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Omega Weapon FAQ (JP) by KWee

Version: 1.3 |

Developed by SquareSoft (c) _________________________________________________
[F O R   P L A Y S T A T I O N   I M P O R T  /  Y E A R   1 9 9 9]

                   #####  ##### #    # ###  ###  ###
                   #      #     #    #  #    #    #   TM
                [ F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   V I I I ] 
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                               L O V E - L E G A C Y

[F A Q   O N   F F V I I I   O M E G A   W E A P O N]
[V E R   1 . 3]  

This is the FFVIII Omega Weapon FAQ I have worked on. 
Other works includes Parasite Eve Ex-Game Guide and 
Cinematic / FMVs Sequence etc.

I will be having other FFVIII Faqs coming up later on if I have the 
time and enough facts to write out a sizeable amount of information.

Please inform of any errors you may happen to find and please forgive
for any typos since I may have overlooked in the process...... tell 
me the errors and I will update it asap. 

This FAQ file is optimized for reading in Netscape and not notepad.
So please refrain from using notepad to refer to this FFVIII FAQ
Thank you. A 800x600-screen size is a must (Optimal).

You need a Japanese viewer to view jap fonts in this faq.
Get Njwin from (www.njstar.com)

A B O U T   A U T H O R
Name   : How Kwang Wee                         #### #### #   # ### ### TM
Icq    : 18346565                             #    #    #   #  #   #
E-Mail : howkw@hotmail.com                   ###  ###  #   #  #   #
         squaresoft_jap@hotmail.com         #    #     # #   #   #
         howkw@singnet.com.sg              #    #      #   ### ###
                                         [All FFVIII Logos (c) Kwang Wee]
                                         [Inclusive of the Main Logo] 

D I S C L A I M E R 
This FFVIII FAQ is meant for personal usage and can only be reproduced
electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer
remains unchanged and in effect. This FAQ is owned and drafted by me.
Feel free to distribute the FAQ. Do not try to gain credit upon my FAQ 
or else I will sue you. This FAQ must not in anyway be distributed for 
any profitable intentions.

All copyrights and trademarks (LOGOS) are self-acknowledged and respected 
and that indirectly includes those that are not specifically mentioned in 
this FAQ by the author.

FINAL FANTASY VIII and it's affiliates are Copyrighted (c) 
SquareSoft of Japan and (c) SquareSoft of USA.

R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y
Ver 1.0 (25/4/99) - Started this FAQ on Omega Weapon
Ver 1.1  (3/5/99) - Removed some minor errors including typos and info
                    Added more details about Omega Weapon
Ver 1.2 (25/5/99) - Added more Omega Info and some tips
Ver 1.3  (3/6/99) - Latest update
                    Some more details were included

1.0 - About Omega Weapon

1.1 - How to find him

1.2 - Preparation

1.3 - Defeating Omega

1.4 - Tips/Strategy

1.5 - Credits

1.0   O M E G A   W E A P O N
The Omega Weapon is a return from FFV and this time it's coming at full
force....... It looks similar to the Ultima Weapon that you have fought
earlier in the game at WarShip Island, but this time it's much harder to
defeat this nightmare. This battle is optional and you can straight
away challenge Altemisia after defeating the 8 bosses in the castle.

The Omega scenario is actually a test to prove your battle skills 
against OW. He is considered even tougher than Altemisia (damn it's
a headache to handle so many bosses in disc 4 including Altemisia and
now you have Omega to contend with ^_^) 

Personal Belief - Agility, Quick thinking, Wits, Opportunity, Luck
                  Spells Usage

1.1   L O C A T I O N - O M E G A   W E A P O N 
He is hiding somewhere in the Altemisia castle and it's up to you to 
find that big guy ^_^ just kidding.

After defeating the 8 bosses, you should have all your abilities 
regained. Get 1 group to go to the area where you fought the first 
boss, head right and into a room with a switch spot at the middle on 
the first level. Descend the spiral walkway and you should clearly 
notice that there is a string at the bottom left of the screen. Pull 
it and you will have about 1 min to find Omega. But it's hardly 1 min 
since you somehow being delayed by about 10 secs.

The other group at the beginning of this task should go to the fountain
and to wait for the switch of the other party.(it's at the garden where
you find a switch spot and a draw point within) and then just advance to 
the north through the door 

There Omega Weapon will be there waiting for you...........
(after having quistis's group have triggered the bell)

I recommend you to assign (Rinoa,Quistis,Selphie) to trigger the string
and therefore leaving (Squall,Zell,Irvine) as the chosen ones to 
battle with Omega.

