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Angel Wing Limit Break FAQ by Sana chan

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 12/29/02


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    fff         fffff   ffff       ffff   fff    fff   fffffffffff

ffffff     ff     ff    ff   ffffff     ff          ffff    fff    fff
ffffff    ffff    fff   ff   ffffff    ffff       ffff       fff  fff
ff       ffffff   ffff  ff     ff     ffffff    ffff          ffffff 
ffffff   ff  ff   ff ff ff     ff     ff  ff   fffffffff       ffff
ffffff   ffffff   ff  ffff     ff     ffffff         ffff       ff
ff       ffffff   ff   fff     ff     ffffff       ffff         ff
ff       ff  ff   ff    ff     ff     ff  ff     fffff          ff

                 ffff        ffff  ffff  ffff  ffff 
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                   ffff    ffff    ffff  ffff  ffff
                    ffff  ffff     ffff  ffff  ffff
                     ffffffff      ffff  ffff  ffff
                      ffffff       ffff  ffff  ffff
                       ffff        ffff  ffff  ffff
                        ff         ffff  ffff  ffff


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           aa   aa  aa    aa    aaaaa    aaaaaaa  aaaaaaaa

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               www    www     www   ww   www   www www       
                w      w      www   ww    ww    wwwww      


Game:            Final Fantasy VIII
Console:         Playstation; Playstation 2
Copyright:       2002 Sherry Han
Email:           NO SPAMMERS. Please read the guidelines if you want
                 to distribute this guide.
Version:         1.20
Created:         August 15, 2002
Last Updated:    December 29, 2002

Hi, welcome to my Angel Wing guide. I first became interested with
this limit break when I noticed how much more the damage was compared
to regular magic. I got the idea to write this guide when I noticed
how little most guides have to say about such an awesome attack. 
(They usually cover it in about a paragraph, more or less.) And there 
is just so much more to write about it! 

For starters, this guide is NOT a junctioning or general game guide.
I'm writing it assuming you KNOW how to junction, at least to basic 
stats, since STATUS-J and ELEMENTAL-J are both irrelevant in this
case. Otherwise I suggest reading a general guide first, and MASTER
the basics on junctioning and GF ability usage.

Anyway, on with the guide!


Hint: Use Ctrl-F to jump to any particular section. All section names
      are EXACTLY as written in the menu below (except Roman numerals). 
      I recommend check the meteor trick first if you know the basics about
      Angel Wing.




Angel Wing is, in my opinion, the best limit break in Final Fantasy
VIII. It is Rinoa's second limit break, which you get automatically
after you rescue her on Ragnarok in disc 3. Angel Wing is actually
a status effect similar to Berserk. You will lose control of her for
the rest of the battle, And she will cast magic automatically when 
it is her turn.

---------------------------END OF SPOILER--------------------------

The Angel Wing status effect will cause Rinoa's magic stats to multiply
by about 5 times, even if her magic stat is maxed out at 255. And
her speed is also boosted quite a bit.

Unlike other limit breaks, with a little twist, you can have nearly,
if not complete control over Angel Wing. I noticed most sites listed
the magic she casts as random. However, after testing this move over
and over again, I noticed it's not entirely random. Rinoa does NOT use 
magic that is not in her inventory. If she has no magic to cast, then
then she'll simply use a physical attack every time her turn comes.

Note: Since Rinoa's STR stat remains the same under Angel Wing, the 
      damage would be the same as if you executed a normal physical
      attack. Therefore, do make sure she has at least one spell
      she can cast. (See Section II.)

The Angel Wing status cannot be ended with Esuna, Dispel, Remedy, or 
Remedy+. It will only end when one of the following occurs:

> If Rinoa gets KO'd, she will not be in Angel Wing if and when she 
  is revived.

> If Rinoa gets petrified, she will not be in Angel Wing if and when 
  she is cured.

These are the ONLY ways you can get Rinoa out of Angel Wing. There is
no easier way. If you absolutely have to do this for whatever reason, I 
suggest casting Break on her, (Make sure she is not immune to 
petrification) and then casting Esuna.

During Angel Wing, Rinoa is immune to certain status effects (without
junctioning) that would normally disable or hinder a character's ability
to use magic. These are:

> Confuse
> Silence
> Berserk

Note: Silence will be automatically nullified if Rinoa goes into Angel 
      Wing with it.

However, Rinoa is NOT immune to these status-changing magic:

> Stop
> Sleep
> Float
> Blind
> Slow
> Zombie
> Break
> Pain (Silence will not occur.)
> Bio

If she is stopped or asleep, she will CONTINUE to use Angel Wing after she 
is cured.

Magic cast during Angel Wing does NOT subtract from Rinoa's magic
inventory. She will use any magic over and over even if she only has 1



Below is a list of magic that are NOT used during Angel Wing. If you
want Rinoa to cast only one spell, feel free to junction these magic
to her stats, and have that one spell as the only type of offensive 
magic in her inventory. Even if you stock only 1 of that magic, she 
will keep casting that magic, turn after turn.

> CURATIVE: Cure, Cura, Curaga
> REVIVAL:  Life, Full-life
> OTHER:    Regen, Esuna

> SPEED:       Haste
> MULTI-MAGIC: Double, Triple

> PROTECTION:  Protect, Shell, Reflect, Float

TOTAL: 15 spells NOT used during Angel Wing. More than enough to
       junction all stats without ANY offensive magic. This is good,
       of course, since junctioning any offensive magic is risking
       it being casted during battle.


Below is a list of magic that ARE used during Angel Wing. Its effect
is written next to the magic name. * (star) denotes that this magic
hits multiple and/or random enemies, if applicable.

