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SeeD Rank Guide by Admiral

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/03/02

|                          FINAL FANTASY VIII                         |
|                                                                     |
|                           SEED RANK GUIDE                           |
|                             Version 1.3                             |
|                                                                     |
|                            By The Admiral                           |
|                     Email: Admiral1018@yahoo.com                    |

The SeeD rank system is one of the most pervasive elements of Final 
Fantasy VIII.  Yet, despite its substantial presence in the game, there 
is surprisingly little accurate information available on how it works.  
You can find a large and varying amount of writing about this topic in 
FAQs and on different websites, but none of them, to date, come close 
to accurately explaining how these ranks are calculated and what really 
affects them.

This guide explains how SeeD ranks are calculated, what factors affect 
this calculation, how and when you are paid, and which events in the 
game will affect your rank.  Some of the explanations for the SeeD rank 
mechanics may be slightly technical, so a shortened, non-technical 
description can be found in the "Quick Summary" section at the end of 
the guide.  

Please note that this guide also assumes you have completed the game or 
at least have a good deal of familiarity with the game play and story 
line.  This guide does contain some plot spoilers, particularly in the 
"Fixed SeeD Events" section, so please keep that in mind if you haven't 
completed Final Fantasy VIII yet.

DISCLAIMER                                                        SR00
This FAQ is meant for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for 
commercial use under any circumstances.  No portions of this guide may 
be reproduced, in part or in entirety, without the consent of the 
author.  If you would like to use any part of this guide in your FAQ or 
website, I will probably give you permission if you ask, but you must 
ask first (Email: Admiral1018@yahoo.com). Final Fantasy VIII and all 
characters are copyright of Squaresoft.

CONTENTS                                                           SR01
To jump to any section of this guide quickly, click the Edit option on 
the toolbar, then go to Find and type in the index number listed in the 
right column.


HOW SEED RANKS ARE CALCULATED......................................SR02
DETERMINING SEED EXPERIENCE........................................SR03
CALCULATING WHEN YOU ARE PAID......................................SR04

FIXED SEED EVENTS..................................................SR06

SEED EXAMS.........................................................SR07
SEED SALARY........................................................SR08

QUICK SUMMARY......................................................SR08
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.........................................SR09

REVISION HISTORY...................................................SR10

HOW SEED RANKS ARE CALCULATED                                      SR02
The game determines your SeeD rank based on an unobservable variable 
known as "SeeD experience."  SeeD experience works on a 100 point scale 
per rank, and your current rank, when updated, is equal to [SeeD 
experience/100], rounded down.  For example, if your SeeD experience is 
2510, you will be at SeeD rank 25; once it reaches 2600, you will be 
promoted to level 26.  SeeD rank A is reached at 3100 experience.

There are four things that affect your SeeD experience:
1.) For each enemy that one of your characters defeats, your SeeD  
     experience goes up by one.
2.) Each time you are paid, your SeeD experience goes down by 10.
3.) Each time you take a SeeD exam, your SeeD experience is rounded up  
     to the next rank.
4.) Fixed events in the game will raise or lower you SeeD rank.  When  
     this happens, your SeeD experience is increased by a specified 
     amount for the event (usually 100 SeeD experience).  A few of 
     these fixed events are: the Timber train mission, Missile Base 
     mission, Shumi village quest, getting scolded by Instructor Aki.  
     A complete listing of these events can be found in the "Fixed SeeD 
     Events" section of this guide.

In short, you can raise your SeeD rank by taking tests or killing 
enemies.  Enemies killed by GFs do not count towards your SeeD 
experience, but enemies killed by Odin, Gilgamesh, or Phoenix do.  
Running from battle does not have any effect on your SeeD experience.  
Your rank will fall naturally if you are paid enough times and your 
SeeD experience falls below the threshold for the next rank down.

Taking a SeeD test raises your SeeD experience exactly enough to take 
you to the next rank.  This means that it doesn't matter whether your 
experience is 2500 or 2599 when you take a SeeD test -- in both cases, 
the test will raise it to 2600.  Therefore, it makes sense to take more 
than one SeeD test at a time, so you get a full 100 experience points 
from additional tests.  Taking SeeD tests once your rank is A will have 
no effect on your SeeD experience.

The SeeD experience scale is capped at 3110.  This explains why your 
rank will often seem to fall from A to 30; unlike other ranks, you 
cannot be part way to the next level up.  Your rank will drop every 
time you reach rank A, unless you kill 10 enemies before the next time 
you are paid.

DETERMINING SEED EXPERIENCE                                        SR03
• The number of kills that are factored into your SeeD experience comes 
directly from your 'Character Report' screen (first upgrade to the 
Battle Meter).  Kills obtained by any character that appears on that 
screen (even Seifer and Edea) will have an effect on your SeeD 
experience.  What is significant when computing your experience is the 
change in those totals from when you are last paid, not the actual 
totals themselves.  
(Note: If you use an editor to lower the number of kills that one of 
your characters has, even if that character is no longer in your party, 
you will see your SeeD rank drop).

• Your characters are credited with a kill if the enemy is defeated in 
any of the following ways: normal attack, limit attack, offensive magic 
attack, Card, Devour, Kamikaze, Chocobo summon (Gysahl Greens), and 
Phoenix summon (Phoenix Pinion).  A kill made in any of these ways will 
count towards your SeeD experience.

• Your characters are NOT credited with kills if the enemy is defeated 
by Doom, Break, Poison damage, Regen damage (if undead or Zombied), or 
any GF summoned by the GF command.  Also, any kills made by an enemy 
you have confused will not count, as well as kills made by magic 
reflected back at the enemy from enemy casters.  A kill made in any of 
these ways will not affect your SeeD experience.

• Running from battle has no effect on your SeeD experience.  If a 
battle has multiple enemies, any enemy defeated before escaping does 
count as a kill and affects your SeeD experience.

• Kills made by Odin, Gilgamesh, or Phoenix are actually credited to 
one of your characters.  The credit goes to the character in the first 
position on the battle screen, even if that character is dead.  These 
kills all count towards your SeeD experience.

• Kills made before you even have a SeeD rank count towards your SeeD 
experience.  This includes any enemies defeated in the Training Center, 
Fire Cavern, or Dollet.

• Kills made during the Laguna dream sequences are credited to the 
character that "becomes" Laguna, Kiros, or Ward.  These kills also 
count towards your SeeD experience.

