core, proceed carefully.  When the 
reactor is not lighted up, move.  If you move when it is lighted up, 
you'll get in a fight.

Before you reach the reactor, give the character with DoomTrain Auto-
Haste, the character with Lv. Down Initiative, and another character 
Diablos.  Now speak to the reactor.  Choose the option to fight a Rub 
Dragon.  Level it down with the guy with initiative, then summon 
DoomTrain and Diablos.  The guy with initiative should follow up with an 
attack, limit break, or summon/magic.  DoomTrain will basically render 
the dragon helpless and Diablos will severely damage it (7000-9999).  
Finish it off.  After this, if your characters are in reasonably good 
condition, pick Never.  Fight another Ruby Dragpn, finishing it the same 
way as the first.  After this, pick a hidden third option.  this turns 
out to be (it's our nature).  Now fight Bahamut.
Attacks: Thundaga, Mega Flare, Physical Attacks
Strategy: Aura your best fighters (or otherwise allow limit break), and 
use Meltdown (or DoomTrain; I prefer the latter).  Now use Renzoruken 
and (with Zell) Duel.  With Duel, refer to Abusing Duel later in this 
walkthrough.  Bahamut will die before getting off his Mega Flare.
Bahamut offers Abilityx4, Rare Item, and Str+60%.  With Rare Item, you 
can now easily collect any ultimate weapons you missed (for the 
characters not in your party, etc.) with the Upgrading Section.


Skill: 1000 Needles [see below]

As you obtain the Garden or the Ragnarok, head for Cactaur Island (off 
of Esthar, the island next to the Kashkablad Desert).  You will see a 
green thing burrowing in the sand.  This is the Jumbo Cactaur.  Before 
approaching it, make sure you have two powerful characters (i.e Squall 
and Zell) at low hp and another character with Leviathan, Draw, and Item 
(also high Hp).  Now approach the green thing.

Jumbo Cactaur
Attacks: 10,000 Needles, Ker Plunk, Physical Attack, "Jumbo Cactaur is 
Strategy: Immeidately draw Meltdown from the Jumbo Cactaur and cast it 
on him.  With your two "Limit-Break Characters," pummel the Cactaur, who 
has over 100,000 hp.  Use a boosted Leviathan with the item person.  If 
you are using Zell, use the "Abusing Duel" trick.  Revive dead 
characters with the item person (you need to after 10,000 Needles and 
Ker Plunk).  When "Jumbo Cactaur is hesitating..." appears, finish him 
off before he runs and recovers all his hp! He should die in 15-45 

Skill: Kitchen Knife [Non-elemental damage to one enemy at random]

After obtaining Odin, return to the Centra ruins.  Now begins a 
genocide.  Run to the third room of the ruins and start fighting 
Tonberrys.  Kill them using Limit Breaks and Diablos.  After killing 
five or so, save your game.  Once you have killed fifteen, there is a 
chance a Tonbery King will appear (it is guaranteed after 20).  To make 
him appear, just fight a Tonberry.  When the Tonberry dies, the King may 
appear.  Before doing this, make sure you have on person with Item and 
high hp.  One character (Squall) should be at low hp.  The other should 
be maxed with strenghts and have Meltdown.  Now face the King.
Tonberyy King
Attacks: "It's Sharp!", Junk
Strategy: Use Meltdown with one character, limit breaks with another, 
and Summons with the Item person.  Once meltdwon has been cast, use Aura 
(or otherwise obtain limit breaks) with the Meltdown character.  Use 
your limit breaks relentlessly and revive anyone killed by Junk or "It's 
Sharp!" immediatley.  He has 90,000+ hp.

Note: I recommend having one Holy war or the Gilgamesh card refined, 
Lion Heart, Doom Train, Auro Stones or Magic and high levels (Ultima 
junctioned to attack, of course).

Eden is the hardest GF to obtain, but the strongest one.  After 
obtaining Bahamut, return to the Ragnarok and talk to your party.  Now 
land at the Research Facility and return to the core room.  Save and 
descend.  Examine the terminal and go down to floor 2.  Now enter the 
steam values at the monitor like this: 2-2-1-1.  At floor 6, go down, 
and examine the thing.  Have Zell handle it.  Now enter the Deep Sea 
Deposit.  Save at the save point.  Ahh...Hell seems nice, no?