It's going to be the toughest battle in FFVIII and these 3 i.e. [Squall,
Zell,Irvine] are the most suitable characters to take on Omega. Their
desperation attacks packs a punch and have better chances of winning.

1.2   P R E P A R A T I O N
Make pretty sure that Squall and others have max hp i.e. 9999 as 
Omega will unleash an attack that depletes your life to only 1.

Junction every magic to your Character status as much as possible
I suggest you remove all your GFs from Rinoa and the other female
characters and equip to Squall and others. This is especially 
important to prolong your battle with Omega. 

Remember to junction powerful spells like Ultima,Holy,Haste etc
to boost your main status.

Also remember to junction Death to your Status Defense to prevent 
Instant Death by Omega. It is also best to have all your GFs to
have high hp and affection rate towards the equipped character.

S U M M A R Y   N O T E - A U T H O R ' S   P R E F E R E N C E 
At the end of your checking, you should have the below status in effect.
The ability stated need not be in a certain character.....you can choose
who to have that skill. But the status below is my PREFERENCE and I
used it to defeat Omega countless time.

All Members - Aura (オーラ) 
            - Cure 3 (ケアルガ) 
            - Regenerate (リジェネ)
            - Hp 9999
            - STD Death 100x (デス)
            - All GFs equipped
            - Equipped best weapons
            - No Item Command
            - Triple (トリプル)
            - Haste (ヘイスト) 
            - No Holy (ホーリー) based attacks junctioned 
            - No Holy (ホーリー) based spells

Squall - Alexandar (アレクサンダー)'s Sosei (そせい)
       - Learnt the End of Heart Desperation

Zell   - Equipped GF Grasharaboras (グラシャラボラス)
       - Learnt Meteo Blast Desperation
       - Learnt Different Beat Desperation
       - Learnt Final Heaven Desperation
       - Leviathan (リヴャイアサン)'s Recovery (かいふく)

Irvine - Acquired all optimum bullets
       - Wave Bullets (波動弾)
       - Armor Piercing Bullets (ナーケテテニ)
       - Quick Strike Bullets (ツョシヘテニ)
       - Equipped Item Command (Optional)

Optional - Hero's Medicine (英雄の薬)
(I didn't use that item. If you think you need it badly, go ahead)         

I S   I T   N E C E S S A R Y   ?
It is believed that most people have resorted using Hero's Medicine to 
defeat Omega. This is probably due to Omega Weapon's Omega Flare/Beam 
(Pulsar Light Attacks similar to meteo) This is not really essential. 

To get hero's medicine, use Quetzalcoatl (ケツァクウァトル)'s change card
ability (カード) on Laguna's card and you should get 100x hero's medicine.

More updates will be on regarding about this.

1.3   D E F E A T I N G   O M E G A
O M E G A   W E A P O N 
Spells Draw       - Holy, Flare, Meteo

Spells/Phy Attack - Level 5 Death (デス)(Instant Death to all) 
                  - Meteo (メテオ)
                  - Direct Attack (Approach hit)
                  - Demi Attack
                  - Torture Flare/Beam (deal 9998 dmg to all)
                  - Omega Flare/Beam (deal more than 10,000+ dmg to all)
                  - Single Omega Beam (9999 dmg to 1 character)                  
Immune/Absorb     - Holy Based Attacks

Omega is quite slow in his attacks, but his devastating dmg means that
you must be able to recover your hp before sustaining another death 
blow from his consecutive attack.

When you first meet Omega, quickly cast Aura on Squall either by himself
or other members. Make sure all members are protected against instant 

Then you can either cast triple on one member or cast cerebrus to 
achieve the same thing. This step is only required if you think it's 
easier to revive members or heal and not deprive others of performing 
other actions (i.e. only one member to take care of all healing 
and stuffs like that)

By now, Omega should be casting Level 5 Death (Instant Death). 
Fret not, it should miss all members together since all are 
STD Death 100%.

Have Squall to concentrate on using his Desperation Moves.....
By default, squall will be having the best stats and thus Zell and 
Irvine should assist him in casting healing aliments and casting spells.
However their Desperate Moves can also be used if you want. Make 
sure all member's AT are fast enough to outwit Omega....otherwise 
chances of winning will be mild. 

Hopefully Squall will use End of Heart in his finishing move or 
else it may take a bit longer to send Omega to eternal hell.
Don't bother summoning GFs as they Omega won't even feel a pinch...
However they have one useful moment though. Don't bother casting
shell,protect and regenerate if you value the time......just keep on
dishing out your Desperate Moves on Omega.

