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Card Mod Cheat Guide by Dr.Gamma

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/25/99

                           FINAL FANTASY VIII
                          CARD MOD CHEAT GUIDE
                              Version 1.0

                Josh "Doctor Gamma" Davis (aka "Josh XLII")
                          [ josh_xlii@yahoo.com ]

                             25 October 1999

|     CONTENTS      |
  A.  Disclaimer
  B.  Revision Information
  C.  Summary
  D.  The Cheat
      (1) Conditions Necessary For The Cheat To Work
      (2) How The Cheat Works
      (3) Some General Information About This Cheat
  E.  The Cards And What They Mod Into
      (1) Level 8 Cards
      (2) Level 9 Cards
      (3) Level 10 Cards
  F.  The CC Group Side Quest
  G.  Finding The Ragnarok During Disc 4
  H.  Finding The Queen Of Cards During Disc 4
  I.  The End

|    DISCLAIMER     |
   This document is for non-commercial use only.  Reproduction of this document 
(in part or in whole) in any form is not permitted except with explicit 
permission of the author. 

   Version 1.0 (25 October 1999):  initial release.

   For the next version, I hope to add information regarding different ways to 
(possibly) get the items received by Card Mod-ing the Chubby Chocobo, Irvine, 
Kiros, Phoenix, and Doomtrain cards--these particular cards can take forever to 
win back!!!  There may be an easier way to get the items they bestow.  I also 
hope to clarify information regarding the exact position of the Queen Of Cards 
on Disc 4.

|      SUMMARY      |
   In Final Fantasy 8 (FF8), there is a way to get an infinite number of a 
bunch of rare items by Card Mod-ing Level 8, 9, and 10 cards; winning them 
back; and repeating the process.

|     THE CHEAT     |
   As far as I know, the only condition that needs to be met for this trick to 
work is completion of the CC Group Side Quest before Disc 4.  For more 
information on this, see "The CC Group Side Quest" later in this guide.

   The Card Mod cheat is very simple.  If you have completed The CC Group Side 
Quest, then after you find the Ragnarok on Disc 4 (see the section, "Finding The 
Ragnarok During Disc 4" later in this guide), the CC Members will be on the 
Ragnarok to play cards with you.  The Queen Of Cards will also be available to 
play cards with you (see the section, "Finding The Queen Of Cards During Disc 4" 
later in this guide).  You can Card Mod any of your Level 8, 9, or 10 cards and 
win them back from either the CC Members or the Queen Of Cards; after you've won 
them back, you can Card Mod them again.  And again... and again... and so on.

   While working with this cheat, I discovered there were five cards that my 
opponents did not play often.  Coincidently, these were the five cards gained by 
completing the Queen Of Cards Side Quest:  Chubby Chocobo, Doomtrain, Irvine, 
Kiros, and Phoenix.  On a hunch, I Card Mod-ed the two remaining cards which I 
had not confirmed were "cheatable" (Irvine and Kiros) and found the Queen Of 
Cards.  Sure enough, she put Irvine and Kiros on the table during the first hand 
(an easier way to find them, I thought).  However, I should point out that after 
I actually *prepared* to battle the Queen (she uses Random, Same, Same Wall, 
Plus, and Elemental--a tough mix), I didn't see those cards again for a long 
time (go figure!); however, it's still easier to see those five cards pop up 
when playing the Queen than playing the CC Members on the Ragnarok--just be 
prepared for a wait either way.
   When playing cards on the Ragnarok, save at the Save Point and play cards 
with the guy in the same room as the Save Point; he doesn't walk around (so you 
don't have to chase him around), he uses fairly simple rules (Same, Same Wall, 
Elemental) so it's easy to beat him if you don't combine rules, and the Save 
Point is right there when you need it.  The only reason I ever played another CC 
Member is if I got tired of waiting for him to play the card I was looking for 
(such as the five cards mentioned above).
   To avoid combining rules, simply repeatedly answer "No" when asked if you 
want to play until your opponent doesn't ask to combine rules anymore (i.e., 
your opponent doesn't say something like "Let's play with Esthar's rules, too." 
before the "Yes/No" dialog).

  Chubby Chocobo -> 100 LuvLuvG
  Angelo         -> 100 Elixir
  Gilgamesh      ->  10 Holy War
  MiniMog        -> 100 Pet House
  Chicobo        -> 100 Gysahl Green
  Quezacotl      -> 100 Dynamo Stone
  Shiva          -> 100 North Wind
  Ifrit          ->   3 Elem Atk
  Siren          ->   3 Status Atk
  Sacred         -> 100 Dino Bone
  Minotaur       ->  10 Adamantine

  Carbuncle      ->   3 Glow Curtain
  Diablos        -> 100 Black Hole
  Leviathan      ->   3 Doc's Code
  Odin           -> 100 Dead Spirit
  Pandemona      -> 100 Windmill
  Cerberus       -> 100 Lightweight
  Alexander      ->   3 Moon Curtain
  Phoenix        ->   3 Phoenix Spirit
  Bahamut        -> 100 Megalixir
  Doomtrain      ->   3 Status Guard
  Eden           ->   3 Monk's Code

