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PuPu FAQ by CNash

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/20/03

Final Fantasy VIII - PuPu FAQ
Sony PlayStation or PC
Written by CNash
Version 2.0
February 2003

USAGE GUIDE (the legal stuff)

This FAQ may not be redistributed in any way, shape or form (including 
magazine articles and cover disks) without prior written consent of CNash 
(Chris Nash), and even so, must not be re-typed or corrected in any way. 
Non-compliance with these terms is a violation of copyright. Conversion to 
HTML format is prohibited. If you wish to host this FAQ, please e-mail me 
and I might agree to it.

November 2002 - First Release - obviously, the first release.
December 2002 - some points are clarified. New information is maked with 
[NEW!] or [Amended]. Added an easier way to see which GFs learn which 
abilities - see below.


1.) Purpose of this FAQ
2.) PuPu Biography
3.) Encountering the UFO
4.) Fighting the UFO
    a.) UFO?'s Vital Statistics
5.) Encountering PuPu
    a.) Obtaining the PuPu Card
    b.) Obtaining the Accelerator
    c.) PuPu's Vital Statistics
6.) Uses of the PuPu Card
7.) Uses of the Accelerator
8.) Where to find Elixirs
9.) The Moai

1.) Purpose of this FAQ

This FAQ gives all the information you could ever want concerning PuPu, the 
rare monster in Final Fantasy VIII. All of the information in this guide 
applies to both the PlayStation and the PC versions of the game.
This FAQ is virtually spoiler-free - if you didn't know that Balamb Garden
becomes mobile, or that you eventually get the Ragnarok, sorry!

Whenever a GF's ability is listed, the GF that learns it naturally is shown
in {these brackets} after the ability name.

As a side note, if you are playing a No-Junction game, you are unable to
complete this sidequest, as it requires the use of the Item command.

2.) PuPu Biography

PuPu is a small, blue alien. He stands a little less than half as tall as 
your characters, has an antenna on his head, and two swirly eyes. The 
existance of PuPu remains a mystery - who is he, and why did he come to the 
FF8 planet? It could be that he is on a stereotypical alien mission to 
collect local artifacts which are then taken back to his homeworld for study. 
Squall's group encounter PuPu, in his spaceship, in four different places 
around the world. They then encounter the spaceship itself, and damage it 
severely, causing it to explode. When they find the ailen inside, they must 
help him by feeding him the strongest recovery item. PuPu is never seen 

3.) Encountering the UFO

As mentioned before, there are four encounters with the UFO.

[NEW!] Mercurius has informed me that they do not have to be undertaken in
this order, as he started with Kashkabald Desert and went from there. While
testing the information in this FAQ, I ran around in Kashkabald Desert for
five minutes without getting the UFO, but once I had done the first two,
the encounter happened as soon as I got out of the Ragnarok. So maybe the
order of the encounters changes with each game? More testing is required.

Run around in these areas of the world map:

 • The area around Winhill - Winhill is located on the southernmost part of 
   the Galbadia continent. You may visit this area as soon as Balamb Garden 
   becomes mobile, on Disc 2.

 • Mandy Beach, near Timber. It's to the right of the large forest near Obel 
   Lake. Check the menu if you're unsure of your location. You may visit this 
   area as soon as you finish the Timber mission on Disc 1.

 • Kashkabald Desert. This location is on the Centra continent, but is 
   listed as being in Esthar. It's on the large area at the end of the main 
   part of the continent, at the opposite end from Edea's House. You may 
   visit this location as soon as Balamb Garden becomes mobile, on Disc 2.

 • Heath Peninsula, in Trabia. Get directly in-between Trabia Garden and the 
   large crater to the south, then head east - it's the curved peninsula near 
   Grandidi Forest. Note that the encounter isn't on the main beachy part of 
   the peninsula, but is actually on the small green island to the north-
   east. You may visit this area as soon as you have the Ragnarok, on disc 3.
   Balamb Garden is unable to ride across to this island - sorry about the 
   earlier mistake.

To encounter the UFO, it is not necessary to equip Enc-None {Diablos}, but 
this means that you'll probably have to fight loads of enemies before 
encountering the UFO. The UFO will show up regardless of whether you 
have Enc-None equipped or not.

