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LameDuke (Beta) FAQ by sturmtiger

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/29/07

| GAME NAME     : Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition |
| FAQ NAME      : Beta Guide                       |
| PLATFORM      : PC                               |
| VERSION       : 1.00                             |
| DATE          : 2007.07.29                       |
| AUTHOR        : Keith McLeod                     |
| E-MAIL        : sturmtiger@gmail.com             |
| COMPOSED WITH : Notepad 80 pt.                   |

| [01-00] Table of Contents |==================================================

[01-00] Table of Contents

[02-00] Introduction

[03-00] Controls

[04-00] Weapons

[05-00] Items

[06-00] Enemies

[07-00] Levels

[08-00] Extras

[09-00] FAQ Information

You can search the guide for any of these sections by opening up the CTRL+F  
dialogue, copying the Section number and then pasting it in the dialgoue box.
For example, you can copy [03-00] and paste it in the CTRL+F dialogue box, 
this will bring you to section 03-00, Controls .

Similarly, if I reference a section number in the guide, you can do the 
following steps to quickly jump to a section:
	1. Hightlight Section Number 
	2. Press CTRL+C (Copies the section number)
	3. Press CTRL+F (Opens the Find dialogue box)
	4. Press CTRL+V (Pastes the section number)
	5. Add a pair of square braces around the number - [ ]
	6. Press Find.

You will be taken to the section immediately.

| [02-00] Introduction |========================================================
Welcome to my Duke Nukem 3D Beta Guide. This guide will discuss various aspects
of the Duke Nukem 3D beta, including: Controls, Weapons, Items, Enemies, Levels,
and some extras, along with information about the guide. LameDuke was generously
released by 3DRealms one year after the game came out by the development team
after some persistant fans requested it. You can now take a look into the 
early development stages of Duke Nukem 3D and see how much has changed in the 
game since then.

Duke Nukem 3Ds Beta, better known as LameDuke, is an early glance into the world
of Build and Duke Nukem 3D. You will see early versions of levels, enemies, 
items and weapons, as well as some of the previous things that got cut from the 
game. Hopefully this guide will enlighten you to the glory that was Duke Nukem
3D even before it came out as LameDuke! 

LameDuke is a beta, and as such, is not a finished game. If you are going to 
install it on your system, be prepared for it either not to work at all, not 
to work right, or possibly destroy your entire comptuer in a minor explosion. 
That means I don't know how it will work on your computer, so use it at your 
own risk.

If you are interested in the full version of Duke Nukem 3D instead, see the 
main guide here:


[02-01-01] Where Can I Get LameDuke?
LameDuke can be found at 

Scroll down to the files section and download file # 9.

[02-01-02] Running LameDuke
I have run LameDuke fine on Windows XP SP2. Jacek D. informed me that it works 
fine in Windows 98. If you are having trouble running it, consider getting a
program like DosBox (free) and try running it from there. Like I mentioned in
the introduction, there is a good chance it won't run for you, so play at your
own risk.

The way I get the game to run the smoothest is as follows:

1. Run the file "setup.exe" in the LameDuke main directory. Go to "Graphics
Mode" and then chose "640*480 VESA Hi-res mode!". This makes the game a lot less
choppy, though some of the animations screw up a bit.

2. Right click on the file "D3D.exe" in the main lameduke directory and make a
short cut.

3. Right click on the shortcut, and go to the tab that has the line "Command
Prompt:" and then the filename for this executable. Add to the line  "/l# /v#"
the following version / level numbers work, look in the walkthrough to choose a
level based on those numbers. 

[02-01-03] The LameDuke Notice
This is the file that came with LameDuke:

January 29, 1997

NOTE: This might not even work on all systems, so don't even bother leaving
      us Email about this.  This is provided "as is" for entertainment
      purposes only.

Duke Nukem Fans,

Today being the one year aniversary of the shareware release of Duke Nukem
3D, we thought we'd do something a little special for y'all.

We're releasing LAMEDUKE.ZIP.  This is a VERY early version of Duke Nukem 3D
and the EXE is dated 12/30/94.  That's about 13 months prior to the release
of the shareware version.  Oh, man, was this game lame then :)

Why are we releasing it?  We're not sure...  We just thought it'd be cool
for you all to see the state a game is in a year before it's release.  So,
this is a behind the scenes peek at what happens during the creation of a
game.  You will get to see lameness the likes of which the world has never
seen, and what most developer's hide from you and when the press visits. :)

Running the game

* It might not work on all systems, so don't even bother leaving us email
  about it.  It is provided "as is" for entertainment purposes only.

* You will probably have to load each level by hand.  Not sure if the exit
  switches are there, and even if they are, we don't know if they work.

* Type D3D /v1 /l1 (for mission 1, level 1).  This is pretty much the same
  as the release version of Duke.  I think levels 1-10 exist for volumes 1-3,
  so there is a lot to look at.
  NOTE: "D3D /v# /l#" - v# is the volume (1-3), l# is the level (1-8) or so.