  Ward           ->   3 Gaea's Ring
  Kiros          ->   3 Accelerator
  Laguna         -> 100 Hero
  Selphie        ->   3 Elem Guard
  Quistis        ->   3 Samantha Soul
  Irvine         ->   3 Rocket Engine
  Zell           ->   3 Hyper Wrist
  Rinoa          ->   3 Magic Armlet
  Edea           ->   3 Royal Crown
  Seifer         ->   3 Diamond Armor
  Squall         ->   3 Three Stars

|            THE CC GROUP SIDE QUEST            |
   The CC Group Side Quest can only be attempted on Disc 3; it takes place in 
Balamb Garden (if you already have the Ragnarok, you can reach Balamb Garden by 
flying the Ragnarok over Fisherman's Horizon and pressing X to land; you will 
appear by the Mayor's house--you'll find Balamb Garden where you left it).  
There are seven members in the CC Group; you must defeat them in order.

   (1) Jack.  Jack can be found in the Garden hallway near the Directory; he'll 
usually appear from the bottom of the screen.  He has no rare cards.
   (2) Club.  Club can be found in the Garden hallway leading to the Cafeteria.  
He appears at random, so you may need to exit and re-enter the screen a few 
times; he can be tricky to find.  He has no rare cards.
   (3) Diamond.  Diamond is a pair of female students who can be found near the 
Directory.  They have no rare cards.
   (4) Spade.  Spade will randomly appear with a friend near the second floor 
elevator entrance.  He has no rare cards.
   (5) Heart.  This is Xu.  She can be found on the Bridge of the Garden and has 
the Carbuncle Card.
   (6) Joker.  Joker appears randomly in the Training Center on the Screen with 
the Thunder Draw Point (one screen to the right of the Save Point).  He has the 
Leviathan card.
   (7) King.  First, speak with Nina on the Bridge of the Garden.  Next, go to 
the Infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki to a game; she'll tell you that you 
will soon meet the King.  Return to your dorm room and repeatedly sleep until 
the King appears.  The King has the Gilgamesh card.

   If the CC Members won't challenge you, then you need to win a few more games 
playing people at Balamb Garden.  You need to win about 15 games total (during 
the course of the game) for them to challenge you.

   When you first arrive at Edea's House during Disc 4, go towards the 
lighthouse/beach area and watch a FMV of Ultimecia's Castle.  Head north; you 
will be walking on a large metal chain.  There will be three portals on the west 
side of the screen; each takes you to a different location on the world map.  
Take the middle one (face it and press X to jump over to it).  Enter the portal; 
it will take you to Centra's Serengetti Plains just a bit north of the Centra 
Ruins.  Check the World Map; you will see two red dots--the red dot which is 
_not_ at Fisherman's Horizon is the Ragnarok (the red dot at Fisherman's Horizon 
is Balamb Garden).  There is a bay of water to the north.  Go to the west and 
swing around the bay; then continue east (and slightly north) until you reach 
The Tricky Chocobo Forest, which is nestled in a semi-circle of mountains on the 
Nectar Peninsula, almost due south of Fisherman's Horizon.  Ride a Chocobo out 
of the Forest (if you haven't completed the Forest before this point, you can 
either complete it now or "buy" a Chocobo from the ChocoKid--I recommend the 
latter), and go to the beach south and slightly west of the Centra Ruins.  Cross 
the shallow water, going generally to the west, till you reach a beach north of 
Edea's House.  Proceed to the east, then north (you can stay on the Chocobo the 
whole way--there's a small gap in the mountains to go through), until you reach 
the Ragnarok, which is in the Kashkabald Desert.  Near the Ragnarok is another 
portal.  If you enter it, a fourth portal will appear by the chain at 
Ultimecia's Castle (go back through to get back to the Ragnarok).  You can now 
fly the Ragnarok around wherever you like, although there are certain places you 
cannot enter because of time compression--most towns are non-enterable, most 
dungeons are enterable.  Enter any of the four portals on the world map to 
return to Ultimecia's Castle.

  After you find the Ragnarok during Disc 4, you can find the Queen Of Cards.  
She is in the Abadan Plains, south of Tear's Point, outside Esthar's "cloak", on 
the mainland immediately west of an island in the vicinity; it is the same 
location where you can find Piet's escape pod crash site during Disc 3.  There 
is no visible sign of the Queen Of Cards on the map; simply walk around the 
southern part of the plains until you find her.

|      THE END      |
   Well, this concludes the Card Mod Cheat Guide.  I hope that you have found it 
useful.  Any questions, comments, clarifications, or other offerings can be sent 
to me at [ josh_xlii@yahoo.com ].

"Yeah, payin' the bills with my mad programmin' skills..."
   -- "Weird Al" Yankovic
      From "It's All About The Pentiums" (1999)

Copyright (c) 1999, Josh Davis -- All Rights Reserved.

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