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Boss FAQ (US) by MYellott

Version: Final | Updated: 01/04/03

     This FAQ written exclusively for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
                F  I  N  A  L    F  A  N  T  A  S  Y
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      |    A Boss Guide for Final Fantasy VIII (Playstation)  |
      |    Written by Michael Yellott (myellott@hotmail.com)  |
      |               Final Version (1/4/03)                  |
      |                Copyright 1999-2003                    |




0 - U P D A T E S

1 - B O S S  G U I D E
   1.1- 1st CD Bosses
   1.2- 2nd CD Bosses
   1.3- 3rd CD Bosses
   1.4- 4th CD Bosses
   1.5- Optional GF Bosses
   1.6- Omega Weapon

2 - C R E D I T S


0 - U P D A T E S

Here is all the stuff since I update my FAQs sometimes three times a day
so  you don't miss all the info I've put all the changes I've made

FINAL- Changed layout and updated my e-mail
1.4-Added a little note for Adel
1.3-Added HP info for Ultemacia, thanks to oscar614@webtv.net
1.2-Added a boss that I forgot(imagine that) and added some info for the
Servants of Ultemacia
1.1-Added a site to my copyright
1.0-Finally Finished!
0.19-Finished all bosses for CD 3
0.18-Added Tonberry King
0.17-Added Jumba Cactuar and Odin(Tonberry King is next)
0.16-Added Ultima Weapon and a few corrections
0.15-Added a new section and Bahumut to it!
0.11-0.14-lots of minor updates but mainly added the rest of CD 2 bosses
and a CD 3 boss
0.10-Added some more bosses for CD 2
0.9-Added an extra site that this can be posted in the Copyright Section
0.8-Added an extra boss for CD 2
0.7-Added the first strategies for CD 2:)
0.6-Added a much better strategy for Diablos
0.5-Did some major changes in the setup of the FAQ and added some future
bosses for CD 2
0.4-Added all the bosses for CD 1
0.3-Added a little info in the copyright because some sites haven't
honored it
0.2-Added Granaldo and the Spider Robot thing
0.1-My first copy which had some of the first bosses


1 - B O S S  G U I D E

1.1- 1st CD Bosses

Location:Fire Cavern
Notes:Have Shiva junctioned
Strategy:Your first real boss that you can't really die at but you have
to kill him in the given time.  I chose 10 minutes the first time and
got it with 20 secs to spare but I have no idea why you get to choose
your time.  You'll notice your attacks don't do much damage to him and
then you might think, hmmm, what is good against fire, oh yeah, ice.  So
wipe out your Shiva GF and hit him with it.  He'll start saying stuff
like "Oh no!  You have Shiva!" which kinda tips you off you should use
it.  Keep using it and he will decide to join you instead of being

Location:Dollet Communication Tower
Notes:Stock up on Cures from Fire Cavern
Strategy:This one is a little tougher because when you scan him it won't
list a weakness since he isn't a monster.  Just use normal attacks
because GF isn't that useful and keep your HP above 250 just to be safe.
After awhile Wedge will come(hey, another similarity between the two
games) but when I faught him he didn't hit me at all????  Just keep
hitting Biggs and I don't think Wedge will bother you.  After awhile
they will get swept away be the real boss.

Location:Dollet Communication Tower
Notes:Make sure Selphie has "draw", you can draw Siren
Strategy:This guy is tough.  Now remember that all my HPs are around
that much.  The game varies HP but this one is a big differenc of up to
a 2000 difference in HP.  With that in mind if he get's in the 3000
range it would be better to start a new game if you can't beat him since
it is still early in the game.  This guy has a new draw technique called
"double" that is useful but isn't really useful in this battle.  He also
has cure, Woo hoo!  You can now designate Selphie as the medic and keep
drawing cures and have Squall as a backup with any cures you have left
from the Fire Cavern.  He doesn't have a weakness though which makes
this an annoying battle so just keep using the GFs.  I haven't had a GF
die yet but Shiva got to 9 life when I stopped using her because the
boss only had 100 HP left.  You can also get a GF from this guy called
Siren which you will regret if you didn't get it like I did:(  After
this you'll find out who the real boss is, but he is split up to be

