How do I get the mug ability?

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    User Info: quistis_lover

    quistis_lover - 9 years ago


  1. You get it from 2 gf: either diablos or bahamut.

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  2. If you are in low level, you can use magic lamp to get Diablos, and start learning mug. It requires 200 AP

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  3. I'd recommend using the Magic Lamp you obtain from Cid in disk 1 and fight Diablos. The lower level you are, the easier it is to fight him, imo, as his HP is also low and based off the party's level.

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  4. The magical lamp that Cid gives you will send you into a battle with Diablos when you use it. Beat him to get the GF. He has the Mug ability that you can teach him once you get 200 AP towards it.

    Bahamut also has it (get him through the Deep Sea Research Center in Disc 3 after gaining Ragnarok: don't move when the circles form unless you want to face a Ruby Dragon every step), but Diablos is the better way to go.

    Word of caution, though: Diablos isn't a pushover at the stage of the game you get that lamp, so be prepared when you go to face him. He throws out Demi and Gravija, which takes off a fraction of your remaining HP, and he can hit hard at that point in the game with his regular attacks. I recommend you wait until at least when you meet Rinoa on the Timber train (it's when I usually go for it). Use the Save Point on the train BEFORE using the lamp, and check to make sure everyone is Junctioned right before taking him on, as it'll probably take a few tries to beat him.

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  5. Can get it from Bahamut, or earlier from Diablos.

    For Diablos talk to Cid after get mission to go to Timber and he'll give you a cursed lamp. Prep for battle, SAVE GAME at save point. Use the lamp from item menu and you'll fight Diablos. Higher character level the higher Diablos' level is. On plus side if his level is high can draw Holy and Flare from him. Tendancy is to use either group or individual gravity magic that takes about 1/4 of current target's HPs. If want to beat him quick use GFs. If want to draw spells from him have everyone Junction Item, Magic and Draw with a bunch of Phoenix Downs in inventory. Then FIRST cast Blind on him, will greatly reduce ability to do physical damage which is 2000-3000 and more likely to kill characters than magic. Also, more wounded target is, the less damage his gravity does and it only takes 1/4 HPs off current, not max HPs so unlikely to be killed by magic just really weakened. So if down to 1 or 2 hps chance damage is zero but I usually healed before got that low. Diablos tends to favor mostly gravity magic attacks with an occasional physical so being blinded should minimize characters being KO'd from definitely will to very rarely. Just remember even blind strikes occasionally hit. Use phoenix downs to revive any character he manages to hit and just keep drawing until have what want and make sure Diablos STAYS BLINDED. Can heal by drawing Cur- spell from him. Or if cast Devi from stocked magic (meaning use what character has ALREADY drawn and stored, doesn't work if do a draw cast) and he'll cast curaga on caster, heard will use curaga even if low level characters. Then use various attacks to determine which do most damage, then use them after draw casting devi does less damage than that. Most likely draw casting Holy will do most damage.

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