CALCULATING WHEN YOU ARE PAID                                      SR04
With the exception of SeeD exams and fixed events, changes made to your 
SeeD experience will not affect your rank until the next time you are 
paid.  The SeeD payment schedule is based on the number of steps you 
take, and this total can be found on your 'Battle Report' screen.  

At each payment period, you are paid a fixed amount of gil (a full 
table can be found in the "SeeD Salary" section below).  When the 
payment bar appears, you are deducted 10 SeeD experience and then paid 
for the rank corresponding to that experience level.  If you are paid 
and your rank changes, you will see the first rank appear and then the 
new rank scroll up.  You are paid the value shown on the second number, 
which is your current rank.  If you are paid and take a SeeD Exam 
before the payment bar fades, you will see your new rank scroll up.  
However, since this new rank was attained after you were paid, you 
receive the value denoted by the first number that appeared. 

You are paid each time your characters take 24575 steps.  There does 
not seem to be any randomness to this number at all.  It doesn't matter 
if your SeeD rank is 1 or A, if you are in a dungeon, town, or world 
map.  This figure is constant.  (Where does this number come from?  My 
guess is that it is [2^13 + 2^14]).

The total number of steps reported on the Battle Report screen does not 
tell you anything in itself.  The only thing that matters is the change 
from the last time paid.  Because of this, knowing that it takes 24575 
steps until you are paid next is not very useful unless you are 
tracking your step total at each payment period.

There are some situations where steps are recorded on your Battle 
Report screen but not counted towards payment.  These include the steps 
you take before you have a rank, the Laguna dream sequences, and a few 
of the events where the game moves the characters for you.  The vast 
majority of the time your steps will count, even during most of the 
fixed events and the instances where your characters can move but a CGI 
is playing in the background.
The physical steps you see your characters take do not correspond to 
the number you see on the Battle Report (BR) screen.  Each step you see 
represents a larger number of recorded steps, and the different modes 
of transportation will also increase the number of steps at different 

On the world map, there are different types of movement that correspond 
to the number of steps taken.  Both your character and a chocobo have 
"move" and "turn" animations, and these count as a different number of 
steps on the BR screen.  A "move" is defined as a single, physical step 
forward.  A "turn" is seen when you push the opposite direction from 
the one your character is facing; the character will do a half step and 
change direction slightly.

The number of steps that change on the BR screen with the physical 
movement seen goes as follows:

     Mode        "Move"     "Turn"
     ====        ======     ======
     Character   3 steps    4 steps
     Chocobo     7 steps    8 steps

Steps are also counted when driving cars, and will increase once you 
travel a certain distance in 1 step increments.  Steps are not recorded 
when moving in the Garden or the Ragnarok.

Steps are recorded differently when walking in a town or dungeon.  
Here, it doesn't matter what direction you move in, but only if you run 
or walk. 

     Mode        Run       Walk
     ====        ===       =====
     Character   5 steps   3 steps
Basically, the fastest ways to increase your number of steps are to 
walk on the world map with either a chocobo or to drive an automobile.  
Walking around with your character on the world map is clearly the 
slowest way.

Your starting SeeD rank is based on your performance during the Fire 
Cave mission and the Dollet SeeD missions.  Your course of action in 6 
different areas determines what your starting rank is.  These areas 
are: Conduct, Judgment, Attack, Spirit, Attitude, and Bonus.  The 
maximum number of points you can earn for each category is 100, and the 
minimum and maximum scores you can have are 10 and 600, respectively.  
Your starting SeeD rank will be anywhere from 1 to 10 depending on your 
performance during the Fire Cave and Dollet missions.

This category measures how promptly you follow the order to withdraw 
from Dollet.  The more time left on the timer when you return to the 
shore, the higher your score will be.  The timer stops either when the 
CGI video of the X-ATM092 starts or when you reach Quistis at the ship.  
The scoring goes as follows:

     Remaining         Score
     =========         =====
     25:00 or more     100 
     24:59-24:00       90 
     23:59-23:00       80 
     22:59-20:00       70 
     19:59-19:00       60 
     18:59-17:00       50 
     16:59-15:00       40 
     14:59-10:00       30 
     9:50-6:00         20 
     5:59-3:00         10 
     2:59-0:00         0

This measures how well you can estimate the time needed to defeat Ifrit 
during the Fire Cave mission.  The less time you have remaining on the 
clock after Ifrit is defeated and the GF naming screen has ended, the 
higher your score will be.  It does not matter which of the four times 
you choose when entering, only how much time is left at the end.  

Whether it is a bug or not, the timer for this mission ends only after 
Ifrit is named, not when the battle ends, as most sources report.  This 
means that, despite it no longer being shown, the timer still counts 
down during the experience, battle items, and naming Ifrit screens.  
Fortunately, you cannot receive a "Game Over" if the timer expires 
after defeating Ifrit, but you can let it count down to zero for a full 
100 points.  To take advantage of this, kill Ifrit and note the time 
left on the clock.  Now, once the battle screen pops up, wait the 
amount of time you saw remaining on the clock (or slightly more, just 
to be sure).  You should be able to easily and safely get the maximum 
points on this section by following this method.

If you don't want to exploit the way the timer works, you can still get 
the highest score in this category by dealing the finishing blow to 
Ifrit with between 20 to 12 seconds remaining.  His dialogue and 
animation after defeat take about 10 seconds, and you will have a Game 
Over if the timer runs down while he is speaking.  This is not as safe 
as letting the timer run down after battle, but it is a little more 
challenging.  The scoring for this section goes as follows:

     Remaining         Score
     =========         =====
     0:00-0:07         100
     0:08-0:29         90
     0:30-0:59         80
     1:00-1:59         70
     2:00-2:59         60
     3:00-9:59         50
     10:00-10:59       40
     11:00-11:59       30
     12:00-12:59       20
     13:00-13:59       10
     14:00-14:59       5 
     15:00 or more     0

Your score in this section is based on how many enemies you defeat 
during the Dollet mission.  The more enemies you defeat, the higher 
your score will be.  Any kills made by Squall, Zell, Selphie, or Seifer 
will count.  Defeating any of the bosses in Dollet also counts towards 
your total.  When fighting the X-ATM092, you will receive credit for 
one kill the first time you lower its HP to zero in each battle; you 
will not receive credit for a kill by lowering its HP to zero again in 
the same fight.  This section uses the same criteria for defining a 
kill as is used when tabulating SeeD experience.  The scoring goes as 

     Number of
     Enemies Defeated     Score
     ================     =====
     75 or more           100
     25-74                80
     20-24                50
     15-19                30
     10-14                20
     0-9                  0

The Spirit score depends on how many times you run from a battle during 
the Dollet mission.  Each time you run from the X-ATM092, including the 
first, counts as an escape.  To get a perfect score, therefore, the 
only time you can run from a battle is the first encounter with the X-
ATM092, which is the only mandatory encounter.  

