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Diablos Guide (US) by JCarpenter

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/03/99

Final Fantasy VIII Diablos Guide

Date: 10/3/99 8:46 PM
Version: 1.00
Name: Jeff Carpenter (8 degrees)
E-mail: i8 degrees@aol.com,i8degrees@hotmail.com (try using the @aol.com 
one first)
AOL/AIM: i8 degrees

Copyright © 1999 Jeff Carpenter

You may post this guide on web sites as long as it is written in its 
entirety and unaltered. You can not sell this guide or publish it on CD, 
magazines, and the like. It is strictly for personal and private use. 

Table of Contents

1.0 Updates
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Preparation
1.3 Strategy for Diablos
1.4 Diablos Abilities and Usefulness
1.5 Credits
1.6 Extra

1.0 Updates

10/3/99 V1.00 - I just started this Diablos guide. 

1.1 Introduction

Before I start anything, if you are reading this in Notepad, go to the 
Edit menu and make sure there is a check mark on Word Wrap, it will make 
this text easier to read. Now on with the intro.

I made this Diablos guide because I was having so much trouble killing 
this thing. It took me about 8 times or so to finally knock this thing 
down. Surprising how hard a early GF is… This right now will be pretty 
short, though I am thinking about expanding it and making it into a 
"Hard Boss Guide" or something like that. As you may notice from reading 
this entire thing, it is pretty thorough, I have worked on this pretty 
hard, finding all the information I can about the topic. But anyway, if 
you have any good tips on Diablos please e-mail them in and you will 
have full credit given. Thanks everyone!

1.2 Preparation 

As you already probably know, Diablos is in the Magical Lamp that Cid 
gives you right before you go to your first mission in Timber. This is 
the first time you can initiate battle with him. It is better getting 
him as early as possible, he has some very good abilities. Such as Mug 
and Enc-Half. There are a full list of abilities at section 1.4. Now, 
let's prepare for the battle. Make sure your party is Squall, Zell or 
Quistis, and definitely Selphie (her limit attack is what will save you 
a couple of times.) This isn't a requirement, though it can help a lot 
if you don't have a high magic level (when I played I had a Magic level 
of 10) and later on in the game. Go to the Training Center, and to the 
left side of the fighting arena. Oh, make sure you have all of your 
fighting characters have the Draw and Magic ability equipped. When you 
get into battle you should see a Grats (YMCA type things I say.) Keep on 
stocking up on Sleep with the Draw ability. Have each character stock up 
at least 34 each. You can check how much a character has stocked up by 
looking at the number left of spells in the magic ability menu. Once you 
have gotten enough stocked kill the Grat(s) and go to the main menu. 
Have one member (Squall was my highest magic user) equip the Quezacotl 
GF. Then go to all the characters' magic and exchange the magic and give 
the best magic user all of the Sleeps. You will have some left over, to 
use for whatever you want. Then go to the character that you equipped 
Quezacotl with and Junction->Magic the Sleeps to the character's Mag 
attack. It will raise it 12 points. Also, equip the fighting characters 
with all the GFs you have, you probably will loose some during the 
battle. Have GF, Draw, and Item abilities.

NOTE: If you have the magic spell Shell (from the boss in the Training 
Center), you might want to put the Magic ability on someone. Shell helps 
a bunch with Diablos.

Finally, now go to your Dorm, where the Save Point is. Make sure you 
rest up and then go to the Save Point and make sure you save. Now, go to 
the Item menu and rub the Magical Lamp. You immediately enter battle and 
see Diablos. 

1.3 Strategy for Diablos

HP: 8,000-80,000 estimated (depending on your level)
ATTACK: Gravija (one fourth of HP), Demi (one fourth of HP), physical 
attack (250 of your HP)