* Run SETUP, and select video, sound (probably SoundBlaster only), and
  keyboard config.

* We noticed on our systems that is runs really weird, like the timer is
  going nuts, so don't expect smooth gameplay.

* If there are cheat codes in this thing, we have no idea what they are.

* There is no Dukematch in this.  Or if there is, we don't remember how to
  do it.  :)

* It might not work on all systems, so don't even bother leaving us email
  about it.  It is provided "as is" for entertainment purposes only.
  Remember, we don't want E-mail on it.

Cool stuff to note
* We had a laser sight on the pistol that was finally dropped

* We had stuff like subway cars, breaking glass and video monitors in from
  nearly the start of the game.

* Weapon 5 was the BIG rocket launcher.  Cool looking, but you can see why
  it changed.

* Weapon 3 changed to the 3 barrel chaingun

* Weapon 1 was a tazer type stick, dropped for Duke's mighty foot

* E1L4 shows the early OctaBrain.  Oh my God!

* You will probably notice lot's of level sections that look familiar. We
  used lots of E3L2 in the Plutonium PAK for the "DERILICT" level.

* That we're not answering any E-Mail on this.

So, have fun and poke around LAMEDUKE a little and see what you can find.
But most of all have some fun with it and don't take it too seriously.

Thanks to all of you who have supported Duke over the last year, making it
one of the biggest hits in recent years.  We appreciate it, and will try to
bring you better games in the future.  Also thanks to #duke3d on Undernet
IRC for pushing us to release this.  We joked about it for awhile around the
office and decided "What the hell, why not?"

A big thanks to Joe Siegler for having the foresight to keep this file for
a year and half so it can be released to you!

-- The Duke Nukem Team: (George Broussard, Todd Replogle, Allen Blum, Dirk
   Jones, Douglas R. Wood, Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, Keith Schuler,
   Stephen Hornback, Lee Jackson, Ken Silverman and Bobby Prince.)

P.S.  Just in case you missed it, don't send us any E-Mail on Lameduke.
      This is released "as is".  We don't even know if it will work.

| [03-00] Controls |============================================================
Here is a listing of the controls in the Duke Nukem 3D Beta.

[03-01] Function Keys
F1  - Toggles Instruction Screen (which is empty)
F2  - Quick Save
F3  - Quick Load
F4  - Toggle Holoduke
F5  - Toggle Jetpack
F10 - Change Visibility / Brightness
F12 - Screenshot
	Note on taking screenshots: When taking them, Screenshots are saved in 
	the current directory as CAPTxxxx.PCX, where xxxx is an incrementing 
	number. It starts at 0 every time the game begins, so if you want to 
	save the pictures that you took, put them somewhere else before you
	start the game again.

[03-02] Normal Keys
The arrow keys allow you to move as normal.

Left Control - Attack
Space        - Use / Open
Right Shift  - Run
A            - Jump
I            - View Inventory
Z            - Crouch
PgUp         - Look Up
PgDn         - Look Down

[03-03] Num Pad Controls
8     - Move Forward
6     - Move Backwards
4     - Turn Left 
2     - Turn Right
7     - Look Up and Left   
9     - Look Up and Right
1     - Look Down and Left
3     - Look Down and Right
0     - Look 90 Degrees Left
.     - Look 90 Degrees Right
Enter - Holster your Weapon

[03-04] Number Key Controls
1 - Toggles Weapon 1 (Tazer)
2 - Weapon 2 (Pistol)
3 - Weapon 3 (Plasmacannon)
4 - Weapon 4 (Pipebombs)
5 - Weapon 5 (RPG)

[03-05] Other Controls
M - Toggles Music on / off
P - Pauses the Game
T - Type a Message
V - Changes the visibility of the level
- - Decreases the Screen Size
	Use this to see how much health and ammo that you would theoretically
	have left. This goes in the upper left hand corner of the screen if 
	you are running it in full screen mode.

U - Unlocks / Locks all doors and hits all switches
W - Enable Warp Mode
	In warp mode, use the Up and Down keys on the key pad to select the 
	level number and the PageUp and PageDown keys to select the Episode 

C - Duke cracks his knuckles (?)
K - Flashes a graphic onto the screen that looks like a bullet hole in a flesh
    colored wall. It also causes the screen to become smaller. I really have no
    comment on what my brain though that was right away. However, Jacek D. 
    informs me that this acutally the background for the game, like the one that
    in Duke 3D that happens when one shrinks the game.

| [04-00] Weapons |=============================================================
There are some very obvious similarities between the weapons in LameDuke and 
the ones in the final version of Duke 3D. This section will describe these

[04-01] Tazer
Ammo Box:  + 20
	The ammo pack for the tazer looks like a box with a purple orb inside.

This neat weapon looks kind of like a crowbar. This is a multifunctional weapon;
when you start you get some "ammo" for it and it can actually hit enemies with
electric bursts. However, when that ammo runs out, you start whacking the enemy
with it instead. You can, of course, pick up more ammo as you find it.