It takes a little work, but it is possible to avoid running into the X-
ATM092 more than once.  On the screen with Selphie's cliff jump, make a 
sharp enough turn and you will avoid it.  On the next screen down, hold 
the button to walk and the X-ATM won't appear; if you run, you will 
encounter it every time.  On the bridge, go to the right until the X-
ATM jumps over you.  While it is in the air, start running left.  When 
it tries to jump over you going left, start running right again while 
it is in mid-air.  You should be able to clear the bridge at this 

Here are the scoring criteria for Sprit:

     Number of
     Escapes       Score
     =========     =====
     1             100
     2             70
     3-4           50
     5-9           30
     10 or more    0

Your attitude score measures how closely you follow the guidelines for 
action during a SeeD mission.  Unlike the others, Attitude starts at 
100 and is decreased each time you violate one of the rules of conduct.  
These rules, for the most part, are rather arbitrary and never fully 
explained in the game itself.  Note that if you defeat the X-ATM092, 
the 'Attitude' category is replaced by the 'Point(s) Deducted' category 
on your SeeD Rank Report.  As far as I can tell, this is a bug, as the 
score that appears in that slot is calculated the same way as your 
attitude score and is always positive.

There are a large number of rumors present in various guides about what 
actions affect your Attitude score.  Below is a list of all the correct 
actions, along with the number of penalty points each carries.  You 
lose points each time you perform the action, not just the first.  You 
are deducted for the following:

 • Talking to almost anyone from the time Squall changes into his SeeD 
   uniform.  This includes Cid, the instructors, and residents in the 
   town of Balamb, members from the other training teams, and the 
   Dollet soldiers.  Do not talk to any of the members in the submarine 
   when given the choice.  You will not be deducted for talking to 
   members currently in your party.  You are only required to talk once 
   during the entire mission, and this is to Seifer in the Town Square 
   [1 deduction]
 • Disregarding Sefier's order in the submarine [1 deduction]
 • Moving towards the Comm Tower when stationed in the Town Square 
   before Seifer orders you to [1 deduction]
 • Talking to Biggs after you defeat him [2 deductions]
 • Using Selphie's cliff jump [5 deductions]
 • Failing to save the dog from the X-ATM092 (press 'talk' to save 
   it) [10 deductions]
 • Hiding in the cafe when the X-ATM092 passes [20 deductions]

Despite what you may read otherwise, you are NOT deducted for any of 
the following:
 • If you chose to walk around instead of using Selphie's cliff 
   jump, she will ask you why you didn't jump off the cliff.  It 
   doesn't matter which response you give once Zell questions you.
 • Leaving the Town Square with Seifer at zero HP, or having any   
   members of your team killed off at any time has no affect on your 
 • On your way to the Comm Tower, you will enter a battle with an 
   Anacondaur.  Seifer says to save the killing blow for him.  It 
   doesn't matter whether you let him get it or not.
 • On your way back from the Comm Tower (if you defeat the X-ATM092 or 
   let it pass), Zell will scold you if you try to go back.  You don't 
   receive any deductions for this.
 • When you return to Balamb Garden, Cid will ask you how it felt to be 
   in battle.  It doesn't matter which response you give him.

You can calculate your score based on the number of deductions you 
received from the table below:

     Deductions     Score 
     ==========     ===== 
     0              100 
     1-8            80 
     9-13           70 
     14-17          50 
     18-24          30 
     25 or more     10

You will receive a 100 point bonus on your SeeD rank report if you 
manage to defeat the X-ATM092.  It is possible to defeat it, and you 
can accomplish this in any battle except the first.  For more details 
on how to defeat the X-ATM, see the "Frequently Asked Questions" 
section below.  Note that if you defeat the X-ATM092, the 'Attitude' 
category is changed to the 'Point(s) Deducted' category on your SeeD 
rank report.

Tabulating Your Rank
Translating your actual actions on the SeeD mission into a final SeeD 
rank is not very easy, and, surprisingly, the score you receive on the 
SeeD Rank Report is not used to determine your starting rank.  Each set 
of actions have a specific point modifier that is used to determine 
your rank but never shows up in the course of the game.  

In the tables below, "SeeD Score" is the total you will visibly see on 
the SeeD Rank Report, while the "Modifier" category is the value used 
in calculating your rank.  Note that there can be several different 
modifiers at the same SeeD Score (Attitude in particular, which has 
increasing penalties even after you've received the minimum score of 

After finding your score from the modifier table below, the following 
formula is used to compute your rank:

  Initial Rank = ([500 + Sum of Modifiers]/100) + Bonus

Basically, to find your rank, start with 500, add all the modifiers you 
receive, then divide by 100.  If you defeated the X-ATM092, the "Bonus" 
variable will be 1, thereby raising your SeeD rank a whole level.  If 
you didn't kill it, the "Bonus" is zero, which has no effect on your 
rank.  The resulting value is then rounded appropriately up or down to 
generate the SeeD score you receive.  Any values below 1 will set equal 
to 1, and any values above 10 will be set equal to 10.

Here are the modifier tables for each category.  Credit goes to 
CzarDragon for looking into the game to come up with this information, 
which has all been verified through actual testing.