Omega will then cast Meteo which is nothing to you.....but you are in
for a surprise. After Meteo, quickly get Zell to use Levithan's recovery
on all members. But it may prove too slow........
Cerebrus's double/triple prove useful now. Cast Cure 3 on all members
and then keep using your special moves until Omega cast another
cheating spell on all members. This Torture Flare/Beam deals 9998 dmg
to all and you may think how are you suppose to win if he cast the
same spell over and over, lucky it's in order for now. Don't bother
to heal as Omega will seem to cast Demi which deals 0 dmg.

Then in this part, IT IS VERY CRUCIAL to surviving. As Quickly as
possible, heal all members and then each member summon a GF which
is at least 9000+ in hp......and at level 100. Squall should summon
Eden and others just do as you seem fit. You will see why as by now
Omega will cast Omega Flare/Beam which deal a whopping 10,000+ dmg to all.

By now some GFs may die while some may survive if you have shell or any
spells casted that reduces dmg in the first place. If so, then Eden 
may just contribute to some dmg ^_^ 

If you are lucky, you may be near to winning.....else next will come
Demi again........after that Omega will cast a Single Omega Beam to 
one member that deals 9999 dmg. It's usually Irvine or Zell that will
be hit so anyway quickly revive him to full health.

After getting through all the arranged attack by Omega, be prepared
for more dmg as Omega will selectively cast the previous spells 
altogether. Thus it's all LUCK and ANTICIPATION on when will
Omega will cast Torture Flare and Omega Flare. These two will easily
sent all members to hell. So actually GFs are used in this case for
blocking of Omega Flare and maybe Torture Flare. 

Omega by now should be defeated if your members all do great dmg.....
or else the occasional spells attack may catch you unaware. If you
defeat him, give yourself a break and rejoice ^_^

A U T H O R ' S   C O M M E N T S
I actually missed the battle and went on to fight Altemisia and 
completed the game the first time. So I reloaded my game at the
save point outside of Altemisia's battle ground and retraced my steps
back to Omega. 

Thw battle was really difficult...... I was defeated and I saw the
screen (GAME OVER) for the first time ^_^ 

I was so frustrated by the fact I lost to that guy when I could easily 
defeated Ultima Weapon at Warship Island. Anyway that was my previous 
unexpected result....but then again and I defeated Omega countless 
times after that lost battle haha.

blah blah..............gosh sorry for being so talkative.

1.4   T I P S / S T R A T E G Y
- At the beginning of the battle, you can try to cast 
  Grasharaboras (グラシャラボラス) on Omega. Usually if you succeeded
  in summoning, Omega will usually takes on more dmg (double) I think.
  Omega will appear in bluish colour and defense will weaken. Make use of
  this to finish him off more easily.

- To be able to defeat Omega more easily, take the Hero's Medicine 
  (英雄の薬) and you should get rid of Omega in no time !! His Omega
  Beam and Torture Flare should pose any threat.

- Cast Aura before taking the Hero Medicine and you can perform Moves
  without any disturbance. Just a couple of End Of Heart will send Omega
  back to sleep.

- Make sure your ATB is of Max status so that you can take more moves
  otherwise junction haste to your attributes. This is best to execute
  your specials aqap.

- Anticipated when Omega will cast Omega Flare and quickly summon GFs
  to take the damage. If not all of the members including Squall will
  surely die. The spell takes 10,000+ dmg on all members. Unless you 
  cheat using Gameshark, heheh there's no way of escape even though 
  you cast protective spells like shell,protect etc. Even Wall only 
  take about 20-30 % of the dmg I think. This only applies if you prefer
  not to use Hero's Medicine.
  That's purely my own opinion...

- Never ever use GF-Summons on Omega Weapon.........they don't even inflict 
  any serious damage. Eden is the exception.............so don't waste 
  your time thinking GFs are the best against Omega.

P.S Some of them are pretty obvious and straightforward though.

1.5   C R E D I T S
- Thanks to Steven Bruck (Stevenbruck@bigfoot.com) for his info on GF
  and translation on items and spells etc.
- Thanks to ScottOng (kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg) for his help on
  Omega Weapon and info.
- Gamefaqs for publishing this FAQ (www.gamefaqs.com)
- Joe Lee for telling me more info about defeating Omega Weapon
  and his tips also.
- Everyone who takes time to read my faq.


                 F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   F F V I I I
                         ・ユ・。・、・ハ・ ・ユ・。・?ソ・ク。シ VIII 

                 C O P Y R I G H T (c) 1 9 9 8 - 1 9 9 9 
                               - E N D -

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