This weapon was removed from the final version of the game, changed into Duke's 
Mighty Foot.

[04-02] Pistol
Ammo: + 48
	The ammo for the pistol looks like three grey clips.

The pistol didn't change much from the beta. It shoots a bit faster, and has a
cool laser pointer, but it still has the same reload animation after you shoot
12 shots.

The pistol of course remained, but the laser-sight function was removed.

[04-03] Plasma Cannon
Ammo: + 20
	The ammo for the Plasma Cannon looks exactly like the tazer ammo and
	counts to the same limit.

This weapon shoots bursts of electricity (apparently) at a rapid rate. They 
make a small explosion (that doesn't damage other enemies)  when they hit the

Look familiar? It's because this is almost the same model that they used for
the Chaingun Cannon / Ripper. However there were a few changes on the model,
most notably that the single barrel on the front was changed into three barrels.

[04-04] Pipebombs
Ammo: +1
       Pipebombs are found individually and look like small sealed pipes.

This weapon didn't seem to change at all from this version to the final version.
You can still drop bombs and explode them (though the trigger looks a bit 
different) and you can drop multiple bombs by hitting "4" when the trigger is
out. In this version you actually can NOT increase the distance that the bomb
is thrown, unlike in the final version [Credit: Jacek D. for clarifying this].

[04-05] RPG
Ammo: +5

The old RPG wasn't changed too much before the final version. The RPG shoots 
faster and the rockets have a cool explosion behind them while they are moving.

While the functionality of the RPG didn't change much in the final game, the 
graphic did. It's bigger in this version. Additionally, when drawing the weapon,
have to press the Fire button after you see the back of the RPG on your screen.
This is somewhat representative of Duke putting the gun on his shoulder. It's 
neat, but obvious why it was removed from the game - it would quickly become

| [05-00] Items |===============================================================
There are various pickups scattered throughout the game, most stayed in one 
incarnation or another to the final game. 

[05-01] Coke
This looks like a spinning can of Coca Cola. It replenishes 10 health when 
picked up. You can also blow it up! Remember, Coke was the health pickup of 
choice in Duke Nukems I and II, and probably inspired this pickup.

[05-02] Sixpack of Coke
This pack of six cokes replenishes 30 health! You can blow it up as well.

[05-03] Jetpack
You start off with a jetpack. It works closely as it does in the final 
game, though in this one you get a stream of explosions that follow you as you 
move. You can see them if you fly backwards with it.

[05-04] Holoduke
Creates an image of Duke, just like the holoduke in the final game. However you 
can put more than one down in this version, I just don't think they do anything

[05-05] Steroids
There are little steroid bottles about, though I don't know how to activate 
them. I would assume that they would do a similar function to the final game.

[05-06] Scuba Gear
There are sprites in both the inventory screen and the art files for scuba gear
but I haven't found any in game. It's pretty obvious that this would make you
able to breathe underwater.

[05-07] Bubble
There is a bubble / sphere that you can pick up. I don't know what it does, 
but in the inventory it says that it is "Shield" so it's probably the 
equivalent of armor.

| [06-00] Enemies |=============================================================
The enemies in LameDuke were changed quite a bit by the time the final game
came out. There are actually quite a few wandering about in this game, here is a
brief list. Note that when you are playing LameDuke, you are constantly 
invincible, so it doesn't really matter if enemies hit you.

[06-01] - Pistol Guy (Trooper)
The pistol guy is a spaceman in a white suit. He also has a little pistol. If he
tries to fight you (and sometimes he'll just stand there) he'll shoot his 
pistol at you. He has a cool dying animation, though - he crashes into a bloody 
mess of body parts. He's called the Trooper in the GAME.CON file. He does have 
a Jetpack much akin to the Alien Trooper in the final game, and will use it to 
chase after Duke. [Credit: Jacek D]

[06-02] Sentry Drone	
The Sentry Drone was changed drastically between LameDuke and Duke Nukem 3D. 
In this incarnation, it looks more like an X-Wing from Star Wars, and shoots 
laser fire from it's side-mounted guns. It won't try and commit suicide to 
kill you. It does, however, explode when it dies - I'm not sure if this harms
you and / or nearby enemies.

[06-03] Tazer Guy
The Tazer Guy looks something like a Power Ranger or Jet Jaguar. He has a
tazer on his arm and will try to come up and smoke you. However he isn't too
tough. When he dies there is a puff of smoke that still comes from his hand. 
Cool. He can also hurl a ball of plasma at you. The combination of melee and 
ranged projectile attack suggests something along the line of Assault Commanders
or Alien Drones in the final game, though it's likely they don't have a 

[06-05] Protozoid Slimer
The Protozoid Slimer is the exact same in the beta of the game, except that it 
looks a bit different (it has a bit more of a 3D quality to it). In this game,
they are found either roaming about or in trashcans (there aren't any eggs for
them yet) and they will latch onto your face and bite away. Be careful around 
them though, if they latch on, they are on for good until you change the 
level. I'm not sure if the functionality for the Slimers to eat corpses and 
live creatures was implemented at this point.