- Fire:     Minimal fire damage
- Fira:     Medium fire damage
- Firaga:   Major fire damage
- Blizzard: Minimal ice damage
- Blizzara: Medium ice damage
- Blizzaga: Major ice damage
- Thunder:  Minimal thunder damage
- Thundara: Medium thunder damage
- Thundaga: Major thunder damage
- Water:    Water damage
- Aero:     Wind damage
- Tornado:  Major wind damage *
- Quake:    Major earth damage *

- Slow:     Slows an enemy down
- Stop:     Freezes an enemy
- Dispel:   Removes positive status effects: double, triple, haste, 
            regen, shell, protect, aura, reflect, float
- Drain:    Takes HP from enemy and heals self
- Bio:      Damage and causes poison
- Break:    Damage and causes petrification
- Blind:    Causes darkness
- Silence:  Disable enemy from casting spells
- Berserk:  Enemy loses control and uses a physical attack every turn,
            however, damage is greater than usual
- Sleep:    Causes sleep
- Confuse:  Causes confusion and triggers random actions
- Pain:     Causes poison, silence, and darkness
- Meltdown: Damage and causes Vitality status to go down to 0.
- Death:    Causes KO
- Zombie:   Enemy is hurt by curative items/spells.

- HOLY:   Major holy damage
- DEMI:   Cuts 1/4th of enemy's HP
- FLARE:  Major non-elemental damage
- METEOR: Ten hits causing non-elemental damage *
- ULTIMA: Major non-elemental damage *
- SCAN:   See enemy's description, HP, and stats


I don't like to used the word "Randomized", because it really isn't.
There is a subtle pattern to the chaos, I believe. Since Rinoa does
not use magic not in her inventory, take out the offensive magic
you don't want her to use, simple enough. (See Section II, List 2.)

First, Rinoa will NEVER cast anything to herself or allies. Her magic
will always hit the enemy. If there is more than one enemy, she will
target randomly.

Also, Rinoa uses high level magic, especially forbidden magic (Meteor,
Ultima) less than normal and indirect magic. Quantity does not matter. 
For instance, in one of my tests, she had 100 Meteors and 1 Scan in 
her inventory, and she used Scan 9 times out of 10. To prevent this, 
take out ANY magic you find useless! Or else you risk her casting it.

For magic of the same type, I.E. Fire and Fira, Rinoa will favor the
HIGHER level magic if you have the SAME number of spells for each.
Otherwise, she tends to favor the one you have LESS, ironically. This
seems true for the 3 basic elemental magic - Fire, Thunder, & Blizzard.

She'll also cast a lot of status-affecting magic on your enemy. I
estimate this is at least 50 to 70 percent of the time. Maybe more.
The A.I. does NOT know whether or not a certain status magic will 
work on a certain enemy, so make sure YOU check it out first.

Another thing to point out is the A.I. Its intelligence level will
seem to vary from time to time. Sometimes you may find it incredible
silly, casting useless status affecting spells each time. However,
other times it may seem like what YOU may do. For example, once my
Rinoa cast Scan at the beginning of the battle, then used Meltdown,
and afterwards began to strike the enemy with all types of powerful

Either way, all patterns are SUBTLE. I must remind you that there are
no ABSOLUTE patterns to Rinoa's magic casting during Angel Wing. It
depends on a variety of factors, some of which may or may not include
magic combinations in her inventory, luck, crisis level, character
level, or even who the other two party members are. I recommend reading 
the next section carefully, as I will tell you how to make the best 
use of Angel Wing.


First of all, I suggest taking out ALL Magic in the "Status-changing" 
category except Meltdown, for the rest rarely works, gets used a lot,
plus most bosses are immune to status effects. Also, take out Scan,
because she uses that so often that it becomes annoying. BE SURE to
take it out!

I also recommend taking out all the elemental magic, leaving only 
forbidden/non-elemental magic, as those are much stronger. These are
the magic I recommend taking: Flare, Meltdown, Ultima, Meteor. If
you don't have these, or want to use elemental magic, then take out
Level 1 & 2 magic (Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, etc.) and leave only
Level 3 magic. Be SURE to rid any elemental magic that the enemy is
strong against or absorbs. Because as long as Rinoa has the magic
in her inventory, there's no guarantee that she won't use it and
heal your enemy.

Now, if your magic stats are high enough, all those attacks, except
Meltdown, will take out at least max damage (9,999). However, as you
may have noticed, you can go way beyond just max damage with METEOR.
This awesome trick is described in Section V.

> How to get rid of unwanted magic stock:

There always comes a time when we go crazy with refining magic, and
end up with more than 500 of a certain spell. That means even if
Rinoa gives parts of her spells to other party members, she'll still
end up with a portion left, which is risky if you don't want that
magic being casted. When this happens, go to menu, Magic, Exchange,
place the cursor on the magic you want to get rid of, and press
SQUARE button. Beats casting it over and over again during battle
until it's all gone... especially if you have 100.

> Evade Trick (Thanks to The Admiral for this one!)

High Evade stat (20%+) will help prevent all physical attacks on Rinoa.
If your Speed stat is high enough, Evade will automatically exceed
20% without junctioning. However, if it doesn't, you can junction some
magic (if you can spare any). Ultima, Triple, and Haste work well.


The Meteor trick is just plain awesome. It is not random like Lion
Heart, and unless KO'd, it is GUARANTEED to work every turn. This
trick works wonders against everything from T-Rex to Omega Weapon.
The great thing about it is, you don't need ultimate weapons, ammo,
special items, a lot of junctioning and whatnot. In fact, all you 
need is at least 1 Meteor and a couple of GF abilities. This could 
be the easiest way to surpass the 9,999 damage barrier, and is not 
to be missed. 