Time              SeeD         Conduct
Remaining         Score        Modifier
=========         =====        ========
25:00 or more     100          80 
24:59-24:00       90           70
23:59-23:00       80           60
22:59-20:00       70           50
19:59-19:00       60           30
18:59-17:00       50           20
16:59-15:00       40           10
14:59-10:00       30           0
9:50-6:00         20           -30
5:59-3:00         10           -50
2:59-0:00         0            -100


Time              SeeD         Judgment
Remaining         Score        Modifier
=========         =====        ========
0:00-0:07         100          100
0:08-0:29         90           80 
0:30-0:59         80           70
1:00-1:59         70           50
2:00-2:59         60           30
3:00-9:59         50           0
10:00-10:59       40          -50
11:00-11:59       30          -60
12:00-12:59       20          -70
13:00-13:59       10          -90
14:00-14:59       5           -90
15:00 or more     0           -100


Number of        SeeD         Attack
Enemy Kills      Score        Modifier
===========      =====        ========
75 or more       100          100
50-74            80           75
25-49            80           50
20-24            50           50
15-19            30           0
0-14             20           -50
0-9              0            -100


Number of        SeeD         Spirit
Escapes          Score        Modifier
=========        =====        ========
1                100          100
2                70           50
3-4              50           0
5-9              30           -50
10 or more       0            -100


Total            SeeD        Attitude 
Deductions       Score       Modifier 
==========       =====       ======== 
0                100         100 
1-8              80          70 
9-13             70          50 
14-17            50          30 
18-24            30          0 
25-29            10          -50
30-39            10          -60
40-49            10          -80
50 or more       10          -100

FIXED SEED EVENTS                                                  SR06
There are certain events in the game that will always raise or lower 
your SeeD ranking.  Most of the events alter your rank a full level 
(100 SeeD experience), but some have smaller amounts that you can earn 
depending on your actions.  Your SeeD rank will never go below 1, and 
penalties you receive while your rank is 1 will not carry over to when 
it goes up.  Similarly, any bonuses you receive while your rank is at 
level A will not count.  SeeD events can never push your SeeD 
experience above 3100, even though the cap is 3110.  Here is a listing 
of the fixed events: 

Showing off your Gunblade
Right after the Fire Cave test when you get Ifrit, there will 
occasionally be two students sitting on the floor outside the classroom 
on the 2F of Balamb Garden.  The student on the left will comment that 
Squall and Seifer are gunblade specialists, and ask to see your 
gunblade.  If you show it to him, Instructor Aki will come scold you, 
warning that you will penalized.  When you finally get your SeeD rank 
after the Dollet mission, your rank will have decreased by 1.
Effects: -1 Rank.

Trying to sneak out of Balamb Garden
This event occurs on the night of your SeeD graduation (the night that 
has the CGI scene of the ballroom dance).  Both before and after you go 
to the training center with Quistis, you will be able to walk around 
Balamb Garden.  If you try to leave the Garden from the main entrance, 
the gatekeeper will warn you that it is after hours.  Attempting to 
leave 3 times will result in your SeeD rank decreasing by 1.  You will 
continue to lose one SeeD rank each time you attempt to escape after 
Effects: -1 Rank (Repeatable).

Timber Train Mission
Your rank will change during the presidential train hijacking mission 
depending on how many times you are caught by the sensor guards when 
you are inputting the access codes.  If you escape without being caught 
at all, your rank will go up by one.  If you are caught between 1 and 9 
times, your rank does not change.  If you are caught more than 10 
times, your rank goes down by 1.

       Number of        Effect on 
     Times Detected     SeeD Rank
     ==============     =========
           0             +1 Rank
        1 to 9           No change
      10 or more         -1 Rank

Escape the Tomb of the Unknown King
When you are in the Tomb of the Unknown King, you will have the option 
of automatically leaving by checking the auto-map and pressing the 
cancel button.  Each time you do so, your SeeD rank will go down by 1.  
The game will warn you ahead of time that you will be demoted if you 
opt to escape.
Effects: -1 Rank (Repeatable).

Missile Base Mission
You can increase your SeeD rank by up to 2 levels depending on how you 
perform during the Missile Base mission.  You will face many junctures 
where you are asked to make a decision, but only three of these have 
any bearing on your rank: passing on the correct information to the 
soldiers, choosing to fight or not, and the amount of time you set for 
the self-destruct mechanism.  The change in your SeeD rank is based on 
the number of penalty points you accumulate for your various actions.

Here are some more details on the three areas that are scored during 
the mission:
 • You will receive a small penalty if you relay the wrong message 
   between the two inspectors and the soldier in the  missile hangar.  
   The correct response is the "...to go on ahead" choice.

 • At several points during the mission, you will have the option of 
   talking your way out of a situation or fighting.  This includes the  
   dialogue after you damage the circuit room and the conversation 
   asking you to help move the missile silos.  Choosing to fight at 
   any point will result in the same severe penalty.  You are not 
   penalized in this area if you remain disguised until the mandatory 
   fight in the missile control room.

 • Before you exit the base, you need to set a detonation time on the 
   self-destruct mechanism for anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes.  The 
   longer the time you set, the greater you are penalized.  Note that 
   if you chose to fight (above category), you will need to change the 
   error ratio after setting the detonation time, as opposed to 
   beforehand if you don't fight.  This means that it will be very hard 
   to escape in time if you choose both the 10 minutes option and you  
   chose to fight.  Note, there is a shortcut door in the detonation 
   room that will only open once the self-destruct timer is less than 
   20 minutes.

Here are some things that have absolutely no effect on your SeeD rank 
during this mission, despite what you may read otherwise:
 • Your actions when you approach the first guard.
 • Your responses when asked how to break the panel in the circuit 
 • The answer you give the wounded soldier who gives you the [ID Card] 
   item (he only appears if you chose to fight your way through the 
 • The amount of time remaining when you complete the mission.

To determine your score, start with 200 SeeD experience and deduct 
points for any actions as listed below.  Completely a perfect mission 
will net you two full SeeD ranks.  Even if you chose all the worst 
options at each juncture, you will still earn at least 5 SeeD 
experience for completing the quest.
 • Relaying the wrong information [-7 points]
 • Relaying the correct information [no deduction]

 • Choosing to fight your way through the missile base [-105 points]
 • Choosing to remain disguised and play along [no deduction]

 • 10 minutes on timer [no deduction]
 • 20 minutes on timer [-15 points]
 • 30 minutes on timer [-45 points]
 • 40 minutes on timer [-75 points]

 • Additional penalty: If you receive any deductions in more than one 
   category, you will be penalized a small, random amount of points.  
   This penalty will always be between [-3 and -8 points].

The change in your SeeD experience after this mission will be +200 less 
any penalties you received from the listed actions above.

Scolded by Aki again
During a short interval after you defeat NORG and before you arrive at 
FH for the first time, there will be a boy outside the classroom on the 
2F of Balamb Garden.  He will ask to see you cast some magic.  If you 
agree, Squall casts the Blizzard spell, and Instructor Aki appears to 
yell at him.  This decreases his SeeD rank by one, and can only happen 
Effects: -1 Rank.