Boss:X-ATM092(Robot Spider)
Location:Chases you through Dollet
Notes:Selphie has Quezacotl and Squall has Thunder
Strategy:So he has the most HP in the game so far, but unlike Elvoret he
does has a weakness-lightning.  So use Quez. against him and that will
do around 500 each time and use some thunder also.  This guy is split up
into 3 battles that you MUST fight him.  You can fight him however many
times you want but you only have to fight him 3.  Between fights use
potions and cure on your party members and any of that other stuff that
you need to do.  When you do around 1000 damage to him it will say flee
so hold R2 and L2 to run away.   Keep doing this until you reach the
street with a blue car and you'll see a movie.  Congrats!  You just beat
the robot(or rather your teacher did)

Location:Garden Training Center
Notes:Make sure you have some sleep stocked but even if you don't you
can get some from Granaldo
Strategy:I don't think that is the actual range of the boss but it is
based on level and I was lv 14 when I faught this guy.  You'll also see
3 Raldos that he picks up and throws at you.  Whatever you do don't kill
Granaldo before the Raldos.  The Raldos had aroun 200 HP when I faught
them and Granaldo had no more than 2000 so it was an easy battle but I
had fun with it.  Use sleep on Granaldo so he or the Raldos can't
attack.  With him asleep you can take out the Raldos one by one safely
and then just woop Granaldo with GFs.  Pretty easy huh?:)

Location:Magic Lamp you get from Cid
Notes:This is a submission strategy
Submission Strategy:anyway, to defeat diablos, just simply cast blind on
him, if you'relucky he'll go blind. all u have to do is just wait until
he keeps onusing demi or the other magic (both lowers HP to 75%). when
your hpreaches critical just keep on using limit breaks. take note that
demiand the other attack will NOT kill nor damage you unless your hp
ismorethan 1. when it gets to 1, he won't be able to kill you with
magicand physical (since he's blinded). if he kills your character with
thephysical attack just cast life and keep on using limit breaks until
he's dead.

Location:President's Pricate Car
Notes:Have "Item" equiped so you can cure adnormal status
Strategy:Not much to really say here-no trick, no special magic,
nothing!  So you can just hit him with magic and stuff like that which
is what I did but my friend said that if you use cure or cura on him
since he is undead it will actually kill him!  I tried it out and it
works great:)  You can even put on the double command and hit him with
all your guys for a total of 6 cures a round which will kill him in no
time.  Good luck:)

Boss:Sacred and Minotaur
Location:Tomb of the Unkown King
HP: Sacred:1000-35,000 depending on your lv
       Minotaur:500-30,000 depending on your lv
Notes:Have tornado and float
Strategy:This is easy if you can wait to fight these guys till you get
tornado which it so happens that you can get it from those birds outside
the cave when you refine the windmills they give you.  Isn't that
convenient!  Also having float will make this much easier.  When you
fight them do not underestimate Minotaur because he is actually
stronger.  Cast float on both of them right away.  Wow!  They can't
regenerate because they aren't touching the ground.  If you cast float
on you as well then you can't get hurt by their mad cow attack.  Now
when they are floating cast Tornado on them and you will waste 'em.
Float will stay on them for about two rounds so don't forget to cast it
again.  These guys are great when you capture them.

Location:Deling City Parade
Notes:EZ Boss
Strategy:I killed both of these guys with one hit from my Brothers GF
but before you do don't forget to draw the legendary Carbuncle from
them!  Yes, he is back after a vacation from FF7 and is funnier than
ever.  Not to mention cute but don't tell anyone:p  Nothing more to say
about these guys but they are immune to fire so don't try Ifrit.

