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Julia FAQ by RMitchell

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/08/02

Final Fantasy VIII 
Sony Playstation
Rowin Mittchell
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Last Updated: 1/08/02
Version 1.0

Table Of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Who is Julia?
III. The Song "Eyes On Me"
IV. Small Script From Final Fantasy VIII
V. Lyrics to "Eyes On Me"
VI. Credits

I. Introduction

     Well, it seems that after about a year's worth of playing this game, 
I finally get the chance to do a major update on it.  Some of the things from 
this FAQ were changed around, and basically re-written to update both the 
Japanese and the English Versions of Final Fantasy 8.  Also most of the 
sections in the FAQ were removed since I felt that they didn't "roll" along 
with this FAQ.  Also I decided on not adding in a "whats updated" section 
of this FAQ since I felt that the past should not be reflected on in this 
FAQ and only the updated sections. 

II. Who is Juila?

     Juila is basically a character in Final Fantasy 8. Throught the entire 
4 disc set of Final Fantasy 8 Julia is NOT a playable character in the game.  
You first meet Julia in Laguna's part of the game when while heading to 
Galbadia Hotel in Galbadia (Deling City for present day Squall). From most 
major FAQ's and websites that cover Final Fantasy 8, Julia is another one 
of Squaresoft's replaying characters throught the Final Fantasy world.  One 
of the quotes from their website is the following;

     "Juila seems to berelated somehow to another story made up by 

	As I went searching on the net for this little tidbit I came across 
this small quote that has to do with Julia and Laguna. 

	"Julia has waited for Laguna's return. Laguna did not returned due to 
his "mishap".  

	(Author's Note: This "mishap" that I am guessing is the escape from 
the Lunatic Pandora 	with Kiros and Ward.)

	"Julia sees that Laguna has not come to her for a long time and decide 
to marry Colonel 	Carlway" (In Squall's Point of view, Carlway is Rinoa's 

	Also stated was that Julia's full name which is Julia Heartilly, Riona 
Heartilly's mother. If you look through the information guide in the options 
menu and if you have Julia's name in there, you can see that Julia died when 
Rinoa was between 3 or 8 in a car accident (I dont remember the specific year 
of Rinoa's age, but Julia died when she was young.)

III. The Song Eyes On Me.

     The song "Eyes On Me" is played through the scene on the Ragnorok with 
Squall and Rinoa.  For some background information on this song, you should 
know that is sung by pop star "Faye Wong". (For some side information, Faye 
Wong also preformed this song live on the Japan Radio Awards on a rooftop, 
while many CG clips ranging from the "Landing on Dolett Beach" to the "Opening 
CG Movie" can be shown."

	What this song has to do with this FAQ is that it looks like it has 
a reference with one of Laguna's scene's in FF8 and gives the entire game 
a romance type of atmosphere. For all I know this is just something that I 
was thinking about but it looks like this song seems quite well with this 
scene in the game since both the song and that scene has some type of reference 
with one another (i.e.: both having to do with the relationship between 
"crush" on Julia. And how Squall has something for Riona).

IV. Small Script From Final Fantasy VII

     Here is a translated part of Final Fantasy 8 from where Laguna and his 
friends Kiros and Ward go to the Galbadia Hotel for some "rest and relaxation". 
What they also note is that that the Galbadia Hotel is the same place in which 
Julia plays her piano (If you listen closely, it is a vocaless version of 
"Eyes on Me.")  Now for all of those who have the FF8 soundtrack put
on the opening song to Final Fantasy 8 and read this part of the FAQ to see 
what I have been
talking about all this time. And for those who dont have this soundtrack you 
can read the lyrics below and try to hum it to this script. Ive also included 
a little extra to the script from the game as well (Thanks to "The Unofficial 
Final Fantasy 8 Translation Page"  Since they were the ones who did a wonderful 
translation of Final Fantasy 8 for those who don't speak a bit nor can read 
a bit of Japanese.) 


(Head down and to your right to the Galbadia Hotel...) 

 Soldier across the street: Come to see your sweetheart again, Laguna? 

                      (Inside the hotel, go down the stairs to your right 
and enter the bar) 

                      Waitress: I'll take you to your special seat. 

                      - I just want to walk around a bit...
                      - Thank you. (*)
                      - (What is this?)

                      Laguna: Ah, thank you very much. 

                      (...a dream?)
                      (Laguna is so cool...)
                      (What is this... What's happening to me?)

                      Laguna: Sit. 
                      Waitress: May I take your order? 
                      Laguna: The usual! 
                      Kiros: For me as well. 
                      Ward: And make it quick! 
                      Ward: Look, Laguna, your Julia is taking the stage...  
                      Kiros: Is this the night you're finally going to go 
see her? 
                      Ward: Yeah, go! 
                      Laguna: What are you saying?! Can't you see she's busy 
                      Kiros: You're a man who can't betray your dreams...  
Come now, go up to the
stage and make your appeal
                      to her. 
                      Laguna: Don't be ridiculous! 
                      Ward: So says the man who's just sitting there

                      (Laguna stands up and approaches the stage...) 