Master Fisherman Sidequest
This is one of the most frequently missed side quests in the game, and 
most FAQs either entirely omit it or leave out certain parts of it.  
This quest can only be completed the first time you are in FH, right 
after the Garden is mobile and crashes into it.  Completing this quest 
will earn you some nice items and 20 SeeD experience.  

The steps are rather complicated, so they will be presented as a mini-
walkthrough below.  Note that you do not need to complete the events in 
the exact order listed, but you must do them before you leave FH.  Some 
of them are just part of the normal events that happen when you arrive 
in FH, but they are still included.

 1.) Right after you arrive in FH, visit the Master Fisherman (MF).  
     You can get to him by taking the ladder down on the screen that 
     has the large, rusted silo and the elevator on the far right.  The 
     ladder will be on the left side of the screen, and it's very easy 
     to miss if you don't look carefully for it.

 2.) Talk to the MF and he'll ask you what you have done.  It doesn't 
     matter which response you give, and you will receive Occult Fan 
     III after answering.  Talk to him again and he tells you to check 
     up on his pupil near the docks.

 3.) Go to the docks and talk to the boy in the fishing boat.  Give him 
     the following responses when you speak with him: "Sort of, "I saw 
     him," and "I was sort of... impressed."  The boy will attempt to 
     cast the fishing line and will be yelled at by the junk shop 

 4.) Go to Mayor Dobe's house.  He speaks with you about when you are 
     leaving and orders his technicians to repair the Garden.  
     (Side Note: Be sure to use the Ultima draw point on the right side 
      of the room, visible with the Move-Find ability equipped.  Also, 
      this is the earliest you can play Dobe for the Quezacotl card).

 5.) After leaving Dobe's house, you will learn that Galbadian soldiers 
     have arrived in FH.  Dobe will come out and try to reason with 
     them.  Follow him to the train station.  He tries speaking to the 
     soldier and is eventually threatened.  Squall will be given the  
     choice to "help" or "listen longer;" it doesn't matter which you 
     choose, as Squall always assists anyway.

 6.) You will now enter two battles, the first with three Galbadian 
     soldiers and the second with the BGF251F2 ("Iron Clad").  You will 
     be reunited with the rest of your party after the fights, and 
     Squall will now get to walk around on his own.
     (Side Note: You can mug an Adamantine from the Iron Clad, which is   
      very useful at this stage of the game).

 7.) Return to the boy by the docks and speak with him again.  He will 
     try to cast the fishing line again and will succeed this time.  He 
     asks you to go tell the MF.

 8.) Go back to the MF and speak with him again.  You should encounter 
     Irvine on your way there, and he will tag along with you.  The MF 
     will tell Squall that he likes him, and asks to meet him at the 

 9.) Follow the tracks up to the Grease Monkey's house, which is on the 
     same screen you fought the Iron Clad.  You will find a Galbadian 
     soldier threatening the Grease Monkey inside, and he asks you to  
     step out and fight him.  When you go back in, the Grease Monkey 
     will tell you that the soldier ran away, and you will receive a 
     Mega-Phoenix that he dropped.
     (Note: This step is optional, but can only be done during the   
      point when you have Squall and Irvine in your party.  You do not 
      need to have completed the above steps to do this one).

 10.) Meet the MF on the second floor of the inn.  He will tell you   
      about the history of Dobe (which used to be spelled Dobey) and 
      some things about FH.  After he asks you to keep him company, 
      choose the "Why not...?" response.

 11.) Follow the MF outside.  You will see him stop and talk to all the 
      townspeople along the way.  He will go to the docks and scold 
      both the Junk Shop owner and boy when they start arguing.

 12.) Speak to the junk shop owner, and this will engage a conversation 
      about the MF's history and the founding of FH.  You will be 
      prompted for responses twice, but it doesn't matter which answer 
      you give either time.  At the end of the talk, the MF will give 
      you a Megalixir.  This officially ends the quest, and you should 
      receive the 20 SeeD experience at this point.

Finding the Captain in Balamb
You can raise your SeeD rank up to a full level depending on the method 
you use to find the Captain during the occupation of Balamb stage.  The 
following steps are the same, regardless of which method you choose:

 1.) Go to Zell's house and enter the second room.  You will see his   
     mom greet you, and she will talk about the Commander and the   

 2.) Head over to the Balamb Hotel and speak to the guards standing in 
     front.  They will tell you that you need to find the Captain 
     before you can see the Commander.

 3.) Go to the second harbor screen and talk to the guard standing next   
     to the dog.  He will tell you that the Captain was recently there  
     and just caught some fish.

 4.) Head over to Zell's house and you will see smoke pouring out of 
     the front.  Talk to Zell's mom and she tells you that the Captain  
     was just there and cooked some fish.  She thinks he went to share 
     it with his men.

Note in the above instructions that you do not need to do step 1 first, 
but you cannot go onto step 4 until you have.  At this point, you have 
some choices as to how you can find the Captain: the "board the train" 
method and the "use the dog" method.

To find the Captain with the "board the train" approach, head to the 
train station.  You will see that one his men is sick and lying down by 
the entrance to the train.  Talk to him repeatedly, and he will inch 
away from the stairs.  After a while, he will have moved far enough to 
allow you to board the train.  Head over to the Hotel after the Captain 
is awakened.

To find the Captain through the "use the dog" approach, go back to the 
harbor and talk to the dog that was next to the original soldier you 
spoke to.  Now that you have the Captain's scent, the dog will start 
running until he finds the Captain.  Just follow the dog and then head 
for the Hotel once the Captain is awakened.

There are a few bits of incorrect information that are often printed in 
guides with regards to how certain parts of this quest effect your SeeD 
rank.  The following actions have NO effect on your rank.
 • You can pay the Tabloid Guy behind the trucks at the harbor for 
   clues.  Talking to him, regardless of which of his clues you   
   purchase, has no effect on your rank.
 • Helping out the 'Big Bad Rascal' has no effect on your rank.  Doing 
   this entails distracting the guard while the Rascal sneaks out and 
   speaks with the Hotel owner.  Helping the boy does allow you to 
   leave town if you choose to, and it let's you win the Pandemona card 
   by playing the girl in the first house (Hotel owner's daughter).
 • Leaving town has no effect on your rank.