Location:Parade Car with Edea
Notes:have Carbuncle and some other powerful GF
Strategy:cast Carbuncle because Seifer will try to cast Fira right away.
After that just have some fun and mess around with him.  After this easy
battle get in gear for a much tougher fight with Edea.  By the way,
weren't those awsome  movies with the parade and everything:)

Location:Parade Car with Seifer
Notes:Have the higher elemental magics like Fira and most importantly
Strategy:You can draw some great magics from her but since she doesn't
have a lot of  HP you can use Tornado which does around 300-400 and you
should also try uses some GFs but they aren't the best to use.  Have one
character dedicated to casting Carbuncle so you don't get hurt a lot.
After this watch a GREAT movie but I'm not giving it away:)

1.2- 2nd CD Bosses

Boss:Biggs & Wedge
Location:D-District Prison
HP:Biggs-1500-2500, Wedge-1500-2200
Notes:Have Zombie for an easy battle
Strategy:E-Z bosses!  These guys will take no more than 4 turns but to
kill them right away you can cast zombie and phoenix down them and they
will die.  You can draw some cool stuff from them though so stock up
because the next boss is hard.  A fun thing to do is cast confuse on
Biggs and when he attacks Wedge he will say "Stop picking on me!!!!"
It's pretty funny:p

Boss:Elite Soldier and Crew
Location:Prison Rooftop
HP:Elite Soldier-150-5000  Robots-1500-20,000
Notes:Have electrical spells
Strategy:The Elite Soldier is very easy to kill but be sure you kill him
first and not the harder ones because he runs the show.  He has massive
spells and they are all extremely effective!  When he is dead kill the
robots with any electrical spells and they'll be toast.  If you don't
have any electrical spells(which I find hard to believe) then tough

Location:Galbadia Missile Base
Notes:Have Quezacotl and the strongest thunder spells
Strategy:This guy is really easy if you have Quezacotl.  I beat him
without it however but I had a huge supply of Thunder spells which hit
around 300 each time.  There are 6 engines in this thing that when they
explode you know you are closer to beating it.  When it is down to two
it only has around 700 so smash it.  Then those 3 idiots will come out
and you must kill them.  I beat this without Quezacotl with 50 seconds
remaining and I chose 10 minutes which will raise you a rank.  Good luck
and enjoy the movie sequence

Location:Balamb Garden Basemen
HP:almost exactly 1000 every time
Notes:Have Ifrit and tons of Esunas
Strategy:8 out of 10 times at least one of them will have 1000 HP or
close to it so these guys aren't hard.  A couple hits from Ifrit and use
some Fire, Fira, or Firaga and they will be out in no time.  One thing
you have to watch out for is most of their attacks are status changing
and affect your entire party.  Use Esuna right away because after that
their attacks can do up to 6000 in one hit!

Location:Garden Master's Room
Notes:Have Tornado(or an Aero magic) and Brothers
Strategy:Keep two of your guys(not the ones with Tornado or Brothers)
and keep the two arms on blue because his magic is powerful.  With that
he is kinda helpless to you and I found Brothers is more effective for
this part of the battle.  After he is drained about 2000 life he will
blow up part of his ship so now he directly uses magic like Water but
keep the two arms still on blue.  Now an Aero attack is better and if
you got that extremely powerful attack from the birds near the Brothers
quest called Tornado you'll do around 900 each time.  Do NOT forget to
draw Leviethan like I did and have to go back and beat the Oilboyles and
NORG again:(

Location:FH Tracks
Notes:Have any electrical magic or GFs
Strategy:This is a very easy figth but takes some time.  Just use any of
the thunder magics and Quezacotl.  It rarely attacks and only wastes
around 200-300.  However, your thunder magic only wastes around 300
every time so you'll have to stock up on a lot of these to take it down.
But don't worry, after this you won't face it again:)  If you mug this
guy you can steal some Adamantine which is great for weapons so try that
out too.

Location:Balamb Hotel
Notes:Bio works wonders:p
Strategy:This is a extremely easy battle if you have a bunch of bios
which do about 500-600.  Demi is also a great spell to use since it
wastes 25% of his current life.  But I wouldn't waste all of your demis
on this since you have to fight him and Fujin after this.  Don't use
thunder on him because it will cure him which I found out after I made
everyone use a thunder attack on him:(  After this is a much harder
battle so if you had trouble with this then you most likely won't
survive the next.