[06-06] Octabrain (Jellyfish)
Well, they changed the graphic for the Octabrain quite a bit in the final
version of the game. In LameDuke, the Octabrain has a much smaller head and it's
tentacles are longer and thinner, something like wires. In addition it didn't 
really have eyes, but if you look closely it has teeth. 

[06-07] Shark!
I have seen the shark in the game, but the art has the exact same images that
are in the final version of Duke3D so it's possible. It's strange that they 
didn't include sharks until the final episode of the (original) Duke3D, but I 
guess that maybe they didn't  have a purpose until then? This is the only 
monster that didn't undergo any changes since it's ancient inception.

[06-08] Female Soldier (Femdroid)
The female grunt is probably one of, if not the, earliest enemy actor in the 
game. She uses a rifle to shoot you. Since she just uses a rifle, it could be 
inspirtation for the Pig Cop in the final game. She doesn't appear in any 
incarnation in the final game.

[06-09] Male Soldier (Mandroid)
The art files show a lot of animations for this guy - he's supposed to use a 
rocket launcher - but there isn't any code for him in the GAME.CON. Therefore he
just stands there and does nothing, but you could modify it yourself.

[06-10] Bats!
Bats are an incredibly weak little pest that come in large groups. They will 
come and try and charge you, but you can take them all out by just randomly 
firing. They  obviously never made it to the final game, but they were cool 
while they lasted :) They actually work, too.

[06-11] Drone Gun
These mounted guns look like large pistols. They are normally mounted on a 
platform that raises to attack you. This thing actually works, and has an 
obvious parallel and functionality to the final game's mounted gun (though it 
looks quite different from the final version).

| [07-00] Levels |==============================================================
This section will detail all the levels in the game. Howver, there won't be a 
walkthrough since the game isn't finsihed. If the level isn't too impressive I 
will just gloss over it. Otherwise, I will give a description and some 
commentary on what level it is or might have been destined for.

[07-01] Mission 1 - Level 1
This level is very reminiscent of E2L01, Spaceport, in the final game. Turn 
around right at the beginning; you can open that door and see two spaceships 
on a fixed  path that look a lot like the "USS Framerate" from that level in 
Duke3D. In the same room that you start off in the alien spaceship looks 
frighteningly similar to the one found in Area 51 in the Atomic Edition.

In the next room across from the spaceship there are some cool things. For one 
there is a large rotating atomic symbol on the roof. Note the trashcans here 
too. The floor can be opened. 

Back in the main room you can get into the bathroom, there is a female grunt in
one of the stalls. Note that the toilets look particularily ratty.

If you go in the far right door there are some canisters piled up against the 
wall; these can be blown up to make holes in the wall! Cool.

Look back at the entrance, to the right of the entrance is another door. In
there you can get a good glimpse of what the monitors looked like and how they 
worked. Additonally there are some forcefields here and a switch that is 
covered by (breakable!) glass. Also, if you break the windows here, steel 
walls close down to cover the gap! Thats incredibly cool, there isn't anything
quite like that in Duke 3D! If you hit the switch on the wall the large door 
in the main room opens. Eventually you can reach the end of the level by 
hitting a switch by disabling the forcefield; I don't think I'll go into more 
detail than that.

[07-02] Mission 1 - Level 2
The main purpose of this short level is to showcase moving carts, like those 
found in Rabid Transit. They work really well, albeit a bit fast. You can
reach the end of the level by taking the carts around until you reach an area
with doors that lead down a spiral staircase into a basement, where the exit is.

[07-03] Mission 1 - Level 3
There is a lot of breakable glass and elevators in this level. Also, near the
end of the level, there is a bloody operating table surrounded by hooks that 
reminds me of a similar area in Pigsty.

[07-04] Mission 1 - Level 4
This level is a pretty linear space base. It also introduces the Octabrain and
the mounted gun. You can see the other buildings from the one that you are in,
so it's pretty good.

[07-05] Mission 1 - Level 5
This level is a cool indoor area. There are various features to the level,
including escalators and a subway-dealie. There are tons of glass and female 
guards. In addidtion, after taking one of the subway cars, there is a neat pond
with a beam of ... something. Going into this causes the game to crash, but it
was neat while it lasted.

[07-06] Mission 1 - Level 6
For some, if you are running it on the same settings that I have used (High Res
VESA) then you may experience a crash in the game when the demo is run at the 
beginning of the game and when you start the actual level. The reason that the
game crashes on these settings is unknown, but a way to crash the game is to 
look down, with the page down key. The best way to get around this is toggle the
jetpack right when you are falling to the ground at the start of the level. You
can explore the map like that, or by going straight to the ground, so close that
you are touching the ground and indeed crouching. In this case you can release 
the jetpack and maybe you'll be fine. 