Your rank on this quest is affected in the following way:

        Method of        Change in
     Finding Captain     SeeD Rank
     ===============     =========
     "Board the train"   +65 SeeD experience
     "Use the dog"       +100 SeeD experience

Shumi Village Sidequest
Shortly after Balamb Garden is first mobile, you can go to Shumi 
Village and complete the stone-collecting sidequest for a Phoenix 
Pinion.  Doing so will net you 50 SeeD experience.

A quick walkthrough of the stone-collecting quest is as follows:

 1.) Go to the workshop on the far left side of the village.  Talk to 
     the sculptor and he will give you permission to see the Elder.

 2.) Visit the Elder's house.  He says he will present you with a gift, 
     but asks that you help the sculptor first.

 3.) Return to the sculptor and help him find the stones he asks for.  
     If you get stuck, you can speak to the specialist for tips (he is  
     the first Shumi sitting by the rock once you get out of the 
     elevator).  The stone locations are as follows:

     • Blue Stone  –  The large stones right behind the Laguna statue  
                      in the workshop.
     • Wind Stone  -  Search the rocks to the left of the inn and  
                      above where the specialist is sitting.
     • Life Stone  -  Examine the tree roots that are growing down the 
                      cliff just to the right of the Elder's House.
     • Shadow Stone – Take the elevator back to the surface.  In the   
                      room with the Ultima draw point, look for a spot 
                      on the right side where all the shadow lines 
                      cross.  Search here and you'll find the stones.
     • Water Stone –  Look in the sink in the Artisan's house, which is 
                      the one right next to the workshop.

 4.) After gathering the stones, return to the Elder and you will be 
     rewarded with a Phoenix Pinion.  At this point, your SeeD  
     experience will increase by 50.  The Shumi sidequest continues 
     after this, but no further actions affect your rank.

Defeating Ultima Weapon
Your SeeD rank will increase if you defeat Ultima Weapon, the optional 
boss in the Deep Sea Research Center (DSRC).  To find this location, 
fly the Ragnarok to the southwestern corner of the map and you will see 
an old ship with a landing pad.  On your first trip there, you get the 
GF Bahamut.  When you return, there should be a giant hole you can 
crawl into, and this leads to Ultima Weapon (NOTE: after defeating 
Bahamut, you need to return inside the Ragnarok before you can go down 
into the Deed Sea Research Center.  You only need to talk to Irvine to 
take off, and then the path inside the DSRC should be opened).  It 
doesn't matter whether you defeat Ultima Weapon on disk 3 or 4.
Effects: +1 Rank.

SEED EXAMS                                                         SR07
One of the quickest ways to raise your SeeD rank is to take SeeD exams.  
For each exam that you score a 100% on, your SeeD rank will be rounded 
up to the next highest level.  You can first take SeeD exams after you 
get your initial rank from the Dollet mission.  You can access these 
exams by going to the Menu screen, then selecting Tutorial and choosing 
the TEST option (fourth one from the top).  You can take up to the test 
number equal to Squall's current level.  For example, if Squall is at 
level 12, you can only take up to SeeD test 12; you will need to wait 
until he is at level 13 to take the next exam.  Taking tests once your 
rank is A does not affect your rank.

Here are the answers to the 30 SeeD exams.  The spacing is designed to 
make the answers easier to read, and doesn't indicate anything about 
the questions themselves.

    ________________________             ________________________
   | Exam # |    Answers    |           | Exam # |    Answers    |
   |________|_______________|           |________|_______________|
   |        |               |           |        |               |
   |Exam 1  | YN YYY NNY NN |           |Exam 16 | YN NYN YNN YN |
   |Exam 2  | YN YYY NYY NN |           |Exam 17 | YN NNY NNY NN |
   |Exam 3  | NN YNY YYN YN |           |Exam 18 | YN NNY NNN NN |
   |        |               |           |        |               |
   |Exam 4  | NY YYN NYY NN |           |Exam 19 | YN NYN NNN NY |
   |Exam 5  | NN NYY NNY YY |           |Exam 20 | YY NYN YYY NN |
   |Exam 6  | YN YYN NYY NY |           |Exam 21 | YY YYN NYY YN |
   |        |               |           |        |               |
   |Exam 7  | YY YYY YNY YN |           |Exam 22 | NN NYN NNY YN |
   |Exam 8  | NY NNY YNN YN |           |Exam 23 | YN NNN YYY YY |
   |Exam 9  | NY NNN NNN YY |           |Exam 24 | YY NNY YNN NY |
   |        |               |           |        |               |
   |Exam 10 | YN NNN NNN YN |           |Exam 25 | YN YYY NNY NN |
   |Exam 11 | YY NYY NYN NY |           |Exam 26 | YY NYN YNY NN |
   |Exam 12 | NY NNY NYN YN |           |Exam 27 | NY NNN NYN YN |
   |        |               |           |        |               |  
   |Exam 13 | YN NNY NNN NN |           |Exam 28 | YN NYY YNY NN |
   |Exam 14 | YY YYN YYN YN |           |Exam 29 | NN NYY NNN YN |
   |Exam 15 | YY NNN NNY NY |           |Exam 30 | NY NNN NYN NN |
   |________|_______________|           |________|_______________|

SEED SALARY                                                        SR08
Each time you are paid, you receive a fixed amount of gil depending on 
your current SeeD rank.  The amount of money you receive increases 
steadily in 1,000 gil increments until level 15, after which point it 
increases at 500 gil per level until rank 30.  At rank A, you will earn 
30,000 gil each payment.  The table below lists your salary payments at 
each rank.