Boss:Raijin and Fujin
Location:Balamb Hotel
Notes:Fujin has the GF, make sure you DON'T use wind or thunder magic
Strategy:This battle doesn't have a trick to beat it except on what NOT
to do.  That is not to use wind on Fujin and thunder on Raijin because
they will gain life from it.  Again I learned this the hard way:(  They
are both weak to bio again so this makes it much easier.  And as always
demi is great in the beginning of the battle because it works on
percentages.  I would get rid of Fujin first because she attacks more
than Raijin.  Also, don't cast any reflect magic or Carbuncle because it
doesn't protect you from her most powerful attack which she will use if
you cast any of those magics.  Good luck with the battle and don't
forget about the GF!

Location:Galbadia Garden Main Hall
Notes:Don't use Wind or Thunder magic
Strategy:If you use thunder on this guy then you will give him life and
wind doesn't do anything to him at all.  If you are thinking of NOT
fighting this guy please rethink because I found after I got him that he
is priceless!(not to mention a great revenge device)  I would use Demi
on this guy to lower his HP a lot and try to Dispel his Triple attack
which he loves to use against you, especially Aero.  When you get this
guy you won't regret it and I'll mention it A LOT in my future
strategies because it is awsome!  Good luck with this guy:)

Boss:Seifer(2nd time)
Location:Galbadia Garden(top floor)
Notes:If you didn't get Cerberus it will be a long fight
Strategy:Use your new GF Cerberus and start hacking away.  This will
give you a double and a triple to everyone so make the first two cast
Demi on him with triple and then the last one Bio since that is his
weekness and he will be down in no time.  Keep your HP up though because
he has a very cool but bad attack that causes around 1000-2000 damage.
Another easy fight though:)

Boss:Seifer AND Edea
HP:Seifer:1000-7500, Edea:500-16,000
Notes:Edea has the GF, have Diablos or Demi
Strategy:Even though you don't fight these two at the same time it is
the same battle so I put them together.  First of all, use the above
strategy for Seifer because it is almost the exact same battle.  After
that you fight Edea which is just a tad angry at you.  Use Cerberus
again and then use some triple Demis or just use Diablos if you didn't
get Cerberus.  She isn't weak against any magic but doesn't have a
strength against any magic so just use about anything.  I find that
Squall's normal attacks work best against her after that some Demi
attacks.  What out for Maelstrom because it got me a couple times until
I finally acted quickly enough to heal my guys.  I neat little thing to
do is steal her Royal Crown if you have Mug:p

1.3- 3rd CD Bosses

Location:Outside Esthar
Notes:have "item" equiped
Strategy:Just use some hi-potions, curas, or a phoenix down and you'll
kill him right away.  If you don't have any phoenix downs just draw some
curas from him and use them against him since he is an undead monster.
There really isn't too much of a trick to this guy so have fun!:)

<!NOTE!Get the rest of the GFs and beat any optional bosses and make
sure all your characters are lv 50+ or at least the ones that you use
all the time because from here on in the bosses get very hard>

Boss:Fujin AND Rajin
HP:Fujin-5000-20,000, Rajin-5000-25,000
Location:Lunatic Pandora Entrance
Notes:Have Doomtrain GF
Strategy:Use Doomtrain right away and that will make these two extremely
easy.  With them asleep just pound on them with your GFs and/or use my
all time favorite Aura on Squall and they will go out fast.  I recommend
killing Fujin first because she has strong support magic.  If you become
extremely desperate you can cast reflect on them and their support
magics won't work on each other.  The only downside is some of your
magic won't work either on them.  After this battle you won't have to
fight these morons ever again..ya know? :p

Boss:Mobile Type 8
HP:30,000-50,000(around 10,000 for each probe)
Location:Lunatic Pandora
Notes:Have lots of thunder and restore magic
Strategy:This guy may seem easy at first with little threat from his
attacks but if you don't act quickly on defeating this foe he will use
his Corona attack which reduces all your HP to 1.  There is a way to
prepare however and that is when he seperates all of his pieces he is
about to use Corona so setup for mass healing on your characters.  Like
all the mechanical stuff in the Final Fantasy games they are weak to
electrical magic like thunder so just use Quezacotl and Thunder magic
and he should fall quickly.  An even quicker method is to use Aura and
that will do around 3000 each hit and around 20,000 for each limit.  If
you use this it is likely he won't even get a chance to use his Corona

