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Boss FAQ by HRahman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/21/01

 _______    _ _   __ ___   __    _ _    _ _   _ ____  _    _    ____
|  ____ \  | | | / / ___| |  \  | | |  | | | / / ___|| \  / |  /___ \_____
| |   / /  | | |/ / |__   |   \ | | |  | | |/ / |__  |  \/  |     / / __  \
| |  / /|  | |   /|  __|  | |\ \| | |  | |   /|  __| |      |    / / |  / /
| | / / |  | |   \| |     | | \   | |  | |   \| |    | |\/| |    \ \ | / /
| |/ /| |__| | |\ \ |___  | |  \  | |__| | |\ \ |____| |  | | ___/ / |/ /
|___/ |______/_| \_\____/ |_|   \_/______/_| \_\_____/_|  |_| \___/|___/  
                           B O S S  G U I D E
Version  : 1.0                     Title     : Duke Nukem 3 D 
Author   : Hafiz Rahman            Developer : 3D Realms 
E-Mail   : kuadrantiga@yahoo.com   Publisher : Apogee
Homeland : Indonesia               Platform  : PC 
Date     : June 21, 2001           Version   : North American                    

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3D Realms and Apogee is a registered trademark of Apogee Inc.
Duke Nukem is a registered trademark of Apogee Inc. All other copyrights 
are properties of their respective owners.

Copyright Protected, 2001. All part of this work cannot be reedited and or 
published without permission from the author. This faq was owned and 
created by Hafiz Rahman. It is a free personal faq, and it cannot be used 
for commercial purposes. Any violations will be dealt with. A link to this 
faq from a site must have author's permission first.

So, this faq cannot be used for any commercial uses. If you still not 
pretty clear about it, let's just make a simple thought. If you, in any 
way, making and receiving money by doing anything with this faq, then 
you're considered using it for commercial uses. That means if you give this
faq freely in order to attract people to buy this game's CD or merchandise 
or anything from you or your company, you're in to breaking the law. No 
organization, bussiness groups, companies, publishers can use this faq for 
their bussiness purposes. Game magazine, guides and or any kind of printed 
and electronic media(s) are not allowed to use this faq without any
permission from the author. Only in free-accesible website(s) this faq can 
be placed, as long as this faq remains original too. And, WEBMASTERS, 
original here means you must not add any advertisement banner in any part
of this faq. 

Printing this faq out is allowed only for personal use. Same thing with 
saving a copy of this faq in your computer. Just make sure it remains for 
personal use and purpose(s). If you want to put this faq in your site, make 
sure you didn't take any profit from it, you must have my permission first, 
and you must not change any content of this faq.

© 2001, Hafiz Rahman. All rights reserved.
   __         __      __
==/  \=======/  \====/__/==================================================
 /    \     /    \  __   __     _  ________   _____    ______
 \     \ _ /     / /  / /  |   / //___  ___/ / __  \  / ___  \
  \____// \\____/ /  / /   |  / /    / /    / /  / / / /   / /
        \_/      /  / /    | / /    / /    / /__/ / / /   / /
        ___     /  /   I n t r o d u c t i o n   / / /   / /
       /   \   /  / / /  |   /    / /    / /\ \   / /   / /
======/     \=/  /=/ /===|  /====/ /====/ /==\ \=/ /___/ /=================
      \_____//__/ /_/    |_/    /_/    /_/    \_\\______/

Say, when you are here today, or when this FAQ was made, Duke Nukem 3D is
almost nothing at all. Yeah, this dude was old, it has been six years or so
when this game is originally released.

So the question is, why bother making a FAQ for a game when the whole world
is no longer playing it anymore? Well, first of all, you're wrong. Somebody
still playing this game. I can feel it somehow. And I'm sure that there is
at least ONE person in this world who is still playing this game.

Is that the only reason? Well, honestly, the reason why I made this FAQ is 
because I can't find any great game in PlayStation anymore. I want to write
something, but I don't know what to write. Surely I want to make any PS2 or
DC or N64 or GameBoy's game FAQ too, but the truth is, I don't have them. 

So this is where I ended up. This game was in my PC, I've played it since 
many years ago, and then I've decided to made something for this game. No,
I do not make a walkthrough, because even though I have the spirit to work
on a FAQ, I do have the spirit of laziness too. A really huge laziness.

Oh well, I better be shut up and start the FAQ. Please enjoy it, I hope it
can help you. Whoever you are. I hope I'm not talking to nobody...^_^

BOSS NAME     #1, The Skull (Exact name: Battlelord)

LOCATION      The Abyss, Level 5  

HP            4500

WEAPONS /     Chain Gun
ATTACKS        Here, I think it is just the same as you've got. An ordinary
               chain gun. He will do this attack if you're far from him.