First, I want to state that Diablos's HP is determined by what level you 
are at, as with all enemies in the game. It also determines what magic 
you can draw from him. It is best to beat him early because he has, in 
my opinion, the most useful abilities. Diablos uses gravity magic, which 
is very powerful, though to a point very good. The gravity attacks 
usually takes a one fourth of the party's HP, but also brings you to a 
point that you can use limit breaks. Oh, but watch out, sometimes he 
will attack consecutively with his physical and gravity attacks, it 
isn't a problem with people that have 2,000 HP but it is when you are 
fighting him at HP 600. Now let's get to the game plan. Start by 
immediately summoning your most powerful GFs, any of them will do though 
Shiva and Quezacotl seem to be the best, with Ifrit being the worst. 
Make sure you boost them if you have that ability (Hold down select 
while constantly pressing back and forth square and triangle.) Only 
resort to physical attacks when you absolutely most (excluding the limit 
attacks.) Just keep up with the GF summoning, and keep your character's 
HP to about 300 or 400. He has the Cure spell, so draw that or use 
potions. Occasionally have the person with the high magic points use 
Demi, it will take a whooping 500-3000 HP! I only had to use this three 
times mixed in with GFs. Its according to what level you are at, 
sometimes the spell will miss. Diablos will sometimes cast the all 
powerful Gravija. It takes a bunch, no matter what HP you have, though 
remember the note I posted about Shell? If you have it casted before he 
used it, it will sometimes help a lot, but it also interferes with Cure 
and other good magic, you would have to rely on Potions or Hi-Potions. 
Also you only have to cast it about two times since it takes it a while 
to wear off. If you are really having trouble with him, try this. And 
finally, the last part of the game plan. When your character's HP gets 
low, look for Selphie's, if she has less then 150 she will usually have 
one. If she doesn't, use circle and keep on going back to her until she 
does. Her limit break is Slot, which has Full-Cure. It heals the entire 
party. If it doesn't show up, say Do Over until it shows up. When you 
see it cast it and your party is good as new. Usually you want to not 
heal Selphie, take chances. If she dies, quickly use a Phoenix Down and 
get her back to good condition. Also use Squalls and Zell/Quistis's 
limit break's sometimes. So basically in short words just summon GFs 
mostly, sometimes have the best magic user use Demi (drawn from 
Diablos), and use Selphie's limit break. Good luck, if you do it 
correctly, you should win the fight within 5 minutes. For winning you 
get Diablos's card (pretty good) and get him for a GF. 

1.4 Diablos Abilities and Usefulness

Diablos has some of the best abilities I think, though there are two of 
them that shouldn't be overused or your run into trouble later on, I'll 
talk about that later. Anyway, here are Diablos's abilities:

HP-J 50 AP 
Mag-J Learned 
Hit-J 120 AP
Ability x3 Learned
Magic Learned
GF Learned
Draw Learned
Dark 100 AP
HP+20% 60 AP
HP+40% 120 AP
HP+80% 240 AP
Mag+20% 60 AP
Mag+40% 120 AP
Mug 200 AP
Enc-Half 30 AP
Enc-None 100 AP
GFHP+10% 40 AP
GFHP+20% 70 AP
GFHP+30% 140 AP
Time Mag-RF 30 AP
ST Mag-RF 30 AP

Sorry if it is a little messy, but anyway if you look into the ability 
list on the game, your see some of the abilities not there, it is 
because you have to learn one ability to get the next. For example, you 
must learn Enc-Half to be able to learn Enc-None, another example is you 
must learn HP+20% to get HP+40%. I think you should first learn Enc-
Half, equip it when you need to get through an area without entering so 
many fights. You may want to learn Enc-None, but probably not just yet. 
After Enc-Half, you need to learn Mug, it is a lot of AP, but it is very 
useful. You can get new and powerful weapons for your characters by 
stealing rare items from them. Also, this isn't part of Diablos, but the 
Quezacotl GF has the Card Ability (40 AP to learn it) and it transforms 
monsters into their cards, after most of their HP is depleted. Also then 
you can learn Card Mod (80 AP.) It transforms the cards into items, that 
is very good, you can get items quickly that way. You may be wondering 
where you can build up a lot of AP quickly. By Balamb there is a beach, 
with enemies that are easy to kill with GFs, each fight is worth 6 AP. 
You have to fight 14 easy fights to get the 84 AP, it isn't too bad. 
Also, only equip the GF you are wanting the AP to go to, so it isn't 
divided up for the other GFs too. That is about all I can think of that 
Diablos is good for, Ability wise. What I do is just work to get Enc-
Half, Enc-None, and Mug, just make sure you equip them! Then just choose 
any other ability you might need. The Time Mag-RF might be a good one. 
One more thing. Diablos is very good at killing Tonberry's, though it 
won't work on the Tonberry King. Also, at first Diablos may be weak but 
once he is at least on level 20 or so, it can do some good damage. 

1.5 Credits

If I forgot anyone please e-mail me telling me so I can change it. Oh, 
and if you need any help just e-mail me at i8 degrees@aol.com. I'll 
respond within a day most of the time. Also, if you have any tips or 
comments, please e-mail me with them!

heh heat@aol.com - Thanks for proofreading this and making sure nothing 
was too messed up. ;-)

1.6 Extra

I just included this section for the fun of it, little tidbits on the 

Did you know that Diablos means "Prince of Hell?" I forgot in which 
language it means, I'll find out and put it up in the next update, which 
there're be probably.  

Also, you can play Diablos even with Laguna, Ward, and Kiros anytime 
your in the "dream state."

Copyright © 1999, Jeff Carpenter

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