Boss:Seifer(Last Fight)
Location:Lunatic Pandora Throne Room
Notes:Draw as many Auras as you can
Strategy:Seifer even isn't tough the last time you fight him but he does
have something that will help you with the future battles including
Omega Weapon which is Aura.  Make all your characters draw as many as
possible of this and then just unleash attacks on him and he will fall
quickly.  But make sure you get some Auras because you will need it.

<GF NOTE-If you got Odin you will see a sequence with Odin and Seifer.
After that sequence you will not be able to use Odin anymore, instead
Gilgamesh takes over for Odin and that will be summoned instead of Odin>

Boss: Adel

Location:Lunatic Pandora Throne Room
Notes:DO NOT hit Rinoa
Strategy:Just keep hitting only Adel and cure Rinoa when Adel takes some
of her life.  If Rinoa dies then it is game over so it is best to cast
Regen on her.  Just keep pounding on her and it will be fast.  Be sure
to use some Aero on her also because it does almost double the damage as
usual but DO NOT use holy.  That just makes her mad.  Make one character
the designated curer since Adel constantly uses Ultimas.  Good luck and
then your on your way to Ultemacia's Castle in the future!

1.4- 4th CD Bosses

Here is when my Boss Guide strays from the usual Boss, HP, Location
setup because there are many bosses that you can fight at any time but
I'm listing how I beat them and when because I found this more

Sorceress Battles
You find the first sorceress when you first enter the Time Compression
and they will start making clones of themselves.  Don't worry though
because they aren't infinite.  Once you kill about 5-10 of the first
sorceress the next will appear.  Just use mainly physical attacks
because she is strong against magic.  The second sorceress is also easy.
Now the third may hurt you a little because there is only 1 copy of her
and she can cast Ultima spell.  You will know when she is about to
because she will count down.  Just kill her before she does and you
should be fine with these battles.

Ultimacia's Servents
These bosses you can fight anywhere to release certain skills like Item,
Magic, Limit Break, GFs, etc.  I suggest you fight them in the same
order I do because you need to unlock some skills before you fight the
harder ones.
NOTE-You can get some Gfs that you missed throughout the game but make
sure you unlock the "draw" ability from Sphinxaur so you can if you
missed any.

HP:exactly 10,000
Location:Stairwell at entrance
Strategy:Well there really isn't much of a strategy since all you have
is attack.  Just keep attacking and hope you kill it before it kills
you.  If you had auto-reflect on someone then that comes in handy when
they try to cast magic on him/her and it will reflect it.  After you
beat this servent you get to pick which skill to release.  I chose magic
and if you are going to follow this part of the guide step by step I
suggest you do so also.

Missing GF:Siren
Location:Wine Cellar
Strategy:Do not use any physical attacks because Tri-Point will always
counter with a move that does 3000 damage to all of your members.
Instead switch between using fire and blizzard magic.  Start with fire,
then make the next character use an ice magic, then the next a fire.  If
you do this then Tri-Point won't counter anything.  If you use ice twice
or fire twice it will counter it so just keep following the fire/ice
pattern and it won't do much.  Release the GF command from this foe when
you beat him because the next retaliates against physical AND magic

Missing GF:Carbuncle
Location:Room pass chandelier
Strategy:Krysta will do another 3000 damage move like Tri-Point if you
use physical or magic attacks so instead use GFs like Eden, Cactuar, and
Diablos at the biggining to cut down on it's life.  After you kill it
Krysta will cast Ultima so watch out for that or you'll have to do this
all over again.  What you release next doesn't really matter for the
next servent but I chose to unlock the Item command.