And here's how to do it:

Take out ALL of Rinoa's offensive magic EXCEPT Meteor, even if you 
only have 1. Make sure you junction protective and/or curative magic 
on your defensive stats, so you don't die in one hit. Use Magic
+ 60% or anything else you can find to make Rinoa's magic stat max 
out to 255. Also use Auto-haste or anything that enhances speed.

OPTIONAL: If you want, at the start of the battle, cast Meltdown on 
your enemy, this will make Meteor much stronger.

Either way, after you've done all of the above, cast Aura on Rinoa
(or if she's in critical condition), and use Angel Wing. If your
speed is high enough, you should be getting several turns EVERY
SECOND. Each time, she will use Meteor. Meteor triggers 10 hits, each
hit damages around 4,000 to 8,000 generally, depending on your enemy,
stats, and/or whether or not Meltdown was casted. But if you've 
followed the instructions above, you should be getting 40,000 to
80,000 damage PER METEOR. That means 80,000 to 240,000 HP damage
per second (ATB time, not counting magic casting time and other
possible interruptions). And yes, unless knocked out or inflicted
with certain status effects, it will work EVERY TIME.


Here's a table for Rinoa's stats WITHOUT ANY junctioning. In this
section I will help you max out Rinoa's magic and maybe speed stats.

LV     HP     Str     Vit     Mag     Spr     Spd     Luck  
1      217    1	      0	      8       3       20      16
10     610    10      5       15      8       22      17
20     1038   19      10      22      14      24      17
30     1458   27      14      29      19      25      18
40     1871   35      18      35      24      27      19
50     2275   42      21      41      28      28      19
60     2672   48      24      46      31      30      20
70     3061   54      26      51      34      32      20
80     3443   59      28      55      36      33      21
90     3816   64      30      59      38      35      22
100    4181   67      31      63      39      36      22

Out of these 7 stats, there are three we do not need to care about
in this case - Strengh, Vitality, and Spirit. (Though you should 
always make them as high as possible.) Rinoa has the highest
base Mag stat out of all playable characters in the game, so 
maxing out is not difficult, especially at level 100. If you have
100 Meteors or Triples, either should be junctioned onto her Mag stat. 
It should boost the stat quite a bit. Then, equip GF ability MAG +. 
This can be obtained from any of these GFs:

(-> denotes "Leads to", meaning you can only learn the second ability
described after you have learned the first.)

> QUEZACOTL: Mag + 20% (60 AP) -> Mag + 40% (120 AP)
> SIREN:     Mag + 20% (60 AP) -> Mag + 40% (120 AP)
> DIABLOS:   Mag + 20% (60 AP) -> Mag + 40% (120 AP)
> BAHAMUT:   Mag + 60% (learned)

Other ways to boost magic stats:

Equip "Mag Bonus" from one of the GFs early on in the game. Siren
can learn it, and Cactuar comes with it learned. Mag Bonus is an 
awesome ability that earns you an extra point in Magic every
time you level up. If you get this ability at level 20, your magic 
stat will be uppened by 80 points when you are at level 100.

Another way would be to find and use "Mag ups". Each Mag Up will raise
your magic stat by one point. These items are rather hard to find,
so I suggest using the above methods. If you have tons of money (I
mean TONS), use this:

1. 10 Spr-J Scrolls -> 1 Hypno Crown (GFAbl Med-RF)
2. 10 Hypno Crowns -> 1 Royal Crown (Tool-RF/GF Abl Med-RF)
3. 10 Royal Crowns -> 1 Mag Up

Each Spr-J Scroll costs 10,000 gil, so the cost for 1 Mag up is
approximately 10 million gil. Impossible.

Anyway, you can reduce your costs by equipping the "Familiar" ability,
that way you can buy Hypno Crowns straight from Esthar pet shop for
20,000 gil. That way each Mag Up will "only" cost 2 million gil.
Ok, not practical in my standards, but you're welcome to try.

You can use Bahamut's AbilityX4 (or use a Rosetta's Stone to teach
any GF this ability) and junction Mag + 20%, Mag + 40% and Mag + 60%. 
(Leaving one for speed) This combined with Mag Bonus, junctioning, 
etc. should be more than enough to bring Rinoa's magic stat up to 255 
if you're at a decent level.

For HP, junctioning 100 Full-Lifes will be your best bet. It raises
your HP by 4,000 points and gets you pretty close to max HP at high

For speed, junction 100xTriple will boost your speed stat a whopping
70 points. Very useful. Good thing is, Triple is not an offensive 
magic, so it will not tamper with Rinoa's continuous casting of Meteor.
But you might want to use the Triples on her Magic stat, which is
priority. I don't recommend using any speed boosters unless your Magic 
is maxed out (or at least really high - 180+) and you still have ability 
spots left over. Magic is more important here. 

Speed IS very important if you are using this trick on battles against 
bosses like Omega weapon. You won't have a second to waste. What I 
suggest for such battles is this. Take Rinoa and two other (hopefully 
speedy) characters. Have one of them cast Aura on Rinoa in the beginning 
of the battle, and the other cast Meltdown on the enemy. Then quickly 
switch to Rinoa and cast Angel Wing. Whoever's (besides Rinoa) turn 
comes next, quickly cast haste on Rinoa. What you do next with the other 
two characters is unimportant. Make sure one of them has the Recover 
ability, and if you get a chance, use their limit breaks.