Well, I'm lucky that I got around the crashing of this level because it's one
of the best in LameDuke. For starters, it's based in the city and not in space.
It really seems to be one of two maps that really inspired episodes 1 and 3 in 
the final game; completely based in a city that's huge and expansive. There are
two bars and other indoor areas; elevators that lead up to rooftops, big TV 
screens, and various other stuff. In the bars there is a drunken guy that 
wavers back and forth as they take a swig. You can destroy at least one
building completely by shooting the canisters around it. There is a movie 
theatre (!), an outdoor pool surrounded by fire, and a ton of other stuff. 
Really, go check out this level. This one still crashes for me more than any
other, but being the influence for levels like Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light
District, Raw Meat, L.A. Rumble (L.A. Rumble seems to have the most influence 
from this level in the final game) and others is too good to pass up. [Thanks to
Jacek D. for telling me about using the Jetpack]

A high recommendation to explore this level.

[07-07] Mission 1 - Level 7
This level has you going in a builidng and clearing out level after level by 
using the elevators. The neat thing about this level is that you can choose the
direction of where the elevator is going to go (a small thing pops up near you,
asking you to choose the direction). Very cool.

[07-08] Mission 1 - Level 8
This level has you starting on the top of a big skyscraper. You fight off some
enemies, and you can fall to the ground below if you want. There is also a 
helicopter-type-thing flying around the builiding. This was probably going to be
a boss level.

[07-09] Mission 2 - Level 1
This level is cool because the theme of the level reminds me most of Duke 3D's 
current day theme. It's quite large and detailed, and has an exit - very close 
to a completed level. You start off in a small teleporter room, go through a 
linear path that is divided by a river. You have the option of visiting a 
subway, going through sewers, and so forth (this level is a good example of 
rooms ontop of rooms). Eventually you go into an underground passage after 
fending off some bats. 

When I say it reminds me of the theme of Duke 3D I mean that there are things 
like billboards (a couple ultra early jokes), grafiti, and dumpsters. All in all
this is a highly recommended level. 

[07-10] Mission 2 - Level 2
As far as massive underground complexes go this one has it all. There are plenty
of neat things in this level - a large river runs through the majority of it, 
but there are plenty of computer rooms and stuff in it. There's also a neat 
spinning object (could be a power generator) that isn't a sprite so this is an 
early incarnation of something like that.

[07-11] Mission 2 - Level 3
This particular level is another installation / industrial kind of level, with a
bunch of hallways and interlocking rooms, switches, and so forth. At one point 
in the level there are tons of lightning beams coming down from various devices,
making this level seem like a power plant or something (look out some of the 
unbreakable windows, they look a bit like parking lots). When you are near the 
rooms with the lightning beams, a small red atomic symbol that says 
"RADIOACTIVE" pops up near the top of your screen. This was a cool feature, but 
it didn't carry over to the final game.

[07-12] Mission 2 - Level 4
Another urban level, this one seems to be based in L.A. greatly. The level 
sprawls through a number of buildings, and you fight on the inside and the 
outside. There is even the Capitol Records building (but you can't go in it). 
There are street signs that say HOLLYWOOD BLVD and VINE BLVD, breakable parking 
meters, and a sewer system. Though the level isn't fully furnished with items 
and weapons, it still comes highly recommended to show what they  were thinking 
when they were going to make some early levels of the game. It almost reminds me
of an early Red Light District.

[07-13] Mission 2 - Level 5
Another space-based level, with elevators that allow you to choose directions 
(but I don't know how). There's also some forcefields in this level. Cool.

[07-14] Mission 2 - Level 6
This level is pretty much a combination of a sprawling sewer systems and large 
streets. The sewers look pretty neat and prophetic of how the final game's would
look like, but other than that this level is fairly unremarkable. It ends in a 
big building that could be part inspiration for the building in the final game's
LA Rumble.

[07-15] Mission 2 - Level 7
The biggest thing about this level is the fact that it shows early underwater 
functionality, check it out for some neatness in that regard. Other than that 
there isn't much to the level.

[07-16] Mission 3 - Level 1
This level was probably the inspiration for Death Row. It's a prison level, 
though it has way more cells than Death Row does. However, some parts of the 
level, particularly the outside, look a lot like they do in Death Row. Hell, at 
the end of the level you go through a large door and go to a dock to end it. 
They just put a submarine there in the final game :) In any case a nice look at 
an old version of Death Row.

[07-17] Mission 3 - Level 2
My guess is that this level is primarily for testing the cranes that appear in 
Toxic Dump and Derelict. In fact the crane system and some of the rooms that the
cranes take you too look a lot like the Crane Room in Derelict. It's a neat 
level, the cranes haven't changed a bit - they even look the same.

[07-18] Mission 3 - Level 3
Okay, I'll say this up front: If you are only going to visit one level in 
LameDuke make it this one. This level has the ship that Derelict was based on, 
and it is awesome. You start in a room with a big elevator in the middle, to 
lower it there is a switch on the right side of the room to lower this. From 
there you can go do a non related part of the level that looks like an oil rig; 
there are a lot of flames, and plenty of elevators. But that's not the real 
point of the level (though it's well done. They probably could have incorporated
that bit into Derelict if they wanted to. 