Missing GF:Leviathan
Location:Gallery next to Krysta room(after puzzle)
Strategy:Use the Doomtrain GF to kill it's little Dromas it creates and
it will half this strong boss's defences.  After that just keep using
Eden and Pandemonia since he is a flying monster and it will fall
quickly.  What would you do without Eden?:p  I chose to release the
Limit Break command because I love my Aura.  However, if your planning
on facing Omega make sure you keep around 30 auras in reserve for him.

HP:exactly 30,000
Missing GF:Pandemona
Strategy:Use the Doomtrain GF on this guy too because it will bling him
so he can't hit you very often.  With his only powerful attacks in check
you can use Aura on Squall and kill him in one limit if you have his
ultimate weapon.  If you don't have auras you can just attack this guy
with GFs but don't use magic because he has a perfect defence to it.  I
released the save command from this guy because I don't plan on doing
this again.

Missing GF:Cerberus
Location:Armory Room(after you kill Vysage)
Strategy:This guy is just like Trauma so he won't be that hard.  Don't
use physical attacks because he will just retaliate to them.  This guy
also does berserk which makes you use physical attacks so remedy that
ASAP.  Just use some GFs like Eden or if you have the Lion Heart weapon
for Squall do a limit and you can kill him with one hit of it so he
can't retaliate.  I chose to release the Draw command.  You can really
release anyone you want because the rest aren't that useful.

Missing GF:Alexander
Location:Treasure Vault
Strategy:Just use any GF besides Quezacotl or any magic besides Thunder
magic because it will heal him and the fight is simple.  The only hard
part is how much HP he has which you can solve by using some limits on
him with Aura.  Remember though if your planning on fighting Omega have
at least 20 auras with you.  Pick any of the remaining two skills you
haven't released yet and now onto Tiamat.

Missing GF:Eden!!!!
Strategy:Yikes, 90,000 HP! This sad GF now has to fight you.  And yup,
you can get the most powerful GF from this guy if you didn't do it the
hard way from Ultima Weapon.  Use the Doomtrain GF to slow him down so
he will rarely get a chance to use his Dark Flare attack which is very
powerful.  Use Eden over and over or use your limit with Aura.  Just
don't use Ifrit or Quezocotl because they won't hurt him much.  And now
onto Ultimecia.(or Omega which has it's own section for just that one

Make sure ALL of your characters have some GFs and they have the
suitable magic because Ultemacia can pick ANY three people she wants to
fight this last battle.  I would keep resetting the game and starting
over until you get Squall in your party because without him the battles
are practically impossible.  Now onto the first fight.

Strategy:None of her magic is fatal so take your time on this one.  Just
use limits with Aura and normal attacks.  Or you could use Eden 3-6
times to kill her.  Either way it is an easy battle.  Make sure your
guys are all healed because the next battle is no piece of cake like
this one.  Remember this is all one battle so you can't heal or anything
like that between these fights.

HP:around 150,000
Strategy:This ultimate GF doesn't get too annoying until you take about
50,000 off of him.  Then he will talk a little and now use his strongest
attack called Shockwave Pulsar that does 2000-5000 damage to each party
member.  Just keep healing and again use Aura for limits and use any
wind magic or GF to take him down quickly.

Ultemacia(with Greiver)
Strategy:You think these two were ugly before they joined!  This is one
hard battle(as it is meant to be) because of the mass amount of life she
has.  Just use the normal strategies like Aura and magics.  When you
take about 1/3 off of her life the map will start swirling and she will
start using a spell called the Great Attractor which is a halarious
spell to watch but does a lot of damage to your guys.  Just keep
pounding and reviving and you should be OK.  Now when she has only about
50,000 life left her lower body portion will come off and she will start
floating.  Just do one limit of your Lion Heart and she is outta there.
She blows up and makes little twinklies and congrats for.....ALMOST
beating the game:p

