• Credits Codes

    While on the main game menu, there's some things you can do with the 'Credits' button.

    A guy's head appears in the screen and blows upWhile in the credits screen, type boom
    Brings up some developer "comments"Hold shift and click the 'Credits' button

    Contributed By: gus2k3.

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  • Infinite Cash (Bottle Caps)

    You can get an infinite amount of cash by stealing it from <B>Killian Darkwater</B> in <B>Junktown</B>. After you have stole from him, save your game then load it back up. Killian will have his inventory replenished and you can steal from him again. Repeat this as many times as you want.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

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  • Infinite Creds

    There are two main characters for this exploit. The first is the doctor in Junktown. Enter the hospital at night, and go down the ladder in the back-right. Talk to the short guy there until you find out that the people here are chopping up corpse to sell to a food stand in Hub. Do not threaten him. This may cause a fight, and you need them to keep supplying the restaurant.
    Now go to Hub, and find the Iguana-on-a Stick stand. This is where the corpse are being sent to. Let the owner know that you know his secret. After that, look for the "Talk is cheap, silence is expensive" option. Negotiate a price for your silence on his secret. No matter how much you get paid, he says he'll have the money every five days. However, everytime you talk to him, no matter the time passed, he will pay you the set amount. Easy creds!

    Contributed By: DPhantom.

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  • Unlimited Stimpacks and Caps

    After you help the Blades defeat the Regulators, head back to the Blades base and speak to Michael, if you select the second option, he gives you 4 stimpacks and about 100 caps, after he gives you the items talk to him again and you'll get the same options over and over again.

    Contributed By: Necrokutan66612.

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  • Get 1000 exp as many times as you want.

    When in the Boneyard go to the Gun Runners and offer to take out the Deathclaws. Go to the previous screen and kill the Mother Deathclaw and the eggs and return to the Gun Runners. Talk to Gabriel and select the &quot;Give me guns and ammo&quot; option and nothing else. After recieving your exp go back to where the Deathclaws were and then return to Gabriel of the Gun Runners and select the same option as before. This will allow you to repeat as many times as you want and recieve 1000 exp everytime you use it AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER CONVERSATION OPTION. You screw up and select anything else and you are out of a freebie.

    Contributed By: Kryjeck.

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  • Hidden Items

    From time to time you'll encounter a bald traveler with a rug with all kinds of junk on it next to him. When you encounter him during nighttime, there will also be a campfire with a beer next to it nearby. Now use your Steal skill on the beerbottle. It doesn't matter how high your Steal skill is, you will always succeed. Inside the beerbottle you will find multiple items, including Leather Armor, Flares and .44 Magnum JHP ammo.

    Contributed By: MGS and LoK fan.

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