To see the ship (and get underwater) the easiest way I've found is to turn on 
the jetpack and walk right into the switch at the beginning of the level; you'll
get into the water. You know how I said "enemy-less"? well there are a couple of
sharks in here that look a lot like the do in the final game (in fact I think 
they are the same sprites). Now you can swim along the bottom here - it actually
looks really good - and when you are done go to the surface to see the ship in 
all it's glory. Its not enterable, but you can get on the deck and blow up some 
barrels. An awesome level; definitely check it out.

[07-19] Mission 3 - Level 4
This level is a one that bears a bit of resemblance to a couple of Lunar 
Apocalypse levels but doesn't resemble any single one in particular. The level 
culminates in a underwater area with a massive pole in the middle.

[07-20] Mission 3 - Level 5
This level has a lot of elevators and long drops (which is bad because it causes
the game to crash when you look down - when you land Duke looks down a bit). 
However the level does seem to have evidence of an alien infestation, a first in
LameDuke. Just look at the veiny pink walls and I think you'll get it. Also, the
switch / monitor things in the upper part of the level are reminiscent of the 
various things you have to do in Duke that involve security camera strategy.

[07-21] Mission 3 - Level 6
This is an underwater complex level, you can get in and out of the water by 
swimming through the windows. There's not much else to do in this level.

[07-22] Mission 3 - Level 7
A very large but nondescript level with lots of corridors and stairs. However, 
later on in the level there are quite a few crushers and a long conveyor belt, 
so that's a good thing.

[07-23] Mission 3 - Level 8
This level looks a bit like the Overlord level in Lunar Apocalypse, but other 
than that there isn't much to it.

[07-24] Mission 4 - Level 1 
This neat level involves a few different buildings, and most have destructible 
walls and such. This level also details the functionality of the jetpack. I 
think that this would have really made a great multiplayer level with all the 
destructible terrain, because that opens up all new methods of strategy.

[07-25] Mission 4 - Level 2 
This unfinished level only has something like an office building at the 
beginning, with rooms that are sealed in the with glass. When you move close to 
one of the rooms at the beginning of the level, part of the building explodes, 
and you can jump out the far window to the outside... but after that there is 

[07-26] Mission 4 - Level 3
This is another space station level, and it seems much more cleaner and modern 
than the other ones. Other than that this level is fairly unremarkable.

[07-27] Mission 4 - Level 4
This level is almost exactly the same as Mission 4 - Level 2, but the anarchy 
graffiti is missing and the wall on the outside of the building is a lot taller 
than the one in M4L2.

| [08-00] Extras |==============================================================
This section will detail some extra information that I thought would be 
interesting to include in the guide.

[08-01] Mission Names
The mission outline suggests that there would be four episodes in Duke 3D as 
opposed to three. They could have put the atomic edition levels in the final 
version of Duke 3D without releasing the Atomic Edition if they want to (there 
are some levels in this game that showcase parts of levels in the Atomic 
Edition anyways). Anyways there are 4 levels of difficulty, easy, medium, hard
and harder. The missions have strange names to be sure, here they are:


Obviously the names for the missions changed, and the level choices for the 
missions don't really mean anything.

[08-02] Environmental Objects
This section will detail some things that you could interact with in the game
that weren't enemies. Like everything in this beta, some things changed and 
some things didn't.

Orange Canister: You know that orange canister in the final version of Duke
3D? They're all over the place, if shot they explode quite dangerously. Well,
in LameDuke they're still there, and do exactly the same thing and look almost
the same, these ones are a bit shorter.

Barrel: The red and black explodable barrel looks the same but it's 
functionality is quite different. If you shoot the barrel it will rocket to
the roof before exploding. While this is cool you could see why they took it
out of the final version of the game (it probably wouldn't be too practical).

Trashcan: The trash cans in LameDuke are bigger and seem to have rust on them.
When you shoot them they split in half, as opposed to Duke3D where they shatter

Coke: There are a lot of references to Coca Cola in LameDuke. I guess the dev
team really liked it! There are powerups, some stuff painted on a window (COCA
COLA LOTTO) and a six pack are all at least included in the game. Strangely 
enough, none of their love of Coke got an egg appearance in the final game.
Weird, because Mastercard and Visa did (though check the eggs section on the 
.CON files for a bit of an egg). Apparently there is a more detailed answer to 
this. The reason that they are coke cans is that they were the powerups that 
were used in Duke Nukem II! It's one of the very few references to the previous 
two Duke Nukem games in Duke Nukem 3D, and it's pretty hard to find :) Thanks, 

Jacek D informed that there are indeed functioning monitors in many different 
parts of the game though I had apparently missed them. They are similar in 
function to those in the final game though the image that they show you is...
upside down, that is, they show you what you are currently seeing, gun and all,
but upside down. Wonderful. Still, it shows that they had been thinking of these
things forever!