Ultemacia(in space)
Strategy:The reason I didn't put an HP is because I seriously wasn't
keeping track when I was killing her because I was too much into the
game:p  If you have an accurate HP amount I would be happy to post it
and give you credit for it.  Anyways, she will immidietly start using
Hell's Judgement spell without any warning that brings all characters
down to 1 HP!  Just have triple and curaga to heal all your party
members.  Use your Aura and limit for Squall and you can do around
100,000 damage each time which will hurt her but REALLY piss her off.
She will will do a spell called Draw Apocolypse which is a warning that
next turn she will use a very powerful attack called...duh...Apocolypse
which will kill 2 of your party members.  You MUST revive them ASAP or
else she will destroy them from the battle!  Another character will take
the fallen ones place but you really don't want that if you have a good
group.  She does this Apocolypse move a lot so be careful when she says
"draw magic".  When she starts blabbering her little mouth again saying
some stuff then you know she is about to die.  Just keep going and you
have destroyed her.  CONGRATS!  Now enjoy the almost 30 minute movie
sequence that (in my opinion) is much better than the Final Fantasy VII
ending.  Squaresoft, you really out did yourself, how are you going to
top this one for Final Fantasy IX?

1.5- Optional GF Bosses

Location:Hidden Research Center
Notes:Blind is soooo helpful
Strategy:Use bling on bahumut and right there you most likely solved
your problem if your stuck on this boss.  All of his status changing
magic doesn't work now so you just have to watch out for his physical
attacks.  Shell is also another great spell to use on yourself but keep
your life above 3/4 at all times because if he casts Magic Flare it is
all over.  Use mainly Shiva or any others besides Ifrit, Brothers, and
Quezacotl because they don't do anything to it or very little.  Just get
lucky and don't have him at 80,000 which I did.

Boss:Ultima Weapon
Location:Hidden Research Center Basement
Notes:Aura is helpful, so is Hero
Strategy:This guy was not any challenge to me when I figured out a great
strategy for me and he has 100,000 life when I faught him.  Make sure
all party members can revive another member because you will be killed
otherwise.  First off, if you have a Hero I would use it even though it
only made one of my guys invincible for three turns it helps out.  After
those are used keep casting Aura on Squall and he will use his Limit
Break a lot.  Squall is my strongest guy so I hit him for around 2000
without my limits.  Now Ultima Weapon will either unleash his 9999
attack on you or just use it when you get him angry.  Just dumb luck on
which one you get.  When someone dies revive them immidietly so he/she
can revive any others.  If you keep Squall hitting with his limit and no
magics at all you can have him down to 10,000 in about 5 turns.  Wow!
Just keep pounding BUT DON'T FORGET TO DRAW THE GF EDEN.  I forgot the
first time and since this is the most powerful GF in the game it is well
worth to go back and beat him again for it.  When you kill him you can
give yourself a pat on the back for beating this hard foe!(wait till you
fight Omega, or IF you fight Omega)

Boss:Jumbo Cactuar
Location:Cactuar Island(South of Esthar)
Notes:get lots of Auras and/or waters
Strategy:OK, my friend told me that my HP range was wrong because his
official guide said it was 6000-60,000 but I faught this guy at 100,000
and my other friend has faught him at 600,000 so that's what I'm
putting.  Now it says he is weak to water but that is not a good thing
to use unless you want a really long dragged out battle.  A great thing
to use is use Aura on any character(most likely Squall) and that will do
around 10,000 damage to the Cactuar.  Water only does aroun 2000 and
Leviathan about 7000.  This guy has a move called "10,000 Needles" which
causes 100,000 damage.(talk about overkill) So make sure all you
characters have means to revive someone.  When you get Jumbo Cactuar
around 5000-10,000 life left it will say he is "hesitating".  When this
happens DO NOT attack him with any other attacks.  In my experiance with
this battle you only have one chance to hit him and kill him, if you
don't kill him in one more hit he will run away.  You really don't won't
this especially if you faught him around 600,000.  So use Aura on Squall
and keep pressing the "O" button until his limit comes up and then get
him.  It will most likely kill him and then the battle is over.