You'll know it's the alien when there is no monster cry at the start of the 
battle. No enemy will appear - the UFO will fly past, from left to right, 
carrying a certain object. This object will have something to do with where 
you are:

Winhill: A cow.
Mandy Beach: A Moai (see "The Moai" later in this FAQ for more info).
Kashkabald Desert: A pyramid.
Heath Peninsula: Some kind of plant.

4.) Fighting the UFO

Once all four UFO sightings have been encountered, head to Grandidi Forest - 
that's the huge forested area on the Trabia/Esthar border. This 
requires the Ragnarok, obtained on Disc 3.

Once in Grandidi Forest, flying above it, you should notice a round Chocobo 
Forest. This is Chocobo Holy. Now fly outside of the forest, on the right-
hand side, and locate the Island Closest to Heaven. Simply land on all of the 
islands until you find the right one - the menu will tell you your location. 
Fly and land atop the cliff directly between Chocobo Holy and the Island 
Closest to Heaven. Run around here, not in the forest, and you'll fight the 

a.) UFO?'s Vital Statistics

The UFO's proper name is actually "UFO?". The Scan data for UFO? is as 

HP Bar - High.
Str Bar - Medium-low.
Int Bar - Low.
Dex Bar - Medium-low.
Def Bar - Low.
Spi Bar - Low.
Eva Bar - Low.

Unidentified flying
object from outer

(Note that UFO? follows the standard level-up pattern, and will be of a 
similar level to your party. It was Lv.38 when I fought it, and had 2308 

 • UFO? will not attack your party, or do anything at all.
 • It can be given the following status conditions:
   Protect, Shell, Double, Triple, Aura, Vit 0.
 • It cannot be given the following status conditions:
   Zombie, Blind, Instant Death, Slow, Haste, Petrify, Poison.
 • UFO? will take damage from Drain or Absorb, but will not give you the HP.
 • It can be affected by Demi, Diablos and Micro Missiles.
 • It cannot be Carded using the Card command {Quezacotl}.
 • You may draw Demi from UFO?
 • UFO? will drop an Aegis Armlet as a prize after battle. It has no items to 
   be Mugged for {Diablos, Bahamut}. It cannot be Devoured {Eden}.

5.) Encountering PuPu

Once the UFO is destroyed, fly to the crater where Balamb Garden once stood. 
Land there, and run around the edge of this crater until you encounter PuPu.

a.) Obtaining the PuPu Card

Pupu will ask you for Elixirs. Make sure you have at least five of them in 
your inventory, and also make sure that at least one of your party members 
is equipped with the Item command. Remember - if you run away, you cannot
find him again.

Pupu will say:
"Elixir please!"

This is your cue to feed him an Elixir. It will restore his 10 HP.

Pupu will then say:
"More Elixir, please!"

This is your cue to feed him a second Elixir. PuPu will continue to say "More 
Elixir, please!" - or if you wait too long, "Elixir please!" - until you have 
fed him a total of five Elixirs.

PuPu will then say:
"Thank you!"

The battle will end without playing the victory fanfare. You will receive 
zero EXP, the PuPu Card, and zero AP.

b.) Obtaining the Accelerator

PuPu has 10 HP. Kill him and you will receive zero EXP, an Accelerator, and 
zero AP. If you do this, you will never be able to obtain the PuPu Card.

c.) PuPu's Vital Statistics

The Scan data for PuPu is as follows:

All stat bars are low.

An alien from
another planet.
Someone destroyed
its UFO, and the
alien is in need of

(Again, PuPu will level up as you do, but his HP will never exceed 10.)

 • PuPu will not attack your party - instead, he will keep prompting you for
   Elixirs, regardless of what you're doing to him.
 • He can be given the following stats conditions:
   Aura, Double, Triple, Protect, Shell.
 • He cannot be given any negative status, nor can he be given Haste, and he
   cannot be instantly killed.
 • He will take damage (and be killed by) Drain, but will not give you the
 • He can be affected by Demi, Diablos and Micro Missiles.
 • He cannot be Carded by the Card command.
 • He is not affected by Degenerator.
 • You may draw Fire, Blizzard, Thunder and Cure from him at low levels, and 
   their mid and high-level equivalents as he levels up.
 • PuPu will drop either the PuPu Card or one Accelerator after battle - see 
   above. He has nothing to Mug.
 • [NEW!] PuPu can be Devoured - use Demi, Diablos or Micro Missiles to lower 
   his HP - and will give you a bonus of 1 to the casting character's 
   Speed stat. This is not reccomended, as it counts as a kill, and won't 
   get you the PuPu card.
 • PuPu will not respond to anything other than an Elixir - even if you give 
   him a Megalixir, he'll still want Elixirs.

