1. Kajetan Czarnecki 3D-Modelling
  2. Andrzej Rams 3D-Modelling
  3. Piotr Rulka 3D-Modelling
  4. Kajetan Czarnecki 3D-Rendering
  5. Wojciech Kapela 3D-Rendering
  6. Andrzej Rams 3D-Rendering
  7. Piotr Rulka 3D-Rendering
  8. Piotr Rulka Art Direction
  9. Krzysztof Rybczynski Art Direction
  10. Marek Wylon Art Direction
  11. Lucjan Mikociak Executive Producer
  12. Miroslaw Dymek Game Design
  13. Marek Wylon Game Design
  14. Piotr Rulka Graphic Lead
  15. Krzysztof Rybczynski Graphic Lead
  16. Kajetan Czarnecki Graphics and Animation
  17. Wojciech Drazek Graphics and Animation
  18. Rafal Januszkiewicz Graphics and Animation
  19. Wojciech Kapela Graphics and Animation
  20. Maciej Kielbinski Graphics and Animation
  21. Andrzej Rams Graphics and Animation
  22. Piotr Rulka Graphics and Animation
  23. Krzysztof Rybczynski Graphics and Animation
  24. Kajetan Czarnecki Graphics Composite
  25. Maciej Kielbinski Graphics Composite
  26. Andrzej Rams Graphics Composite
  27. Piotr Rulka Graphics Composite
  28. Kajetan Czarnecki Graphics Design and Layout
  29. Andrzej Rams Graphics Design and Layout
  30. Miroslaw Dymek Lead Programmer
  31. Maciej Kielbinski Level-Design
  32. Marek Wylon Level-Design
  33. Tadeusz Zuber Level-Design
  34. Konstantin Bommarius Musical Score
  35. Markus Cramer Musical Score
  36. Ralf Dietze Musical Score
  37. Mathias Dorsam Musical Score
  38. Jascha Fuchs Musical Score
  39. Dirk P. Hassinger Musical Score
  40. Thomas Leiss Musical Score
  41. Madelaine Schuhmacher Musical Score
  42. Ronald Shankland Musical Score
  43. Frank Wagner Musical Score
  44. Miroslaw Dymek Original Concept
  45. Lucjan Mikociak Original Concept
  46. Marek Wylon Original Concept
  47. Artur Bidzinski Programmer
  48. Krzysztof Foltman Programmer
  49. Tomasz Radon Programmer
  50. Pawel Skomro Programmer
  51. Marcin Spiechowicz Programmer
  52. Wojciech Wylon Programmer
  53. Krzysztof Rybczynski Video Editing
  54. Marek Wylon Video Editing
  55. Mandani Fabero Voice Talent
  56. Andreas Reikowski Voice Talent
  57. Carlos Sanchez Voice Talent


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, KeeperBvK, and oliist.

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