The last thing you might need is rather debatable, and that is LUCK.
I'm not 100 percent totally sure if luck affects the damage and/or
magic being used. In this case, it doesn't matter since you are only
using Meteor, and it deals great damage regardless of how high the 
luck stat is. Even if your Rinoa have more than one type of magic in
her inventory, the easiest way to disallow low level magic being 
casted is simply to TAKE THEM OUT. Luck is mostly good for random
limit breaks like Angelo Combine. We've taken the randomness out of
Angel Wing, therefore luck is not necessary. :)


Omega Weapon is the most challenging boss in Final Fantasy VIII.
He is located in Ultimecia's Castle and is optional. To fight him,
have your second party pull the rope in the art gallery, and you'll
have about 50 seconds to switch to your main party and fight
Omega. He is right in front of the big organ in the Chapel.

Omega Weapon is indeed not a pushover boss. He has 1-hit killers,
is fast, and has over ONE MILLION HP. Moreover, this boss is at
level 100 no matter what level you're on, so he'll be challenging
for low level gamers (me included)!

Actually, if you have invincibility items, such as hero, holy war,
or somehow get invincible moon to come out, Omega is a piece of
cake. But the challenge is to defeat him withOUT these things,
and that is why this mini-guide is here. Assuming you will ultilize
Angel Wing (since this is an Angel Wing FAQ after all...), I would
recommend Squall, Rinoa, and Zell in your party.

Omega Weapon uses these moves in order:

1. Level 5 Death
2. Forbidden Magic (Meteor or Ultima)
3. Megido Flame (9998 damage/all)
4. Gravija (Reduced HP by 3/4)
5. Terra Break (KILLER)
6. Forbidden Magic
7. Light Pillar (9999 damage/one)
8. Repeat 2 through 7

In addition, he uses Ultima and physical attacks randomly through-
out this sequence above, and sometimes he does not follow it

Defend will be one of the most important command abilities in this
battle. You may not have used it before, but it really comes handy
here. It will block Omega's ultimate attack - Terra Break, which
is a sure-fire killer if you do not use Defend or an invincibility

Most people consider invincibility items cheating, so Defend is
your best bet. Only two GF's can learn this ability, and those are
Cactuar and Brothers. You can have two characters with Defend, but
not Rinoa because you can't control her with Angel Wing on anyway.
For me, I only had one person with Defend because I accidentally
junctioned Jumbo Cactuar to Rinoa and taught him Mag + 60%. I still
managed to beat Omega, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Omega Weapon's Attack Sequence Description:

1. Omega always casts Level 5 Death first (Unless he uses a
   physical attack beforehand), so if any of your characters are
   at a level that's a multiple of 5, junction 100 x Death to
   their status defense. He only uses this attack once, for all
   I know, but you do not have time to bother with reviving
   characters in the beginning of this battle. It should be a
   "freebie" time to set them up.

*Character set-up:

   Whoever's turn comes first, cast Triple on the NEXT available
   person. When the second person's turn comes, cast 3 x Aura.
   The third person should cast Meltdown on Omega. It will double
   if not triple all damage done. If the fourth turn is the person
   with Triple, cast 3 x Haste, if not, use limit breaks.

2. His next attack is usually Meteor. After this attack, fully
   heal anyone whose MAXIMUM HP is 9,999. Don't bother with
   anyone else, because they'll die next round anyway. After
   that just QUICKLY hit Omega with limits.

3. This time Omega will use Megido Flame. Those who has less than
   9,999 HP will die. If you have one character left and he/she
   has Triple, revive the other two with LIFE (or Full-life if it's
   not junctioned). If he/she does not have Triple, use Phoenix
   Pinion or Mega Phoenix. The person with the Recover ability
   should try to recover as many people as possible as soon as 
   revived. Place everyone else on limit breaks immediately.

4. Omega's next attack is usually Gravija, but I've seen him use
   Ultima and physical attacks as well. If you've recovered enough
   people (at least 2), you'll be fine. Gravija can't kill you
   so don't worry. Don't bother reviving any dead people at this
   point UNLESS they have the Defend ability. From here on, those
   with the Defend ability should defend OVER and OVER again until 
   Omega's Terra Break. I don't care how many turns you lose here, 
   as this is the worst careless mistake one could make, NOT to 
   defend on time. The other person(s) without Defend should execute 
   limit breaks and not bother with healing. They'll die next turn 

5. Terra Break. If you defended you should be fine. Those who don't
   have Defend will die, so revive and recover as many as possible
   since Omega will probably use Ultima next. If you're lucky he
   will do some pathetic physical attacks here. Take the time to do
   limit breaks!

6. You should survive Ultima if you've recovered enough people.
   Omega will usually use Light Pillar seconds, if not immediately
   after Ultima, and someone will die. It can't be helped so don't
   bother. When you get another turn revive the dead and recover
   if possible, so you can survive the next forbidden magic spell
   (probably Meteor).

7. At this point, you should continue the strategy written out
   above from step 2 on. If your stats are decent, you shouldn't
   need more than 20 turns to defeat Omega.


- The biggest mistake I've seen and heard people make is that they
  get cocky when Omega seems like he's not doing anything, and use
  limit breaks when they should be defending. DO NOT DO THIS. Defend
  when you should! 10 turns if you must. That way you are guaranteed
  to SURVIVE at least.

- Use limit breaks. Forget everything else. Forget drawing, GF's,
  etc. They are USELESS. Together, Zell, Rinoa, and Squall's limit
  breaks (provided your stats are high enough) can do an average of
  150k to 300k damage per turn. Of course most of the time not all
  3 can execute their limit breaks at once, but you get the picture.

- Speed is a pretty important factor. Not just speed of the ATB bar
  movement, but how fast you can select commands. Know where each
  command is located! A 1-second delay could mean Omega has executed
  Terra Break on 3 undefended characters. Ouch!

- Someone should have the Recover ability. Searching for Curagas
  in your magic inventory is a waste of time.