No-Encounter does not work here.  There are certain hotspots with 
enemies on each level.  These are lv. 100 enemies.  On floor one, you'll 
see Tri-Face, on Lv. 2 you'll face Grendels and Imps.  On level 3, 
you'll face Behemoths.  On level 4, you'll fight Elnoyles and Ruby 
Dragons.  On level 5, you'll find Iron Giants.  Level up here to a 100.  
Now, at the bottom (level 6), use this strategy (I did it this way, but 
that's no gaurantee):

Squall (w/ Doom Train high compatibility)
GF (or Item)

Str+40% or 60%
Str+20% or 40%
Initiative (if he has Bahamut)

2nd Character

------: Doesn't matter
------: Doesn't matter

3rd Character

hp+ 80%

Make sure you have some Aura Stones (tool-refine steel pipes) and Holy 
Wars (Card-Mod Gilgamesh or simply find one).  Or have Squall at low hp.

Talk to the panel and say yes.

Ultima Weapon
Attacks: Light Pillar (9999 to one), Quake, Meteor, Ultima, Physical 
Strategy:  Squall should draw Eden.  The second character should Aura 
Stone Squall (or lower his hp).  The third character should use Holy 
War.  Next turn, have Squall use Doom Train.  Follow this by Renzorukens 
holding triangle.  Your support characters should attack or draw magic, 
mabye limit break (if they can).  One Lion Heart will kill the Weapon.
After killing the weapon, all enemies vanish from the excavation site.  
Plus, you have Eden, the easiest GF to boost to 250 (and do more than 
9999).  Congratulations!

A.) Squall
Lion Heart-Weapons Montly 1st Issue
1 Adamantine
12 Pulse Ammo
4 Dragon Fangs

The Adamantine is obtained by mugging the boss at FH, or refining 
Minataors Card.  Also, on rare occasions, Adamatoises on Long Horn 
Island (looks like a long horn on the map) will drop them.

To get Pulse Ammo, you can either Ammo Refine a Laser Cannon(1:5) or an 
Energy Crystal (1:10).  To get Energy Crystals, fight Elnoyles, 
Behemoths, or Ruby Dragons (high level).  Elnoyles are found in Lunatic 
Pandora, the Esthar Walkways, or the Deep Sea Deposit.  Behemoths are 
found in Tears point, Esthar area, or Deep Sea Deposit.  Ruby Dragons 
are found on The Island Closest to Hell and the Deep Sea Deposit.

Dragon Fangs are obtained from Blue Dragons (high level) on th Island 
Closest to Hell.  
B.) Zell
Ehrgeiz-August Weapons Monthly
1 Adamantine
1 Fury Fragment
4 Dragon Skin

The Adamantine is obtained by mugging the boss at FH, or refining 
Minataors Card.  Also, on rare occasions, Adamatoises on Long Horn 
Island (looks like a long horn on the map) will drop them.

Fury Fragments are obtained by Card Modding several Blue Dragons, or 
fighting lower level Ruby Dragons. (see above for locations)

Dragon Skins are gotten from Card Modding Grendels or defeating high 
level Anacondaurs.  Anacondaurs are found near the communication tower 
at Dollet, and Grendels are found in the Deep Sea Deposit, Ultimeica 
Castle, or The Island Closest to Hell.
C.) Rinoa
Shooting Star- Weapons Montly 1st Issue
2 Windmills
1 Regen Ring
1 Force Armlet
2 Energy Crystals

Windwills can be obtained by Mugging storng Thrustaevis's or Card Mod 

Regen Rings can be obtained by defeating Toramas (Esthar Area).

With Familiar and Call Shop (Tonberry), buy the Force Armlet from the 
Esthar Pet Shop.

To get Energy Crystals, fight Elnoyles, Behemoths, or Ruby Dragons (high 
level).  Elnoyles are found in Lunatic Pandora, the Esthar Walkways, or 
the Deep Sea Deposit.  Behemoths are found in Tears point, Esthar area, 
or Deep Sea Deposit.  Ruby Dragons are found on The Island Closest to 
Hell and the Deep Sea Deposit.
D.) Selphie
Strange Vision-Weapons Monthly 1st Issue
1 Adamantine
3 Star Fragments
2 Curse Spikes

The Adamantine is obtained by mugging the boss at FH, or refining 
Minataors Card.  Also, on rare occasions, Adamatoises on Long Horn 
Island (looks like a long horn on the map) will drop them.