              Red-Grenade-Thingies Launcher
               This red grenade thingies is just plain annoying. It comes 
               in groups when it shots, it is hard to avoid (because this
               attack appear when you're close to the Skull). The worse is,
               even if you can avoid it, the grenade won't explode as soon
               as it hits the floor. It will remains there until you step
               on it and trigger it to be explode. However, a PipeBomb  
               might be useful to wipe them down, if you have time to do it
               of course.    
               The most powerful attack ever known. No matter how many HP 
               did you have, you will be dead if he uses it. But don't 
               worry because this attack only appears when you touch the 

DESCRIPTION   This thing has a real awful looking. Imagine a skull wearing 
              a metal helmet and holding a huge chain gun, reminding me of
              Metal Gear Solid's Vulcan Raven. But nothing else noteworthy.
              Just another monster you've met daily in nearby haunted 

NOTES         Being the boss of the boss of episode one, this guy will get
              his lowdown in the next episodes. You can find him in the 
              middle of a level in the next episodes, being another normal

BATTLE        OK, so now is the time to beat the guy. Easy, first off, when
              you're sure that your weaponry is enough to wipe him down
              (which can be meant 30+ rpg ammos) and you have fallen from 
              that greenie hole in The Abyss, just stand in front of the 
              green door. Press the Monster-Finger-Print-Detector-thingies 
              next to it and quickly save the game (ah, that's what people 
              didn't get in usual Role Playing Game, save anywhere!).   
Now, ready yet?
Here goes Plan A!

OK, just move in and pick up the Medical Kit in the middle of the way. See 
an explosive there in front of you? Quickly move to the front, and right 
before you step on the lava in the middle of the room, circle to your left 
and come back to where you've come. Yes, I really mean it. Just run all 
your way back to the green door. You cannot open it, of course, but as long 
as you stay there, you'll be doin' just fine.
See, the weakness of the Skull is his sight. Well, actually, the weakness
of all the boss in Duke Nukem 3D is their sight. If they can't see you, 
they wont attack, and will be most likely to stay at their place and didn't
go anywhere else.

So, how do you take advantage of this? Well, you have to be able to attack
him while he didn't know your exact place. Now, move to the wall in your 
left (assuming that you're facing the center of the room). Stay as close as
possible to the wall and move in front slowly. You will eventually see that
the Skull is there, nearby the lava. See the AsCII art.
     |     S_  
     |###### | ########################################################
     |####### \ ####################################################### L
     |-------- \------------------------------------------------------- 
     |_________  \ 
     |\\\\\\\\\\  \R                S = the Skull           
     |\\\\\\\\\|   \                D = Duke Nukem   
     |\ 2F \\\\|    \               R = the way you should aim your RPG
     |\\\\\\\\\|     \              L = The lava
     |\\\\\\\\\|_____ \             W = the wall
     |\\\\\\\\\|     | D           2F = The 2nd floor, where you can get             
     |\\\\\\\\\|  W  |                  some ammos        
     |\\\\\\\\\|     |

Now, if you have shot your rocket propelled grenade, see if the explosion
hit the Skull. If you're doing right, you can see some blood or so (which
can be pretty violent for some kind hearted people...like me ^_^). Just
make sure your rpg didn't missed and hit the back wall.

OK, keep on shooting the bad guy and he will eventually get down. Your
screen gets dark, and there, see the first episode's ending. 
Or, you wanna try plan B? Honestly, it is harder and you wont get 
anything for your effort on doing this. But this one is for you, if you
dare to call yourself an advanced dude.

Like the first plan, go pick the medkit and move to front until you see
the explosion. Now, you must be quick to do this. Go to the leftmost part
of the lava bridge and jump to the 2nd floor. 

After you succeeded, just duck to prevent the Skull to see you. Destroy the
girls in the slime, still ducking, and hide in the furthest hole from the
lava bridge. Just keep hiding.

Then set your point of view so you can see the Skull without ever moving a
step. If you can do it, then just prepare your RPG and hit him hard. Keep
hiding and keep shooting until he gets down.

BOSS NAME     #2, The Armor (Exact name: Overlord)

LOCATION      Overlord, Level 9   

HP            4500

WEAPONS /     Multiple-Missile-Launcher
ATTACKS        Man, this dude's sick. See his Missiles wipe down everything
               in front of him. Even if you can evade one missile, another
               one will hit you. Unless you're pretty quick, of course. He
               will do this attack if he see you. That's it. All that easy.  

               Just the same as the Skull's. One hit kill.

DESCRIPTION   Yet another awful looking. And this one is worse. I bet he
              is a big-headed skinny inside those armor. He has two missile
              launcer in his shoulder. And lookit the big mouth! Oh well, 
              forget about his looking and just add this one in your list 
              of monsters that you've met daily in nearby haunted house.

NOTES         Well, I can't find him nowhere but here.   

BATTLE        When you're finally arrived in a basement with circling 
              nulcear explosive and hundreds of eggs, then be prepare.
              Shot one explosive, and the other will blows up. I can hear
              you saying something about domino effects... am I right?
              OK, after everything's been cleared up, pick any ammos you
              can see and head to the big door in front. Yet another  
              Monster-Finger-Print-Detector-thingies and here comes a 
              new challenger! 
Okay, right after you open the door, quickly run to the hole in the left 
side of the room. It is the hole with water inside it. All you have to do
is hide there as soon as possible. The reason is, this boss is the best
shooter I've ever known and his Multiple-Missile is almost unavoidable 
unless you're extremely professional (like the one who made this FAQ ^_^,
jk), cheating, or you're just overconfidence...