- DO NOT GIVE UP. Sometimes Omega executes two attacks in a row,
  leaving you with no time to heal/revive/defend, etc. That is
  just bad luck. Try again and he might not to this.

My three attempts of beating Omega Weapon are listed below. These
are for fun only! My first two were failures, but on my last try
I finally succeeded. My goal was to defeat him at Level 7 (Squall)
without using invincibility items.


This is my ultimate "Low-level" game! Everyone's at their original

Note: Status/Elemental Attack and Defense are irrelevant.


Level: 7
HP:    5286/5286
EXP:   6993p
NEXT:  7p


HP  100 x Full-Life  5286   
Str 100 x Ultima     255    Spd  100 x Triple  127
Vit 100 x Meltdown   86     Eva  n/a           12%
Mag 100 x Holy       51     Hit  n/a           255%
Spr  97 x Curaga     68     Luck n/a           16

Command    | Ability
*Attack    | *Str + 40%
*Recover   | *Spd + 40%
*Item      | *Str + 60%
*Magic     |

GF's Junctioned



Level: 11
HP:    5453/5453
EXP:   10719p
NEXT:  281p


HP  100 x Full-Life  5453   
Str 100 x Haste      47     Spd  100 x Float   38
Vit 100 x Curaga     70     Eva  100 x Meteor  15%
Mag 100 x Triple     187    Hit  100 x Double  144%
Spr 100 x Reflect    81     Luck  58 x Aura    40

Command    | Ability
*Attack    | *Mag + 20%
*Magic     | *Mag + 40%
*GF        | *Mag + 60%
*Item      |

GF's Junctioned



Level: 8
HP:    9999/9999
EXP:   7918p
NEXT:  82p


HP  100 x Full-Life  9999   
Str 100 x Ultima     248    Spd  100 x Triple  91
Vit 100 x Meltdown   85     Eva  100 x Tornado 21%
Mag 100 x Flare      50     Hit  100 x Double  139%
Spr 100 x Death      62     Luck 100 x Pain    55

Command    | Ability
*Attack    | *HP + 40%
*Defend    | *HP + 80%
*Magic     | *Str + 40%
*Item      | *Str + 60%

GF's Junctioned



Turn 1: Zell's turn came first, so I cast Triple on Squall.
        When Squall's turn came, I used him to cast Aura on everybody
        (triple). Omega Weapon used Level 5 Death, which missed
        of course. Then Rinoa's turn came and I put her on Angel
        Wing immediately.

Turn 2: Zell's turn, used Duel and knocked off about 20k of
        damage. Omega Weapon used Meteor which did some damage
        but nothing to worry about. Squall used Renzokuken and
        did 20k damage (no finishing move... oh well). Zell's
        turn came around again, used Duel for 40k damage this
        round. Rinoa uses Meteor and did 20k damage (oops forgot

Turn 3: Squall used Recover on Zell to prepare for Megido Flame.
        Had Zell use Meltdown this time. Did 237 damage, LOL.
        But that's not the purpose. Rinoa did Meteor again and
        this time knocked off 50k HP. Omega Weapon used Megido
        Flame which killed Rinoa and Squall, oh well, good
        thing Zell had 9,999 HP.

Turn 4: Now my party has only Zell left with 1 HP. Omega Weapon's
        next move is Gravija, ok nothing to worry about. Uhhh,
        too bad he executed it immediately. His next move is Terra
        Break! So I had Zell quickly revive Squall (using Life, so
        Squall can use his limits). But ARG! Omega Weapon used one
        physical attack and killed him. I had Zell defend for the
        next few turns of course.

Turn 5: Ok, Terra Break time, oh how fun. Good thing I had Defend.
        0 damage all the way through! Woo hoo! Ok, I revive Squall
        again after Terra Break. Omega Weapon tried physical attack
        again but of course, 0 damage. But then when Squall's revived
        he used Ultima and killed both of them. Game over!

Attempt 1: Failed.


Turn 1: This time Squall's turn came first, so I cast Triple on Zell
        (may be a better idea). Omega Weapon uses Level 5 death, miss.
        Zell uses Aura on everyone, and I put Rinoa on Angel Wing.

Turn 2: Squall uses Meltdown on Omega for about 200 damage! Yay! Then
        Rinoa's turn came and does 50k damage. Squall's Renzokuken is
        next and does close to 40k damage (no finishing move...) Zell
        uses Duel, no tell how much damage there... may be 100k! Omega
        doesn't use anything this turn.

Turn 3: Rinoa's turn first. Meteor, 50k. Squall's Renzokuken does
        about 40k again... (WHERE are those finishing moves?) Zell
        does Duel, 100k damage or so! Lots of critical hits. At this
        point we've damaged about 380k damage to Omega, but he has
        over 1 million HP! Omega Weapon uses Meteor immediately after

Turn 4: That cheater! He used Megido Flame a second after he used
        Meteor. Game Over...

Attempt 2: Failed


Turn 1: Squall used Triple on Zell, who cast Aura on everyone.
        Omega Weapon decided to use a physical attack and hurt
        Zell by about 2k HP, not much. I put Rinoa on Angel

Turn 2: Squall's turn came and used Renzokuken. Oops forgot to
        cast Meltdown! Zell used Haste on everyone. Then Omega
        used Level 5 death and missed. Squall's turn came again,
        Renzokuken, did about 30k.

Turn 3: Zell uses Meltdown on Omega, finally. Arg! It didn't
        work. Rinoa uses Meteor, only 20k because of that.
        Then Squall's turn came and he used Meltdown again.
        This time, it worked. Zell does Duel for 50k, not bad.