Star Fragments can be obtained from Tir-Faces and Iron Giants (high 
level).  They are both found in the Deep Sea Deposit, the latter is also 
found in Ultimecia Castle and Esthar.

Curse Spikes can be found by chopping up Tri-Faces in the Deep Sea 
E.) Irvine
Exeter-Weapons Monthly 1st Issue
2 Dino Bones
1 Moon Stone
2 Star Fragments
18 Screws

Dino Bones are obtained by mugging T-Rexaurs (Balamb garden, Island 
Closest to Hell) or modifying Sacred's Card.

Moon Stones are obtained by defeating Toramas (Esthar).

Star Fragments can be obtained from Tir-Faces and Iron Giants (high 
level).  They are both found in the Deep Sea Deposit, the latter is also 
found in Ultimecia Castle and Esthar.

Screws are won by stealing, killing, and Card Modding Gespers (Long Horn 
Island, Dollet, Galbadia).
F.) Quistis
Save the Queen-August Weapons Monthly
2 Malboro Tentacles
4 Sharp Spikes
4 Energy Crystals

Malboro tentacles can be found by mugging/killing Molbors (Grandidi 
Forest, ICHell, ICHEaven).

Sharp Spikes are found by mugging Grand Mantises near Edeas House.

To get Energy Crystals, fight Elnoyles, Behemoths, or Ruby Dragons (high 
level).  Elnoyles are found in Lunatic Pandora, the Esthar Walkways, or 
the Deep Sea Deposit.  Behemoths are found in Tears point, Esthar area, 
or Deep Sea Deposit.  Ruby Dragons are found on The Island Closest to 
Hell and the Deep Sea Deposit.
A.) Rare Cards
Stats: n/e/s/w [Elemental is here, if any]

Lv. 8 

Chubby Chocobo: 4/4/8/9
Card Queen in Disc 4

Angelo: 9/6/7/3
Play Watts in the train base or at the White SeeD Ship

Gilgamesh: 3/7/9/6
Polay the Card Club King, or Diamond (latter in Disc 4).

MiniMog: 9/3/9/2
Defeat the running kid in Balamb Garden upon your return in Disc 2 and 

Chicobo: 9/4/8/4
Joker in Disc 4

Quezacotl: 2/9/9/4 Lightning
Play Dobe, the mayor of FH (this should be done after your initial 

Shiva: 6/7/4/9 Ice
In Disc 1 or 2 (?), find the Naughy Magazine in the Timber Maniacs 
building.  Give it to Zone in Disc 3, on the White SeeD Ship (talk to 
him once or twice), and DO IT FOR FREE.  You'll get a Rename Card and 
the Shiva Card.

Ifrit: 9/6/2/8 Fire 
Kill Ifrit in the Fire Cavern

Ifrit#2: 9/6/2/8 Fire 
Win from Martine (must lose it to General Carway) one screen from the 
Mayor's House in FH.

Siren: 8/9/3/2 
In Dollet City, head for the pub building.  Go upstairs and challenge 
the borwn haired man. Pick the option saying you are ready.  Follow him 
to his room and challenge him again.  Note: After winning, he'll give 
you some bad cards...

Sacred: 5/1/9/9 Earth
Kill "Brothers" in the Tomb of the Nameless King. [See
GF section]

Minotaur: 9/5/2/9 Earth
Kill "Brothers", as said above.  The King will give it to you. [See GF 

LV 9.

Carbuncle: 8/4/A/4 
Play Xu, the Card Queen Heart in Disc 3

Diablos: 5/8/A/3 
Kill Diablos. [See GF section]

Play the Card Magician Joker.

Odin: 8/A/3/5 
Defeat Odin.  [See GF section]

Pandemona: A/1/7/7 Wind
After fighting Fujin and Raijin, and liberating Balamb, return and 
obtain the card from the hotel owner.

Cerberus: 7/4/6/A
Defeat Cerbereus. [See GF section]

Alexander: 9/A/4/2 Holy
Challenge Piet in the Lunar Base in space.  It is very hard to get, as 
there are many rules.