[08-03] Points
There's a rudimentary points system in this game, but overall it wouldn't fit
very well in the final game. You can see the points that you have scored by 
bringing up the HUD with the "+" key. You can see all the things you can get
points for in the LameDuke GAME.CON file (every entry with ADDSCORE has this).

[08-04] Cool Tiles in LameDuke
The following are a list of cool tiles that can be found using a program like
ArtView (can be found at http://www.bur.st/~duke3d/utilities.shtml , be sure to
read the readme and run it from the command prompt). If you have any questions 
about that e-mail me! 

Tile entries may have the following markings:
	! - Something I considered particularly interesting or well done 
	* - something that remained unchanged in the final game

10!	: Cool Grafiti - "Punks Not Dead" + anarachy symbol
17!	: Cool Grafiti - "Decayince" (hard to read)
20!	: Grafiti "SMP" *
25	: bookshelves * 
30!	: cool water pipe
33!	: "All-T Car Wash Detail Shop Next Exit" Sign
38!	: chaingun cannon / plasma cannon (looks really good)
40!	: wall with pipes 1
41!	: wall with bullet hole
42!	: wall with vampire picture (very cool - expanded on in final game)
46!	: canister (shot)*
47!	: canister (exploding)*
53!	: cool pipe on stone background
56	: hex grid (possibly for placing messages?)
57!	: canister*
58!	: stone wall*
59	: "Circle N - 1 Stop Fuel Store" on a background of a atomic symbol.
60 - 67!: Rotating Coke Can (can animate)
74!	: yellowish wall with black grafiti in the lower corner
80	: broken "Exhaust Pipe" (see tile 37)
84!	: cool jagged Atomic Symbol on a door
89!	: Great picture of a city burning (LA?)
91	: caution stripes door jamb*
92	: caution stripes door*
93	: caution stripes square*
94!	: great view of clouds and mountains
95	: "Private Property - No Tresspassing" sign *
159-166	: Rotating Coke Can (horizontal) 
179	: see through glass*
180!	: old surveillance monitor (has "SOMMY" on the bottom!)
195	: "No Parking" sign*
196	: "detour" sign (left arrow)
197	: "detour" sign (right arrow)
198	: "No Loitering" sign*
199	: "No (stuff) Allowed" sign* ("stuff" is unreadable)
217-219!: fan (animated)
223!	: tile with upward "^" arrows and grafiti  
224!	: Hollywood star *
233!	: a robot-like thing
247-256!: a bat, flying and upside down. looks cool.
262!	: a long picture of a car (sedan)
263	: a bat falling
264	: a bat falling
273!	: dead bat (on back, bloody)
282!	: yellow wall with massive grafiti (many remains in Duke3D)
283-287!: Duke! (rotated)
308	: barrel "taking off"
309	: barrel exploding
331!	: see through window that has "COCA-COLA LOTTO" on it
334-337!: fan (animated)
338-341!: fan's shadow (animated)
343	: public phone*
347!	: cool vampire picture with unreadable writing, though similar to 42
356!	: "Punks Not Dead" grafiti on a different wall
365	: alien door (green and steel colored) *
366	: alien door (green and steel colored) * different orientation
367!	: Wall with pipes and "NUCLEAR" written on the bottom of it
372	: "NO PARKING" sign
375	: "FIRE LANE" sign
378!	: "CAPITOL RECORDS" sign 
381!	: parking meter (front)
382!	: parking meter (side)
383	: circuitry panel 4
384!	: "HOLLYWOOD BLVD" sign
385!	: "VINE      BLVD" sign 
394	: "LOADING DEMO" text
408-415!: female soldier (standing)
416-447!: female soldier (walking / running)
441-471!: female soldier (drawing and firing rifle)
471-475!: female soldier (dying)
476!	: female soldier (dead)
481	: "Duke Nukem 3D" text
482!	: Opening Screen for LameDuke (has a lot of monsters, a builidng, and 
          Duke wearing black clothes)
490-497!: male soldier (standing)
491-529!: male soldier (walking / running)
492-553!: male soldier (drawing / firing rocket launcher)
493-561!: male soldier (dying)
562!	: male soldier (dead)
563-569!: rocket being fired
570	: gray background with "MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL" on it 
579-583!: "sentry drone" (hovering / moving) 
584-588!: "sentry drone" (firing)
593!	: "KTS" grafiti on a grey wall*
594!	: grafiti on the wall with unreadble writing and a guy with a huge afro
          on a grey wall
595	: two anarchy symbols on a grey wall
596	: unreadable blue and white grafiti on a grey wall
597	: a drawing of a cartoon kid on a grey wall
598	: "PxNxD" on a grey wall*
606!	: toilet 
608!	: person (surrounded by bottles of beer) lying on the ground
610!	: "CORE SOFTWARE" logo
611	: "RADIOACTIVE" text with symbol below (placed on surfaces)
612!	: "CORE SOFTWARE" logo and "PLACE LOGO HERE" large text
613	: "RESTORE" menu text
614	: cursor arrow
616	: "Select Episode" menu text
617	: "Select Skill" menu text
627	: barell*
640-642!: man flailing arms (early Duke?)
643-649!: rocket (again)
650-654!: man falling forward, getting "folded up" (looks like Duke!)
681-684!: Duke cracking his knuckles
690-705!: pipe shooting fire (animated)
713!	: jetpack
716	: small oxygen tank
717	: steroids bottle (almost the same as in Duke3D)
718	: small image of a man (probably Duke, Holoduke!) 
719	: bubble (mysterious power up)
720	: larger image of a man (probably Duke)
721	: pipebomb
722!	: six pack of Coca Cola
723	: three pistol ammo
724!	: large steroids bottle*
726	: large bubble
727	: large oxygen tank
728!	: large jetpack
756!	: monitor with broken skyscrapers
757!	: monitor with top view of a group of buildings (?)
758!	: monitor with satellite dish
759!	: monitor with view of earth 
760!	: monitor with view of moon
764-767	: monitor with green maps
768!	: monitor with geographic map view
769!	: monitor with woman
788!	: neon "BAR" sign*
789!	: neon martini*
838!	: potted plant*
869-880	: bloody body parts (arms, legs, heads)
882-886!: Duke shooting plasma cannon 
891!	: tiled wall and vent with bloody arm on hook
892!	: tiled wall and vent with bloody head on hook
893!	: tiled wall and vent with bloody leg on hook
894!	: tiled wall and vent with blood and hook
895!	: tiled wall and vent with hook
896!	: bloody humanoid imprint on grey wall
925-929	: spaceship of some sort
930-939	: mounted gun (rotating and firing)
961-968	: protozoid slimer (moving and attacking)
986	: movie poster of some sort
1124	: a scorpion!
1132	: a picture of a satellite rotating about the earth
1135	: a picture of a city 
1230-42 : the tazer and attack animations
1250-52	: the massive RPG's weapon drawing animation
1410	: Duke, dead... looks like he's impaled or floating on the top of water
1480-89 : Duke holding his weapon in a cool pose
1536-1604: The space soldier! He uses a jet pack in these pictures... perhaps
	   inspiration for the Alien Trooper?
1680-1729: The soldier that looks like Jet Jaguar, pretty cool.
1820-1857: The old octabrain. Personally I think it looked cooler!