Turn 4: Rinoa uses... ULTIMA? What the? Oh I forgot to unjunction
        it, oh well. Only 9,999 damage this time. Omega uses
        Meteor. Zell uses Duel, but I messed up and only did like
        30k, grr! Squall uses Recover on Zell seeing what's
        coming up next...

Turn 5: Rinoa starts up with Meteor, good, about 50k damage. But
        then Omega uses Megido Flame and kills Squall and Rinoa.
        Now I have Zell with one HP and accidentally did Duel...
        at least it did over 100k damage!

Turn 6: Zell uses Rebirth Flame and revives other two (but also
        cures Omega a bit), then his turn came AGAIN and used
        Triple Curaga. I put Rinoa on Angel Wing again, and Squall
        used Recover on Zell, and since Gravija comes next...

Turn 7: Omega uses Gravija, everyone's HP is down. Rinoa's turn
        comes next and uses Meteor (good thing she's not using
        Ultima) for 50k+ damage. Squall uses Recover on Zell again
        and Zell defends himself.

Turn 8: Terra Break. Zell lives, thank god. Omega uses Ultima
        right after that. Zell didn't die of course since he has
        9,999 HP. He revives Rinoa and Squall. Then Omega uses
        Light Pillar and kills Squall. Rinoa uses Full Life and
        revives Squall.

Turn 9: Zell starts with Triple Aura on everyone. Omega Weapon
        uses Meteor... Damn he's too fast. Rinoa dies. Zell
        executes Duel again. Only did 50k though. Squall uses
        Recover again. Omega uses Megido Flame and kills Squall.

Turn 10:Zell starts by using Mega Phoenix. (Wow I'm surprised
        I lasted this long). Good thing Omega didn't get a turn
        yet. Zell's turn again, used Triple Curaga. I put Rinoa
        on Angel Wing, and Squall used Recover on Zell again.
        Omega will probably use Ultima or Gravija next.

Turn 11:Weird. Omega starts by using Physical Attack on Zell.
        I put Zell on Defend. Omega uses Physical again, this
        time on Squall, who's now in Critical condition, so
        I use Squall to cast Renzokuken, about 45k... Rinoa's
        turn came next, she used Meteor and did 50+k again.
        Good round.

Turn 12:Omega Weapon uses Physical Attack on Rinoa, but she
        still lives, haha! Her turn comes next and executes
        Meteor for 50+k damage again. Zell, defend again. Squall
        uses Renzokuken for 45k again. (Do I ever get finishing

Turn 13:Wow, still in the fight. Omega didn't do anything yet
        before Rinoa does Meteor for yet another 50+k. Great.
        Squall uses Renzokuken (sound familiar again?) This time
        he does a FINISHING MOVE! Yay! Fated Circle. Altogether
        he did about 60k this time. Zell, defend again, in case
        Omega uses uh... Terra.

Turn 14:Omega uses Physical attack on Zell and does 0 damage!
        So far we've done Omega about 600k damage, about half-way
        through! Omega then uses Gravija. I'm guessing Terra
        Break's next, so Zell on defend again as usual. Squall
        executed Renzokuken, 45k, then Rinoa uses Meteor for
        another 50k+. (about 53k to be exact.)

Turn 15:Well, he finally does Terra Break this round. Zell is
        the only one alive, oh well. Only one Phoenix Pinion
        left, so use it I guess. Phoenix Rebirth heals Omega 
        a bit and revives the other two. Squall QUICKLY uses
        Recover on himself, and Zell, Aura on himself. Rinoa
        is on Angel Wing again by the next round.

Turn 16:I tried to Recover Rinoa but she was killed by Omega's
        physical attack, so Zell got cured, oh well. Zell uses
        Duel, don't know how much that did, but about 100k.
        (Had 9 seconds this time!)

Turn 17:Omega uses Ultima and kills Squall, so Zell had to
        do Triple Life. It's either Meteor or Megido Flame
        next. Squall uses Recover on Zell. Oh good, full HP
        for Zell again. Zell uses Duel and knocks off about
        150k this time! Lots of criticals there. Rinoa goes
        on Angel Wing again.

Turn 18:What turn 18??? Guess what? Omega Weapon's DEAD!

Attempt 3: Success! Killed Omega at Level 7 without invincibility


This is just something I found cute. The organ in Ultimecia's 
is, of course, used for the sole purpose of opening the prisoner
bars, but you can also play stuff on it. For example, Eyes on

Press these buttons (in order) on the organ:

L2 R2 R1 L1 R1 L1
L1 R2 R2 L2 R1 R1 L1 L1

If you know the tune of Eyes on Me, at least a little bit, you
should know when to press what to make it sound right. Too bad
the organ has so much of a carryover sound, or else it would be
much better!


Forbidden Magic:    Ultima, Meteor
Non-Elemetal Magic: Flare, Demi, Holy

Part A: From Enemies

Drawing spells from enemies is probably your best bet to stock up on
rare magic. Before you go into battle, make sure your MAG stats are
high. The higher they are, the more spells you'll be able to draw from
your enemy. 

If your MAG stats are high enough, you can possibly draw 9 spells 
(maximum) per turn, thus requiring only 12 turns to draw 100 spells 
per character. This is ESPECIALLY important if the enemy you are
fighting is a boss (Such as Ultima Weapon) and will not appear again.

Requirement Note: The numbers presented are the levels the -enemy-
                  must be at, NOT you. Since the enemy's level usually
                  differs from yours, use Scan ability to check. If
                  you are at low levels, use Tonberry's LEV UP ability.