Phoenix: 7/2/7/A Fire
Card Queen in Disc 4

Bahamut: A/8/2/6
Kill Bahamut [see GF section]

DoomTrain: 3/1/A/A
Card Queen in Disc 4

Eden: 4/4/9/A
Kill the Ultima Weapon [see GF/Ultima Weapon section]


Ward: A/7/2/8
Get it from Doctor Odine in the Presidential Palace.

Kiros: 6/7/6/A
Card Queen in Disc 4

Laguna: 5/A/3/9
Ellone in the Lunar Base.

Selphie: A/8/6/4
Get it from Selphie's friend, who resides under the statue in Trabia 

Quistis: A/4/6/9
Once you have lots of rare cards and are in Disc 3, put Quistis in your 
party and play #2 in her classroom (Not sure on requiremnts, its how I 
got it).

Irvine: 2/6/9/A
Card Queen in Disc 4

Zell: 8/5/A/6
While Galbadia has invaded Balamb, pick it up from Ma Dincht.

Rinoa: 4/A/2/A
Return to Delling City in Disc 2 or 3 and play General Carway.  Lose the 
Ifrit Card to him, and he will start to show his Rinao Card in the 
games.  Win it from him. Refer to Ifrit 2 for info on how to retrieve 

Edea: A/A/3/3 
At Edea's House, play cards with Edea. The rules are very strict, so be 

Seifer: A/4/6/9
Before going to FH (when you crash into it), play cards with Cid.  You 
can probably get it from Cid at Edea's House as well.

Squall: A/4/6/9
Challenge and defeat Laguna in the Presidential Palace or in the 
Ragnarok before the invasion of Lunatic Pandora.
B.) Card Club Group
In Balamb Garden, Disc 3, the fabled card club group will begin to 
surface. You must find and challenge them in a certain order.  But that 
is the easy part.  The hard part is winning.

Jack: The guy who told you about the group (?) in front of the 1st floor 
elevator (directory)

Club: A man walking near the Dormitory, Cafeteria, and Parking Lot

Diamond: The two girls waling toward the Directory.

Spade: The kid who gave you your cards in the beggining.

Heart: Xu in the bridge of the Garden.

King: Talk to Nida after defeating Xu.  Then talk to the Doctor in the 
infimary using square.  She'll reveal that she was once the King.  Now 
go to your room and choose to be alone.  Save and sleep until Quistis, 
the King, appears.  After this fight, she will play you on the bridge of 
the Garden.

Joker: He appears near the draw point in the Training Center.  He sells 
items, and upgrades your battle meter (the latter only if you win).

If you defeated all the members in Disc 3, they will appear in the 
Ragnarok in Disc 4.  Some have very useful cards (i.e. a second 
Gilgmaesh card, which means 10 more Holy Wars), and they do have the 
cards that you have missed.
C.) Card Queen-Cheating
Instead of doing all that <stuff> for the Card Queen, just do this.  In 
Discx 4, locate the Ragnarok (see Secrets:H).  Now go to the middle 
southern tip of Esthar.  Land and walk towards the tip.  you'll enter a 
screen with a space pod and the Card Queen.  Challenge her; she has all 
the cards that you would get through the Card Queen Quest (not if you 
have them, though).  She plays with skill, though.
D.) PuPu!
First, you must have the Ragnarok, five Elixirs, and Enc-None (Diablos).  
Now, go to these followiung places with Enc-None equipped, and run 
around.  You'll see a UFO.

1.) Esthar-Kashkabald Desert (near Cactuar's Island)
2.) Near Winhill
3.) Near Mandy beach (short shoreline near Timber)
4.) Trabia-Heath Peninsula (a peninsula near Trabia...)

Next, land the Ragnarok near a ledge overlooking the Chocobo Forest in 
Grandidi Forest.  Run around, and fight the UFO.  After killing it, 
equip the item command and return to Balamb.  Run around where the 
garden was and run into PuPu.  Either kill it (Accelator) or use five 
Elixirs on it for the rarest card: The PuPu card.
A.) DoomTrain/Tonberry Trick
Need Exp?  Simply go to the Islands Closest to Hell/Heaven [later in 
guide] and equip DoomTrain and Lv. Up.  Also have characters with limit 
breaks ready.  Get into a fight and use DoomTrain.  Then, Lv. up the 
enemy to 100 and finish it off quickly with limit breaks.  you will get 
tons of exp.
B.) Cactaur Island
If you need AP, simply go to Cactaur Island (where you got the Cactaur 
GF).  Simply junction ultima to everyone but Squall's hit, and get 20 Ap 
for each Cactaur killed.
C.) Abusing Duel
Although with the introduction of Combat Fighters, Zell will learn some 
powerful moves, the sad thruth is that his easiest moves are the best.  
Booya and Punch Rush always appear at the start of duel, ready to be 
abused.  Simply use one, then the other, etc. until you run out of time.  
You should be able to pull of 3-5 per second.  Multiply that by 12, and 
you have an estimate of how much damage you can do (under the best 