If you're safe on the water (keep on the surface, don't dive into the
water) then all you have to do is wait for him to get close and prepare 
your biggest shot, which can be a RPG, PipeBomb, Devastator or Freeze-
thrower and can NOT be a handgun ^_^.

See, just shot him until he gets down. Just a note, he won't die because of 
boredom, if you're planning to keep on waiting until he's dead. I told you,
he won't. It is not a game of patience.

BOSS NAME     #3, The TriangleMissileLauncherHand, Cyclops (Exact name: 
              Cycloid Emperor)

LOCATION      The Stadium, Level 9   

HP            4500

WEAPONS /     Multiple-Missile-Launcher
ATTACKS        Yet another multiple missiles, which is now stronger, and
               even worse, it still can reach you if you're floating in the
               air. There's no safe place to hide unless you jump on it.    

               The real name was OctaBrain, if you wanna know. Yes, the 
               weird donuts-like beam is here. The worse is, it came in
               10+ piece once shots. But don't worry, because unlike the 
               missiles, this beam has limited range. So you'll be safe if
               you're pretty far from the bad guy.
               Of course, the TriangleMissileLauncherHand uses this attack
               too. You know how to avoid it right? Don't get any closer.    

DESCRIPTION   Didn't he looks skinnier than the boss #2? Well, I dunno.
              Just look at his cute little tail. See that he has only one
              eye? Or just leave him alone. One thing is, I thought you 
              won't met him daily in nearby haunted house. He's too cute.

NOTES         Hey, look where are you! A football stadium!
              Well, actually, a-dwarven-versus-elf-football-stadium, 
              because it is quite tiny for a stadium... 
              There are two atomic health in each pole (I'm blind on 
              football, but it is the Y shaped thingies in both end of
              the field). And there is something nice in the air.  

BATTLE        First of all, you will notice that you're standing in a 
              going-up platform with nuclear-sign drawn on it. Well, this
              is your special way to get into the stadium. Actually, the 
              center of the stadium.

Finally, you're standing right in front of the bad guy. Do not attack, do 
not be afraid. Just turn around and run outside the field ^_^

No, no, I mean it. Get out of the field and jump to the outer ring of the 
stadium (see, I told you, it is a dwarven stadium...). Quickly face the bad 
guy and see whether he shoots missiles on you or not. If your reflexes
is good, jump when you see a missile shots on you. 

Keep avoiding, keep jumping, and go as far as possible from the bad guy, 
and one thing, DUCK. No, not that quacking fellow! I mean, crouch. If you
keep on ducking and moving on the outer ring by ducking, the bad guy will
eventually lost his concentration on you. He won't attack, as long as you
don't attack him too.

Now, take a breath and wait until he loses you. Use your time to collect 
the ammos on the outer ring, but make sure he didn't see you. Now, after
you're ready, I will give you two plan to do.

Plan A, prepare your strongest weapon (this time, it is RPG, Devastator or
Freezethrower, with Devs recommended). Shoot him as many as possible, then
run away anywhere else on the outer ring and keep on ducking so he lost you
again. He will attack you if your attack hits him, but if you're quick, you 
can run away and duck so he lost you again. After that, repeat the order. 
Shoot, avoid the missiles, run, duck, wait. Do it again. Again. Just do it.

Plan B, prepare your strongest weapon (see plan B), and shoot. This time,
you don't have to run. Stay at the same place and shoot. Use your feelings
and if you see his missiles, jump. And shoot again. Or if you want to do
some gamble, keep jumping while you are shooting. It is highly possible for
you to avoid the missiles if you're doing that. Trust me. Keep attacking 
and jumping. You might looks like a frog (oh, and you DO, looks like a 
frog), but hey, you're doing this for the world, rite? So don't you worry.

Okay, you win. So I will tell you a little nice secret. In the Stadium, use
your jetpack and keep on moving up until you see a zeppelin thingies with 
DuFF BEER written on it. Shoot it closely with your RPG and you will see...
well, some kind of rain... uhm... try it by yourself!

Oh yeah, another note. The cheerleader babes there, they are NOT useful at 
all. Even more, if the bad guy (or you) destroy them, it will trigger the
big-bad-pig-on-a-flying-saucer-with-missile-launcher-under-it to appear. 
They are practically annoying, but sometimes, the boss will kill them with
his own missiles for no reason. Just be prepare to fight more enemies than 
just the boss.

Okay, the Boss Guide stops here, because the bosses are already devastated.
I'd like to say thank you to:

1  God, for everything. Everything.

2  My dad. Believe me, he is probably the only man on earth who plays Duke
   Nukem 3D in year 2001 ^_^

3  Apogee, because this is their game.

4  Zeuxis, for creating a FAQ for DN3D, which was giving so much informa-
   tion. Thanks!

                                 End of File

Hey, this is NOT a shameless-self promotion, but if you'd like to, why 
don't you click on my name in GameFAQs? Check out my Contributor Page.
Or... maybe you shouldn't have to. I don't know. I'll stop. Bye...

                   Now This is Really the End of File

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