| [09-00] FAQ Information  |===================================================
This section holds information with relation to this document, not the game.
Inside, you will find updates, guide credits, contact information, and a 
copyright notice.

=| [09-01] Updates |===========================================================

 1.00 June 29, 2007
	Migrated the guide over from my full guide of the game found here:


 Specific Changes:
	+ Made the formatting standard from the main guide applicable here
	+ Removed abbreviations from the old guide
	+ Cleaned up some sections
	+ A quick note, the formatting is not identical to the main guide. The
	main difference is the lack of 3rd level headers (like 03-01-04 for 
	example). Thus, I replaced the 2nd level header (gaudy) with the 3rd 
	level header style (a series of "-"). Hopefully that will be a good 
	change, but for my other guides with 3rd level headings, this will stay 
	the same.

=| [09-02] Credits |===========================================================
This is a section acknowledging all the contributions from everyone that 
helped me throughout the guide. Thanks everyone!~

[09-02-01] Sites
01. GameFAQs -  http://www.gamefaqs.com 
 + Hosting the guide.
02. IGN - http://faqs.ign.com
 + Hosting the guide.

[09-02-02] People
I have given credit to people of stuff that I didn't know. If I didn't credit
someone that looks similar in another document, then I found it out by 
myself. I also credited the people here in their respective sections, usually 
after their contribution with [Credit Name] afterwards. HOWEVER, I have been 
known to miss things! If something that you contributed doesn't have your name
after it, then please e-mail me and I will correct the problem as soon as 

01. Jacek D.
 + Provided some info and corrections about LameDuke.

=| [09-03] Contact Info |======================================================
e-mail: sturmtiger@gmail.com
If you have any suggestions, comments, improvements, etc., please feel free to
contact me at sturmtiger@gmail.com. Make sure you have "FAQ" in the title 
somewhere so that it doesn't get filtered. If it has something to do with
the game then I will gladly respond. Make sure that you look through the guide
first, there is very little I haven't been through :)

If you are contributing something, include the name that I will credit you by.
And sorry if I misspell your name; if you see it spelt wrong e-mail me and I 
will change it. If you don't ask me to credit you by a certain name, I will 
credit you with whatever nickname you have, or if you don't have a nickname,
I will use the following format: FirstName LastInitial, so I would be Keith M.

=| [09-04] Copyright |=========================================================
This FAQ is (C) and Copyright Keith McLeod 2002-2007. Under no circumstances may
this FAQ be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, without the explicit
permission of the author.

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