Abadon              Flare                L30+
Bahamut             Flare                N/A
Behemoth            Flare                L40+
Catoblepas          Meteor               N/A
Diablos             Demi, Holy           N/A, L30+
Edea (2nd round)    Demi                 N/A
Jumbo Cactuar       Demi                 N/A
Krysta              Holy                 N/A
Lefty               Demi                 LV30+
Malboro             Demi                 LV20+
Mobile Type 8       Flare                N/A
Omega Weapon        Flare, Holy, Meteor  N/A
Red Giant           Demi                 N/A
Ruby Dragon         Demi; Flare; Meteor  L35+, L45+
Sorceress (c)       Flare; Holy          N/A
Tiamat              Flare                N/A
Torama              Demi                 N/A
Tri-Face            Flare                L30+
UFO                 Demi                 N/A
Ultima Weapon       Ultima               N/A

Part B: Regular Draw Points

Regular draw points are found in towns, caves, etc. They are 
sometimes visible, and sometimes not. There are very few draw points 
for desirable magic in this section, and they are not to be relied 
on. I suggest drawing magic from enemies (Part A) and world map
draw points (Part C) for the majority portion of your magic stock.

Notes: If a draw point is hidden, you will need to equip Siren's 
       Move-Find ability in order to draw from it. If it is unseen,
       then that means it is hidden behind something, like a
       cupboard, machine, etc. Be prepared to search.

Demi        Balamb Garden: Cafeteria         Hidden
Ultima      FH: Mayor's House Upstairs       Unseen
Holy        White SeeD Ship: Cabin           N/A
Meteor      Great Salt Lake: High Ledge      Hidden
Flare       Esthar: Dr. Odine's Lobby        N/A
Meteor      Lunar Base: Ellone's Room        Unseen
Meteor      Lunatic Pandora: Staircase       N/A
Holy        Lunatic Pandora: Crystal Halls   N/A
Ultima      Lunatic Pandora: Crystal Halls   *
Flare       Ultimecia's Castle: Outside      Hidden
Meteor      Ultimecia's Castle: Terrace      Hidden
Ultima      Ultimecia's Castle: Armory       Hidden
Holy        Ultimecia's Castle: Vault        N/A
Ultima      Shumi Village                    5000 G
Ultima      Deep Sea Deposit                 N/A

* The Ultima draw point in Lunatic Pandora requires you to 
  pick up the first "Old key" item as Laguna during the
  excavation scene in order to become accessible as Squall.
  It is also hidden.

Part C: World Map Draw Points

World map draw points are all hidden, even with the Move-Find
ability. While this makes finding them difficult, it's absolutely
worth it. There are many places on the world map to draw rare

There are two particularly important places - the Island Closest 
to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell. I've drawn the maps for 
these two places as accurate as I could. I'm not an expert at 
drawing with slashes and underscores, so please, use them as a 
reference only, not as exact maps. I've noted ALL draw points 
on these islands because the spells on these islands are 
extremely valuable for the most part, even though they may not
be what we are looking for.

The spells on these islands recover very fast. So come back and
check on them frequently. Usually a side quest is long enough for
most of them to be drawn from again.

I suggest equipping Diablos' "Enc-None" ability before you tackle 
these islands. Otherwise you will get into a random battle about 
every four seconds, which can become frustrating and slows your 
process of stocking magic tremendously.

For world map draw points in other areas, I will describe its 
relative location to the best of my ability, but be prepared to
search around a bit.

- C1: Island Closest to Heaven
- C2: Island Closest to Hell
- Ce: Other Locations


Location: Northeastern-most island on the world map. Near a 
          Chocobo Forest on the Esthar continent.
               /     /
              /  8 9/
/^^^^\   /~~~~     / 
\  1  \_/   5     a\ 
 \2    4       6    \
  \_3      b    7   e\
    \_c               |
      \_       d     f\
        \g             |
         \h   i   r    \
          \             |
           \j         q  \
            \k  l  m     |
             \__     o    \
                \ n/~~\    | 
                 ~~    \  p\
Draw Points KEY C1

1. Tornado    b. Quake      l. Flare
2. Triple     c. Meteor     m. Aura
3. Full-Life  d. Holy       n. Triple
4. Quake      e. Aura       o. Full-Life
5. Meteor     f. Holy       p. Ultima
6. Flare      g. Tornado    q. Meteor
7. Flare      h. Triple     r. Ultima
8. Holy       i. Full-Life  
9. Aura       j. Tornado    
a. Ultima     k. Quake


Location: Southwestern-most island on the western continent
          where Galbadia, Deling City, Dollet, Winhill, and
          Timber are located. Near Galbadia Missile Base.

                 _/  \
                /    |
               /h  i/ 
              /    /
             /f g |    /\  __
            /e    \___/  \/ n\__
           /        j     m   o/
          /    d              |
         /   c    k   l      p/
        /b    /~~~\   /~\q   /
       /    a/     \  |  ~~~~
      /8    9|      |r\
     /       /      | /
    /5   /\7/      /s /
   |   6/  ~      |t u\
  /    /          |   |
  |   |          /v  w|
 /3  4/          ~~~~~
 |   /
/ 2 |
|  /

Draw Points KEY C2

1. Meteor     b. Aura       l. Meteor     v. Triple
2. Holy       c. Triple     m. Triple     w. Full-Life
3. Aura       d. Ultima     n. Ultima
4. Ultima     e. Ultima     o. Flare
5. Triple     f. Flare      p. Aura
6. Full-Life  g. Aura       q. Triple
7. Holy       h. Holy       r. Full-Life
8. Meteor     i. Meteor     s. Aura
9. Meteor     j. Full-Life  t. Holy
a. Triple     k. Ultima     u. Flare

C2: Other Locations

Make sure you have some TIME on your hands before attempting to find
these vague locations. I suggest skipping this section altogether
unless you are in DIRE NEED for spells and you've drawn from all the 
enemies and other draw points you could find.