                      Laguna: Oh... This close to Julia... 
                      (Will he really do it?) 
                      Laguna: So awkward... 
                      Laguna: Oh no, my leg cramp.. 
                      Laguna: (in pain) Aah! 
                      Laguna: (limping around) So pathetic... 

                      (Laguna limps off the stage and back to the table with 
Kiros and Ward) 

                      Kiros: Well, you handled that quite well, Laguna. 
                      Ward: That strategy was a perfect success! 
                      Kiros: Oh, just sit down. 
                      Ward: We didn't think you'd actually go up there...
                      We'll give you one point for that. 
                      Kiros: However, you revealed your miserable self to
                      Julia. You lose three points... 
                      Laguna: If only I could say something... 
                      Laguna: (sighing) Ah... 
                      Laguna: Julia... so beautiful... 
                      Kiros: (looking over Laguna's shoulder) Oh...! 
                      Ward: (looking) Well, er... 
                      Kiros: Laguna, we'll should be leaving now...
                      Please excuse us. 
                      Laguna: W--what? Couldn't you stay just a little
                      Ward: This is our treat. Take a deep breath and try
                      to relax, Laguna... (they leave) 

                      (Julia quietly walks up to Laguna's table...) 

                      Julia: May I sit here? 
                      Laguna: Aa-- 
                      Julia: I'm not intruding? 
                      Laguna: N, n-no! Not at all! 
                      Laguna: P... Please, do sit down. 
                      Laguna: [thinking] (I'm beaten... Julia... She's
                      really here... What do I do? Kiros.. Ward...
                      Help... What-- what should I say?) 
                      (This man... He can't think of anything?) 
                      Julia: Will you be all right? 
                      Laguna: Yes... somehow... 
                      Julia: ...how's your leg? 
                      Laguna: M-- my leg? Oh.. this? It's okay, it
                      happens all the time... 
                      Laguna: I don't know quite why, but it cramps up
                      like this whenever I get nervous... 
                      Julia: You were nervous...? 
                      Laguna: I was, well... but... But now... 
                      Julia: Please, relax... 
                      Julia: It would make me feel terrible if someone
                      was nervous because of me. 
                      Laguna: Ah-- Please forgive me... 
                      Julia: Ah... I have a suggestion, but... (Could we
                      talk in my room? I'm renting a room here...) 
                      Laguna: Y-- Your room!? 
                      Julia: Well... 
                      Julia: (It's just that this is a difficult place to
                      talk, don't you think? With everyone able to
                      Julia: If it's okay... I hope you can come. I think  
you're the kind of person that I'd
like to talk to... 
                      Julia: You don't want to? 
                      Laguna: Don't be ridiculous! Of course I do! 
                      Julia: Well, then I'll be waiting for you there.  Just 
ask for my room at the front
                      Laguna: (Am... Am I dreaming?) 
                      Laguna: (No-- this isn't a dream!) 
                      Laguna: (Julia said that she wants to talk to me...) 
                      (It's noisy inside this guy's head...)
                      Laguna: (But... It'll be just the two of us... What 
should you do, what should you
do, Laguna?)                      
                      (Do whatever comes naturally...) 
                      Laguna: (...I'm always just rambling on about 
myself... Well, that's how it was. All
right!  Today, I'll just be listening to                       Julia.  at 
the bar)                   
                      Ward: Will you be able to talk to Julia? To actually 
have an intelligent and witty
                      Laguna: Don't worry! Leave the conversation to me. 
                      Kiros: With you... It's usually so one-sided that I 
wouldn't exactly call it

                      Front Desk: Would you like a room? 

                      - I'm looking for Julia's room... (*)
                      - I don't need anything...

                      Laguna: J-j-ju-ju-ju--
                      Front Desk: ...?
                      Front Desk: Oh, you must be Laguna... I'll let her
                      know that you're here.
                      Front Desk: Please, go right ahead. 