6.) Uses of the PuPu Card

(Most of the info in this section is [NEW!])

The PuPu card is a normal Triple Triad playing card. It has the numbers:

2     A

Using Card Mod {Quezacotl}, you may refine it into one Hungry 

The Hungry Cookpot can be used to teach one GF the Devour command. This 
allows you to eat an enemy in exchange for stat bonuses or various HP healing 
The Hungry Cookpot can be refined into one Shaman Stone using Tool-RF 
{Siren}. There are four possible uses of the Shaman Stone.

 • Use as an item to increase compatability with Bahamut by 3.
 • Collect 10 and refine into 1 Holy War-Trial with Forbid Med-RF {Doomtrain}
 • Refine into 1 Rosetta Stone with GFAbl Med-RF {Eden}
 • Refine into 1 LuvLuvG with Tool-RF {Siren}

Of these, I'd suggest refining it into a Rosetta Stone. This teaches
Abilityx4, one of the most useful GF Abilities. The others can be obtained
easily - you'll learn Devour from Eden, get Holy Wars (better than Trials)
from the Gilgamesh card, and get LuvLuvGs from the Chubby Chocobo card -
all of which are easier to obtain than getting more than one Hungry Cookpot.

Remember - if you refine the PuPu card, you cannot get it back. This 
card is unique, and will not be played by either the Card Queen or the CC 
Group aboard the Ragnarok on Disc 4. Although, if you do choose to mod it, 
you'll still get the star beside your Card menu if you have all the other
cards - the game will give you it if you have had at least one of each card
in your inventory at any time.

7.) Uses of the Accelerator

If you chose to end poor PuPu's life, the only spoil you'll get is the 
Accelerator. This can do one of four things:

 • Teach one GF the Auto-Haste command.
 • Collect 49 more and refine into one Spd Up with Forbid Med-RF {Doomtrain}.
 • Collect 9 more and refine into one Rocket Engine with GFAbl Med-RF {Eden}.
 • Refine into 100 Haste magic using Time Mag-RF {Diablos}.

Since you can refine three Accelerators from the Kiros card, and also refine 
ten Spd-J Scrolls into one of them, this is a very poor payoff.

8.) Where to find Elixirs

The Elixir is the item you need to feed PuPu if he is to give you his card. 
Elixirs aren't as rare as you might think - Elvoret on Disc 1 and Biggs on 
Disc 2 will drop them when they're defeated. You can also refine them using 
many methods. The two most common ways to get Elixirs are:

 • Buy them from Johnny's Shop in Esthar. This shop may be closed at first,
   but enter repeatedly and you will be able to shop there. They normally 
   cost 50,000 gil, but this can be reduced with Haggle {Tonberry}. 
   Johnny's Shop shows up as "Esthar Shop!!!" in Tonberry's Call Shop menu.
 • Refine Angelo's Card (win from Watts when you meet him on Disc 1 or 3). 
   This nets you 100 Elixirs, more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest 
   of PuPus.

9.) The Moai

What are the Moai, and why am I mentioning them here?

The Moai are the large stone heads that you can see on Easter Island, a small 
island off the west coast of South America. Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 
programmers try and sneak in objects that bear a resemblence to the Moai 
heads in many Final Fantasies.

 • In FF4, it's on the moon.
 • In FF5, it's underwater.
 • In FF7, it's visible both in the Great Glacier and in the background of 
   the Chocobo races.
 • In FF8, the UFO is towing it away during the encounter at Mandy Beach.

There is also another theory - in 1976, a space mapping team found a hill 
that looks very much like the Moai heads, as depicted later on in the FF 


My gratitude and general "thank yous" go to:

 • Mercurius and The Admiral at the FF8 Gameplay Board for clarifying
   and correcting several points from the earlier release.
 • The Final Fantasy Compendium (http://www.ffcompendium.com) for the 
   information about the Moai heads. Instructor Aki DOES have a presence
   in FF8, dammit!
 • Everyone who's asked about the PuPu sidequest on the FF8 Message
   Board at GameFAQs - you inspired me to write this! Now, let's hope that
   nobody ever asks a question about this again, and instead of bugging us,
   refers straight to this FAQ! (heh).

Finally, thank you for reading.

*All Final Fantasy trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to Squaresoft.*

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