    _______________________              _______________________ 
   | SeeD   |              |            | SeeD   |              |
   |  Rank  |    Salary    |            |  Rank  |    Salary    |
   |________|______________|            |________|______________|
   |        |              |            |        |              |
   |Rank 1  |  500    gil  |            |Rank 16 |  13,000 gil  |
   |Rank 2  |  1,000  gil  |            |Rank 17 |  13,500 gil  |
   |Rank 3  |  1,500  gil  |            |Rank 18 |  14,000 gil  |
   |Rank 4  |  2,000  gil  |            |Rank 19 |  14,500 gil  |
   |Rank 5  |  3,000  gil  |            |Rank 20 |  15,000 gil  |
   |        |              |            |        |              |
   |Rank 6  |  4,000  gil  |            |Rank 21 |  15,500 gil  |
   |Rank 7  |  5,000  gil  |            |Rank 22 |  16,000 gil  |
   |Rank 8  |  6,000  gil  |            |Rank 23 |  16,500 gil  |
   |Rank 9  |  7,000  gil  |            |Rank 24 |  17,000 gil  |
   |Rank 10 |  8,000  gil  |            |Rank 25 |  17,500 gil  |
   |        |              |            |        |              |
   |Rank 11 |  9,000  gil  |            |Rank 26 |  18,000 gil  |
   |Rank 12 |  10,000 gil  |            |Rank 27 |  18,500 gil  |
   |Rank 13 |  11,000 gil  |            |Rank 28 |  19,000 gil  |
   |Rank 14 |  12,000 gil  |            |Rank 29 |  19,500 gil  |
   |Rank 15 |  12,500 gil  |            |Rank 30 |  20,000 gil  |
   |        |              |            |Rank A  |  30,000 gil  |
   |________|______________|            |________|______________|

QUICK SUMMARY                                                      SR08
You can raise your SeeD rank by killing enemies and taking SeeD exams, 
and your rank drops if you are paid 10 times without fighting any 
monsters.  Killing enemies in almost any way except through summoning a 
GF will help raise your rank.  Running from battles has no effect on 
your rank.

You are paid based on the number of steps you take, so walking around 
in any area will help you get paid more quickly.  Your mode of 
transportation affects how many steps you take, so you can get paid 
even quicker if you ride a Chocobo or drive an automobile.

There are several events in the game that raise or lower your rank, 
depending on your actions.  Here is a list of these events:
  • Initial SeeD rank from Dollet mission (Rank = 1 to 10) 
 • Getting yelled at by Aki for showing off your gunblade (-1 rank, 
   even though you don't have one yet) 
 • Trying to sneak out of the Garden on graduation night (-1 rank) 
 • Timber Train Mission (+1 to -1 rank) 
 • Using the quick escape from Tomb of Unknown King (-1 rank) 
 • Galbadian Missile Base mission (up to +2 rank) 
 • Getting scolded by Aki for using magic inside the Garden (-1 rank)
 • Completing the Master Fisherman Quest (+[1/5] rank) 
 • Finding the Captain during the Balamb occupation (up to +1 rank) 
 • Completing the Shumi Village sidequest (+[1/2] rank) 
 • Defeating Ultima Weapon (+1 rank)

To achieve a high score on the first SeeD mission, do the following:

 • Defeat Ifrit with as little time on the clock as possible
 • Kill as many enemies as you can
 • Never run from any battles if it can be avoided
 • Return to the shore as quickly as you can when given the withdraw 
 • Do not talk to anyone outside of your party during the mission
 • Do not disobey any of Seifer's orders, or try to go on without him
 • Do not use Selphie's cliff jump short-cut
 • Be sure to save the dog when being chased by the X-ATM092 (press 
   'talk' to save it)
 • Do not hide in the cafe when the X-ATM092 is chasing you
 • If you are strong enough, try to kill the X-ATM092; this will give 
   you bonus points

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                         SR09
Q: Why does my rank always drop from A to 30 as soon as I get paid?

A: This is because of the way the game keeps track of your rank, and is 
   perfectly normal.  In order to prevent your rank from dropping, you 
   need to kill 10 enemies after reaching rank A to keep it at A the 
   next time you are paid.  If you fail to do this, your rank will drop 
   every time. 

Q: How can I make a lot of money through SeeD payments?

A: SeeD payments are certainly not the quickest way to raise gil, but 
   there are a few things that will speed up the process if this is 
   your method of choice.  First, take as many SeeD exams as you can.  
   You get paid more at each higher rank, and SeeD tests are the 
   quickest way to raise your rank.  Note that you can take up to the 
   test number equal to Squall's current level.  Second, find some 
   place where you can freely walk around without interruptions, as 
   your SeeD payments are based on the number of steps you take.  The 
   best way to do this is through riding a Chocobo on the field or 
   walking around in a town or dungeon (with Enc-None equipped).  After   
   taking enough steps, you will be paid.  Repeat for as long as 
   desired, and take additional SeeD exams to raise your rank if it 

   A far quicker way to make money is by using the "Infinite Gil 
   Trick," or one of its variations.  To perform the trick, you need GF 
   Carbuncle with the Recov Med-RF ability learned.  It also helps 
   immensely if you have GF Tonbery with the Call Shop, Familiar, 
   Haggle, and Sell High abilities learned.  Basically, the trick works 
   like this:
   1.) Go to Johnny's Shop in Esthar.  It may be closed at first, but 
       enter repeatedly and you will eventually be able to shop there.  
       Once visited, it will appear on the Call Shop list as "Esthar 
   2.) Purchase 100 Cottages and 100 Tents.  Johnny's Shop is the only 
       place that sells Cottages.  If you missed it or are not at that 
       point yet, use any other shop that sells Tents.
   3.) Using Recov Med-RF, refine the 100 Tents into 25 Mega-Potions 
       and the 100 Cottages into 50 Mega-Potions.  You can save a good 
       deal of time by moving Tents, Cottages, and Mega-Potions to the 
       top of your item list.
   4.) Sell the Mega-Potions for a huge profit.  Having learned 
       the Haggle and Sell High abilities will increase your profit 
       margin from this trick.
   5.) Repeat as desired, ad infinitum.

   Using this trick, it's possible to net over 1 million gil per 
   minute, which is useful for purchasing stat refining items near the   
   end of the game.  An alternative version of this trick involves    
   gathering Mesmerize Blades and refining them into Mega-Potions.  The 
   steps are the same after that, but this method is much slower.

Q: You mentioned the "Battle Meter."  What is this?

A: The Battle Meter is a series of screens on your menu that provide  
   information about the game.  There is the original Battle Meter and 
   two upgrades you can get for it.  Here is where to find them:

  • Battle Meter: This opens up the "Battle Report" menu, which 
    displays the number of steps you've taken and the number of 
    battles/victories/escapes you've had.  You get it by talking to Cid 
    after the Initial SeeD rank mission in Dollet, after he is finished 
    debriefing you.  If you fail to get it at this point, you can still 
    receive it by going back to the 3F and talking to Cid at any point 
    before you leave for Timber for the first time.  If you don't get 
    it before this, there is no way to get it in your current game.