Location:Centra Ruins
Notes:Do NOT fight optional battles
Strategy:Odin will NOT attack during this entire battle.  However, if
you faught the optional battles on the way you are not going to beat
him.  With the time limit at 20 minutes you have very little time left
when you get to him to kill him.  He has way too strong magical defenses
so use Aura on Squall and pound on Odin and he will fall easily.  I know
I mention a lot about Aura ever since the Ultima battle but I really
like it and it is very useful in these battles but another strategy if
you ran out of Auras is to cast Triple or Cerberus(which you can find on
Odin) then pound on Odin with lots of magic although it will be close to
the time limit when you beat him.

When you beat Odin you will NOT be able to summon him in any battle.
Odin appears maybe 1 out of 25 battles and helps you out by hitting the
enemies.  He will NEVER appear in a boss battle with one exception and
that is Seifer but you'll see that when you face him.  So if you think
you'll get the same results with this Odin as the Final Fantasy VII
version then you are in for a surprise:p(he does however still have the
6 legged horse that I don't fully comprehend)

Boss:Tonberry King
Location:Centra Ruins
Notes:Patiance is a virtue
Strategy:I hope I never fight another stupid green tonberry for the rest
of my life.  After those something 20 odd tonberry battles the Tonberry
King will appear which is not a dimwit like the others so is much
faster.  Put Haste on all your characters and use your best GFs.  Eden
is my favorite but is a long one so try Cactuar if you have that as
well.  Sorry that I don't have any other advice than to use Aura to make
this battle go by in 10 minutes instead of 30.  If you keep up the
assualt that gives him little time to react so almost never hits you.
Even if he does he has Full-Life and Curaga to draw from him so your
pretty safe.  Unlike the other Tonberries Demi and Diablos(which I
personally hate) doesn't work on him so just keep pounding witht he
limits and/or GFs.

1.6- Omega Weapon
This optional boss is the most challenging boss in the game(more so than
the final boss) and has the most HP out of all the Final Fantasy games
so if you think your prepared-your not.  If you think your over-prepared
then get more prepared because this guy is extremely hard.  Here are a
lot of helpful pointers for the boss in this section.

First of all here are some things you will want to do or have before you
even think about fighting this guy.  First, make sure all your guys are
at lv 100 when you get to Ultimecia's Castle so you can be well
prepared.  Make sure you upgrade all the weapons to their ultimate
ESPECIALLY Squall's because he is going to prove inreplacable in this
battle.  Make sure you have all the GFs and make sure you refine from
Gilgamesh's card 10 Holy Wars which make your entire party invincible.
Junction Death to your Stat-Def because Omega casts Level 5 Death which
can kill your entire party.  Have 100 of all your vital items like Hi-
Potions, Remedies, and Phoenix Downs.  Also have at least 20 Auras for
someone other than Squall.  Make one party member do nothing but heal
and revive other members and have another that can do the same if that
primary one dies.  Your main focus will be Squall.  Make sure you give
Eden and any other powerful GFs you plan on using to someone else
because Squall is going to do nothing but limits.  If you've done all
of this you might be ready to fight him.

Vital Stats of Omega Weapon
Elemental Stats-Absorbs all magics
Status Magic Stats-Blocks everything
Draw Magics-Flare, Holy, Meteor, and Ultima

First off use the Doomtrain GF to lower Omega's defences so you can do
double damage to him.  Then use Aura on Squall and then use a Holy War
so you can't get hurt.  Now keep pressing the O button till Squall's
Limit Break comes up.  If you have his ultimate weapon-Lion Heart, then
the limit will do around 100,000 damage to Omega.  After that make
another party member use Eden on Omega and then go back to Squall and
use his limit again.  When Holy War wears off cast another.(you should
have around 10)  Remember to cast Aura on Squall and keep using his
limit.  If you don't have solid defences against death when Omega uses
his Level 5 Death spell it might kill all of your members.  Be sure to
have one just casting Revive and Curaga on your party members.  If you
do this fast enough you will kill Omega with Squall's limits before you
run out of all your Holy Wars.  If you do run out of Holy Wars try to
find a Hero item in your inventory and cast it on Squall.  That is all
my advice on Omega.  Good Luck!  (By the way, if you beat him look in
the Tutorial section to see a new option that says "Proof of Omega")


2 - C R E D I T S


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