Another good combo is Dolphin Blow/Mach kick.  Here's how it goes:
1.) DB (Dolphin Blow)
2.) MK(Mach Kick
3.) DB
4.) HD (Heel Drop)
5.) MK
6.) DB
7.) Booya
8.) DB
9.) Punch Rush
10.) Repeat.
[I believe that is the right order]
D.) Islands Closet to Hell/Heaven
Within the world of FFVIII are two islands that house powerful spells 
and monsters.
1.) The Island Closest to Hell is located south west of the Galbadian 
Continent (one in a four chain long island branching southwest).  It 
houses hiiden draw points for these spells: Meteor, Holy, Ultima, Aura, 
Flare, Full-Life, and Triple.
2.) The Island Closest to Heaven is located northeast of Esthat, amongst 
the archipelagos there.  The draw data is as follows: Tornado, Quake, 
Ultima, Triple, and Holy.
These draw points reload quiclky, so these are the places to build up 
junctionmed magic.
E.) Ultima
See GF Eden
F.) Omega (not yet)
Finally, the strategy is here:

1.) Have Squall, Zell, and a third character in your party, all above 
90.  Squall/Zell should have 255 strenght, and the third character 
should have DoomTrain.

2.) Get at least 4-5 Holy Wars (get 10 by refining Gilgamesh).

3.) Get 100 Death and Junction it to Stat-Def. Draw Death from Tonberrys 
at the Centra Ruins.

4.) Get Squall/zell down to limit break hp.  Give one Auto-Haste.  A 
third character should have Iniative and GF.  Everyone should have item.

5.) Have your main party go to the switch point in front of the fountain 
in Ultimecia Castle.  Have your other party go to the east wing of the 
castle, in front of the art gallery, and proceed to the bottom left 
corner.  Examine the grey thing to start a timer.  Quickly switch to 
your main party and enter the chapel.  Omega awaits.

Omega Weapon
Attacks: Light Pillar (9999 to one), Meteor, Ultima, Physical Attack, 
Terra Break (very strong meteor attack), Medigo Flame (9998 to all), LV5 
Strategy: If you had junctioned Death properly, Lv 5 death will miss.  
Use a Holy War with your "item" person, and next turn, use DoomTrain.  
Hammer at the weapon with limit breaks (See Abusing Duel).  Always keep 
the item person ready with a Holy War.  All in all, if you are ready, 
this battle won't be too hard.

For your troubles, you will get Three Stars (Expendx3-1), 250 AP, and 
the Proof of Omega.  Go to Tutorial, then infromation.  It reads (for 
all those too lazy to get it): 
Congratulations!(on four corners)
You defeated the world's strongest monster, Omega Weapon in Ultimecia 
Castle.  You are the finest fighter in the world!
Gee, thanks:) 
G.) Ragnarok in Disc 4
In order to get all the cards in Disc 4, you must find the Ragnarok.  To 
do this, enter Grandidi Forest (the forest covered island in Esthar) via 
a gate.  Locate the Chocobo Forest in the norther part of the island.  
Ride the Chocobo there to Kashkabald Desert (near the Jumbo Cactaur's 
Island).  The Ragnarok is sitting in the middle of the desert.

Scott Ong's Faq: Guardian Force DoomTrain/Tonberry

Cephiroth's Faq: Card Queen in Disc 4/ Finding Omega Weapon

PSM Magazine: Pupu Card

Squaresoft: The Game.
This guide is not to be reproduced in anyway without my permission 
first. I must give permission for it to be posted. 
http://www.gamesdomain.com/cannot post it.  This guide is copyright 1999 
Amar Kishan.

? 1999 Amar Kishan

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