                      Julia: Thank you for coming. 
                      Laguna: N-no, no, the pleasure is mine! Thank you for 
inviting me. 
                      Julia: Please, have a seat... 
                      (Laguna paces around the room uncomfortably, trying 
every possible seat before
standing up again.) 
                      Julia: You're already leaving? But we haven't been 
able to talk at all... 
                      Laguna: No, n-no! That's not it... 
                      Laguna: I... It's just that I'm a fan of yours, so, 
I'm a little nervous... 
                      Julia: You came to listen to me play so many times... 
                      Laguna: You.. You were looking at me?! (runs away 
                      Julia: You were always smiling when you looked at 
                      Julia: Your eyes... I like them. But now, you have 
frightened eyes... 
                      Julia: Don't worry, I won't bite... I just want to  
look into your eyes and talk with
                      Julia: So, why don't we go have a drink? 
                      Laguna: This must be a dream... 
                      ...time passes... 
                      Laguna: Well, I don't really like being on the 
battlefield, you know... But we get to
travel around and see the sights... 
                      Laguna: And it's fun, always being together with Kiros 
and Ward. 
                      Laguna: Those two are great guys... Next time, shall 
we all have a drink together? 
                      Laguna: I... When I get out of the army, I want to 
become a journalist. 
                      Laguna: I'd travel all around, see the sights and hear 
stories, and report them to the
                      Laguna: Recently, I had one of my articles published 
in a magazine. I was so
                      Laguna: So happy... 
                      Julia: That's nice... 
                      Laguna: (No good... I'm monopolizing the 
                      Julia: Hmm? 
                      Laguna: Ah... Please, you talk too... For
                      example... Do you have a dream? 
                      Julia: I... I want to sing. Not just to play the
                      piano... to sing... 
                      Laguna: Now that, I'd love to hear! 
                      Julia: It's no good though... I can't write
                      Laguna: Oh, I see... It's difficult, isn't it? 
                      Julia: But... It's all right now. With your help,
                      I'll be able to write lyrics. 
                      Laguna: M--my help? 
                      Julia: Yes... 
                      Julia: The many faces you showed me... 
                      Julia: You showed me your pain, and worry... Bitter
                      feelings wrapped up in your smile, your face, your
                      Julia: You gave me that hint. I think you could
                      write wonderful songs. 
                      Laguna: This is incredible... I must be dreaming. 
                      Julia: But it's not a dream, right? 
                      (a knock on the door...) 
                      Kiros: Laguna! We have new orders! Assemble in
                      front of the President's house, quickly! 
                      Julia: Will we meet again? 
                      Laguna: Of course! I'll come back to hear your

                      (Fade out as the dream ends...)
                      (Squall, Zell, and Selphie regain consciousness on  
the train) 

                      Train Announcer: Next stop, Timber Station...
                      Squall: We... Were we all sleeping? 
                      Zell: Do you think we were sprayed with sleeping
                      gas? I bet there are a lot of guys who don't want
                      to see SeeD moving out... 
                      Squall: (That may be true... I'll have to take 
                      Selphie: Did anything happen to us? 
                      Squall: There's no reason to worry about that... 
                      Selphie: Okay... 
                      Selphie: If you say so, I'm okay. 
                      Selphie: Oh! I had the nicest dream... 
                      Squall: (I had a dream too, but it wasn't so nice. I 
dreamt I was this stupid man...)


V. Lyrics to "Eyes On Me"

     Now like I said above, if you dont have the FF8 soundtrack here are the 
lyrics to the song.

Eyes On Me 

Whenever sang my songs 
On the stage, on my own 
Whenever said my words 
Wishing they would be heard 
I saw you smiling at me 
Was it real or just my fantasy 
You'd always be there in the corner 
Of this tiny little bar 

My last night here for you 
Same old songs, just once more 
My last night here with you? 
Maybe yes, maybe no 
I kind of liked it your your way 
How you shyly placed your eyes on me 
Oh, did you ever know? 
That I had mine on you 

*Darling, so there you are 
With that look on your face 
As if you're never hurt 
As if you're never down 
Shall I be the one for you 
Who pinches you softly but sure 
If frown is shown then 
I will know that you are no dreamer 

So let me come to you 
Close as I wanted to be 
Close enough for me 
To feel your heart beating fast 
And stay there as I whisper 
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me 
Did you ever know 
That I had mine on you 

Darling, so share with me 
Your love if you have enough 
Your tears if you're holding back 
Or pain if that's what it is 
How can I let you know 
I'm more than the dress and the voice 
Just reach me out then 
You will know that you're not dreaming 

* repeat  

VI. Credits

     First off I would like to thank Squaresoft for making such games like 
Final Fantasy VIII and other games as well. Second I would like to thank the 
following people for there contribution to this FAQ;

Your Final Fantasy 8 Homepage;

Provided the Lyrics for "Eyes on Me" and Some of the information in Section 
2 "Who is Julia"

The Unofficial Final Fantasy 8 Translation Page;

Provided the translation for the First part of Laguna's scene in Section 4 
"Small Script from Final
Fantasy 8"

Kyle Lees for helping me out on how to write an FAQ and for proofreading this 
FAQ as well.

And also the many others who emailed me about the times that Julia died and 
how old Rinoa was when the incident happened.  Since there were so many that 
couldn't remember her exact age nor I couldn't remember, I simply put up 
between 3 and 8.  

 ( "This document Copyright 1999 Rowin Mittchell". Any copies or 
reproductions of the FAQ
without the author permission will be sued to the fullest extent of the law.)

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