Holy           Very close to Edea's House
Demi           Southern beach at Northeastern Centra.
Flare          Near Esthar Airstation, where the ocean
               pushes into land the most.
Ultima         Very close to Tears' Point.
Holy           Southeastern beath on the peninsula
               where Sorceress Memorial is located.
Meteor         Northwestern beach on the peninsula
               where Sorceress Memorial is located.
Ultima         Northeastern portion of Esthar
               continent, near the middle where there
               is a small peninsula.
Meteor         Northeastern portion of Esthar
               continent, tip of top peninsula.
Flare          A bit to the left of Trabia Garden.
Flare          On the small peninsula to the left of
               Trabia Garden.
Ultima         A bit to the right of Winhill.


Below are some common questions about Angel Wing, and answers. If
I'm not absolutely sure about an answer, I will post it.

Q: Can you cast Double/Triple on Rinoa when she's in Angel Wing?

A: NO, unfortunately not. I WISH she could use 3 Meteors in a role,
   but she can't. Even though she DOES use magic, technically Angel
   Wing is a LIMIT BREAK, which is equal to a physical attack, not
   magic. Double/Triple only works on magic. Though the idea is nice.
   She would totally dominate the world then!

Q: Does spell selection have a certain pattern?

A: No. Each spell has a particular percentage chance of being casted,
   depending on probably many factors and changes every time. It
   does not come in a certain pattern. Many times I see Rinoa casting
   the same spell over and over again. I have some common behaviors
   listed in Section III. Please see it for more information.

Q: My Rinoa is using [Insert spell name] over and over again! How do
   I fix this?

A: Remove her entire stock of that spell you don't want her to cast
   from her inventory, and she won't use it ever again.

Q: Can Rinoa exceed the maximum damage (9,999 HP) barrier with Angel

A: Technically, no. If she could, I'm betting Ultima would do more
   than 30,000 damage. But there's a much better way. Use the Meteor
   trick described in Section V and she'll do more on average 60,000
   damage per turn. It's certainly worth a try.

Q: Do I have to get Rinoa's ultimate weapon or other items in order
   to use the Meteor trick?

A: NO! And that's what's so great about this. You don't have to worry
   about weapons, items, mugging, whatever. You get this limit break
   automatically in disc 3, and all you need are some Meteors and GF
   abilities. If you're playing a low-level game, this is perfect for
   you. For any other high-damaging attack, you'd have to go through
   a ton of trouble, like turning enemies into cards and modding them
   into required materials, etc. etc. This one is the easiest trick
   I know!

Q: What if I still have a question?

A: You can email me. HOWEVER, only questions about Angel Wing! I don't
   know enough to be of help about any other limit break, Angelo Combine 
   included. I will try to answer any additional questions about Angel
   Wing that you may have. Though if it's not in this guide, I probably 
   don't know either. But feel free to ask, since I'm always researching.
   On one condition - you have to give me permission to post your 
   question on this FAQ if too many people asks it. That's not too much
   to ask, is it? My email is <iiisherry@aol.com>. NO IM's PLEASE! My
   computer can't take much of it.


Ok, it's time to close this guide up. Playing FF8 was fun, and making 
this guide was great. I certainly hope this will help you on your journey 
in Final Fantasy 8, as Angel Wing is truly an interesting and useful
limit break. If any of my information is incorrect, let me know and I'll
check it up. The information in Section III was based on MY test results
only and may not work the same for you. Please don't ask about those.
They serve only as a hypothetical figure as the probable range.

This guide was written for personal use only and may not be commercially 
distributed by any means. I do give permission to post the guide 
anywhere as long as it's not sold for money, and please don't claim it 
as yours. I also ask that you post this guide IN ITS ENTIRETY, including 
CREDITS. This is because this guide was not my effort alone. I had the 
help of some very nice people, and that's what made making this guide a 
possibility. So please give them credit! Thanks!


Due to spammers, email addresses of these people shall not be given
out. Privacy is important! If you need to talk to them and they are
on Gamefaqs, seek out their profile. If they are not on Gamefaqs,
sorry, I can't help you.

>   Final Fantasy VIII is made by SquareSoft Inc. I thank them for 
    making this great game, or else no FAQ or fun shall exist!

>   Sony Playstation 1 and 2 are made by Sony... duh. They're great
    consoles, keep it up!

>   GF Ability info, stats, maps, draw points, etc. comes from the 
    Final Fantasy VIII official strategy guide by David Cassady. 
    It was a lot of help, thanks!

>   Fellow FF8 Gamefaqs board member Hooloovoo22 suggested the Meteor
    trick to begin with, and that's why I ended up writing this FAQ.
    Thanks so much!

>   The Admiral and TripleMeteor (both Gamefaqs members) posted a
    LOT of helpful information. Many thanks to them!

>   Thanks to IkariWarriorKH for helping me A LOT and testing for
    patterns, errors, etc. Thanks very much!  

>   Other board members who helped are silent striker 29, mathfreq,
    and OmniFreak85. Thanks for your time!

>   Rocky, Katie, and those other FF8 fans for testing recommendations 
    in my FAQ and checking to see that they are mostly accurate!

>   Thanks to Meghan for proofreading this entire document!

>   Thanks to Gamefaqs user Trepie, who corrected a bunch of grammer
    mistakes for me!


From 1.1 to 1.2
- Added section on Omega Weapon
- Updated some stat boosting strategy
- Corrected some incorrect information
- Discarded impossible strategies

From 1.0 to 1.1
- Added section on where to draw forbidden magic
- Updated newly gained information in numerous sections
- Corrected some incorrect information
- Corrected some grammer errors
- Disgarded certain controversial information
- Added to credits

The End! Thanks for sticking with me! Good luck in FF8.

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