  • Upgrade 1: This opens up the "Character Report" menu, which 
    displays the number of kills and KO's that each of your characters 
    has, including Seifer and Edea.  You get this upgrade by playing a 
    card game with the prisoner on the 10th floor of the D-District 
    prison on disk 2.  You must have the Battle Meter from Cid in order 
    to get this upgrade, otherwise the card player will always say 
    "......" when you try to play him.  Once you beat him in a game of 
    cards, your Battle Meter is upgraded.

  • Upgrade 2: This opens up the "GF Report" menu, which displays the 
    number of kills and KO's that each of your GF's has.  You get this 
    upgrade by playing cards with the man that randomly appears in 
    Balamb Garden's training center on disk 2 or later.  This man 
    sells items and is also the CC Group Joker member, so you must  
    complete parts of that sub-quest before you can challenge him.  
    Note that this player also carries the Leviathan card that you can 
    win.  If you succeed in defeating him in a card game, he will   
    upgrade your Battle Meter.  Again, you must have the original 
    Battle Meter from Cid to receive this upgrade.

Q: You said you can defeat the X-ATM092.  How is this possible?

A: The X-ATM092 can be defeated, but it may take a bit of preparation 
   beforehand.  You can kill the X-ATM092 in any battle except the 
   first (despite what the guides say, you do not need to kill it on 
   the bridge).  The X-ATM has anywhere from 3 to 5 "lives" that you 
   need to take away before you can kill it.  To take away one life, 
   the X-ATM needs to pick itself up after being knocked down.  This 
   will happen if you let it repair itself fully or if you deplete its 
   HP to zero, in which case it stops repairing and gets right back up.  
   After taking away the 3 to 5 lives, the X-ATM092 will no longer go 
   into repair mode, and you can kill it by depleting its HP to zero at 
   this point.

   Some strategies for fighting the X-ATM092 are as follows.  Make sure 
   that Squall and Zell have Str-J and Elem-Atk junctioned.  Try 
   junctioning Thundera or Thuderaga to Elem-Atk, and a strong spell 
   like Quake or Tornado to Strength.  You can get all these spells 
   through playing cards and doing some minor refining (this 
   information is available in several other guides).  Alternatively, 
   you can draw the –aga spells from level 30 and above Galbadian 
   soldiers in Dollet.  Since the enemies level up with your party, 
   your best bet is to kill off Zell and Squall and level Seifer to 60 
   in Dollet -– this will put your party at a high enough level to 
   encounter level 30+ Galbadian soldiers.  Another option is to teach 
   Quezacotl a few of his "SumMag+xx%" abilities.  This will let you do   
   a few thousand damage to the X-ATM092 pretty easily.

   Killing the X-ATM092 will net you 50 AP and a random +40% GF ability 
   item (Giant's Ring, Power Wrist, Orihalcon, Hypno Crown, or Force 
   Armlet).  You can rack up a few hundred AP from fighting the X-
   ATM092 if you deplete its HP to zero and then run from the battle 
   without killing it.  This will give you 50 AP each time, and you can 
   repeat the encounters for more AP until the timer expires.  Note 
   that this is actually harder to do than killing it outright, as you 
   need to reduce its HP to zero before it repairs itself.  Also, 
   running from the X-ATM092 repeatedly will decrease the score you 
   receive in the 'Spirit' category, but you can partly make up for 
   this by killing the X-ATM when before timer expires for 100 Bonus 

Q: I have a question about something in this guide or something that I 
   think should be covered.

A: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at  
   Admiral1018@yahoo.com.  Please include "FF8" in the message title so  
   I don't accidentally delete your email.

   For answers to any other FF8 questions in general, you should make   
   sure to check out the FF8 message board on the GameFAQS.com site.   
   It's one of the best sources for up-to-date FF8 information on the 

REVISION HISTORY                                                   SR10
Version 0.99 – August 27, 2002
  • Preview version

Version 1.0 – August 28, 2002
  • Initial Release

Version 1.1 – August 30, 2002
  • Fixed the penalty points for Missile Base self-destruct times
  • Corrected the information about talking to Irvine in order to enter 
     the Deep Sea Research Center to fight Ultima Weapon
  • Corrected information about when you can visit the Grease Monkey 
     during the Master Fisherman Quest
  • Made corrections to the necessary steps for finding the Captain
  • Added information about kills made by poison and regen
  • Minor additions to the "Attitude" scoring section about having 
     Seifer with 0 HP
  • Minor spelling and formatting corrections

Version 1.2 – October 2, 2002
  • Made some major changes to the method for calculating initial SeeD 
  • Made a correction to "Attack" score when killing 14-19 enemies
  • Added a question to the FAQ section on making money quickly and on 
     performing the "Infinite Gil Trick"
  • Minor spelling and formatting corrections

Version 1.3 – October 3, 2002
  • Corrected information on when the timer stops counting during the 
     Fire Cavern mission
  • Minor spelling and formatting corrections

CREDITS                                                            SR11
Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this guide, especially the 
members at the GameFAQs message boards – this guide would not have been 
possible without your ongoing support.  Particular thanks to the 

• Vilurum, for providing much of the original information on SeeD 
experience and a lot of the supplemental details scattered throughout 
this guide.  Also, big thanks for corrections on MF quest, missile base 
times, talking to Irvine after Bahamut, and kills made by poison and 

• DaBubba (Mark Rosa - heiankyo794@yahoo.com), for a lot of help in 
figuring out the scoring criteria for the original SeeD mission and the 
alternatives to several of the fixed SeeD events.  You've been a huge 
help in constructing this guide.

• CzarDragon, for determining how the initial SeeD rank is calculated 
and coming up with the complete table of category modifiers used in 
this guide (big thanks).  Credit also for pointing out that 14-19 kills 
resulted in an Attack score of 30 and that the Judgment timer stops 
after naming Ifrit.

• Myst Erik Ery, for helping me work out a lot of the calculations and 
SeeD experience increases for some of the fixed SeeD events.

• Conquest TSi, for helping explain things that didn't make sense with 
some of the SeeD events and trying to decipher the initial SeeD rank 

• Sister, for suggesting the correct steps to find the Captain during 
the Balamb occupation.

• A big thanks to xTEIDAx, KADFC, Druff, Marcell herwindo, dhamon, 
SCYTHE262002, simjam, Epic, Bizkit047, ArcImpulse, Quisti, Sky Olivine, 
and Angel Requiem for all your support and assistance in helping me 
write this guide.

=============================END OF GUIDE==============================

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